Glee Season 6 Plan Revealed: Rachel Revives New Directions and More


Glee is saying “bye bye” to the Big Apple as it heads into its sixth and final season, with Rachel and the gang returning to the hallowed halls they once called home — after a six-month time jump, of course.

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Fox on Wednesday released an avalanche of Season 6 spoilers, and TVLine is breaking it all down into easy-to-digest (and difficult-to-believe) bites:

* Rachel, following her “humiliating failure as a TV actress” will return to Lima and “reinstate and lead” the glee club. (Rumor has it Kurt will follow Miz Berry back home, helping to return New Directions to its former glory.)

* Sue will remain the show’s main antagonist, banishing all arts from McKinley High.

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* Blaine and Sam will also find themselves in Lima with Mr. Schue, and all three are said to have found “surprising new gigs.” (Rumor also has it, Mr. Schue will lead Vocal Adrenaline, while Blaine will head up the Warblers.)

* Series regulars include: Chris Colfer (Kurt), Darren Criss (Blaine), Dot-Marie Jones (Beiste), Jane Lynch (Sue), Kevin McHale (Artie), Lea Michele (Rachel), Matthew Morrison (Will), Chord Overstreet (Sam) and Amber Riley (Mercedes).

Your thoughts on Glee‘s farewell season? How are you hoping to see it all end? Drop a comment with your reactions to this new below.

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  1. Dave says:

    Argh… Rachel’s decision to give up Broadway for a crappy tv pilot never made sense to me and seemed out of character.. Hope this season can at least redeem her a bit.

    • rawley says:

      Yep. Such incredibly bad writing. It was the straw the broke the camel’s back for me, I won’t be watching next season.

      • Betsy says:

        I’m with you guys. The Rachel of season one would NEVER have given up her dream theater goal to go work in TV. Boo

        • O-Town says:

          The Rachel of Season One also believed that her boyfriend Finn would be teaching New Directions and would be there for her to come home to from Broadway. A lot has happened to Rachel of Season One. Her leading New Directions, maybe in honor of Finn and all that he meant to her, seems about right. It also will play into her original m.o. of controlling New Directions, which was always funny.

          • Pati says:


          • dan says:

            I agree. It’s kind of touching that she wants to revive it, and they are the underdogs again. Thought I don’t begrudge anyone their frustration with the show.

          • AGREED. People are always holding onto “first season Glee” and refusing to let their dear characters develop they way they should – I LOVED season 5 and (most of) season 4. While the TV pilot thing is slightly weird, returning to Lima and stuff isn’t crazy out of the question.

          • Holding onto to Season One and not letting the characters develop as they should?

            How about going back to when the writing was decent. It’s not character development that’s the problem, it’s the horrible, horrible writing and just bouncing around doing nothing that people don’t like.

      • Mena says:

        This isn’t the Glee that I once loved. Incredibly poor writing the last 2 seasons has turned my stomach. Glee lost me season 4. No excuses for Glee to become so bad. Like, Cory’s untimely passing ruining their plans for Glee’s closing season. Rachel and almost all of the characters were ruined in the last 2seasons.

        • I totally agree with you. I’ll be watching this season just to have an ending, but I’m not expecting much.
          I’m disappointed in the way they treated Rachel, she had the world on her hands and will end up exactly where she started, in Lima with the New Directions. Okay she had big changes in her life and her plans changed with it but still, it doesn’t seem right.

          • Jean Carlos Pacheco says:

            I hope at the end of season 6 she rises up again. It will be boring to see that she ended up hands empty after everything she went through

          • Dana says:

            Exactly how I feel! Life does change but to have a childhood dream right in the palm of her hands and accomplish all that she did, she would have NEVER left NY in my opinion.

    • Angela says:

      Agreed. She should still be in New York happily pursuing her Broadway dreams further. I would be more than happy to see that.
      I don’t mind the idea of her coming back home to Lima to try and “get the glee club going” again, though-if they’re going to go that route next season, hopefully they can get some interesting stories out of it. Maybe returning home and feeling that “spark” again will motivate her, at the end of the series, to return to New York and go back to her first love of Broadway somehow? I could be fine with that.

      • dan says:

        Or maybe she’ll have character growth, and finally decide she doesn’t need to be the star.

        • Angela says:

          She can still get that realization while pursuing her dreams, too. Perhaps this return home could be a humbling experience on that front, and then, if and when she does return to New York, she focuses more on her dreams in terms of just having fun and doing what she always wanted, taking a mix of small parts and big parts in plays, instead of just falling into/demanding every big role she wants just like that.

          • GLee says:

            Oh, Angela, you optimist, you.

          • Angela says:

            @GLee: Oh, I should clarify: I’m not saying the things I mention WILL happen, or that I expect them to happen. I’m just saying that that would be a storyline I’d like to see, just throwing out theories of how it could go if they, by some miracle, actually did go that route. I am a generally optimistic person by nature, but yeah, I would be very, very shocked if what I want to see on this show actually happens :p.

