Scandal Sneak Peek: Jake Interrupts Fitz's 'Tucking In' of Olivia

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When it comes to “tucking in” Olivia, Fitz’s phone game may be a bit rusty, but it certainly isn’t helped any by the interloping of a third party, as seen in this exclusive clip from this Thursday’s Scandal (ABC, 9/8c).

When last we tuned in, Fitz went against Rowan’s recommendation and spared Jake a grim fate at B613’s hands by instead sending his romantic rival to a supermax prison. But out of sight is not out of mind for Olivia, who has a few questions for Mr. President before she engages in any further pillow talk.

Watch the scene play out, then tell us: Is it Fitz’s place to tell Olivia who is and isn’t her concern anymore?