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Vampire Diaries Season 6 Trailer: Stefan's New Love Interest Revealed

Stefan’s hopping into bed with a new girl when The Vampire Diaries returns next month. And no, it’s not Caroline.

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The CW on Monday posted the drama’s official Season 6 trailer, and while most of it is a rehash of what we’ve already seen — Elena misses Damon, Jeremy’s hitting the bottle and Caroline is buddying up with Alaric — there’s one new, titillating addition this time around: Stefan’s strange bedfellow!

“Now tell me something I don’t know about you,” Stefan’s mystery woman says in the trailer, to which he coyly responds, “I’m a vampire.”

(Wait, what?! That’s supposed to be a secret!)

Vampire Diaries fans, what do you make of this new development? Are you glad Stefan is moving on with this new lady friend, or do you think he needs to make room for a certain blonde in that bed of his? Drop a comment with your thoughts below.