Modern Family Wins Best Comedy Series at 2014 Emmys

Here’s another trophy for the Dunphys: Modern Family took home its fifth consecutive Best Comedy Emmy at the annual awards ceremony Monday night.

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The series bested its competition – Veep, Louie, Orange Is the New Black and Silicon Valley — to take home its fifth consecutive Best Comedy award.

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  1. PSC says:

    deja vu…meh

  2. You just can’t beat a show that features two gay guys in Hollywood these days or GLAAD will call you anti-gay.

    • J says:

      Gotta call BS. Their main competition was “Orange is The New Black,” which is also pretty gay.

      • I don’t know what the hell they were thinking putting Orange is the New Black in the comedy section.

        • Patrick says:

          Because it had such buzz that it had a chance to WIN the comedy Emmy. In all likelihood, it wouldn’t even have been nominated in the Drama category. Breaking Bad, Mad Men, House of Cards, Homeland, AHS, andTrue Detective are all just worlds better than OITNB. OITNB is really, really good. Those other drama shows are just better. So, they went for a category they thought they could win.
          I applaud the academy for recognizing this pessimistic awards grab by OITNB and not rewarding anyone associated with the production.

  3. Larry says:

    Best comedy on TV suck it hipsters

  4. A.J. says:

    Did anyone else think Julie Bowen looked upset on stage when modern family won?

    • dan says:

      The whole cast looked surprised by the win.

    • Tiffany Nacey says:

      Yes . She was not supposed to be on stage. Steve was accepting the award on behalf of the crew. When he seen her walk behind him he looked at her and said “wow, ok” and shook his head. She was startled and most likely knew she screwed up what had been ” discussed” because Steve was surprised she walked up. her co star kept liping OMG OMG awkwardly , Then the cast joined her.

      • Beth Coale says:

        Was that it? I thought she had a wardrobe malfunction by the way she clasped her chest. Your explanation makes sense because they did say Steve was accepting on behalf of the crew but that was not going to be a good idea anyway. We want to see them all up there on stage so if it took Julie’s mistake to make it happen then good on her!

        • AJ says:

          Do you really think that is what it was? The whole cast always goes up on stage. They did it the last 4 years they won. Me and my dad also looked at it frame by frame, and right as Steve is about to hug her as he was walking up, the shot cuts away, and when it cuts back she looks very flustered, clutching her chest and you can see her saying Oh My God. Then almost the entire time on stage she still looks flustered and upset. We just can’t figure out what happened.

      • Whatevah says:

        What are you talking about? The whole cast was up there. Really? Put the crack pipe down.

    • Sally says:

      Yes! She didn’t want Ed O’Neill to touch her! Wonder why???? We ran through it frame by frame. She repulsed by him. Look at HIS body language after he tries to touch her on stage. Wonder what was going on?

      • Whatevah says:

        See, I thought I saw the actress that plays Lily spit at Julie as they were walking on stage. If you slow it down 30 seconds into the video you can see that. OMG..I’m shocked at this. I hope this doesn’t mean they don’t like each other. Julie was shocked they won, I think that was pretty obvious and she did not dis Ed on purpose. Really people step away from the soap opera’s you watch. You’re creating drama where there isn’t any. RME!

    • Lana Randolph says:

      Yes, I thought she looked really upset. Can’t see exactly what happened tho

    • vr says:

      Yes! Something was wrong on stage and Julie was not speaking to Ed when he attempted to say something to her. She was clearly very upset about something that happened – would like to know the reason!

    • James Y. McCulloch says:

      Yes . Ms,Bowen was very upset with Ed O Neil .Who seemed to put his Hand on her
      b—-t . I was taping the show and I said to my wife,did you see what just happened?
      When I tried to play it back it would skip those few seconds.
      However you could see how stressed Ms, Bowen was with Mr, O’Neil

    • Marie says:

      Yes she was upset with Ed the father character on the show. When on stage she saw him coming toward her and she turned away. Then Jesse mouthed oh my god as he saw Ed coming toward them. They both looked appalled.

  5. enri says:

    Ridiculous! Any other nominated program is more deserving at this point.

    • Josh says:

      Big Bang? Orange? Orange is a quality show but it isn’t a comedy. Louie, Veep and Silicon Valley = yes but I guess uh..fourth best(nominated) show is uh….a thing

  6. analog says:

    REALLY? 5 in a row. Undefeated now. Fearing for next year.

  7. Tom says:

    Do the voters even watch the other shows? What the hell am I missing?

    • They don’t. Most shows fall off their radar unless it has a hugely significant cultural impact like Breaking Bad did. They don’t watch much, so they vote for what they’re familiar with. It’s an irresponsible shame.

