Walking Dead Showrunner Addresses Daryl's Sexuality, Confirms Gay Male Character Is On the Way

Daryl Dixon Gay

Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman set tongues wagging earlier this month when he floated the possibility that original survivor Daryl Dixon could be gay, telling ComicBook.com, “It’s been discussed.”

Now, the AMC hit’s showrunner, Scott M. Gimple, is weighing in on the “Is-he-or-isn’t-he?” buzz.

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“We know all sorts of things about the characters that we haven’t revealed,” he shares, before insisting, “[But] we’re not holding back information on Daryl’s sexuality as any sort of big reveal. The fact that there’s still a question as to what Daryl’s orientation is in Season 5 absolutely speaks to Daryl’s character; he is a very guarded, very closed-off individual in a lot of ways.  We have been able to see him ever so slowly open up and show the other characters aspect by aspect as to what makes him tick. That’s been a very satisfying journey for all of us on the creative side to portray. [And] he’s still on that journey

“This is a character who is going to continue to grow closer to the other characters,” he continues, “[and] let his guard down, and let them see just who he is, in every way.”

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Should it turn out that Daryl does not prefer the company of men — an issue Gimple says “is not really addressed” this season — the EP confirms that the show does plan to introduce a gay male character. The timing of said character’s arrival, however, is being kept under wraps.

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  1. Zoe says:

    I always thought Daryl was gay, to be honest. I’d only be shocked if it turned out he wasn’t. I never got a romantic vibe from him with Carol, good friends and shared abuse history, for sure, but not sexual love. I only saw a big brother vibe with Beth, definitely not romance. Daryl hasn’t exactly shown any romantic interest in any of the guys either (except maybe Rick), but his character screams closet gay guy. His late brother, Merle would probably have killed him if he’d been open about it in the past, so he’s probably been in denial for years.

    • Christy says:

      I never gave it any thought because I can’t imagine wanting any sexy time in the zombie apocalypse but your theory absolutely makes sense. You are so right about Merle’s reaction if he’d found out his brother was gay. Regardless, Darryl is an awesome character and it doesn’t matter to me which gender he prefers.

    • D says:

      Never Ever thought Daryl was gay no one I know ever thought either. I haven’t seen any hint of homosexuality in the character. I couldn’t disagree with your statement more. I see him and carol having more then friendship on his part but not hers as yet she’s been through a lot and is very closed off emotionally.

    • Tasha says:

      Personally, I never considered Daryl’s sexuality as an issue. I did get a big brother vibe with Beth. And it seemed to me that Carol wants more in the relationship then he does -look at their interaction in 3×01 when they were both standing guard at the prison. I think he cares for Carol but in the same way that he cares about everyone on the team. I haven’t got romantic vibes between him and Carol -but deep affection -not necessarily love. Carol and Rick are probably the closest people to him. So if Daryl is gay -it doesn’t bother me because nothing has been stated yet to deny it. Shippers of course will disagree because they read these signs differently but until Daryl says “I love you” -then the producers do have that option to say he is gay. That doesn’t mean he can’t be a kindred soul to Carol who is as damaged as he is. If anything it further proves how loyal he is to the people he lets into his life. I think being gay actually plays well to why he is such a guarded character to most people.

      • Tina says:

        I think he was tempted by all the time he spent with Beth. He seemed to have been disclipining himself extra hard around her because of her youth. He’s got a lot of male energy, I don’t think so!

    • JC says:

      There is not a thing that has ever happened in this show to make anyone think Darryl is gay.

      • There isn’t a thing that has happened on the show to make anyone think that Darryl is straight. Carol and Beth have both given some sort of indication that they were into him, especially Beth, and he hasn’t responded to either.

        I suppose you’d prefer that he had a lisp or flounced a bit so that it would be easier for you to spot the gay?

        • JC says:

          This is just so ridiculous.

          • Much less ridiculous than your claim that he’s given no indication that he was gay. He hasn’t given indication one way or the other, so you are basing your judgment on the fact that he isn’t a flamer. Period.

          • JC says:

            You desperately want the popular male character of the show to be gay. Period. Like it or not, most people are assumed to be straight. Sucks for you.

        • David James says:

          So all heterosexual men will bang anything that comes along? Carol is old and Beth is like 10. Sorry gay Mike we straits define our selves by things other than the hole we stick it in. I feel sorry for you dude must be a sad way of life.

          • Meri Roedell says:

            AMEN DAVID! lol I don’t want to see Daryl gay! I don’t think the show should change him in any way. Why does EVERY show have to have people defined by their sexuality? Norman plays his character very well and he is one of the most popular characters. Why change that? I do seriously think ratings will go down if they do.

