Turkey Day Is Nigh! What Are You Thankful for This TV Season?

How I Met Your Mother Blitzgiving

When it comes time to carve that turkey/tofurky on Nov. 27, we at TVLine will be feeling grateful for many things — and a banner year in television ranks high on the list.

But we also want to know what’s made you give thanks this TV season, and here’s how to make that happen: Shoot an email to TVLine (at feedback@tvline.com) or use the Contact Us page to share your personal television bounty for this year (and your reasons why) — and don’t hold back on our account!

If a certain show rocked your world, tell us why you love it. For example, “I’m thankful for How to Get Away With Murder. A third Shondaland show and a ridiculously attractive cast? What could be better?”

We’re turning off the comments section for this post, so again — email feedback@tvline.com or use the Contact Us page and include “THANKSGIVING” in the subject line. Once we’ve gathered your TV shout-outs, we’ll share them in a holiday-themed photo gallery — so boldly trumpet your small-screen love right this second!

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