Halloween on TV: Pretty in Pink Meets Two and a Half Men, black-ish Jacksons, a Middle Mash-Up and More Costumes

TV Halloween Costumes

If it’s October, the night air is getting crisp and you are eyeballing Pumpkin Spice Diet Pepsi, that can only mean one thing: Halloween is coming, even for your favorite TV characters.

As such, we’re handing out a “treat” to you, a round-up of the costumes being donned by that Modern Family and others, including the Two and a Half Men/Pretty in Pink crossover you didn’t even know you wanted, Brooklyn cops dressed as (among other things) He-Man and a gladiator, and the black-ish family get-up that’s as easy as A-B-C, 1-2-3.

Also, we are so summer lovin’ The Middle‘s Brad as both Danny and Sandy from GreaseFlip through the slideshow and give your faves a shout-out.