Chris Pratt Shows Off the Goods In Saturday Night Live Premiere Promo

Chris Pratt is really only good for two things: flashing his abs and opening tightly sealed pickle jars — at least that’s what Kate McKinnon would like us to believe.

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The Parks and Recreation star joins McKinnon in a series of new promos for his Saturday Night Live season premiere hosting gig Sept. 27, and like most SNL promos, it takes almost no time for things to get really, really weird.

“No one cares, Chris,” McKinnon says, interrupting his fond childhood memories of SNL. “Just show them your abs. … That’s why you’re here.”

And that’s after she proposes that Pratt’s wife Anna Faris “join the party.”

Anyway… Hit PLAY on the SNL promos above, then drop a comment below: Do you have high hopes for Pratt on SNL?