The Originals Scoop: Will the Holidays Bring Hayley and Elijah Back Together?

Hayley Elijah The Originals

A little eggnog and mistletoe might be exactly what Hayley and Elijah need to patch things up on The Originals.

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“I wouldn’t go writing off Hayley and Elijah anytime soon,” executive producer Julie Plec told reporters during a recent set visit. “Along with the holidays often come some joy and cheer in that area, too.”

Elijah has been keeping Hayley at a distance in Season 2 because, as Plec explained, “He genuinely believes that if he loves too deeply, he will hurt the person that he cares for.” Ironically, though, he has been hurting Hayley by avoiding her; in the final two episodes of the year, “she’ll finally get to confront him about that.”

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And while you shouldn’t expect things to be all “flowers and rainbows” between the couple, Plec said that by the end of the show’s 2014 run, we’ll have “a sense of where everybody stands in that relationship.”

The Originals airs Mondays at 8/7c on The CW.

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