          • GLee says:

            Just a final follow on, Angela, you’ve no need to clarify, I completely understand. *hugs* You have a strong story line you want to see concluded. I appreciate and applaud because we’re all friends here, right? It’s just speculation, after all, and I think that the site is just trolling us. (Crosses fingers and spins three times because some of the rumors are, frankly, appalling.) Personally? I wouldn’t miss losing Rachel’s story line for a couple. She’s never been my favorite (inviting commentary here because, truthfully, she makes my skin crawl). Shuester could drop off the face of the earth, too, I’ve always been slightly creeped by his character. New kids? Please, only necessary for finger snapping and swaying in the background, I’ve no interest in investing a lot of time or heart into their story, I only want a sense of continuity and closure. Oh, look… now I’m the optimist :P

          • Angela says:

            @GLee: Aw, thanks :) *Returns hug*. Of course we’re all friends here-I’ve no beef with others’ complaints or personal wishes for the show and such, I love that everyone has different things they’re looking for and want from the show. You’re exactly right, and I’m glad I’m not alone in that. Such things shouldn’t be too much to ask for in a show, should they?
            I’ve no problem with Rachel, myself, but totally fair argument from you about wanting to see a story centered on someone else for a change. There’s plenty of other characters whose storylines had some interesting places they could go that would be worth checking in on next season. And Mr. Schue, heh, I quite liked him when the show first started, but I don’t blame you for being a little creeped out by him-I’m all for teachers having a good rapport with their students, but yeah, there were times when he seemed to be a little TOO involved in their lives. Besides that, he’s been so MIA in general in recent seasons for the most part, and he’s off being happy and having a family with Emma now, so I think his part of the storyline is pretty well wrapped up, aside from his sadness over the glee club ending. But I think he’d be more than happy to let someone else take the reins and move on. And the new kids-there’s only a couple here and there that I could even remember throughout the course of their time on the show, so that takes care of my thoughts on that :p.
            But yes to a sense of continuity and closure. Here’s hoping we both get at least a LITTLE of what we want next season.

        • GLee says:

          oh, Dan, you optimist, you. So, so endearing.

    • See I think what is missing is that they couldn’t play the “real drama” which is simple. Rachel is in a downward spiral because of her loss of Finn. He was her moral and mental compass and without him she has nothing to tether her to reality. Every self destructive decision she has made has been to punish her for surviving the loss of Finn and that she no longer deserves to be happy.

      That drama may be too intense for not only Lea but the entire cast and crew to handle.

      • GLee says:

        Pedro, I can’t fault your reasoning or storytelling. That exactly, is what would happen. But, you’re right, too much. Not necessarily for the cast, but certainly for the critics who have always had a problem with defining what genre, exactly, Glee is (answer: kinda groundbreaking). Your idea, though a compelling story line that begs exploration, is probably better suited to a Glee in our imagination. Glee has straddled so many genre lines as to be neither fish nor fowl, trying to make a run at a realistic and continuing story line is a lot to ask for at this point. Although, I could hope, a little.

        • Miranda says:

          Glee is a musical comedy. There’s nothing groundbreaking about their genre.

          • Ashley says:

            In season 6 of ‘Glee’, I want to see Sam and Quinn back together again. They are the cutest couple ever since Season 2. I still do believe the spark is still there. I wish I could meet Chord Overstreet and sing for him!!!

    • Susan says:

      I agree. The turn of events for Rachel and the odd choices she has made in leaving NYADA and Broadway for TV. That was out of character and bizarre. All she had ever wanted throughout the show has been Broadway and then later NYADA, and now she’s sabotaged herself with strange choices. She had it all with Funny Girl. Can’t believe the writers have done this to her. And now seeing all of the NY gang leaving their dreams in NY to go back to Lima just looks sad and pathetic. I hope its just a temporary thing – just to help with a competition or something. But I will be disheartened if everyone has abandoned the career dreams they have been building over the course of the series and just return to their hometown as old-has-beens at a young age. Would the writers really do that to them?

  2. M says:

    So either Rachel ends the series a total failure as an actress or she gets another break and ditches Lima again. Either way, what was the point of the previous 5 seasons then?? Ditto for every storyline involving Kurt and Mr. Schue. Oh, and Sue out to ban the arts? What an original idea that hasn’t at all been beaten to death for 5+ years.

    • In all fairness to the show, what we’ve seen on season five and what we’ll see in season six were NOT part of the original plan. It’s not what the previous seasons were building up to. They had to make corrections to that original plan and are doing the best they can.

      • rawley says:

        Not good enough. Incredibly poor writing can’t be blamed on Cory’s death anymore. Yeah it wasn’t the original plan, doesn’t mean it has to be incomprehensible garbage.

        • That’s relative. I suspect they’ve had to do a lot of compression. Like, the Rachel storyline was probably intended to run longer, but given the changes they had to trim it, which is how it came out feeling rushed, her going from Broadway star to failed TV series star.

          • sam says:

            They can’t blame Cory’s death for Season 4.

          • Susan says:

            I don’t see how Finn’s death meant Rachel had to sabotage her Broadway career and make the silly choice of abandoning all she had worked for to go to LA for a risky project. What do you mean “given the changes they had to trim” her storyline? They didn’t have to do the LA pilot storyline at all. She was set on Broadway after Finn’s death – why not keep her there, it was her dream.