        • Tina says:

          I don’t think he was attracted to Carol that way, and I think he thought Beth was too young. He seemed pretty tempted to me by Beth.

        • DenzyD says:

          I read comments down this list and I take a standpoint of understanding and if you have not seen gay and claim to not see straight then the default a a reproducing species that needs a female to do so then he’s straight until proven otherwise

        • Lydia says:

          You deny the existence of gaydar? Even a bear coming out usually surprises very few.

      • Christine says:

        This is a weird statement. Are you saying that he had to declare somehow from day one that he’s gay, or have a crush on Rick or someone else to make you believe he’s gay?

        • JC says:

          No. I’m saying why anyone would even put it I their mind that
          Daryl might be gay just seems to me that some people so desperately want the most popular character on the show gay for some reason that they are coming up with ridiculous reasons to me it so. No show would make one if their male leads gay and box them in like that.

          • TheVanerialDisease says:

            Box them in? How so? Also, Six Feet Under?

          • Afrikoka says:

            Did you watch the wire? The most badass character on there was gay. You better watch out, Omar is coming…

          • David James says:

            I agree it seems that gays and liberals so desperately want to rune anything and everything that normal people find joy in watching. It’s pathetic and sad that gay people are so consumed with society accepting their depravity and mental illness that they will wedge their agenda where it’s not welcome. Why can’t America watch a show on TV without gay bullshxx being shoved down our throat. I for one will stop watching TWD and I take comfort in knowing I’m not alone.

        • David James says:

          Isn’t that how all gays act. It seams to me that if your gay that’s all you are, an empty broken person defined by nothing else but you sexual perversions. Let’s face it gays wouldn’t last in a zombie apocalypse they are to annoying someone would hobble them so the normal people could get away. Seriously your already sleeping with one eye open looking for zombies now the other eye has to watch your backside to much work.

      • Why does he have to be amorously gay to be acceptably gay, if that was revealed? He hasn’t been amorously straight, either, so in the same vein there has been nothing he’s done that says he’s straight, either.

        • JC says:

          That’s not how it works. People usually assume someone is straight, whether you like it or not. Just because he hasn’t kissed or had sex with Beth or Carol doesn’t mean we should start questioning if he is gay.

          • Christine says:

            So the lack of evidence of any specific type of sexuality means that he must be straight? Is there some sort of “gay behavior” he should have in order to be allowed to be gay?

          • JC says:

            You’re seeing what you want to see. You’re trying to make it like just because Daryl hasn’t been intimate with a woman yet it just has to mean he’s secretly gay.

          • JC…you are extraordinarily simple-minded.

          • Christine says:

            No JC, you’re the one suggesting that with no evidence of Daryl’s sexual preferences that he has to be straight. I have no desires of him to be “secretly” anything. I couldn’t care less if he’s gay or straight, either way it wouldn’t change how I view this character. I just find it ridiculous to say that he hasn’t done anything to be considered gay, like he needs some sort of prerequisites before he declares his homosexuality, especially when it hasn’t been indicated that he is a heterosexual either.

          • JC says:

            LOL, so you need proof that he’s straight or he just might be gay. That’s not how most people think.

          • Christine says:

            Once again, I don’t need anything, because I couldn’t care less. I just find it ridiculous to completely remove the possibility of a character’s homosexuality, simply because the character hasn’t behaved in a “gay way”. Especially when there has been no clear indication of the character’s sexual preferences.

          • David James says:

            So according to Mike Angelo your simple minded if you assume Daryl is strait? Mike I hate to tell you 95% of men are still strait so just by him not acting like a fairy moron it is safe to assume he is strait. It’s really sad that you don’t think logically Mike your blinded by a gay fog. Someday the mist will rise and you will laugh at how silly you are. Until then I will laugh at you for you.

        • JC says:

          The only simple minded one here is you. You’re just upset that your agenda is clearly showing.

          • You have me all wrong, and let’s not make it personal. After all, your bias shows, too.

          • JC says:

            Michael is the one making this personal. My comment isn’t even directed at you. Yup. I’m biased in not wanting to see TWD forced into making a character gay like most shows are. You do have that right.

        • Arc901 says:

          It’s actually JC that is being weird about this. JC seems to be REALLY CONCERNED if Daryl is gay or not. Why is that JC?

          • JC says:

            Nice try to turn this round on me. Sadly, it’s not going to work. Gotta love how if a viewer doesn’t say they are fine with one of their favorite characters being made gay then there is something wrong with them. This agenda to turn Daryl gay is ridiculous to me. Period.