      • Patrick says:

        I fear this is another ESPN Coaches Poll scenario. To explain for the non-sports fans: In college football there are/were two important non-computer polls. One is the AP poll submitted by various members of the sports media. The other poll is ESPN’s coaches poll which is submitted by the Head Coaches of the nation’s college FB teams.
        Only, head coaches don’t have time for that. They watch their own games, recruiting film, and the games of the up coming opponents. Occasionally they watch a big national game. So, they contribute to a poll without actually watching almost every other game for which they supposedly base their rankings upon. So they don’t actually vote. They pass that task off to one of their underlings in the athletic department. Some of those underlings take it fairly seriously and try to watch or read summaries of many games. Some don’t, and vote for a variety of reasons that have little to do with on field performance.
        I fear all the awards shows fall into this same scenario. Members of the academy don’t watch all the shows, so they pass this off to an employee. Probably an agent, manager, or publicist. Regardless, the agencies, managers, and pr types happen to be a very concentrated group of folks. And there is probably a lot of pressure to deliver wins to the nets, or high earning stars, or culturally significant shows.
        Regardless, if you aren’t familiar with the actual shows, you fall back on old standbys. And MF got a lot of well deserved buzz for accurately portraying a gay couple in a positive light, warts and all. That has resonated in what is a weak category.

  8. Tran says:

    Modern Family now ties with Frasier for winning Outstanding Comedy Series five years in a row. Next year the streak will end in a very bad way.

  9. Jillian says:

    There were at least 3 shows that are better than Modern Family in that comedy. It’s a shame that the voters can’t think outside of the box when it comes to voting.

  10. Melissa says:

    Modern Family has become a caricature of itself, just like Big Bang. No way it deserved to win.

  11. Joey says:

    I can count four other shows that were nominated that deserved it more.

  12. Simon says:

    I am pleased. Although I’d prefer Louie to have won, the Academy would never award a show like that the top honour. Just glad the least funniest show on TV didn’t win, by that I mean Big Bang Theory.

  13. Rich Abey says:

    Seriously everybody. Modern Family is still one of the best comedies on TV and fully deserves its win. Just cause it’s old doesn’t mean it’s no good. ‘House’, ’24’, ‘The Office’, ’30 Rock’ & ‘Mad Men’ each got nominated 4 times or more at a stretch for Outstanding Drama/Comedy in the past decade alone and often winning it multiple times.
    Besides Orange is the new Black isn’t even a comedy..’The Blacklist’ alone (an often bloody gory drama show) has more comedy!

    • Tom says:

      It’s a decent show sure I can’t argue that, but what does it do that’s so groundbreaking? I mean Parks and Rec is an Office clone too and is just as funny but it got no love. What about Community? So few of us watch it so therefore it doesn’t deserve a nomination no matter how funny it is? And what about Brooklyn 9-9?

  14. CJ says:

    This is so annoying. It shouldn’t have even been nominated, and it definitely should not have own against its competition. The show has gone stale. It’s time for a new winner.

  15. Joanne says:

    Enough already with modern family!

  16. M3rc Nate says:

    Is Modern Family funny? Yes, it makes me chuckle, and laugh (mainly due to the characters Phil, Luke and Gloria, with a smidge of Cameron) occasionally. Is it constant laugh out loud funny with tons of characters that are likable and funny? No. Some examples of shows that are that? Sure, Parks & Rec, 30 Rock, sometimes Community,

    Overall, do i think this show would get half of the publicity/awards its gotten if it didnt have two gay characters and was on ABC at 9pm (PST)? No way. It would be just another sitcom about a family and their weirdness.

    While its annoying for shows to win over and over and over, sometimes they should cause they deserve it (Breaking Bad), and sometimes they shouldnt because they dont (Modern Family, The Big Bang Theory).

  17. Cathy says:

    I’m still upset that Psych didn’t get nominated for its final season. Funniest show that ever existed!

  18. Pat says:

    Congratulations, Modern Family! I am happy that your show won and yes, you are still keeping me laughing.

    • Whatevah says:

      Thank you Pat! I agree. I love this show. It still makes me laugh and i love how touching it is at the end. So….Keep on winning as far as I’m concerned.

  19. I re winded that scene several times. the cast was not supposed to go on stage. Steve was accepting the award on behalf of the crew. When Julie walked up behind him Steve turned said “wow, ok” and shook his head… She was embarrassed and nervous. Her co star kept saying omg, omg.. Knowing they screwed up and were supposed to stay off stage. DRAMA

  20. Diogo says:

    The show didn’t deserve in my opinion. The one that should have won from Modern Family was Jesse Tyler Ferguson.

  21. Tv guy says:

    Julie Bowen pulled away from Ed O’Neill on the Emmy stage! He reached for her and she looked like she was having a panic attack– turning completely away from him. Then Ed looked angry, folding his arms. I taped it and we’ve looked at it several times. It just looks stranger and stranger each time I watch it.

  22. It looked like there was a slight altercation last night on stage between Julie Bowen and the fellow that plays Sophia Vagara’s husband, what happened??

  23. JustJade says:

    It’s still the best comedy on TV, that’s why it won. And why shouldn’t the cast all go up? It’s a group effort to produce so the group should be up there.

  24. Ron Glee says:

    LOUIE is and has been the best on TV bar none.