          • I would guess that they need her to become a failed TV star now so she can take over what would have been Finn’s story arc (i.e. running New Directions), something she cannot do if she’s a successful Broadway star.

        • rachel says:


        • O-Town says:

          It’s a good thing though that you’re helping to fill the void with your own stellar writing on that tv show that just got picked up by the cable channel…you know, the show that you’re comparing Glee’s current writing to, that places you in a position to judge the writing. I mean, that’s probably the only way you could possibly be making those harsh criticisms, isn’t it? So you’re not writing an awesome comedy show? Hmm. By the way you were harshing on Glee, I would have thought you would have had some experience to pull from. Otherwise, your argument seems….like you’re being a fuddy duddy.

          • shans99 says:

            Lame. So I can’t say the Kardashians is a crappy show if I’m also not starring in a reality show? I can’t identify a bad doctor if I didn’t go to med school? Maybe I shouldn’t get to have an opinion on dance because I’m not a trained dancer–I guess that means I can’t tell the difference between a preschool recital and Nureyev! Get real. I don’t have to be in the same field or more successful than the person I’m critiquing to know crap when I see it. Guess what: Twilight also sucks and I don’t have to be a bestselling writer to know it. I just have to be a sentient human being who’s read some good literature, and therefore knows the bad stuff when I see it. In the same way, I know when TV writing is good, and I know when it’s jumped the shark.

          • GLee says:

            A little harsh on a commentary on speculation, don’t you think?

      • dcl33 says:

        I’m sorry but the quality of this show went down the path to crapville mid season 3. And Cory was very much alive back then. And even if he was still alive now and remained as main cast, the show would still suck ass because the writing is so horrendous. The excuse that they had to do some correction of original plan in invalid.

        • it is at all possible that the problems began before he died. when he was alive, they had to make changes to the last couple of episodes to accommodate his stay in rehab. who is to say that previous changes to the show were not due to his problem, which is why the quality of the show suffered?

          • dcl33 says:

            You really do believe that the show went downhill cause Cory died? Please. They didnt accommodate entire season 4 just because he was a drug addict, he was put in the background just like the rest of the original cast to make room for the newbies. And wow did that came back and bit them in the ass. You think that the writing started to suck mid season 3 cause Cory liked his drugs? I dont have much respect for RM but not even he is that stupid to invest whole lotta money and change entire show just cause one of the cast was a junkie. And its really sad that you are actually blaming Cory for the major suckage that Glee became.

          • Right on says:

            No because the show went down hill the second they split the narrative, a decision that was made long before Cory went to rehab. They hired the 5 sophomores in June 2012- the summer before season 4. They decided to extend the school year before Cory went to rehab, thus compounding the mistakes of the split narrative.

            Blaming Cory’s addiction and death for problems with the show that started over a year before he went to rehab is just Ryan Murphy deflecting his own poor decisions.

          • Adding new characters to the show in order to extend the school is not the problem with the show It made sense. Not all the original characters belonged to the same class and they would not have all graduated together.

            The choice was to either add new characters to extend the school year IN FAVOR of those original cast members whose characters didn’t graduate, OR to faze those characters and the school out entirely after the ones who did graduate moved to NYC and not see them again unless the graduates’ storylines needed them to return to Lima for some reason or another, which would have been worse writing.

            So, which would people have prefered? To see those original characters who didn’t graduate in school for one more season along with some new characters, OR basically not see them at all except for one offs here and there throughout the seasons?

            Like, consider someone like Mercedes for instance. Her story arc took her to the opposite end of the country, away from the characters who moved to NYC. When they bring her back, it really feels forced. Like they have to because the character and/or actress has fans and she’s an original and it would not be a good idea to leave her out.

            Imagine that being applied to Artie and the other characters who were left behind in Lima when Rachel and Kurt moved to NYC. Putting them on screen had the show shifted focus from the school to NYC would have been just as forced.

          • Right on says:

            What came first was the idea to split the narrative and then they decided to hold some of the characters back as juniors so they would be seniors in season 4. What they should have done is made the decision BEFORE season 3 started on whether they were going to stay in Lima OR go to New York. Instead they tried to do BOTH and it that was a recipe for FAILURE.

            It was obvious that decision was made because they hoped to extend the Glee franchise by repopulating the choir room with newbies (remember the talks of the newbies touring before season 4 started?). It was OBVIOUS by mid season 4 that wasn’t working so they should have cut their losses and wrapped up Lima with the rest of the seniors graduating by the END of season 4/ After that Artie, Blaine, Mercedes, and Finn would have joined Rachel, Kurt, and Santana in New York.

            Instead, BEFORE Cory ever went to rehab RM and team decided to extend the school year in hopes that the new choir room kids would catch on. Again that decision was made BEFORE Cory went to rehab and I think that decision was the moment Glee fell apart.

          • Right on says:

            By the way I said extend the SCHOOL YEAR not extend the school. They made the decision to extend Artie. Blaine’s, etc senior year into season 5 BEFORE Cory went to rehab. That was the final straw that just exacerbated the issues that came with splitting the narrative in the first place.

