Sons of Anarchy: Gemma Teller Is a Mass Murderer — and We Have Proof

Sons of Anarchy Gemma

Sons of Anarchy‘s Gemma Teller has made a career out of spinning tall tales, but the Queen of Charming really topped herself when she fibbed to Jax that the Chinese were behind Tara’s murder.

That little white lie in last month’s premiere set off a horrific chain of events that, seven episodes into the final season, continues to claim lives. Last week, leading lady Katey Sagal guesstimated to TVLine that at least 10 of this season’s deaths can be traced back to Gemma’s heinous bit of misdirection — which got us thinking: How much blood is on the murderous matriarch’s hands?

We carefully re-watched Episodes 1-7 to track how many fatalities have stemmed from that singular lie and, um, let’s just say Sagal low-balled the current death toll.

By a lot.

Click through our gallery below to view our evidence, and then hit the comments with your thoughts/reactions.