PlayStation Unveils Powers Trailer

Sony Pictures Television and PlayStation are showing off their Powers in a newly released trailer for their upcoming adaptation of the Brian Michael Bendis-Michael Avon Oeming graphic novel series, which will be available this winter on the gaming platform.

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Powers follows two detectives, Christian Walker (played by District 9‘s Sharlto Copley) and Deena Pilgrim (The Following‘s Susan Heyward), who are tasked with investigating homicide cases involving people with superpowers. Walker’s lost his flying abilities, and in case you can’t tell by his cursing in the video, he’s none too happy about it.

The cast also includes The Killing‘s Michelle Forbes (as the star of the Powers community, Retro Girl), The Riches‘ Eddie Izzard (the resident Big Bad, Wolfe), Game of Thrones‘ Noah Taylor (criminal mastermind Johnny Royalle), Greek‘s Olesya Rulin (teenage Power wannabe Calista), The Killing‘s Max Fowler (troubled teen Krispin Stockley) and Suits‘ Adam Godley (Captain Cross).

Powers was penned by Charlie Huston, with Hannibal‘s David Slade directing the first two episodes.

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