Big Brother Recap: Same Old, Same Old

Big Brother 16 Donny Evicted

Well, here we are again, Big Brother fans.

Just two weeks ago, Donny and Nicole were sitting next to each other on the block, ensuring that one of this season’s sweet-as-pie contestants would be evicted. This time around, the set-up was exactly the same — only the results were different.

But before we get into Donny’s inevitable exit, let’s revisit this rather predictable week in the BB house:

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THE WEEK SO FAR | Once again, the Detonators retained full control over the game when Cody won the Head of Household and Power of Veto competitions. (He edged out Donny in a heartbreaking HoH, then had the PoV utterly handed to him by both of his nominees, Donny and Nicole. Not the underdogs’ proudest moment.) And even though Cody toyed with the idea of nominating less trustworthy allies (aka Frankie and The Wicked Witch of the West Christine), he ultimately left Donny and Nicole at risk for eviction, with Donny paranoia at an all-time high among the Detonators. Exhibit A: This actual excerpt from an actual conversation had by Caleb, Cody and Derrick. Behold, Beast Mode Cowboy’s “insights”:

Caleb: There’s something about him. He’s smart. He’s a genius. Like, when he’s sitting there, pondering, his eyes are constantly… [moves eyes quickly back and forth] When you’re so genius and you’re so smart, you have to always be thinking while you’re not thinking. If he’s not a genius, he has a mental issue.
Cody: What the f—k does that mean?
Caleb: Have you ever seen Rain Man? You know those people.
Derrick: Could that be something from the military, though?
Caleb: It’s not gangrene. [Editor’s note: Because gangrene has literally nothing to do with mental capabilities.] He was probably intelligence. Like, when you’re special intelligence in the Army… yeah. Very few select people get those positions. I just read people very well. And I’m telling you, the guy’s a frickin’ genius. I guarantee you he’s got an IQ of probably 150-something. I guarantee it.

So, that’s what we’re dealing with this week.

THE STRATEGY | The first half of an eviction episode is always interesting. No matter how foregone a conclusion the upcoming eviction might seem, we’re always treated to a tricky little video package that gives the illusion of a different outcome. On Thursday’s episode, though, it briefly seems like Donny has a legitimate chance at staying, after Derrick, Frankie and Caleb realize Nicole is a much bigger threat to their game. Caleb offers some sage-ish advice — “We can either make a big mistake this week, or we can make a mistake that’s not going to haunt us” — while Derrick and Frankie imagine the horror of getting nominated, should Nicole stay and win the next Head of Household competition. But when the Detonators (sans Christine) take their new idea to Cody, the reigning HoH is having none of it, leaving us to wonder (for the next few minutes, at least) if Cody’s alliance members will defy him.

In the meantime, a few other highlights:

* Julie reveals that America overwhelmingly disapproved of the houseguests’ impromptu play, meaning Team America loses out on another $5,000 — and there is something oh-so-satisfying about the color draining from Frankie’s face when he hears the news.

* The houseguests are treated to short video messages from their friends and family. The most tearjerking, in order: Donny’s brother telling him the whole town of Albemarle, N.C., considers him a hero (I teared up); Cody utterly breaking down at a message from his dad (I let one single tear fall); and Derrick’s baby daughter saying — for the first time to his ears, at least — that she misses and loves her daddy (floodgates: opened).

* A long overdue segment shows Christine and Cody’s families reacting to the pair’s awkward, uncomfortable and overly affectionate friendship in the BB house. Christine’s husband keeps his cool, simply saying that “boundaries have been crossed” and that Cody and Christine should “throw some respect his way,” while Christine’s mom and dad say what we’re all thinking: “It’s not right.” Well, at least someone in the family has a conscience.