          • David James says:

            Because gays are lame and gross and no one wants to see that on a good tv show.

    • David James says:

      So desperate for the world to be as damaged as you it really is sad.

    • Tina says:

      No, not Darryl!

    • manny says:

      Why does everyone have to be gay now a days? He doesnt show any interest in any of the chicks…so he’s gay? He shows no signs od being gay. Even gay men in the closet show signs every now and then. Daryl is not gay.

    • jjamadis says:

      i kinda get a mother son vibe from them personally.i think Daryl views Carol more like a mother figure to him then someone he would have a romantic interest in

  2. alistaircrane says:

    I hope not!!!! Daryl belongs with Carol!!!! They are just doing this to try to shut up the Caryl shippers!!! Arseholes!!!

    • charli says:

      if they wanted to shut up the shippers they would just kill Carol.

      • alistaircrane says:

        No they wouldn’t. Carol’s too good a character played by a great actress. Turning Daryl gay is how they’d attempt to quiet Caryl fans.

        • Turner says:

          oh my god.. let your crazy shippering go. You do this every walking dead page. We get it. You like Caryl. That is awesome. Stop going into every comment that disagrees with you being rude and acting like a child. Enjoy your ship. Other people enjoy other things. It is okay. TWD is not that kind of the show. If he ends up ever doing something with Carol I would highly suspect that one of them is going to be getting the axe shortly after.

    • dee123 says:

      You’re a loon.

    • She is going to go postal on you says:

      Oh here we go … be forewarned because this one can get nasty.

    • CountryQueen says:

      Maybe not shut you up, (because certainly they had to expect a HUGE uproar from all of you over this), but I do see it as a poke. Which I think is hilarious (I love when showrunners stick it to the obsessive fans who think they know better than they do – Supernatural has done it a few times). I see no chemistry, other than friendship, between these two. They have a lot in common with their backgrounds. Can’t a woman and a man just be good friends? Why do they always have to fall in love? How about they just stay single and have each others backs?

    • I hope they do it just to spite your kind!

  3. K says:

    I really don’t care what his sexual preferences are, just please don’t kill him.

  4. JC says:

    This is so ridiculous. Never would I even consider that Darryl could be gay.

  5. Spencer says:

    Ah yes, a show about survival and just trying to make it alive every day… But yeah, let’s worry about who some character wants to bang. Daryl’s sexuality- or anyone’s sexuality- is never something that I even gave a second to think about because I’m actually focused on the real issues of the show- if these people will survive each episode. Stuff like this irritates me to no end.

    • Ian says:

      People are trying to live though, and not just survive. It’s human nature to crave love and connection, even in a zombie apocalypse. They have to make time and story for it.

      • Spencer says:

        I understand that, but the idea of making a character’s sexuality or who he is being shipped with (yes, I’m throwing shade at those insane Carol/Daryl shippers) more important than any other aspect of the show bothers me. If you want to watch a show all about true love, watch Once Upon a Time. This is a show of life and death, and love or hate can be a part of that, but it should not be the central conflict.

        • Who, exactly, is making the character’s sexuality “more important” than other aspects of the show? The showrunners were asked a question and they answered it indicating that it is possible that Darryl might be gay. They don’t even plan to address it this season.

          More importantly, the growing love between Glen and Maggie has been central to the plot for the past few seasons. They spent the majority of the last season heartsick due to their separation and searching like hell to find one another and be reunited. The Lori-Shane-Rick love triangle was another, central plotline for, what, 20 episodes–almost a third of the entire series so far?

          I guess what you mean to say is that gay love should not be part of the central conflict; hetero love has already been explored on this show a great deal.

    • Indeed. How is this in any way, shape, or form even remotely related or relevant to surviving a zombie apocalypse? What makes a show like the Walking Dead work is that it is a window into this world where these people are trying to survive in a world that’s gone to hell. How does adding a gay character to the story enrich that story? If they’re doing it for that, then great, go for it. If they’re doing it for the sake of being PC, that’s not a good enough reason.

      • Isaac Hunt says:

        I would say adding a gay character would not necessarily be a PC move, there are gay characters in the comic books. It doesn’t have to enrich the story any more than any of the straight characters, surely some gay people survived the apocalypse? I don’t care if Daryl is or isn’t gay, I find Carol kind of annoying. I don’t see the appeal of having them as a couple, after all the show isn’t about relationships right?