          • The thing here is that you’re declaring the idea of adding new characters and extending the school year for the leftover students who hadn’t graduated a bad idea. How is it a bad idea when the premise of the show is about a school choir? And wasn’t it established on season two who would be graduating and who’d be staying behind? I’m sure it was done that early, but I don’t watch the show religiously and don’t know chapter and verse, so I can be wrong.

          • Right on says:

            While I think it was a bad idea to split the narrative, it was an even worse idea to try to continue to make it work when it was obvious it was NOT working by mid season 4. Extending THAT school year into season 5 was the fatal mistake. They should have admitted their grand experiment at a split narrative was a failure and wrapped up Lima by the end of season 4 with the Blaine, Sam, Artie, and Tina’s graduation. Then planned on moving some of those characters (Blaine & Artie) along with graduates Finn & Mercedes to New York to join the others.

            Both the decision to split the narrative and the decision to extend Blaine & company’s senior year into season 5 were made BEFORE Cory went to rehab. That is why RM blaming Cory for the show falling apart is a big pile. Decisions he made BEFORE Cory went to rehab were what screwed this show. Cory’s passing certainly made things even harder but it was those other choices that set this show up for its epic freefall in season 5

            And to answer your question no it wasn’t established in season 2 who would be graduating and who would be staying behind. In fact in season 2, at one time, it was implied Blaine was older than Kurt. Season 3 started and suddenly some characters who were assumed to be seniors were juniors (Blaine, Artie, Tina, and Sam). That was obviously so they could split the narrative after season 3.

          • O-Town says:

            They tried something different. Like most shows, they try to infuse new blood into their cast, so that their budding stars can go on to bigger and better things and when they leave, it isn’t the end of a show. It didn’t work. Big deal. You people act like this is the first time that a show made an error in their calculation. I personally liked that they tried to add new students to the cast. On some levels, it worked. On others, it didn’t. We got stuck having to listen to Blaine sing every damn popular song, that Sam or the other two newbies could have easily carried. But the powers that be, figured people wanted more Blaine. I’m not advocating that Glee is still perfect. It’s still entertaining to me but eesh, you people with your backstabbing. You enjoyed the show at some point. Quit taking it so personal that they lost you.

          • Stuart says:

            Seniors graduate. The show is about McKinley High and not the Rachel Berry show. ALL seniors should have been written out of the show as they graduated to make room for incoming freshmen. Yeah we could keep up with them from time to time as they came back for holidays or homecoming but the focus should have remained on New Directions. Plus, someone needs to teach these writers geography. Someone living in Lima (Kurt) isn’t going to skip school to drive 3 hours each way to Columbus/Worthington to spy on Dalton (Blaine). It also makes their dating a bit, although not completely, unrealistic. IJS

          • So, you’re arguing in favor of focusing solely on new characters and lose the originals. See, that’s the thing here. Tastes will vary. Some will want to focus solely on the original characters even after they leave high school and others will want to focus on new characters who start high school.

            is ANYONE else reminded of Saved By The Bell: The College Years and Saved By The Bell: The New Class? lol. Maybe Glee should have followed that model and done their spin off after all to focus on the original class while the core show continues to focus on the club itself. Ultimately, they didn’t get their spin off, and the creators – as is THEIR right – chose to keep telling stories with the original characters AND also stay focused on the club by introducing new characters.

    • Markus says:

      Season 5 had no point. That’s what made it so bad. Every storyline from Season 4 was cut, the new charakters reduced to singing extras and only the last few episodes in NY were kinda good. Had the fate of the show not already been decided after season 4, it would have been canceled…

    • Angela says:

      Agreed on Sue. I liked the moment between her and Will when they had their little heart-to-heart when the glee club finally shut down…I’d like to see Sue regretting that decision and perhaps working alongside the others to revive the glee club. Or, at the very least, she finds the idea annoying as she always does…but she’s softened enough at this point to where she can look the other way. I understand the show needs an antagonist, but I think there’s other ways they could get that other than the same old “Sue tries to destroy the glee club” storyline.

    • Melissa says:

      Im tired of sue my least favorite character .i wish she would have left McKinnely high.shes not a good or even funny character at all .

  3. dcl33 says:

    LOL the more spoilers they throw out the less I care about the show.

    • Lynn says:

      Completely agree. Big mistake to go back to the school. It sounds dreadful. Doubt I’ll watch a single episode

      • I suspect that their original plan was to split the focus on two perspectives: Rachel on Broadway, maybe TV and Film, becoming a huge, mega star, and Finn stuck in Lima doing what he could to get by working as a teacher with Mr Shue focused on New Direction, leading to the two story lines converging down the road into a climax. But then things happened and they’ve had to correct, course, leading to Rachel’s career flopping and her having to go back home a failure,

        • jazzcolfer says:

          Please don’t buy into the writers lies, people should let Cory rest in peace. If he was so important they would have used him more when he was very much alive in season 4. He was basically a supporting character when the newbies and blam were the leads. It’s shaefull that the writers used cory to excuse their bad writing and bad choices. It is time to let Cory rest in peace, we can talk about how amazing he was and everything, but really, not to excuse someone who is notorious for ruining his shows after season one of two.

