Grimm Season 4 Premiere Recap: Trubel-ing Times

Grimm Season 4 Premiere Recap

It’s been months since we checked in with the Grimm gang, but for Nick & Co., mere moments have passed between the events of last season’s finale cliffhanger — Nick’s Wesen-detection powers are gone! — and this week’s season-opening episode.

And by the end of the hour, those moments seem like a peaceful respite from the insanity ahead. Let’s take a look at what happened in “Thanks for the Memories.”

DON’T LOSE YOUR HEAD | Nick, Juliette, Trubel and Hank speed away from Monroe and Rosalee’s melee of a wedding reception and wind up back at Nick’s house, where Weston Steward lies decapitated in the entryway. (Nice job, Trubel.) The cops and FBI are there — remember, Steward was a federal agent — with lots of questions for Trubel, who did the beheading.

One agent in particular, Chavez (played by Elizabeth Rodriguez, Orange Is the New Black), is highly suspicious of the young houseguest; Wu, too, has serious misgivings, especially after he finds a sketchbook full of Wesen in Trubel’s room. But Hank later shuts Wu down when he asks about all of the weirdness surrounding the crime scene. You’re so close, Drew!

But the mini-Grimm keeps her story straight and her composure intact long enough to satisfy the authorities that she acted in self-defense, so everyone’s allowed to go back to their normal lives. That means that Juliette now has time to process some of the really big feelings she’s been having about 1) Nick sleeping with Adalind and 2) Nick no longer being a mythologically ordained monster fighter. (For the record, he’s not easy with either idea, either.)

When he can’t sleep, Nick goes downstairs to scrub Steward’s blood out of his hardwood floor — and Juliette eventually joins him. “Maybe this is a good thing for us, my not being a Grimm anymore,” he says, and she doesn’t disagree.

SUCKS TO BE YOU | So Nick goes about the business of being an unenhanced Portland cop, which involves tracking down a criminal whose victims are left in a demented state, unable to identify their attacker and unable to remember anything about their own lives. That baddie, we learn, is a Wesen called the gedachtnis esser, which looks like an octopus head and sucks the victims’ memories out through the backs of their heads. Though we see octopus head (played by Scandal’s Brian Letscher) do his thing to several people with what seems like top-secret information, we’ll have to wait until next week to see how that storyline wraps.Grimm Season 4 Premiere Recap

HONEYMOON ECLIPSED | Wondering what became of the newlyweds? They skipped their honeymoon and are working on reverse-engineering the potion that was in the vial Renard gave Trubel (which she dropped, because she’s Trubel). And while we’re on the subject, did the wardrobe department really get its money’s worth out of the wedding finery or what? The cast was in it for more than half of the episode!

OH CAPTAIN MY FLATLINE | Captain Renard, whom Weston shot in the season finale, spends the entire episode in a hospital bed with teams of medical professionals working on him. Then, just as a mysterious blonde woman shows up outside his room, his heart stops. Is Sean really gone?!

Now it’s your turn. What did you think of the episode? Sound off in the comments!