        • Relatively speaking. The relationships between Rick and Laurie and Laurie and Shane were important in the first two seasons, as is the relationship between Glenn and Maggie. But therein lies the rub. If you’re going to add a gay character to explore gay relationships with the same sort of attention as that afforded to those couples, you actually need two gay characters, otherwise your gay character ends up becoming a caricature of a gay person who pines for a straight person or something cliche like that, or the cliche of the woman who pines after the man who ends up shooting her down because he doesn’t like women or somesuch.

          That’s why a character being gay has to be relevant to the story and part of the plot moving forward, the same way the relationships between the characters I mentioned above were.

          • Isaac Hunt says:

            Good points.

            I’d hope the fact that the character was gay would just be another part of their character, as it would be for a straight person. I wouldn’t necessarily want to see a gay character try and ‘turn’ a straight one, or anything along those lines as I feel it’s a bit cheap. Not all of the characters are in couples, so there’s no reason why a gay male character couldn’t be one of the singles in the group. There’s already a lesbian and nobody cared about that, why not a gay man? He doesn’t have to come mincing into the group winking at all the men suggestively, he could just be a normal person, you know, like 99.9% of the gay population. It also doesn’t have to be an excuse to crowbar in another gay character to ‘explore gay relationships’, although I’d like to see Daryl go gay just to see some of the reactions.

          • Adding a gay character or revealing that another is gay does not mean that you have to explore a gay relationship. They haven’t indicated that they plan to explore a gay relationship but merely said that they would be adding a gay character. Even so, they’ve added and subtracted how many people over the course of the show? They added a whole town of people during the Governor’s season so how hard would it be to add a gay character to the show who then hooks up with Darryl? It would not, in any way, be difficult to create a scenario where two men might hook up/bond/fall in love in this Walking Dead world.

          • What purpose do you think making a character gay serves the story if it doesn’t involve a relationship between two or more people? We are talking about sexual preference, right? It’s like, without a relationship to explore as part of a story, what’s the point of having a gay character? What does it accomplish? This is fiction, not a documentary. Unless something can be used as part of the story, it’s superfluous, and therefore not needed.

          • People are gay whether they are in relationships or single. There are stories to tell about the gay experience beyond who one is sleeping with. The straight, single people on this show can have compelling storylines but a single, gay man could not? Do you at all comprehend how growing up gay can influence decisions and life in general? Do you at all comprehend how growing up closeted as Darryl must have been in a world with or without zombies can affect and change a person? There is rich territory to mine and if they choose to do it, I hope they do it well.

          • Again, this is fiction, not a documentary. Unless it’s relevant to the story, it really has no place in it.

            Hershel’s religious beliefs about the zombies, for instance, or even Lizzy’s psychological instability that drove her to kill her own sister were not incidental, they were important parts of the plot and story moving forward. They were significant.

            A character’s homosexuality should, ideally, be as significant. There are probably few ways in which it could be. Romantic entanglements is one. Prejudice would be another.

            Look at a character like Lafayette in True Blood. He’s not just gay and that’s it. He had his own stories and plots which involved romantic entanglements with other gay characters.

        • As for Daryl in particular being gay — he’s the most popular character on the show, the more visible. Making him gay rather than making a lesser important established character or a new character gay would be an attempt at drawing extra special attention to it, rather than make it run of the mill, as it should be. “This character is gay. This character is Jewish. This character is Christian. This character is Muslim”, etc. These things should be common, as in real life, rather than extra special.

          • Lena says:

            I agree. It like the producers waving their arms stating, “Hey, come watch the show, because we have a gay character!” Why can’t that be a part of the show without a huge announcement? Just let it be. They should just focus on writing every day people, because like you said, it is common. It shouldn’t be a big shocker if Daryl is gay. That is a part of the “every day people”. It is a representation of the world.

          • Indeed. Honestly, until Isaac Hunt mentioned the lesbian character I had forgotten she existed. Why should a gay man be afforded more attention than a lesbian woman? Why can’t it be as run of the mill and as forgettable? Race and religion are run of the mill on this show.

          • Juniper says:

            No one, not even straight women, like to look at naked men. Everyone likes to look at naked women, especially gay men – who often fetishize nude women far beyond what straight men do. That is why we all want more lesbians on the show with potential nude scenes.

    • R. says:

      This is an argument I see brought up a lot, but then, there’s such an abundance of straight relationships and straight people and straight romantic storylines on the show already. And there should be, love is a part of life regardless of circumstances (even apocalyptic ones) and definitely part of this show, but when a potential gay storyline comes up suddenly that’s incredibly extraneous instead of mildly so? I don’t quite understand that. The show is more about people than survival, and people are incredibly diverse in their romantic desires.

