Deadwood Revival: There's 'Hope'!

Deadwood Season 4 Revival

Well, for [bleep]’s sake: Deadwood may have a pulse.

On the Emmy red carpet Monday, Kim Dickens — who played madam Joanie Stubbs on HBO’s late, beloved western — admitted to me that the entire cast remains “heartbroken” about the show’s premature demise.

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But you’ll probably be more interested in what she said after that with regard to a closure-filled Deadwood revival. It involves a conversation she had with series creator David Milch, and includes the words “hope” and “possibility.”

Push PLAY below and then hit the comments with an answer to your question: Do you believe strongly that HBO (which has a sterling record when it comes to giving its shows proper goodbyes) need to right this wrong?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Ben Kabak says:

    Hate video.

    • wordsmith says:

      Still haven’t forgiven it for killing the Radio Star?

    • supernatural and deadwood says:

      Apparently responding to someone else’s comment is the only way for my comments to be seen on this thread. Oh well…Anyway, I am here to keep this topic of conversation alive. The newest comment I see on this particular topic is from Aug. of 2014…were halfway through 2015, people! If you all just give up and stop voicing your opinions concerning this subject, then any miniscule chance we had to realise a positive outcome of any sort, will be gone. C’mon, guys…I can’t be the only one left passionate enough about Deadwood to keep the flame lit! It only takes a few minutes to raise your voice to be heard along with mine. Let’s get some crowd funding going or something…if Veronica Mars can be brought back, even for just a one off movie, so can Deadwood. Just one more thing…Mr. Milch… I would like to thank you. Being a musician, I have never felt a connection to any other media…until Deadwood. I actually felt for the characters…as if they were real and I knew them. I can’t be the only one. I doubt you will ever read this, but being that Jim Beaver has obviously read comments on this site, then thus may be my only chance to thank you. And F*!# HBO! Do it on Netfilx or straight to DVD…your loyal fans will thank you…monetarily AND otherwise. We need more Deadwood…before you’re all too old or have passed away. Please…

      • Michael says:

        Deadwood is super dope. The set is amazing and the cast even more so. I love the era and I want to keep watching what has been a superbly captivating 3 seasons

        • Michele Feldman says:

          Just saw that Ian McShane (Swearengen) is now on Showtime’s Ray Donovan. Sarah Paulson has been on American Horror Story for the past several seasons. Silas Adams is on Falling Skies. Charlie Utter was great on Sons of Anarchy. Timothy Olyphant was xlnt on Justified. Sigh……

          • Ken Loudermill says:

            I could watch a few more seasons of Deadwood,I want more that season 4,,Bring it back, have watched 1,2,3 about 4 times//

      • Toni says:

        PLEASE… More Deadwood! HBO, Netflix, HULU, who cares?! We fans want more and a conclusion equal to the exemplary quality of the (original) production.

        • Tee emUp says:

          Deadwood was (and via on demand, still is) the best show on TV. Bring it back….NOW….before the actors get too old!!! Ian McShane isn’t getting any younger!!!

      • Edward Sargent says:

        I agree with you completely and I feel it was very selfish of the author of Deadwood on HBO for ending the series the way they did leaving all the loyal viewers hand fans up in the air and out in the dark. Bring back Deadwood bring back Deadwood bring back Deadwood

    • supernatural and deadwood says:

      Back again. Just came here to see if anyone else had shown up or cared to comment. Nope. Disappointing, indeed. I wish at least someone out of all the folks who commented before, would come back to see if the topic is still alive. And maybe tell me of any other threads where my voice on this matter might be heard better than here. I will continue to carry the torch here until I find a new place.

    • supernatural and deadwood says:

      Unfortunately, this will be my last comment here. I’ve been looking, and have not found another place where the topic of Deadwood’s resurrection even exists…I have all but lost hope. Thus show was and is important to me, and I know I’m not the only one. Deadwood is more than a “tv show”. It is a work of art…just as much ad any other stupid ass show that runs for 5-15 years. I’ll keep looking and commenting. But not here where my voice won’t be heard and no one has bothered to comment since almost a year ago.

      • Michele My Belle says:

        So sad that we either have to wait a long time or perhaps will never see a Deadwood revival. Many of the actors are onto other roles. We can always dream……sigh…….

    • Tee emUp says:

      Deadwood was (and via on demand, still is) the best show on TV. Bring it back….NOW….before the actors get too old!!! Ian McShane isn’t getting any younger!!!

  2. torimelching says:

    Even if we got a couple episodes or a movie to wrap things up, I would be super happy.

