The Good Wife: 10 Burning Questions That Are Driving Us Crazy!

Good Wife Season 6 Spoilers

Stressful. Unpredictable. Scathingly funny. Decidedly dense with plot. Those are just a few of the ways we’d describe The Good Wife‘s whirlwind sixth season.

So many schemes and machinations are underway — Alicia’s decision to run for office, her rival’s prosecution of Cary, her marriage’s transition from loving to politically convenient — that a number of intriguing plot threads have had to take the back burner.

With November sweeps upon us, however, we’re hoping resolution is nigh. How do Diane and Cary really feel about Alicia’s run? Is love in the air with Finn? How about Ramona? And whatever happened to Kalinda’s [spoiler]?

We’re asking the tough questions in the gallery below, so click through it, then hit the comments with your own theories — plus the open-ended arcs you’d like closed!