  6. Ian says:

    I really want to give Robert the benefit of the doubt, but gay viewers are always having their chains yanked and being baited.
    There’s no way they’ll make Daryl gay, and that’s fine, but I’m just wishing they’d kept all news of a gay character under wraps until they were ready to introduce him. Now people are going to be waiting for god knows how long in anticipation for it, and there’ll be all this expectation and pressure and ultimately, disappointment.

    • charli says:

      i wouldn’t say there is no way that Daryl could be gay. I think it’s highly possible.

      But I agree that perhaps they shouldn’t be teasing this or that there will be a gay character. It makes it reek of being a stunt rather than an honestly thought out story decision

      • rarefied says:

        I agree. I think they shouldn’t hint like this unless they truly intend to follow through. I doubt they’ll end up with another Sterek fan situation on their hands, but queerbaiting is just disrespectful.

        • Isaac Hunt says:

          Agreed, it wouldn’t have been mentioned if they had no plan on following it through. As mentioned in the interview there are plans to introduce a gay character at some point, perhaps it could be this gay character that prompts Daryl to come out?

          He’s a very guarded character in the first place, and given there are currently no openly gay members of the group there’s nothing really prompting any discussion on his sexuality. If a gay character joins the group that’s different, then the writers can play a season long tug-of-war between Carol and the gay character for Daryl. Assuming that Daryl chooses the guy Carol could then follow the story of her comic book equivalent ;)

  7. BCountry says:

    If Daryl is not gay, I hope they introduce a strong gay bear character than can fight alongside Daryl and the gang. He has to be able to handle his own.

  8. charli says:

    i hope he is. Why? Because it would be refreshing to see a gay guy that doesn’t ‘act gay’ or ‘talk gay’ on tv. And isn’t addressed as ‘the gay guy’. Homosexuals are people and should be treated that way first. not first being a sexual preference and then a person.

    And I hope that they reveal it in the most meh way possible. Like say the group is on the run and happens upon another group which just happens to contain his long thought dead boyfriend. That’s right, I hope that he’s not only gay but he knows he is and he is comfortable with it. And when everyone else sees him openly kiss his boyfriend, they are just like ‘whatever’

    A lot of folks have said that he’d be in the closet or in denial because of Merle but maybe not. For all we know that issue left the table when the end of the world hit. heck maybe the end of the world is what made Merle realize he didn’t care if his brother is gay.

  9. Lisa says:

    I love Daryl no matter what. That being said PLEASE don’t make him gay and PLEASE don’t kill him!!!!!

  10. Steven says:

    I don’t think Daryl is gay and I’m sure the producers don’t think he is either. They’re just queer baiting.

  11. Chol H Yoon says:

    This is the problem with comic book characters nowadays. They keep introducing gay characters to keep people interested. Another way of telling us that this show has “jumped the shark”.

  12. Lena says:

    Thank you for this! I can’t wait for Season 5!

  13. Lisa says:

    This feels like such a natural progression to his character, and only further enriches what we have seen previously. Really hope the show tackles this on air, and can’t wait to see it if/when they do.

  14. AudreyCatburn says:

    I’ve never gotten the romantic vibe from him with anyone. I enjoy the fact that Daryl is a great character that isn’t all lusty over the ladies, and doesn’t act like a creep. Its refreshing and I can’t wait to see where the character goes from here.

  15. Di says:

    Do you have Gimple’s exact quote about it the issue being ‘not really addressed’ this season? Is he basically saying Daryl won’t have a romantic storyline?

  16. Never really got a gay vibe from the character, more just a vibe of a guarded dude who despite his close bonds with people considers it, to quote Short Round, “No time for love.” Gay, straight, bi, asexual, never really been a factor for his character, so while it might define him a bit more don’t think it’ll ruin the image or anything.

  17. Bill says:

    There was a gay character in the comics… Alan was his name. Had a boyfriend too, maybe that’s who he means

  18. AP says:

    Could Daryl be gay? Maybe. But all this is he or isn’t he really comes off as queerbaiting to me.

  19. Cheeky says:

    He always came off as more asexual to me. Indifferent to those types of situations as we’ve seen so far. I don’t really think his sexual preference will change the shape of his character at this point, no different than Omar on the Wire.

  20. Liz says:

    If a gay character is being introduced, then fine. Just don’t go messing with Daryl’s sexuality. Enough already. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. ;)

    • DoctorWhoFanatic says:

      Considering his sexuality has never been revealed, it’s not “messing” with anything.

      I’d love it if Daryl was gay and struggled with it. It’d be realistic, rather than showing the stereotypical out and about flamboyant gay, to show a man raised in the south dealing with the prejudice and hatred that’s spewed daily (look at all the comments here for a small glimpse of that)…

      But on the same note, I don’t want them to do it, because of all the hatred and “effing liberals pushing their agenda” and whining that we’ll end up dealing with as a result.