  3. Jay says:

    Don’t play with my emotions like this! How I wish Al Swearengen and gang would come back

  4. IMHO says:

    I would LOVE to see Deadwood continue but I don’t think Milch will do it.
    He wouldn’t do the movie or the six episode shoot to tie up the series both options offered by HBO.
    He was anxious to move on to John from Cincinnati and wanted HBO to keep all the actors from Deadwood under contract so he could shoot the 1st season of Cincinnati. That was a too much money for HBO so they offered the short season as a tie up the Deadwood story and Milch refused.
    Nothing Milch has done since Deadwood ( Luck, John from Cincinnati) has been worth watching he should of finished Deadwood.
    And I’m leery of starting a new series by Milch if he gets bored he may just move on and leave the story hanging along with it’s viewers AGAIN

    • Britta Unfiltered says:

      To be fair, Luck didn’t get canceled because he got “bored”. It was canceled because of safety reasons with the horses that were dying off like flies. I’ve watched all the commentary tracks for Deadwood, and David Milch sounds so sad on the season three commentaries. He seems to really regret they didn’t have a chance to get another season to finish things up, for whatever the reasons the show got canceled for. He had a season four story plan all lined up and ready to go. I think Deadwood was very close to his heart, and it was a painful thing for him to see it get canceled before its time.

      • Steve C says:

        The show was canceled because Milch didn’t want to continue working on it. Read the comments from IMHO above.

      • kpow says:

        agreed! and “Luck” was not a great show- i watched it because i trust milch because i love deadwood-but it should have been cancelled–even if it never happens that new episodes are born i think “he wants me to tell him something pretty” as the final line in the show as swerengin scrubs a blood stain is an appropriate, all encompassing synopsis of all things–but i like philosophy and radiohead so maybe thats it

  5. queerbec says:

    You’d think HBO would think twice about doing anything with Milch again, after how , enthralling both John from Cincinnati and Luck were. Yet Deadwood has only grown in popularity in its ensuing years. HBO should have learned to say no to Milch, let him walk away and after he was bored doing nothing after AMC and Showtime turned down John and Luck, he may very well have found the creative energy to resume/finalize Deadwood. Just glad HBO is giving THe Newsroom a final season.

  6. Joey says:

    I need more Deadwood like air.

  7. dreamlife613 says:

    A miniseries would be perfect to wrap up the story, as long as -all- the main actors return.

  8. PLEASE finish up Deadwood!!! PLEASE!.

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  10. Dan Taylor says:

    Well Justified is entering its last season so Timothy Olyphant may be free. Would be great if they could get everyone together for one last season to wrap it all up. Loved the show.

    • Joey says:

      The only person I know of that might be too busy would be W. Earl Brown since I think he got cast as a regular on some upcoming new show, but don’t ask me to remember what the name is. Hope he could join a Deadwood wrap-up as I really liked him as Dan Dority.

    • Laura Hartman says:

      Dayton Callie and Kim Dickens are on Sons of Anarchy and that is also about to enter its last season. Deadwood seems to be where a lot of shows get their talented actors from. I would love to see it continue. Sorry to hear Justified will be ending though. Walton Goggins is so amazing on it.

  11. tess says:

    I HATED the non ending we had to the series. I think this is a fantastic idea and I know a lot of other lovers of the show who would watch too!

  12. Shane neuberger says:

    Bring back deadwood!

  13. PLEASE PLEASE bring back one of the best shows ever produced. We did not know there was only three seasons when we started binge watching. To date we have watched it four times. It never gets old. There were so many stories left to tell. THANK YOU.

  14. Wendy Courtney says:

    Please being Deadwood back!

  15. Jerri Young says:

    Yes, we all need closure in regards to Deadwood. Hbo totally screwed us and the cast & crew ending it- without giving us an ending:(

  16. LaLa says:

    Please tie it up and tie it up well, it is on my list of most favorite shows!!

  17. Candace Caspers says:

    Deadwood has to be my favorite town to visit and I was broken hearted to find out it was being cancelled. Too many shows are forced to end prematurely, and when a show as good as this falls in with the crowd it’s downright television blasphemy. All I have to say is this: they’re bringing me my Heroes back…and Deadwood’s return would be the icing on the cake!

  18. Yvonne Rousseau says:

    That would be amazing. I think I like Deadwood even more than Breaking Bad. And I really like Breaking Bad.

    • Britta Unfiltered says:

      I have to echo that sentiment. I know there are many who call Breaking Bad the greatest show of all time, and while I do love Breaking Bad, for me the greatest show of all time is Deadwood, and probably always will be.

  19. Craig says:

    hell yea bring back deadwood woot woot id order hbo just to watch it

  20. David Press says:

    The show was heading toward an up in flames ending. Everything pointed to a fiery finale.

  21. Karen Everson says:

    Yes. More Deadwood. Please! Wrap up the storylines for us. Maybe 2 two-hour movies?