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THE VOTES | For the third straight week, the evicted houseguest — in this case, Donny, by another unanimous vote — knows it’s coming. After all five voting houseguests choose to eliminate him, Donny is met with (understandably) the biggest studio audience cheer yet — and he breaks all our hearts even more by crying throughout a charming interview with Julie. He hits the nail on the head as to why he was a summer-long target — “Likability is not that good in this game.” — he admits that he’s praying to get his groundskeeping job back and, perhaps weirdest of all, he’s offered a guest-starring role on The Bold and the Beautiful. Uh, okay! Expect the unexpected, I guess!

SLIDING IN A WINTER WONDERLAND | For the first time in a few weeks, the Head of Household competition is an endurance challenge, set up in a similar style to that of seasons past: Contestants must make their way up and down a slippery lane, slowly filling the head of a snowman with water until a lump of coal can float to the top and be removed. There’s also a reward and punishment up for grabs — $5,000 in exchange for annoying shout-outs on the loudspeaker  — but in this pivotal Head of Household competition, no one seems to be tempted by it. When we last see the houseguests, Caleb and Nicole seem to be keeping a decent pace, while Victoria is, uh, just being Victoria.

Were you disappointed to see Donny evicted? And which Detonator would you like to see leave the house in next week’s double eviction — since one of them is guaranteed to be sent packing? Hit the comments!

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  1. wrstlgirl says:

    Of all the men in that house there’s not one set of balls. What a bunch of chumps, LOL. I love Donny. He’s so kind and genuine.

  2. Maggie says:

    I’d love to see Frankie go home. He is so fake and he has such a high opinion of himself that I don’t share. I’m sick of looking at him. Next, please send home Christine.

  3. Rod says:

    Everyone always complaints about Victoria doing nothing but at least she owns it. Cody is the biggest floater of the season, he had the change to make a big move this week and once again he dissapointed

    • BrittBrat says:

      No Victoria thinks she’s a competitor (she even said it during the Zingbot episode) because she’s still in the game.

      • Dionne says:

        Victoria is so annoying…. I think she should have been gone a long time ago. I think she is just an awful person. Cutting the pink hat was an all time low and one of the cruelest things….to kick someone while they are down.. PLEASE GET HER OUT OF THAT HOUSE!!!

        • Rodg says:

          It was her hat

        • Zayne says:

          I mostly feel the same way and you’re clearly a huge Zach fan like I am. To be fair though, Zach kind of tormented her for a large portion of the time he was there. However, I think most of Zach’s poking was good natured and Victoria was just being vindictive because she is a child that doesn’t know how to interact with adults.

          • bigdede says:

            Yeah after they made up (she threw some cookie dough at him) Zach was poking fun at her in a playful way but drama queen Velma had to take it personally. Veronica always thinks someone is after her or jealous (HA) of her. She once said JoCasta bullied her when JoCasta barely talked to her unless they were put up together. Virginia has no self awareness. It was her hat but that was cruel since she told Zach he can have it!

        • Hannah says:

          I like Zach better than Victoria but I don’t think you could call cutting up her OWN hat an all time low. How about the time Zach tried to make Amber feel bad for not liking the creepy Caleb when she was put up, isn’t that kicking someone when they’re down too? Let’s not kid ourselves that he’s a saint.

  4. ronnie says:

    Donny and Nicole both screwed up in the veto competition big time which is why Donny is out of the house. Nicole is terrible at competitions so she will be out next. Victoria and Nicole and will be next two out next week with the double eviction. Then the bloodletting will begin.

  5. donna says:

    We all LOVE Donny!!!! I hope he wins bb16 favorite houseguest and also gets his job back. Me and all my friends from Arizona wanted Donny to win bb, but now he is evicted we want Nicole to win. I hope Derrick and Frankie are evicted Thursday.

  6. trudy says:

    I think team America should have saved Donny this week and they would have gotten the $5,ooo

    • Dionne says:

      I agree……You could see it on Frankie and especially Derrick’s face when Julie said an overwhelming NO! They definately would have gotten the money if they would have kept Donny.

      • Zenobia Jackson says:

        Frankie was more interested in doing something in his wheelhouse since he is a huge egomaniac. The adulation is more important to him than the money and he lost out on both.