          • Right on says:

            Couldn’t have said it better myself. RM’s blaming Cory for all of their poor decisions is so tacky. He was the one who tried to make Glee a franchise by repopulating the choir room. He was the one who decided to extend the school year into season 5 even though it was obvious it wasn’t working. BOTH of those happened BEFORE Cory passed.

            As for Finn’s story he was well on his way to being Will of season 3 i.e. not much focus of his own but just there to support the kids.

          • Mena says:

            Truth! Excuses, excuses, excuses. Not, we failed to make the correct judgments and choices for Glee’s future in seasons 4 and beyond. Blame it on the death off the most beloved actor of the show. Typical show runners. They ruined their own show. And, they know it. I loved Glee, now, I can’t stand it. This information is just infuriating to me.

    • lol says:

      Right? No one is as inept as the Glee writers

      • Ted "Theodore" Logan says:

        Let me introduce you to the Teen Wolf writers, seriously. They can all have a plot hole/continuity issues party together.

      • dcl33 says:

        I think they can get all awards out there for the worst writers ever. Which is something that pi**es me off to no ends. The cast is so so amazing. The talent that this cast has is being wasted on crap that these writers write on toilet paper so it seems. Ugh F**k Glee

    • So… I guess I’m not be watching.How can tey get so much wrong??
      Is there time for Fox to cancel this already and leave the end of last season as the Series finale? Cause I can live with that!!!

  4. CMarie says:

    I’m going to start this off by saying that I’m a HUGE Glee fan, and have watched every episode since the beginning (most, live). But this is just ridiculous. The characters that Ryan Murphy built would never give up so easily as to run home to Ohio after only a short time pursuing their dreams. I get that he had a plan in mind before Corey died about ending where they started, but I will never believe that 1) Rachel would just quit Funny Girl, and 2) even if she did, that she would just go back to Ohio after a failed TV show. It’s just not consistent with what the other seasons have been. I’m going to have a hard time watching these episodes, as few as there are.

  5. sam says:

    So Rachel at the end is going to accept that teaching is her calling and that she accepts being a Lima loser. sound familiar? Will, Finn..

  6. Iakovos says:

    IMHO… GLEE ended after a disappointing Season 2. Never quite kept up after that. A high concept that burned too brightly, too quickly… not aided by stunt casting, rapidly shifting plots, a character merry-go-round, and out-of-character twists. Still, glad GLEE had a moment if only to prove the Sue Sylvesters of the network black towers wrong.

  7. Shannon says:

    I want to finish out this show but RM and TPTB aren’t giving me much of anything to get excited about…

  8. JG says:

    I might catch the series finale just because but these spoilers seem like subplots from the past couple seasons.

  9. lol says:

    …so once again, Kurt’s function is to be Rachel’s accessory. Super.

    • Bobbie says:

      At least he’s in the main narrative working for the team I assume the show wants us to root for. He may not get a lot of plot, but he should get decent screen time and I can always count on Kurt and Rachel for good choir room reaction shots!

    • rawley says:

      Um, that’s all he’s been since Season 2.

  10. kenl says:

    Not that I could do any better, and I’ll reserve my actual judgment, but this seems a very poor step back for all the characters to take. Personally, I’d rather have seen them ditch the school and go totally New York as the characters from the original seasons moved on to their post school lives even further. Oh well. Guess its same old same old….too bad.

    • GLee says:

      THIS, Keni, in all respects. My only change to your thoughts would be to age the characters up by four to five YEARS and THEN bring them all back to Lima in the last two episodes. I would love to see all the trials, tribulations and changes in their lives through well written (ha!) flashbacks with time enough for happy endings for everyone who deserves one. Six months? What in the world could have changed that would be in any way interesting or realistic (ha!!).

  11. Cate53 says:

    So what about the new students from a couple of seasons back, Unique, Marley, Jake, Ryder and Kitty? Will they return? Having read about new characters they were casting it seems daft to ignore them in favour of yet more newbies.

  12. Em says:

    1. Rachel shouldn’t have given up Broadway
    2. She shouldn’t be going back to Lima
    3. Neither should Kurt or Blaine
    5. Glee club should be done with and any and all McKinley story lines should be cut out

    Glee finally got good again when they went to full time New York and now they’re going to go downhill again. This is bull.

  13. Angelstorm says:

    I don’t understand – Rachel was always supposed to be a star that was her thing . . . why in the final season would they have her just fail completely at that and go back instead of going forward ?

    • Anne says:

      So she can have a completely pointless character arc? Knowing Glee she’ll also yet again learn the importance of valuing her friends and that too much ambition can be a bad thing. No thanks.

    • sam says:

      According to Ryan Murphy the choir room is the star of the show. So without Finn, he had to do something to bring the choir room back. Once the second set of regulars left, they knew that the newbies could not carry that half of the show, so what do they do, bring back the original cast. Did anyone really think they would let Jane Lynch go?

      • dcl33 says:

        According to RM Will is star of the show… no wait according to RM Rachel is star of the show…no wait Finn is the star… no wait Kurt is star… no wait Blaine is star of the show… no wait choir room… according to me, RM doesnt know wtf he wants us to believe so he is showing everything down our throats hoping we will believe in at least one thing. -_-

        • Mena says:

          LMAO. Truth hurts. RM is embarrassed by his bumbling of 3 shows( to my knowledge). He is a genius on a show’s creation, but, doesn’t have a clue how to maintain a show ‘s empowerment and how to give it mainstay enthusiasm.