  22. michael malone says:

    we don’t need closure, you simps, we need 3 more seasons of the greatest series ever on HBO, or television, for that matter. there is an intelligent, large, devoted fan base for Deadwood, & it is powerful enough in story/script , characters, & direction to have a great future at HBO. do yourselves us all a service & kick deadwood back in gear.

    • michael malone says:

      david milch is the finest thing to hit television since sid caesar. deadwood is genius. starr & bullock went on together for many years in deadwood’s story, & so should this series. please bring this great series back, writers, cast, crew, & all. it can be done.

    • Jennifer Warrelmann says:

      You took the words right out of my mouth. 3 more seasons would be great!!

    • Hope Stringer says:

      You said it all there. We don’t need closure; we NEED the series to continue…PLEASE!

  23. Jen says:

    HBO should ABSOLUTELY finish the story of Deadwood!

  24. cjkstone says:

    The series is taking the place of the feature film. Everybody loves a long story, can you say Game of Thrones?Deadwood had more history to tell

  25. Joe Rico Jr. says:

    Personally, I would love for Deadwood to find completion. It was and still is one of my all-time favorite shows. My soul needs Deadwood back.

  26. Sherri says:

    An amazing show – the writers, cast…I loved every part of this show. There are so many fans that would love to see Al, Bullock, Charlie, Jane, Sol, Trixie, Alma, E.B., Richardson, Dan, Johnny, Silas…the list seems endless! Mr. Milch & HBO – Please bring these wonderful characters back – even if it’s just for a 2-hour wrap-up…although bringing it back as a series would be even better!

  27. brian Tresenriter says:

    Please, oh please bring all of the cocksuckers back!

    • Jennifer Warrelmann says:

      I was thinking that very thing…

      • Jake says:

        I think he means Hoople Heads..
        Always found that kind of odd coming out of McShane’s mouth with all those curses – kind of like him saying “poo-poo head” or some other childish expression.

  28. Mary Wartenbe says:

    Please, PLEASE finish the deadwood story! This is my all time favorite show. Just think of the money you could make!

  29. Chad says:

    Deadwood remains one of my favorite shows ever and someone (looking at you Netflix) needs to bankroll the final season. Give us closure, you c$&suckers! ;-)

  30. Jim Beaver says:

    Those of you complaining that David Milch was at fault for the demise of DEADWOOD do not know of which you speak. As a cast member, I can confirm that he fought like a dog to keep the show alive, that he tried for years to get the movies made, and that forces beyond his control and against his wishes kept either of those things from happening. No other shows he had a hand in “stole” his interest or affections, and producers commonly have multiple shows on the air. No, if David Milch had had his druthers, DEADWOOD would have played out its planned arc of four seasons. That it didn’t is somebody else’s fault. Somebody else’s corporate fault.

    Jim Beaver

    • Jim – thanks for the comment. You were great on the show.

    • Sarah says:

      Mr. Beaver, I’m a huge fan of your work and respect and appreciate your willingness to talk to fans of your shows. I do wonder if you’ve read the interviews with him where he states that he chose not to continue with Deadwood, and that he was just done with it. Milch is a genius to be sure, but consummately inconstant. You know that. Everyone who has worked with him knows he’s mercurial. He has told a lot of different versions of the story of the cancellation in interviews, but not in a single one does he say “I was powerless to make this not happen.” I can’t speculate as to his reasoning, but as Doc said best – I see as much misery outta them movin’ to justify their selves as them that set out to do harm.

      • Wayne morrison says:

        Best lines ever. 1. And the jurors will adjourn to the whore’s rooms to deliberate. 2. Mr. Woo ” I want 2 whitey cocksuckers, not 1.

      • Jim Beaver says:

        Sarah, I believe you are confusing unwillingness to have it done badly with unwillingness to have it done.

        • Jill says:

          I am such a big fan of your work. You have such a natural and comfortable way. Thanks for sharing your talent, and for clearing up some of this comnentary mess for us :-)

      • supernatural and deadwood says:

        I know these comments are probably all very old, as is this topic, unfortunately. But I would like to commend Jim Beaver for at least truing to sort out the confusion regarding the untimely end of Deadwood. I am a late fan, having only started watching a month ago. That said, I have watched almost all of it already. Tied with supernatural as the best shows in t.v. history. I was mortified when I learned how it ended, and wish it could come back…but only at 150%, just like before. Jim, keep up the good work. One of your biggest fans…Ellsworth and Bobby both died to soon

    • Steve F. says:

      Whoa. Not only a cast member of Deadwood put in a response, it’s proof that actors read TVLine! Thanks for the comment, and great job on Deadwood (and Supernatural, and just about everything else you’ve appeared in)!

