Macy's Thanksgiving Parade 2014: The Rockettes Goof, Scary Newbies & More

NBC’s broadcast of the 86th annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade went off without a shart Thursday — but that didn’t stop TVLine from having a little extra fun with the festivities.

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While you were enjoying the obvious entertainment, led by American treasure Tony Danza, we kept our collective peepers peeled for the less-noticeable oddities — like Mother Nature riding on a giant flamingo. (Yes, that happened.)

If you match any of these descriptions…

1. You accidentally slept right through the parade, either to save your strength for the day’s feast, or because you got wastey-faced last night.

2. You did watch the parade, but have faith that I noticed all the weird stuff you overlooked.

3. You made no attempt to watch the parade whatsoever, but you still want to sound cool and cultured when you talk to your family this afternoon.

…I highly recommend you click through our gallery of discussable moments.

Then, feel free to drop a comment with your own favorite moments — for any reason — below. Happy Thanksgiving!