  21. Marco says:

    Maybe he’s bi… just throwing it out there…

  22. Sofia says:

    The one and only thing that makes me apprehensive the possibility Daryl might be gay are the implications he’d been sexually abused, likely by his father or at least someone that had been close to both Daryl and Merle, as a child. If they do confirm Daryl was sexually abused (it’s possible that’s happening in light of what nearly happened to Carl in “A”), I’d fear a later reveal him being gay would play into a really ugly stereotype of gay people all having been sexually abused as kids and that’s what ‘made them’ gay. If it turns out he wasn’t sexually abused, I’d be cool with Daryl being gay or bi as I doubt, straight or queer, he’d change all that much.

  23. Bree says:

    have to put em in every show now don’t they? getting tired of having my shows getting hijacked and all for agenda. :p

    • TheVanerialDisease says:

      People probably used to say that about blacks. It’s not an agenda. It’s appealing to the real diversity of life. Gay people exist. Gay fans watch the show. A gay character might provide for an interesting story line. This isn’t the type of show to front line something like that and be in your face about it, but it is a show about real people in an extraordinary situation who are changing, growing, and adapting to a new world. Their personal identity plays a large part in how they’d adjust to this world, and the struggles a gay person has gone through in their life can make for an interesting journey into this new world. Pus they already have a lesbian, and her story was handled just fine. Not in your face, just a genuine little connection between two people.

      • Guest says:

        There’s not reason 4% of the population needs to be represented in 90% of media.

      • Drew says:

        Why should a character’s sexual orientation make a good story line during a Zombie apocalypse? Would you expect a story line detailing someone’s hetrosexualality?
        I mentioned this to my brother who is gay, and he pointed out it makes him embarrassed when movies/TV deem it necessary to make being gay a story arc. By all means have gay characters and gay couples in the show, but for f**ks sake don’t make it an issue.
        It’s attitudes like yours that makes being gay a person’s moniker. They’re not John the Doctor, John the Lawyer, John the Pilot. In your world they’re “John the Gay Guy”.
        Gay people don’t need you or anyone else fighting their corner. They’re not pathetic creatures that need protecting. What does it matter one someone does behind closed doors, gay or straight?

  24. LaBete says:

    If Daryl is gay, I would’ve appreciated knowing it during the Daryl/Beth storyline last season. Just the thought that the writers might introduce a Daryl/Beth romance made me very uncomfortable. I would’ve enjoyed their time together more if I didn’t have to worry about that!

    • shannon says:

      The guy she was dating on the farm who got eaten by zombies on the RV trying to save rick and carl was way older than Daryl. the show never really address her age and in real life she’s like 28 I think we only think she is young because she’s always hanging out with carl watching the baby. But they never give her age. i think Maggie said something like when it got bad, they her “family” all returned to the farm to try to survive. when her and glen were discussing how her family all got there after the zombie apocalypse so for all we know she could have been a college grad. living on her own and just looks younger. I know several people who look younger than they are. heck half the original cast of 90210 was about or over 30.heck I am 37 and still sometimes get carded.

      • Judy Elliott says:

        ..ok..on the farm, when Beth tried to commit suicide, she was 17. She mentioned her age SEVERAL TIMES. Jimmy, her boyfriend, was HER age. Good grief, Daryl is 45 in real life…I’m supposing he’s playing someone closer to his real age…

  25. Shana says:

    If they make Daryl gay, I will have to stop watching the show.

  26. Janet says:

    Has anyone of the writers or creators asked Norman how he wants to play this character. I got a bad vibe on this one.

  27. Mikael says:

    Why does anyone get so tangled up with “shipping” on a show set in a zombie apocalypse? In that situation, romance would be the last thing on my mind! The Walking Dead is not a soap opera!

  28. Col Reichart says:

    As many of us gather to watch the Walking Dead series, we do not want to see any more
    homosexuals. In the event you decide to take that direction you can count on losing many
    loyal viewers. The series has done well and has a proven track record, no reason to
    betray those who have put this program where it is.

    • Sam says:

      Lol anyone who would completely stop watching the show just because a prominent character happens to be gay is no loyal viewer and is blinded by the childish bias of ‘eww I don’t like gay people.’ If you would go as far as to actually feel betrayed because Daryl was gay then you must live a very sheltered life in which you don’t understand the reality of human sexuality. I didn’t really care before, but after reading comments like yours I hope he is gay. What a much better fan base TWD would have without people like you lol.

