Grey's Anatomy Recap: Wife Support

If you were looking for a way to feel better about your relationship stat, this week’s Calzonacentric Grey’s Anatomy was for you! Over the course of the hour, the unhappy marrieds took turns seeing which of them could hit further below the belt. But at the end of “Bend & Break,” did they decide to bend for one another or break up? Keep reading and find out!

SHRINK RAP | Even with a referee counselor present, matters scarcely improved. For instance, when Arizona said that she gave up Africa to return to Callie — and her surprise baby with Mark — Torres accused her missus of accusing her of saddling Robbins with “a kid [she] never wanted.” And when Arizona complained that, anytime she attempted to make a decision about her life, Callie made her feel selfish, her better half retorted coldly, “I’m sorry. Did I make you feel selfish when you decided to sleep with another woman?”

When it became clear that all the couple was really taking away from therapy was an inclination to sarcastically start sentences with “I feel,” their therapist suggested that they take a break from one another. Callie was absolutely against it, arguing that they couldn’t grow closer by moving apart. But Arizona… she said that she wanted the break – say, 30 days?

The rules of Calzona’s in-home disengagement? Although they would still cohabitate and trade off parenting duties, they’d have separate quarters, refrain from having sex and not even speak except in case of emergencies. Since Callie was against the split to begin with, these conditions naturally left her fit to be tied. (If looks could kill, Arizona would’ve dropped dead when her wife walked in on her giggly study date with April!)

WORK RELEASE | At least, Callie and Arizona were able to distract themselves from their marital troubles at work. While the former seemed to bungle one case after another, the latter ticked off Alex by second-guessing his instincts. But, on the plus side, Arizona finally, finally managed to impress Dr. Herman (who at first preferred suck-up Ethan Haas from Masters of Sex).

As the break wore on, Mer sensed Callie’s stress – her fit in a supply closet was a great tipoff – and invited her out for drinks. Lots and lots of drinks. By the end of the night, they were so wasted that Mer was hilariously wondering aloud whether her true love had actually been Cristina. “Did you get excited by her vagina?” Callie asked. Since Mer’s answer was no, yeah, no. 

Speaking of getting excited by vaginas, when a blotto Callie got home, she and Arizona shared a kiss that very nearly turned into more. (It didn’t, but they still broke the no-sex rule badly enough that it set their days-separated count back to 1!)

OH, SHEET! | Two weeks into the break, Callie was able to talk about it with Mer without seeing red. And, when Callie slept in an on-call room after working on a patient fix all night with her gal pal, Arizona freaked, fearing her spouse was sleeping with someone else. And to have Arizona be so irrationally jealous, Callie admitted to their therapist, “feels nice.” Then it dawned on her: Could that be a sign that this cockamamie break is working?!?

Later, rules be damned, Callie seduced Arizona as she practiced performing surgery on a Jell-O mold, and to make it even hotter, they agreed not to tell their therapist. Unfortunately, that left Arizona unprepared to perform a surprise surgery the next day. “I thought you were special,” Dr. Herman spat after the debacle. “Today you embarrassed me.” What’s more, if Arizona screwed up again, Herman swore that she’d dump her.

POINT BREAK | After that tongue-lashing, Arizona might have blamed Callie for her predicament. (Who didn’t kinda think she would?) Instead, as the break came to a close, Arizona told her wife and their therapist that she was relieved that the separation was over, because “I need my anchor.”

Then, the other shoe dropped!

Callie revealed that she didn’t want to get back together. Having set right all of the cases that had troubled her over the course of her month (mostly) without Arizona, she said that she felt so free that “I don’t want to fix us anymore.” She loved Arizona but thought, “Maybe instead of loving you so hard… I should love me.” In any case, she wanted more for her wife “than being stuck with someone who feels stuck.”

And that, it appeared, was that.

OK, your turn. What did you think of the episode? Were you more surprised that Arizona wanted to remain in the marriage or that Callie didn’t? Hit the comments!