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Castle Season 7 Photos: Beckett & Co. Are Gunning for Answers

Detectives Beckett, Esposito and Ryan are on the hunt for answers in the first (small) batch of (near-identical) photos from the Castle Season 7 premiere (titled “Driven” and airing Monday, Sept. 29).

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As oft reported/reminded, Season 6 left Kate witnessing the burning wreckage of what appeared to be Rick’s car, and on their pretty li’l wedding day no less. And though the good news is that Rick wasn’t actually in the fiery blaze, the bad news is: He’s now missing. Who, what and why is behind his vanishing and the elaborately faked “death”? Is it the handiwork of Spy Daddy, 3XK or some brand-new bit of Rick’s backstory?

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This much I can share, exclusively: If walking stealthily in single file with guns raised is the key to getting at the truth, RySpoCkett is on the case! (I’ve arranged the pics in such a way that if you click through them fast enough, it’s like one of them trendy “GIFs.”)

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