  29. Dennis says:

    I’m tired of Hollywood pushing homosexuality down everyone’s throat. There doesn’t need to be a gay character on every show! Less than 5% of the US population is gay. Why do we need to see it in nearly 100% of our tv shows?!!?!?

    • Turner says:

      Okay, sure, I’ll bite… there doesn’t need to be.. i guess?… but having a homosexual character in a show like TWD opens a bunch of different story telling venues that they haven’t before. It would bring into question what exactly living in a world like this would entail. You have to consider reproduction. Human guilt. What are you willing to do to ensure human lives on. Even if its not true to yourself. This? Is an amazing story arc if they handle it right. People of any gender, skin color, creed, and sexuality deserve to have their story told even if YOU feel they don’t deserve it. So what that “less than %5” is gay? Why does that matter? I’m honestly sick of seeing stories about yet another white male protagonist with his man pain and daddy issues.I don’t see being treated like a frakking human being as a “gay agenda.” Being who you are isn’t an agenda. Being who God made you isn’t an agenda. Being able to connect with a character and see someone who may be like them as a hero isn’t an agenda. It is an inspiration. People need to see themselves treated with the respect they deserve without pearl clutching jerks who don’t even let the storyline play out trying to stop it. TWD deals with who you are and what you are capable of in the face of death. Everyone deserves to see a reflection of themselves standing tall at the end of the day. I am lucky and I got Maggie. Who showed me you can be strong and vulnerable at the same time.. that you can love and take risks. Now it is time for someone else to see themselves pick up a machete and cut a zombie’s head off without some idiot having the vapors over it.

    • Turner says:

      and if having a gay character makes you uncomfortable… you might have to look to yourself to ask why

      • hud says:

        Maybe he should be a gay shemale, think of the wonderful story lines that could be woven around that. It’s TV folks, whatever to get ratings will be done. I have a idea read a book!

  30. It’s the zombie apocolypse people, does it really matter?

  31. Jax&Juice's Girl says:

    This site is LATE with this article I’ve seen this on another site a couple weeks ago! Anyways i’m gonna repeat what I commented: I don’t give a F*^K if Daryl is gay I LOVE this character along side w/Rick AND Michonne. But to be honest I rather see Daryl with Beth after their bonding moment (although it started out rough cuz Daryl was being an ass) I like to see if they can pick that up AFTER THEY FIND HER!…..Besides does it really MATTER if Daryl turns out to be gay?

  32. bela says:

    Daryl is not gay. He was an abused and used child that grew up with ugliness all around. In season two when he is shot by Andrea , carol goes to touch his arm and he flinched. He has not shown affection or attraction because he doesn’t think he deserves it or is good enough. Jesus is the gay character in the comics Daryl is just a really hurt individual who has trouble getting close to people.

    • AnnieM says:

      This makes the most sense. Besides, there are a number of gay characters from the comic that can be introduced in the series. Like Bela mentioned, Jesus is one. And he is an awesome badass. I for one can’t wait for him to be added to the show – he is sure to become a fan favorite.

  33. dreamlife613 says:

    I never once thought Daryl was gay. I always thought he’s just, you know, more interested in survival and taking care of the people he cares about, than who he can have sex with.

  34. taterpop says:

    Who cares who is gay or straight? Who is focused on sex in a zombie apocalypse? The lack of showering and soap in during hot Georgia summers would stifle my sex drive…and oh right, the relentless threat of zombies.

  35. Kyle Carlson says:

    Have you read the comics? I haven’t been watching the show lately, but I bet it’ll be the two gay scouts from the DC community arc.

  36. Orion Nipp says:

    You know, who cares at all?
    This all is so “Jerry Springer” it makes me sick.

    Now, I could care less if some fictional character on a show is hetro or homo or “a”-sexual. What a lot of us who REALLY don’t care are concerned about is this weird Hollywood need to have a “Token’… token black, token gay, token whatever…

    If your biggest concern about anyone, real or tv-land, is about their sexual orientation then I’d suggest you join a Sexaholic Anonymous group or see a therapist.

    From day-1 the whole Walking Dead concept has been about the human condition under very long term duress. That the comic series has run for 10 years and the whole sexual orientation thing has NOT played into the zombie apocalypse I applaud.

    “We will be introducing a gay man…” Wow… did you all flood the net with “We will be introducing 5 new hetro people this season… before Rick found Hershal’s farm? See, THAT is the red flag. That is what is ABSOLUTELY wrong with Walking Dead adding a homosexual main cast member. The hype. If Daryl is gay then things should develop and be revealed just like Rick & Lori were revealed, and not like Shane & Lori. No shocking reveal, no media hype, because those would be just as anti-gay as some gay-bashing. Just bleed it in as part of the story.

