Watch Castle's 'Spiiiiine-Tingle-ing' Webmercial Remix Video

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On ABC’s Castle this week, Rick recorded his first-ever “webmercial,” in a bid to dive into the whole “360-degree digital media vibe.” But you know how the saying goes: “Be careful what you wish for….”

Because as revealed at episode’s end — just prior to the big wedding/honeymoon promo, first brought to you by TVLine — Castle’s video wound up remixed, foul-ups, bleeps, blunders and all, and set to a jaunty tune.

Mortifying for a certain author? Perhaps. But as Alexis noted, it made “Castle 2.0” a reality, amassing a million hits in a matter of minutes.

What did you think of the remix (and the Internet memes-themed episode as a whole)?