  14. Anne says:

    Idea for an episode: Kurt loses his cell phone and misses Rachel’s call therefore missing the only available flight back to Lima and must stay in NY attending the college he worked hard to get into. He is finally recognized for his hard work with more than trite words.

    Idea for an episode: Will finds out Rachel has revived New Directions and says “Thanks, I’ve got it from here.” Rachel then returns to NY, works hard to repair her professional reputation while singing an array of beautiful songs and finally earns a Tony.

    Idea for an episode: Blaine remembers he used to have a spine and makes a decision based on what he wants. He also remembers he is enrolled in college and continues to attend classes and work toward a career on stage.

    Idea for an episode: Mercedes, Santana, and Brittany trademark the The Trouble Tones, go on a wildly successful tour and collect a few Grammy’s along the way.

    Sam does something…

  15. LC says:

    lmao if this is what is supposed to get people to tune into Glee than talk about a major FAIL! Also Santana Lopez isn’t a regular anymore? lmao bye glee!

  16. Kaley says:

    Everything about season 6 sounds terrible, especially the one thing that wasn’t written here – the bit about Blaine getting a new boyfriend, and it’s none other than dave Karofsky aka the guy who bullied Kurt and threatened to kill him. I really hope after that the writers will go off the idea of KLaine being endgame because Kurt should not be made to take back the man who cares so little about him that he would date kurt’s former tormentor. Now the only thing I want from the last season is for kurt aNd Rachel to be the leads and get the main focus. I hope there won’t be a lot of blaine and sam or “blam” because they are too boring.

  17. Mary says:

    “Kurt follows Rachel back home” Kurt has no ambitions of his own, he has giving up his dreams to serve someone’s agenda…as always. I’m done with Glee.

    • Agreed says:

      It’s incredibly depressing. Your final season of Glee: Kurt following Rachel around and being sad over his ex-fiance dating his bully. I can’t watch my favorite character be put through that.

      • Gleeker says:

        I’m with you on this. Kurt is my favorite and I’m livid that he’s back in Lima, the place where he worked so hard to get away from, and as Rachel’s sidekick. I like Klaine just fine, they have their cute moments and I was on board with the whole hs sweethearts-get-married stuff, I just wanted more of Kurt doing things on his own and not with or because of Blaine, or Rachel, or Santana, etc. Blaine dating Karofsky would be the nail in the Klaine coffin for me. RM said that there will be happy, satisfying endings for everyone, but from these spoilers, Kurt is getting crapped on once again. I’m so done.

        • Mary says:

          I agree with you : Kurt is getting crapped once again. This is so sad, but I don’t like klaine. I hope klaine break up because I think Kurt deserves better than Blaine.

  18. Trent says:

    If the writers didn’t want us to watch season 6 they could have just said so.. no need to write horrible plot lines and release them as spoilers.

  19. Boiler says:

    Ah my faith in humanity, or lack thereof, remains. I am sure all of you here appear to have quit watching so why comment?? This is why I wish Glee comment sections shut off. The only thing I saw so far that I would like to know is about Marley, Jake, Kitty, etc. I am hoping they will be the older bunch this year

    • Trent says:

      Or you could just not read the comments! BTW they cast new kids and Marley and company aren’t scheduled to be back.

      • Boiler says:

        Maybe most of the people can become human beings and stop being so bitter and cruel Is that how you all are in real life?? If you don’t like the show have some class and stay away from the article

        • Guest(Real name won't be revealed just yet) says:

          @Boiler Glee fans can be bitter and/or cruel all they want because THEY have an opinion. Speaking of bitter and/or cruel, you’re the one being bitter right now! If YOU don’t like the show then like Trent said don’t read the comments or don’t comment at all or like you said have some class and stay away from this article or ANY article that relates to Glee!

          • Boiler says:

            I do like the show. Just because you have an opinion doesn’t mean it has to be said. Have some class or is that foreign.

          • dcl33 says:

            @Boller Just because you have an opinion doesnt mean it has to be said either ;) People are free to express themselves any way they want. And ya know if people arent happy they will speak up. Dont be bitter if people do not share your view. Have some class or is that foreign?

    • Guest(Real name won't be revealed just yet) says:

      @Boiler Why comment? Former Glee fans can comment all they want because THEY have an opinion! (In MY scary voice) SO SHOW THEM SOME RESPECT! (In normal voice) One more thing, if you can’t stand OUR opinions and/or can’t stand the Glee comment section (In Vicious from Cowboy Bebop yelling voice) THEN WHY ARE YOU HERE?!

    • Angela says:

      I’m still going to watch, mainly because that’s how I am with shows I follow in general-watch them to the very end. But also because I’m weirdly curious to see how even half of the ideas they come up with this season play out, regardless of whether or not I’m enthused about them.
      But I won’t argue with you that those who say they aren’t watching should probably therefore not comment anymore. It seems pointless to talk about a series you’re not watching.