    If Daryl does turn out to be a gay character, whatever, but the message, “See, you can still be proudly gay in the zombie apocalypse! Good for you!” is just so pointless that one can only come to the conclusion that Kirkman sold out to Hollywood to make some glaringly obvious point even more obvious to appease some really squeaky wheels, and in the end they should have at least the courtesy to rename Daryl Dixon to Daryl Token.

  37. neysa says:

    I think Carl may be the gay one!!

  38. I cannot wait!! The countdown continues. 6 more weeks to go. Thanks for the interview and info,

  39. Sharon A. says:

    Really?? (Sarcasm) Isn’t this show about survival? Why does sexual orientation come into it? We all try to survive in tough situations no matter what our race, looks or preferences are.

  40. makocee says:

    But of course, hollywood must force homo characters on us, as that is their mion in life, even though flammers, only make up 1.6% of the total poplation- gay loving California, must make you believe its like 90% and perversion is OK!

  41. makocee says:

    Daryl can keep Rick happy by smoking rope, then they can get back to killing zombies. Who cares if male on male anal and oral sex is perverted, I mean the homo agenda has taught us that that is OK. I mean its not like people having sex with say a brother and sister, or son and mother or daughter and father, right? Or if their gay, then lets say mother and daughter and son and father packing fudge and smoking each others rope, right? I mean we need to have “degree’s” of perversion, being homo’s are ok, but the rest is not- right!! Dang, I sound just a screaming heart Demo Lib!!

  42. Sam says:

    If they make him gay…..I’m done with the show.

  43. Tina says:

    Who cares, but not Daryl!!!!!!!!!

  44. First Ill say Dammit he is really hot. sigh. but whateves he is still my favorite character. Would have been cool to see him and carol get together. I hope they arent doing this because the last walking dead season kinda sucked. It would be nice to have a character become gay and not make headlines.-_- just saying

  45. Surprise, surprise,… the Hollywood agenda affects even the Walking Dead. They introduced a lesbian character to the group last season. Script was well written & I am fine with that. .. but once the demographics appear Hollywood driven, (ie: Glee) I stop watching. In any case…Not Daryl! :-)

  46. Tyhessia Toure says:

    Why does gay have to be in everything

  47. Jess says:

    Good God. I came into this comment thread but caring if he was gay or straight(just alive, thanks), but now I really kind of hope he is homosexual! One of my best friends is a gay navy seal. Tell me how he wouldn’t survive the zombie horde. How can ones sexuality affect their survival? Can the zombie smell the queer on someone? I mean say whaaaa? Honestly, if a main character being gay means you’ll stop watching, I’m pretty sure they won’t miss you. But does Norman Reedus, the actor, share that view. I’m sure if he was always written as gay, Norman knows. I think it would be wonderful, and great for breaking down stereotypes.

  48. zee says:

    GOD create women to be men’s partners in life.as their wife.you people,why y’all thingking that being gay is normal? please go back to your religion,nothing said it’s allowed by god.you people already being brainwashed by ‘new world era’. all gays are sending to hell.nothing’s good about it.

    • Patricia says:

      Absolutely! It is all in the Bible. If u read it, u will know, it doesnt studder about it or even have any confusing words about it, it is pretty clear and I CLEAR that the Lord does not like homosexuality at all. So read it and listen to the Lord.

      • Patricia says:

        The Lord loves the people, homosexual and all, but he does NOT like the sin and sorry folks, but he clearly states that u are not gonna enter Heaven if u are homosexual along with several other sins, unless u ask for forgiveness. Some pple say they are gonna ask for forgiveness on their death beds, BUT what if u are hit by a car and killed instantly. There wont be time. The Lord gives chances, dont passs them up people!!!

      • cassie says:

        LMFAO your bible was written by men as ignorant as you . god said “love thy neighbor” not “love thy straight neighbor” smh . THE IGNORANCE IS UNREAL

  49. R.ramirez says:

    Please don’t kill or make Daryl character gay.i have followed every season and he is the one you want to see.if you make him gay or if he is killed of the show then I wil be to disappointed to watch.i know the show is to surprise you but Daryl is the man that makes you keep watching every week.

  50. Amanda W says:

    Dear lord. Why am I reading some of these comments? More bigoted idiots spouting bull crap. Sexuality doesn’t define you its your actions that do. Gay or not he’s an intense character and that won’t change.

    Get over yourselves people and enjoy the ride. Y’all be pissed when it finishes regardless.