Red Band Society Sneak Peek: Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old... Fiancée?

Bumping into your ex-fiancée? Awkward. Bumping into her at work — where she’s just snagged the job you’d been coveting? Welcome to the uncomfortable new world of Red Band Society‘s Dr. McAndrew (Dave Annable).

TVLine has an exclusive video preview of Hot Doc’s latest dilemma from this Wednesday’s episode (9/8c on Fox) — brought on by Dr. Erin Grace (Mandy Moore) returning from a Doctors Without Borders stint to take over as Ocean Park Hospital’s Chief of Surgery.

Nurse Kenji (Wilson Cruz) could’ve dropped the McAndrew-Grace backstory on us all Broadway-musical style, but Nurse Brittany (Rebecca Rittenhouse) wants just the facts on her crush’s romantic history.

The video below also previews a possible new love interest — or at least a sparring partner — for evil cheerleader Kara and a forecast for the Emma-Jordi-Leo love triangle (stormy with a high chance of resolution).

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