Supernatural Video: Inside the Official, Bromantic 200th Episode Celebration

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Who’s ready for some Winchester hugs?

You can really feel the love at Supernatural‘s 200th episode party in this exclusive video, which goes inside the bash held at Fairmont Pacific Rim Hotel in Vancouver, Canada, on Oct. 18.

For starters, star Jensen Ackles gives thanks for the viewers that have kept the show on the air for 10 seasons. “There’s a marriage that’s happened between the show and its fans,” he explains on the red carpet. “Somehow, we inspired them, and now they’re inspiring us to continue doing what we do.”

On stage inside the celebration, the actor gives props to the cast and crew before turning to his co-star Jared Padalecki with a simple, yet heartfelt, “Thank you, brother. Thank you.”

It’s that bond, off- and on-screen, that has carried the show for a decade to some strange places (“The French Mistake,” anyone?).

“I think as long as we’re staying true to these brothers [and] their relationship, as crazy as it gets, as long as it’s grounded in that, we can pretty much go anywhere,” showrunner Jeremy Carver says.

Press PLAY to watch the behind-the-scenes video, then hit the comments with your congrats to the show for hitting the big 2-0-0. And yes, that Chevy Impala cake — designed by the hotel’s Pastry Chef John (JJ) Hauser — had working headlights!