Once Upon a Time Photos: Emma and Regina Tag Team the Snow Queen

This Sunday on ABC’s Once Upon a Time, frenemies Emma and Regina will have opportunity to explore their complex dynamic as they reluctantly team up to search for the Snow Queen, as seen in this bakery-fresh batch of new photos.

Surveying the ladies’ relationship, series cocreator Adam Horowitz said at New York Comic-Con, “The show really did start on the conflict between the two of them, and their growing and changing relationship… and there is an episode where we explore that. It takes off from the idea that we saw in the [season] premiere, that Emma [as Savior] has to bring everyone a ‘happy ending,’ including Regina.”

Regina, of course, has been a bit wary of the Savior as of late, given the fact that Emma’s time-travel hijinks are what waylaid her budding romance with Robin Hood in the first place. So in this episode, titled “Breaking Glass,” Jennifer Morrison said, “You’re going to see Emma really fight to prove to Regina that she wants to be a friend, that she wants to have a good relationship with her.”

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