Sleepy Hollow Video: What Is Sheriff Reyes' Deal? Stars, EPs Weigh In

Sleepy Hollow Season 2 Video Sheriff Reyes

Sleepy Hollow‘s new sheriff has been in town for a few episodes now, yet we’re no closer to figuring out her true mission — because, c’mon, you know she has one — than Ichabod is to splurging on Gap’s fall collection.

In this exclusive video, stars Nicole Beharie and Tom Mison and executive producers Roberto Orci and Mark Goffman give us some intel on the law-keeping newbie played by Sakina Jaffrey (House of Cards).

Press PLAY on the video below, if for no other reason than to re-watch Reyes completely own Ichabod in the hallways of the Sheriff’s Department and to hear Orci and Goffman have fun with the idea that “Evil’s being much more surreptitious” this season.

Sleepy Hollow airs Mondays at 9/8c on Fox.