Grey's Anatomy Premiere Recap: Hi, Anxiety

Grey's Anatomy Recap Season 11 Premiere

They say that change is good. But in the Kevin McKidd-directed 11th season premiere of Grey’s Anatomy, Mer isn’t so sure – and can you blame her? Although Alex sweetly steps up to be her person in Cristina’s absence… well, Cristina, he just ain’t. (C’mon, no one is!) Plus, as upset as Mer is over the thought of Derek moving to D.C., she’s even more upset when he… Well, keep reading. I’ll tell you all about it.

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SISTER ATTACKED | Following a flashback to her watching her mother give birth, Mer spends most of “I Must Have Lost It on the Wind” blowing off Maggie, who eventually quits gazing at her, awestruck, and tells Richard she’s decided against ever divulging their connection and adding any “random unwanted blood relatives to my life.” (Since he just might be her father, um, ouch.) As the episode concludes, Derek offers his wife what he thinks she’ll greet as good news: He’s resigned on the president to stay in Seattle with her and the kids. But she doesn’t react to this at all like it’s good news. She seems not just pissed but the kinda pissed that only tequila – the drink both she and Maggie favor – can cure.

BOARD MUCH? | When his girlfriend isn’t being kicked out of bed by Mer, Alex reveals to an outraged Miranda that Cristina left him her seat on the board. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that he’ll get it. On the contrary, the powers that be choose to let the doctors duke it out for the honor. (But duke it out in what? A stitch-off?)

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TRUE CONFESSIONS | Rather than let the appearance of maybe-daughter Maggie drive him to drink, Richard reveals his situation at an AA meeting… and, inadvertently, to Amelia at the same time. (At least he doesn’t name names!) Later, Jackson returns to Richard the engagement ring with which he was going to propose to Catherine and says that he would have liked having Webber in their family.

HELP… LESS | Certain that a Cristina-less Owen is “dying inside,” April urges Jackson to be his buddy. And his attempt to do so seems awkward… until she gets Richard to invite the suddenly single guy over to play Jenga and nudges Derek to ask him on a “date.”

THE BEST-LAID PLANS | After Callie has second, third and fourth thoughts, she finally tells Arizona that yes, they should use a surrogate to have another baby. Too bad in the meantime Arizona has decided to pursue a fellowship with Geena Davis’ Dr. Herman…

BIT PARTS | Thinking that Derek has one foot out the door, Ben elects to ditch him to stick with Amelia in surgery. Oh, and a gurney falls off the helipad onto a teenage couple having sex in the parking lot.

OK, your turn. What did you think of the season premiere? Geena Davis’ debut? Hit the comments!

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