  20. jesschwahl says:

    So they all dropped out of school and gave up on all their dreams? And ran back home to Ohio? None of this makes sense. Then again, neither did Rachel leaving her dream of being on Broadway in her dream role after like a week. But didn’t the TV people give her a development deal or something, so even if the pilot failed they’d still be paying her a bunch of money?

  21. Matt says:

    I mean….Dot Marie Jones and Amber Riley are series regulars. That’s kind of cool!

  22. M says:

    Sounds incredibly boring….

  23. chloe says:

    This show is ridiculous! We get 13 episodes of this mess + 5 or 6 new characters who any of us couldn’t care less about! Why couldn’t have Ryan and Co gave the (less than 2 million) that still watched, what they wanted to close out Glee? It’s looking like Ryan wants to see if he can reach a new low in terms of viewers this season.

  24. Sorry but zero of this sounds believable. No way would Rachel Berry just give up on her dreams, let alone everyone, to go back to Lima. If they are those kind of people then they aren’t logical characters. Ugh. Love this show and hate that it’s ending but I really wish they could come up with something better.

  25. Carol says:

    I actually like the idea of being back where Glee started. I don’t really believe the rumors, but think it’s a wonderful idea to have SOME episodes in Lima. I’d actually like to see Karofsky maybe leading the Glee team. He seemed to have a small hidden interest in it at one point. And I think once he became comfortable with who he is, he would really enjoy being Glee teacher. I would also like to see Mr. Schue on Broadway. Blaine and Kurt, I would love to see a wedding. I am a HUGE Klainer, and hate the rumors/spoilers going around about them so I choose to not read them lol. Glee may have lost what it had in the first two seasons, but all seasons never lost what the show was meant for. Acceptance. And, I think they did such an amazing job at showing that. I am beyond excited for season 6. Klaine forever!

    • GLee says:

      What Carol said. Though, I’ll read ALL the spoilers and, lo, still manage to be surprised. I’m an hopeful innocent.

  26. Jared Munson says:

    Thought Matthew Morrison had retired from the show…

  27. Well this is ridiculous. First, why would they reveal so many spoilers so early, knowing full well how reactive Glee fans have always been? Second, why would they ALL leave their dreams and go back to hickville high school to teach kids to follow their dreams? More people liked the NYC storyline over the high school drama any day and we’re just gonna forget that all happened? That’s how they wanna end the show? Sigh. I’ve watched every episode ever since it piloted and this is flat out disappointing.

  28. Enrique the Intelligent says:

    I won’t be watching. This show has officially jumped the shark at this point I don’t see any redeeming value in watching everything the writers built the characters to be trashed so that they can bring it back to what originally made the show a hit.

    They should have jumped a longer period in time.

    • GLee says:

      Agreed. Four to six years wouldn’t have been unreasonable.

      • Isobel says:

        Agree I guess they wouldn’t be believable as older but people are usually more Will or Rachel’s mums age when their career on the stage ends and they start teaching, these guys have not even completed their studies at Nyada let alone have much actual experience

        • mezzalenko says:

          Speaking of NYADA, maybe that’s part of Rachel leading the Glee club. Maybe she realises she does need NYADA, just like Carmen said she would when she went and made a silly career choice (ie leaving her broadway dream behind to chase tv).

          • GLee says:

            Good point, Mezzalenko, it would be well within Rachel’s character (at this point) to use Mckinley’s glee club to jump start or re-start her career. And, sad to say, it would be typical of the writers to allow her to win… again …. despite the bridges and peopled she burned in her wake. Yah, sorry, full disclosure is that I’m not a Rachel fan.

  29. Kate says:

    Yeah, I’m just gonna be THAT girl for a second and say: All I want is a happy ending for Quinn and Puck, and to see Dianna and Mark (at least) once this season. The show kind of ended for me when the originals ‘left’ after S3, so I can’t say I’m too sad to see the show go (thanks to the aforementioned crappy writing/crazy plots)..

  30. Co says:

    I find it hard that spoiled Rachel would give up her dreams to head back to Lima. Out of all the characters hers would be my last choice she is so shellfish and self absorbed. I’m so sick of the drama between klaine it’s the final episode most not saying all but a lot of the fans that still watch want klaine together.

  31. H says:

    I agree with Dave’s comment. Ever since New Directions started, Rachel has wanted to be a Broadway star. I love Glee but in my opinion, the show has gone downhill since season 4. I hope the last season of Glee is as spectacular and heartwarming as the first 4 seasons.

  32. Jenny says:

    NYC was going too well we just can’t have that… I was actually excited about Glee again when it went exclusively the NY but this doesn’t appeal to me at all. It feels like going backwards for these characters

  33. Anna says:

    Soooo nobody cares about NYADA anymore? Like, they spent all this time trying to get in this super awesome special best school ever and now they all just quit and go back to Lima? Yeah, I’m with everyone else – this makes zero sense.

  34. ronnie says:

    While I like the idea of going back to the original concept of the Glee Club, I have not liked the direction they have taken with key characters. I’m hoping this bringing Rachel back to Lima proves to be a growth experience from the arrogance and unfocused character she has become. I really hope they focus a lot on the new choir members and that we get the opportunity to embrace them they way we did the originals. And as for the all the complainers, I have yet to read one comment about how they think the storylines should go, esp. since the last couple of episodes were really off track for any character or story development. Don’t complain. Actually come up with a workable idea now that they show is going back to its roots in the choir room. Who knows. Maybe someone might read it and listen if you come up with something great.

