New Girl Photos: Jess and Cece Throw Down, Nick Gets a New Bed Buddy

New Girl Season 4 Photos Girl Fight

When you’re thrust into an impromptu battle, any object at hand can serve as a weapon.

But a breast pump, Jess? Really?

Yep, Ms. Day milks her advantage for all it’s worth — see for yourself in this exclusive first look from New Girl‘s Dec. 2 outing (Fox, 9/8c), “Girl Fight.”

In the episode, a growing grudge between Jess and Cece affords Schmidt and Coach the opportunity to learn about girl fights from the inside. (We hope you bring padding, boys.) Meanwhile, Winston puts off studying for his police-academy final, and Nick is concerned that Tran’s granddaughter (Greta Lee, Girls) is homeless.

Click through the photo gallery below for an advance look at “Girl Fight.”