  7. Best part of last night’s show was watching Frankie realize that his “mission” was an utter failure. What kind of challenge is putting on a play? Totally ridiculous and I’m glad they didn’t get the money this week.

  8. Yoki says:

    I can’t wait for everyone to see Derrick is a cop. He has manipulated the whole season. Frankie is too much and uses his sister’s fame at every chance. He loves to throw the building schools for Africa as sympathy. Everyone came on the show to win money for some reason.

    • Jax&Juice's Girl says:

      uh, I think everyone knows that he’s a cop.

      • wrstlgirl says:

        I don’t think they do. He hasn’t told them and no one is questioning him at all. They’re clueless. It’s funny because they all think Donny was hiding his true profession when in reality it’s been Derrick the whole time.

      • CountryQueen says:

        They do not know. In fact,he was freaking out recently when he thought they did.

  9. JEAN says:

    I would love to see Frankie and Cody gone. Cody because he can’t make a big move and Frankie is just way to fake…sick of it!!! Hated to see Donny go :(

  10. Judy Black says:

    I hate Donny got evicted, he was very deserving of winning. I too am from North Carolina,
    nearby Lexington, and I wanted him to win. Let him back in the house so he can destroy
    the MOB!

  11. Lee says:

    Donny sucked. Crappy social game. Boring player. I am thrilled that he’s gone! :D

    • wrstlgirl says:

      Christine is that you???

      • Zayne says:

        Haha, I’m not thrilled he’s gone but I’m not super upset. He’s clearly an extremely nice guy but his gameplay was not the strongest and beside the occasional zinger, he didn’t contribute a lot for me entertainment-wise. Zach gets my vote for favorite because the show has been much more boring since he’s been gone and I was consistently entertained when he was there.

        • wrstlgirl says:

          Zach will get my vote for AF too. Donny has TA money. But every poll I’ve seen has Donny winning by a long shot so Zach fans better get on the ball if they want to beat Donny.

    • Zenobia Jackson says:

      How can you say he had a crappy social game when everyone in the house loved him and feared him because everyone liked him? His social game and likeability is the very reason he is not in the house now. I would much rather see a good person win the money than an obnoxious fool.

      • Lee says:

        He was one person against a large alliance, if he’d had a good social game he would have been in the alliance instead of outside it. And they voted his butt out so ha ha, clearly his social game wasn’t good enough to keep him around. He would have been gone on de night weeks ago if he hadn’t won veto, he was very lucky to make it this far. And now he is GONE and no amount of whining will change that lmao. :D

  12. Lee says:

    Frankie is so desperate to be famous..this show just reinforces the fact he will be a has been by the time Halloween rolls around. I believe Donny will live on in BB history.

    • Kristoffer says:

      You are right about the show reinforcing it…. which means CBS will have him on the next season of The Amazing Race, Big Brothers All Stars, etc – along with all the other “reality stars” that they continue to force feed us year after year.

  13. Josh says:

    A Detonator is *not* guaranteed to go home next week. Nicole and Victoria could both be evicted, leaving nothing but Detonators in the house. UGH.

    • Maggie says:

      Actually it’s leftover bomb squad members since Caleb was not in the detonators. All the others were in the original bomb squad.

  14. Tanya Noah says:

    I am absolutely disappointed in Team America for evicting one of their own. I mean honestly, Donny was the only one I really liked anyway on TA. I have been a huge big brother fan for years…have seen every season more than once, and BY FAR Donny is my favorite HG of all time. Even though his social game did suck, the honest, humble man whose dream to be on the show coming in true drew me in from day 1. I sincerely hope Donny wins America’s Favorite Houseguest…that would be the only redemption for this awful season!

  15. rkab22 says:

    The “Gang Green” reference is a nickname for the Army – not “gangrene” the physical ailment. He means that Donnie would not appear to be a regularly enlisted soldier in the Army but the Army Intelligence people have different standards (for example re: facial hair).

