Vampire Diaries Photos: Stefan and Caroline Get Back to Nature

Vampire Diaries Caroline Stefan

Move over, Elena Gilbert; it looks like Caroline is officially The Vampire Diaries‘ new love triangle queen.

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New photos from the Nov. 6 episode find Ms. Forbes enjoying a walk in the woods with Stefan, though “enjoying” might not be the best word to describe their outing. The twosome — with Matt in tow, just out of frame — are hot on the trail of Enzo, upon discovering that he’s been vamp-napped by Tripp.

But how will Caroline feel when she finds out Bachelor No. 1 (that’d be Stefan) is responsible for putting Bachelor No. 2 (Enzo) in the hands of the enemy? Hey, no one ever said love comes easy on this show.

Browse photos from the Nov. 6 episode below, then drop a comment: are you Team Steroline, or Team… whatever Caroline/Enzo are?

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