Parks and Recreation Cast Talk Dream End Games: Grizzlies, Game of Thrones and... Guam?

There are a few things we already know about Parks and Recreation‘s upcoming final season.

For one, we know we’ll find Leslie Knope & Co. in the 2017 version of Pawnee, after Season 6 concluded with a three-year time-jump.

We also know the guest-star roster thus far includes Will & Grace‘s Megan Mullally (yay!), Mad Men‘s Jon Hamm (double yay!) and returning cast members  Rashida Jones and Rob Lowe (have we said “yay” yet?)

Still, as we eagerly await the NBC comedy’s midseason debut — premiere date TBD — we’ve got no clue where our favorite characters will end up after these last 13 episodes come and go. So, we asked the Parks cast: What’s your ideal ending for the alter ego you play on TV?

Which characters could be destined for tropical islands? Which star is already satisfied with the real send-off his character got? And which two actors came up with an ideal ending so elaborate, we couldn’t fit it on just one slide?

Click through the gallery below for the answers to those questions, then hit the comments with your ideal endings for the beloved Parks ensemble.