    • Jim, when Ellsworth got shot my own heart stopped beating for a second or two. I loved the character which was one of the honest ones on the show. Deadwood was and is my favorite period piece. I want the show to come back so we can see the new collaboration between Swearingin and Wu. Plus loved your part on Breaking Bad as well. Keep up the good work.

    • Tom says:

      Wow! Jim. Great responce. Was a huge fan of you on Deadwood, but even more in Supernatural. Thanks for commenting.

    • supernatural and deadwood says:

      Any chance you’ll tell me who is corporately responsible? So’s I can piss in the ear of the right person? Or maybe lynch him…? Said in jest, of course.

  31. Jennifer Warrelmann says:

    My husband and I to this day still talk about how it just ended and how we wish it would come back. We loved that show. I have the box set. Please people bring it back.

  32. gary says:

    would love to see more deadwood !!!!!!!

  33. Elvira says:

    Oh please! I felt so lost with the way it ended,we need closure.

  34. Diana Brown says:

    Still miss DEADWOOD so please let this be true. Ever since I heard it was the producers that cancelled the show, I laugh and laugh when stars demand that producers give them more money. (Only half kidding). -Diana Brown

  35. Britta Unfiltered says:

    Don’t tease me on this, man. I badly need this [bleep]sucker to happen.

    • Britta Unfiltered says:

      I have to add to my earlier comment. I know many think the ending was left unresolved, including friends of mine, but I actually found the season three finale to be a perfect end to the series. It was so dark, and Hearst won and beat everyone. Just like in real life. I don’t think that show was ever meant to have a happy ending for all the characters. Dark and sad was the way to go. The only thing that bugged me was they left the results of the election up in the air, though we pretty much could tell what direction that was going, so maybe it was fine as it was.

  36. Brenda says:

    I was broken hearted when they took Deadwood off the air. Please bring it back. Thank You.

  37. amy says:

    yes please….would love to see more Deadwood…

  38. DC says:

    As long as itdoesn’t end with everyone eating around a picnic table.

  39. I have watched the entire series probably 8 or 9 times…As much as I would like to think that David Milch is sitting somewhere banging out Deadwood scripts…I think the ship has sailed. I think unless HBO agreed to bring the show back for another 2 or 3 seasons, it would not be worth the expense to film 1 movie or 2 or 3 episodes. Obviously if the film ANYTHIG with the word DEADWOOD in the title I will be glued to my tv…but I am not hopeful.

  40. Jennifer says:

    Yes, please bring back this show with a fourth season. All the build up in tension occurred in season three and a closure to that beginning of the war for Deadwood would be well worth HBO’s money.

  41. Matthew J. Deede says:

    For the love of whatever god you pray to, please, give us the final episodes of Deadwood!!!

  42. terry says:

    bring back Deadwood

  43. Tom Beyer says:

    Absolutely YES PLEASE! “Deadwood” is one of my favorite TV shows of all time! And I’m 49! So that’s a lot of years of TV shows in my viewership.

  44. Wish they would “revive” it…but it wasn’t “DEAD” :( no finality…no ending. Such a realistic, well-written, well acted ROUGH Western. Everyone I know wishes for it’s return…Why can’t they do it…sitting here, tapping my toe, waiting for an answer,,,or…maybe I’ll beg for it’s return instead. I LOVE DEADWOOD….

  45. Leigh Van Horn says:

    There must be some way for everyone to compromise and make a mini-series to wrap everything up and give Deadwood a proper ending. But I agree with others; the main characters would have to be played by the original actors. Not somebody else. It just wouldn’t be right!!

  46. don morelli says:

    I would buy the continued boxed seasons of Deadwood. I would also buy them as gifts for friends and family that I know love (and still re-watch) the only 3 seasons you produced. GO FOR IT!!!!

  47. Nicola Hancock says:

    Yes they absolutely should make more deadwood this show was fantastic and all the characters where great. They need to correct this wrong and do it quick.

  48. Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

    Are you being very, very sarcastic when you say HBO “has a sterling record when it comes to giving its shows proper goodbyes”? Because HBO has a TERRIBLE record at giving shows “proper goodbyes”. re: Rome, Carnivale, Hung, etc etc etc

  49. I believe that the powers-that-be of a successful series, have an obligation to its loyal viewers to finish out the story line. It is an unwritten “contract” between television production and the viewer. Would “Breaking Bad” have won all those Emmys if the story had not come to a natural conclusion? Would any great work of art be memorable if it was only half finished? I think not. There is an emotional attachment to characters of a long-running series like “Deadwood.” When the series is cancelled, viewers go though a grieving process. Fans are angry, hurt, disappointed, and may be hesitant to get involved with watching the next production of that company, network, director, producer, etc. Do right by your loyal viewers and finish the job. Take pride in the fact that you will have done the only honorable thing.

  50. Miranda says:

    Please don’t get my hopes up…