The Flash Stars Talk Felicity's Arrival — and 'Sweaty,' 'Awkward' Double Date

The Flash Season 1 Spoilers Felicity Crossover

The Flash has super speed and quick reflexes, but does he have the power to juggle two love interests in one evening?

Now that Barry Allen is out of his coma, his Arrow flirt partner Felicity Smoak (played by Emily Bett Rickards) will venture to Central City on this Tuesday’s episode (The CW, 8/7c) to participate in the world’s most uncomfortable double date with Barry’s crush Iris and her boyfriend Eddie.

“It’s pretty awkward,” Grant Gustin previews during a set visit. “For the audience, it’s going to be very funny and enjoyable. It’s not a typical double date. It’s more like [an] awkward game night between friends” at the Jitters coffee house.

But Iris, sensing the chemistry between Barry and the blonde, hopes to push the two into romantic territory. “Immediately, Iris can see that Barry and Felicity are both super nerds and they speak the same nerd language — so for them to be together just makes sense to Iris,” her portrayer Candice Patton explains. “She sees Felicity and thinks, ‘Barry, what is wrong with you? Why wouldn’t you go after this girl?’”


And thus, Iris “is very adamant that Barry invite Felicity [to their get-together]. It is fun to watch them squirm with each other,” Patton adds.

The outing was even a treat for those who weren’t part of the moment. “Jesse [L. Martin] was actually sitting at Jitters — we have a balcony above — and he was watching the scene,” Rick Cosnett, who plays Eddie, recalls. “Every time we cut, he just burst out laughing. ‘Cause there’s so much going on. From the get-go, it’s just a mess. Some people are sweating, some people are flirting.”

One of the people perspiring might be Barry, because “it’s not necessarily fun” for him to see the woman he loves, Iris, and the woman he could love, Felicity, together. “It’s hard, and Iris can be frustrating,” Gustin admits — particularly in the way that she remains “oblivious to how Barry feels” about her.

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The Flash Captain ColdAnother reason to sweat, or more accurately, shiver: The introduction of new villain Leonard Snart, aka Captain Cold (played by Prison Break‘s Wentworth Miller). The adversarial relationship between the baddie and the newbie superhero is not a pleasant one for Barry. However, “it’s fun for Snart, and that’s the whole thing that’s driving him,” Gustin says. “It’s like, ‘Oh, what’s this new challenge?’ And it’s reenergizing [for him], trying to take his game to the next level. But for Barry, it’s just a pain in the ass. This guy won’t go away. And there are bigger things that Barry’s trying to focus on, and it’s hard to focus on everything at once.”

Despite all the danger from Cold and the double-date nerves, there’s also an “old friends” vibe that persists between Barry and Felicity, Gustin adds. “They’re comfortable with each other, and they have more fun than you’ve seen them have. But it’s pretty clear by the end of the episode what their relationship is,” the actor concludes before changing his mind. “I guess that’s not true.”

Could there be a smooch to confuse the pair about their feelings for one another, as glimpsed in this trailer? “It looks like we’re about to kiss. You don’t see us kiss though, so I don’t know,” Gustin replies with a coy laugh.

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