  35. rachel says:

    They couldn’t just let Rachel succeed could they. Last season was horrible. This sounds even worse.

  36. O'Brien says:

    Within the context of “Rachel did a nutty and left Broadway and her dream role because Finn’s death might have made her want to run from anything that she used to want to be to do something different and hide from the pain, but now that not being herself has failed, she has finally come back around to Rachel Berry, HBIC, and in honor of that person, and the person who loved her no matter what, she’s going to go back to New Directions and do the job that Finn no longer can, and in that journey finding herself, and finding her way back to who she was always meant to be,” I can perhaps get behind this. FOR RACHEL.

    But why is Kurt going back there? Because everyone else left NYC? I cannot fathom. And a prep school as nice as Dalton…I just can’t see them hiring a college drop out (WHY DID EVERYONE LEAVE NYADA?! KURT, BLAINE, WHY ARE YOU NOT AT NYADA?!) to mold their Future Leaders of America.

    And then, I remember the #1 rule one must follow whenever they watch this show: very little of it makes sense, and it is infuriating at times…But It’s Glee. And trying to find the deeper thread there is a fool’s errand. It’s a fun show with a fun concept that has a times taken itself too seriously, and at times had to deal with external issues that were deeply sad, and is at it’s best when it is insanely fun and ridiculous, which this whole conceit promises to be. And really, we all like the competition episodes the best.

    • tina says:

      The only reaction that Rachel has had to Finn’s death is her going after Sam. People hated the story, so she has not dated. That’s it, she never mentioned him in her fight with Santana,nor when she went to McKinley, she equates her love for Finn with her love of the Glee club. She did not quit Broadway or NYADA because of Finn, So Finn’s death has had no impact on her actions, what so ever.

  37. Tom says:

    I’m starting to think that Twitter hacker was just looking out for Chris Colfer…

  38. Aprilcot says:

    Sad to say, but I think I’m done. I loved the first season of Glee…the second and third had their moments, but the rest has just been garbage. The only show I have ever broken up with was Smash (I still watch American Idol, for crying out loud), but I just don’t think I can do it anymore. I had planned on giving it up last season, but tuned in to see how they handled the loss of Finn and got sucked back in.

  39. Cory says:

    What has Rachel shown that would make her or anyone for that matter think she could be a good teacher/leader? And after her dreams of Broadway ended (which was her own stupid fault and went against everything the character seemingly believed in),why would she want to help other kids potentially help their dreams and leave Lima in a better place than she is?

    I’ll still watch and just hope Season 6 can’t possibly be worse than Season 5. At least we have the solid first two seasons and parts of Season 3 were OK as well. We’ll ever know what would’ve happened if Finn were still here, but it probably would’ve been much better than what the show has become since he had to go to rehab and missed the end of Season 4. Sigh. Rest in peace.

  40. CJ says:

    Been so disappointed with the show, sadly, because it was once one of my favorites. Hopefully season 6 will turn it around and send them off nicely.

  41. Blue says:

    I was hoping for some Santana news… I don’t care about the rest.

  42. Paige says:

    Did anyone graduate college??? I know its a tv show but what the heck are those guys going to do once they get back to Lima with no degree and no skill set outside of singing and dancing??

  43. wgsecretary says:

    Really?!??!?! You spend years on character development to just say, “Forget it! Let’s ruin it in the end! Put them back to where they started!” Wow! Count me out. Though, I was out after season 4. I read recaps on occasion to keep updated in case it got good again. I had read something about the originals coming back for the final season. I don’t know what it was that made me have the following thought, but this is what I had envisioned.

    Each episode would focus on a character or two and show their lives over the next few years so we could see where they ended up. I think I saw something about each character getting a focus put on them for a special arc or something. I’m not a TV writer, but this seems like a better plan to me!

    • GLee says:

      What a good idea! I’d push the time line out a little further, five to six years perhaps; but the each episode focusing one or two characters, then bringing them all back for a grand finale.

  44. Erin says:

    I am confused. If there is only a six month time jump wouldn’t all the other new directions people still be there (ie: jake, marley, unique, the other guy)

  45. i’ll be watching out of habit, all of them going back to Lima after most succeeding in NY/LA etc is a terrible idea

  46. just gleek says:

    I just wish that Klaine get married.. Well, they should, no other choice.
    And, is there any chance rachel will find a new guy??

  47. Mary says:

    All I want is Kurt getting success in NY (it’s so sad he gives up his dreams because he follows Rachel or Blaine) and I want klaine break up. (Blaine doesn’t make Kurt happy for a long time ago)

  48. Jay says:

    Everyone seems upset by these spoilers but this honestly doesn’t sound any worse than the last two seasons of the show.

    It’s almost the same…lots of new characters no one cares about, shock value plots that make no sense, all the trolling of the big fanbases, etc. The good thing is that fans will only have to suffer for 13 episodes this season :)

    But lol at the hack job they’ve done to Klaine. How anyone can still ship them, at this point, is beyond me.