The Originals Video: Joseph Morgan Talks Klaus' Father, Rebekah's Return and More Year-End Twists

Will Klaus play ball with his father? What’s “terrifying” about baby Hope? And does Klaus still carry a torch for a certain Mystic Falls blonde? Nothing was off-limits during The Originals star Joseph Morgan‘s recent visit to TVLine.

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If you’re not down to watch the entire 8-minute video — though we recommend you carve out some time, because it’s pretty great — here are a few highlights from our interview with the vampire hybrid:

0:58 — How will Klaus bond with his father? (Spoiler alert: It won’t involve baseball mits.)

2:22 — Find out how Rebekah’s return will result in “heartwarming” moments with her brothers.

4:00 — Morgan reveals his excitement to work with a baby again, as well as the “terrifying” doll used as a stand-in for Hope. (“It looks like something that should come alive at night and stalk you with a knife.”)

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4:45 — Morgan gives us a biology lesson: How much vampire, werewolf and witch blood does Hope really have in her? (It’s worth watching just to see us attempt to do math.)

6:20 — How does Klaus really feel about Caroline Forbes, his former Vampire Diaries flame? (Oh yes, we asked it.)

7:30 — Has Morgan inherited any of Klaus’ artistic abilities? Find out by watching him draw a picture of Klaus and Elijah in just 30-ish seconds!

Your thoughts after watching our interview with Joseph Morgan? Drop ’em in a comment below.

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