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New Once Upon a Time Photos Tease Regina's 'Hot Mess' and More

To quote Once Upon a Time cocreator Eddy Kitsis, the Season 4 sitch between Regina, Robin Hood and “resurrected” Marian will be “complicated and messy, but we hope it’s a hot mess.” And that would seem a safe bet, based on a new slew of photos from the Sept. 28 premiere.

VIDEO In New Once Upon a Time Promo, Elsa Chills, Regina Plots, Belle Twirls

Fresh off Emma questionably bringing Marian back to our realm, and in a timeline where she wasn’t executed by the Evil Queen, things look tense between Robin’s “dead” wife and his new lady love.

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Elsewhere amid the 24 fresh photos, there’s additional looks at Frozen‘s Elsa, Anna and Kristoff; Regina meeting with her “mirror” aka Sidney Glass; and Emma and Hook teaming up to battle some sort of evil.

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