The Simpsons Premiere Video: Watch Don Hertzfeldt's Trippy Couch Gag

People often joke about The Simpsons, now in its 26th season, continuing forever — but what if it really did?

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The couch gag on Sunday’s season premiere explored that very notion, and the results were surprisingly mind-blowing. Directed by Don Hertzfeldt — the award-winning animator/filmmaker behind such fare as the Oscar-nominated 2000 short Rejected, which presented a commentary on corporate advertising — the two-minute sequence propelled The Simpsons far into the future. More specifically, it brought them to Septembar 36.4, 10,535 for a look at episode 164.775.7.

The result was unsettling, brilliant and, at times, even touching. (Don’t tell me you didn’t get choked up during “Homar” and Marge’s little moment at the 1:26 mark.)

Hit PLAY on the out-of-this-world cough gag above, then drop a comment with your thoughts below.

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