The Walking Dead Recap: Slayed to Rest

The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 3

Picking up right where last week’s episode of The Walking Dead left off, “Four Walls and a Roof” not only revealed whether poor shish ke-Bob got a reprieve, it also let us know the fate of Gareth and his blood-thirsty supper club, and brought Daryl back to the fold with…

Um, where’s Carol?

Read on, and we’ll investigate together.

WORST CASE OF FOOD POISONING EVER | As the hour opened, Gareth was still mouthing off to his meal, saying horrifying things like “I think pretty people taste better” when at last Bob’s tears turned to laughter, and he gleefully informed his captor that he’d been bitten. “I’m tainted meat!” he shouted. (And yes, I can hear you all also shouting, “We told ya so!”

Meanwhile, Sasha figured out that her beau was MIA (along with Daryl and Carol), leading Rick to question Gabriel so aggressively that the preacherman finally confessed the reason “You’ll burn for this” was carved into a wall outside his church: When the walkers began, you know, walking, he refused to let his congregation take refuge in their house of worship.

As this was going on, Team Gareth returned Bob (minus that leg) to the church lawn. Once safely retrieved, he related what had happened to him and noted that Daryl and Carol had not been with him, they drove off. And, already having been infected, he refused medical treatment. (Crap. So no Hershel Special for him, then?

Naturally, Sasha wanted to know why, if Bob had been bitten back at the food bank, he hadn’t told her. His heartbreakingly sweet reply: If he had, it would have become all about the end, “and I really liked the middle.” (Pass. The. Tissues.)

FORK IN THE… ROAD | Given the double dose of human and walker danger surrounding them, Abraham wanted to extract Eugene’s precious, precious brain from the situation and head for D.C. right then and there, and to hell with Daryl and Carol. Yeah, no freakin’ way, said Rick, sparking an argument over who would get the bus that might have turned violent, had not Tara and then Glenn intervened. In the end, Abraham agreed to stick around for 12 hours to help Team Rick serve Gareth and his cronies their just desserts. In return, when Abraham and his posse took off, Glenn, Maggie and Tara would go with them.

With that settled, Rick set his secret plan in motion, and Tyreese encouraged Sasha not to seek revenge but stay behind and savor her last moments with Bob. Instead, she handed her brother her knife and asked him to put it through Bob’s head, should he pass away.

CHOPPED | So what was Rick’s big plan, the one that was so daring that even Rosita was like, “You sure?” Turned out, he planned to lead his group’s toughest members away from the church as if they were headed for the elementary school where Gareth’s gang was holed up. But rather than go all the way to the school, Rick and Co. would double back, wait for the baddies to enter the church, then get the drop on them when they least expected it.

And man, did the gamble ever pay off!

“No point in begging, right?” Gareth said after being winged by Rick. And, in fact, there was no point in begging. And no point in reiterating that he and his pals hadn’t always been man-eating psychos. But, if there was no hope for them to reach some sort of an agreement, why hadn’t Team Rick just finished the job when they started shooting? Because Team Rick didn’t wanna waste the bullets, Rick explained. And then he, Abraham, Michonne and Sasha went to town on the baddies, brutally hacking them to bits. (Added bonus: Michonne was able to retrieve her sword from one of the bodies.)

Afterwards, a horrified Gabriel — who, c’mon, is in no position to judge anyone! — whimpered, “This is the Lord’s house.” To which Maggie responded grimly, “No. It’s just four walls and a roof.”

PARTING WORDS | The next morning, everyone said their goodbyes to Bob, who thanked Rick for taking him in and reminding him that there are good people left in the world. “Even in light of current events,” Bob insisted that he still believed “nightmares end, and they shouldn’t end who you are.” And, though he added that that was “just this dying man’s opinion,” Rick told him that he’d take it.

Next, Bob shared a last moment with Sasha, during which she wanted to play his optimistic game one more time. What is the good that can come out of this bad? she asked (leaving a lump in my throat the size of a bowling ball). But before Bob could answer, he (sniff) was (sob) gone. (Bless his heart, Tyreese came in before the body was even cold and took his sister’s knife from her so that she wouldn’t have to put it through Bob’s skull himself.)

Outside, Team Abraham shoved off with Maggie, Glenn and Tara in tow. (Thankfully, nobody cried.) Once they were gone, Rick opened the map of the route to D.C. that the departees would be following and found a note from the ginger hulk: “Sorry, I was an a–hole. Come to Washington. The new world’s gonna need Rick Grimes.”

Shortly thereafter, Rick pitched in as Tyreese dug graves for the slaughtered cannibals and asked the $64 thousand question: How was your trip to Terminus? “It killed me,” replied the gentle giant. “No, it didn’t,” said Rick, offering us, if not his friend, hope that savagery was not their only option.

OUT OF THE WOODS | That evening, Gabriel joined Michonne as she stood watch over the church and told her that, since his confession, he had been extra haunted by his sins. Before they could get too deep into their conversation, though, Michonne heard a noise and went to investigate.

Hurrah! It was Daryl! “Where’s Carol?” Michonne asked. And, rather than say something like, “Oh, she’s behind me, you know how pokey she is,” he turned around and said, “Come on out.” But we never saw who was behind him. So, um, cliffhanger much?

OK, your turn. What did you think of the episode? How cruel was the show, making Bob so damn lovable and then killing him off? Who do you think is behind Daryl? Carol? Beth? Morgan? Hit the comments!