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AHS: Freak Show Reveals Two More Additions in Sizable New Teaser

American Horror Story Freak Show

When it comes to American Horror Story, size does matter.

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FX on Friday shared (yet) another teaser for AHS‘ upcoming fourth installment, appropriately titled “Big And Small,” which introduces two more members of the Freak Show gang. Though we only see the tall character’s legs — and long, creepy hands — we get a full view of the short character, who sports an old-timey circus outfit and a fine mustache.

Of course, this tiny new character isn’t the tiniest one we’ll see this season. Jyoti Amge, aka the “world’s smallest woman,” is also appearing as a sort of sidekick to Jessica Lange’s Elsa Mars.

Check out the new teaser here, then drop a comment below with your thoughts on Freak Show thus far.