How Is The Leftovers' Kevin Hangin'? Is Arrow Wild About Warblers? Is Liars Timeline Pretty Crazy? And More TV Qs

Doctor WhoWe’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Doctor WhoWitches of East End, General Hospital and Covert Affairs!

1 | Considering Doctor Who‘s Clara has met every incarnation of the Doctor, why did she have such a hard time accepting his latest regeneration? Also, isn’t the Doctor’s “girlfriend” Missy a little too much like River Song, his “wife?”

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2 | Anyone else notice how much older than MTV’s target demo the VMA presenters (e.g. (Jim Carrey, Jeff Daniels, Chelsea Handler, Gwen Stefani) were this year? And what’s your take on Beyonce’s happy family interlude at the end of her set: genuine joy or PR machine-generated moment?

3 | Were the multiple time jumps on Masters of Sex incredibly jarring?

4 | Why didn’t Witches of East End‘s Killian get out of the apartment after he found out what Eva had done to him? Do Ingrid and Dash have more chemistry together than Freya and Dash did?

5 | How great was it to hear Reckless‘ Jaime call out the double standards of the questions Lee Anne has to answer? (Side note: The LeftoversJust how many checkered shirts does Mr. Rayder own?)

6 | Um… Should the Leftovers wardrobe department think about incorporating a pair of underwear into Justin Theroux’s running attire next time? (In related news, good for Jennifer Aniston, right?) And which moment was more heartbreaking: seeing how bubbly Jill used to be, or watching the exact moment when Nora used that last paper towel?

7 | Why, why, why didn’t that cabbie on The Strain just drive away from all the infected victims?!

8 | In the battle of 2014 classic-rock throwback winners of reality-competition shows, who gets your vote: American Idol‘s Caleb Johnson or Rising Star‘s Jesse Kinch? (No, you can’t go with, “None of the above.”)

9 | Under the Dome fans: Between his disappearance from the tunnel in Chester’s Mill and his failure to get back from Zenith, does anyone else feel like Lyle is the toddler you can’t keep track of?Bachelor in Paradise

10 | Do you feel bad for Bachelor in Paradise‘s Clare, seeing how the show’s editors have now — on two separate episodes — edited her footage to suggest she’s having extended conversations with a Mexican raccoon? Or are you too busy howling with laughter over these scenes to worry about the fameosexual fallout?

11 | When it comes to Teen Wolf’s supernatural crimes, should we just accept Peter Hale as “guilty until proven innocent”?

12 | What possible reason did Mistresses‘ April have for showing loyalty to presumed-dead ex Paul and thwarting the FBI’s efforts to arrest him? And given her bar-hopping, bed-hopping Season 2 journey, how surprising (and oddly touching) was it when Karen wound up seeking solace in (of all places) a church? Meanwhile, TVLine reader Sandra asks: “What happened to the tattoo on Savi’s neck?”

America's Next Top Model13 | Who else let out a gleeful “Woo-hoo!” when America Next Top Model‘s Tyra chose mighty-fine Denzel as the final finalist for Cycle 21? And is anyone else kinda-sorta ‘shipping Will and Denzel after the latter got flustered by their homoerotic positioning in the group shoot? (We fully expect and accept that it’s probably “just us.”)

14 | As joyful as the news is in the spoiler-filled Parenthood farewell season trailer, does this yet again underscore that NBC promos reveal too, too much?

General Hospital15 | Setting aside for a moment why General Hospital’s Levi had this newspaper clipping hidden away, we’d like to know: Who could have possibly taken this photo of Frisco and Felicia in the midst of the 1984 Aztec treasure hunt? We doubt Sean Donely or Peter Harrell were toting around an Instamatic!

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16 | To paraphrase TVLine reader AlistairCrane: “Pretty Little Liars wants us to believe that the second half of Season 3, all of Season 4 and the first half of Season 5 took place between Halloween and Thanksgiving? That’s 45 episodes covering less than a month!”

17 | Finding Carter’s Elizabeth walked in on her teenage daughter having sex and then just politely backed out of the room and let them continue on? Really? Oh, and where can we find a Max of our own?Rizzoli & Isles

18 | If it was the middle of (an otherwise well-depicted) Rizzoli & Isles heat wave, ‎why was Jane in a blazer and this POI in a hoodie?

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19 | Could Covert Affairs’ immersed-in-shadows Annie/Caitlin “showdown” have made it any more clear that a Perrey Reeves stunt double was used almost exclusively?

Defiance20 | Remind us again why the Feds of Graceland couldn’t have simply coordinated with the bank to fake a heist…?

21 | Does FiOS not possess the same Defiance Votan dictionary that other TV providers’ closed-captioners have? And could you-know-who’s tragic death have been any more telegraphed?

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22 | What is it with Arrow’s Felicity and former Warblers? When does Darren Criss show up as Ed Raymond?Today Ariana Grande

23 | Did NBC’s Today make Ariana Grande conspicuously wear stockings? Perhaps to keep those in the front row from getting more of a “show” than they bargained for?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!