    • CountryQueen says:

      Well that makes sense. Lord knows, I was making the same faces as Cody during this convo. LOL

    • chrisnine11 says:

      I am glad you explained that because I took it the same as the writer did…. When he mentioned the movie Rainman I thought he was trying to think of the word Autism and came up with gangrene instead. I have a feeling that’s what a lot of others thought too.

  16. Jax&Juice's Girl says:

    I would LOVE to see Frankie and Christine go home since next week is a DOUBLE EVICTION so whoever won the HOH comp. better put both of their ASSES on the block! Donny played a fair game and I felt bad for him even though he chose to play the game by himself w/o an alliance.

  17. Sammy Sue McLain says:

    I was really disappointed to see Donny eliminated. I want Frankie and Christine to go. Christine should be ashamed of herself.

  18. Mark Leroy says:

    Only glad to see him go,to get away from those filthy animals.I am a 52 year old man and I even shed a tear during Julies interview.Christine and Frankie really are pathetic human beings.One has no respect for her marriage,and Frankie is just sickening.His sister is sweet,my 11 and 13 year olds love her on Sam and Kat.I feel sorry for the family,regardless what they say.Deep inside they are horrified.I really hope they get only BOOOOS when they are evicted.

  19. ruby says:

    Donny is the best…I really don’t even want to watch any more until the end to see if Donny gets favorite houseguest. He was just too nice and people now days don’t seem to like nice. We will take him down here in Texas in a heartbeat with open arms. GO DONNY!

  20. hosie davis says:

    i am disgusted frankie should go next

  21. Rochelle says:

    I believe Derrick should go next. He has strategized the entire time, and trying to act normal.
    He didn’t want any of the H.G.’s to suspect him. I really don’t think he played the game honestly. I think Nicole should win the $500K.

    • wrstlgirl says:

      Huh, what??? That’s how you play Big Brother. Good strategy. No one plays Big Brother honestly. You think Nicole has played honestly? If so you need to go back and watch again.

    • AlsoMaggie says:

      Too bad. Nicole has been kicked out TWICE now. She’s a terrible player.

  22. Heidi Wedel says:

    Derrick and Frankie should go since they broke up team America. Knowing that they were America’s favorite, they should have made a final 3 deal.

    • Mark Leroy says:

      Well said Heidi,Derek is a super fan.He goes on feeds and knows in his heart america wanted Donny around at least to final 4.Then its every man or woman to themselves.His pathetic sorry to America PLEASE we can see thru your all your lies.Won’t Caleb feel betrayed when he finds out Derrick is the lying cop.And Donny really is a groundskeeper.Who by the way already has a TV appearance on a popular show.Would really like Julie to let them all know on sunday.Can you imagine the look on Frankie the skankys face!!

  23. Sue says:

    I hope Frankie and Christina go home.

    • Mark Leroy says:

      Guess Caleb did not take his brothers letter seriously.Letting Skanky sleep with him,and putting up two women.Time to make big moves,your new name”WUSS MODE COWBOY.Have fun snuggling with your boy toy all week.Make your family proud!!Also Skanky threatening to hit a woman,not a good idea ever.All the guys should have told him so.Caleb won’t might not get a record deal or meet Bieber.Was just starting to think he might be a decent human being.But like most of these houseguest soon as they get a little power.Turns them into a complete DOUCHE BAG!!!!!

      • AlsoMaggie says:

        Guess you missed last nights TVGN where Caleb told Cody he might wake up with a larger butthole if he wasn’t careful. Cody was drunk and disgusting Frankie was pawing him like they were a couple. No way Caleb would do anything with Frankie. He’s the most manly guy in the house besides Derrick.

  24. Shannon says:

    I want to see Derrick & Frankie on the block so that the lines will have to be drawn & maybe BB will get interesting & fun to watch.
    This season has been so boring!!!!

  25. Maggie says:

    Donnie is using the hokey, good ol’ country boy, woe-is-me strategy. “I’m all alone in this house”, “I guess being likeable is a bad thing” blah blah blah. See ya Donnie!!! Hope one of the bomb squad wins (other than Christine).