Mistresses EPs Tease 'Consequences' for Karen, a 'Cliffhanger' for April and Joss's 'Harry or Scott' Choice

The proverbial (emotional) rollercoaster is careening off its rails and heading over a cliff as Season 2 of Mistresses heads into tonight’s penultimate installment and next Monday’s finale (10/9c, ABC).

And while executive producers Rina Mimoun and K.J. Steinberg can’t guarantee that every one of its leading ladies’ storylines will be wrapped up as gorgeously as a Maison Sur Mer bauble, they are promising a religious experience for Karen, an escalation of Joss’ abs-olutely gut-wrenching choice and the possible rekindling of Daniel’s status as an (FBI) agent provocateur.

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TVLine caught up with the sassy showrunning duo for a heaping plate of teases (and a few anxiety-inducing sides):

KAREN’S OMINOUS VISITOR | Last week’s episode ended with Karen’s erstwhile lover Ben, sweaty and stressed, tracking her down and giving her the “we need to talk” treatment — and Mimoun says viewers “should definitely be worried about the implications. We’re playing with the consequences of what Karen did earlier in the season — not just physically, but emotionally.” Steinberg adds that Yunjin Kim’s hapless shrink “represents rock-bottom for us all — and the heroism of clawing your way out of that.” Part of Karen’s journey, though, will lead the bar-hopping, bed-hopping character to a very unexpected location: Church! Steinberg notes that the pilot introduced Karen in a house of worship — at Tom’s funeral — and her return will complete a circle, of sorts. That said, both showrunners agreed that Karen’s decision to abandon her psychiatric practice and seek a new career was probably overdue. “We’re pretty sure the entire psychiatric community stood up and cheered about that,” Steinberg notes with a hearty chuckle.

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APRIL CONSIDERS HANDCUFFS — AND NOT THE SEXY KIND | If you noticed April’s hesitation after receiving a burner phone in the mail from her presumed-dead-and-now-wanted-by-the-FBI-hubby, you were not mistaken. But Minoun promises that whether or not April decides to cooperate with the Feds, offer a helping hand to Paul or even give sexy undercover agent Daniel a second chance to cover her in acrylic paint and explore abstract eroticism, she’ll always be guided by one force: “It’s great to have love lives and passions, but once you have a kid, it changes everything,” says Mimoun, who like Steinberg, also has a young child. “Lucy is April’s greatest love — and putting her interests first is at the epicenter of every decision she makes.” Which raises the question: How could April ever forgive Daniel for lying about his identity and worming his way into her and her daughter’s hearts as part of an undercover sting operation? “If things get dangerous enough and she needs him enough, she might overlook the deep betrayal,” Steinberg previews. And if that tease doesn’t make you anxious enough, the EPs also warn that by season’s end, one part of April’s arc will reach a satisfying conclusion, while the remaining half will wind up at the corner of Cliffhanger Ave and “Oh No, What Now?” Blvd. That’s especially scary seeing how Mistresses is on the bubble for a Season 3 renewal. “It’s the greatest cliffhanger of all,” admits Steinberg.

JOSS’ CHOICE | “The heat gets turned up” for Joss in the final two episodes — and we’re not talking about the kitchen at Wunderbar, either, says Mimoun. The brutal story of choosing between adorable fiancé Scott and stormy ex-brother-in-law Harry, however, led to some beautiful moments for actress Jes Macallan, Steinberg contends. “She’s amazing in [Episode] 12 — and wait ’til you see her in 13,” she previews. Mimoun concurs, saying the “best gift” of her Mistresses ride has been “discovering Jes Macallan.” Less fun? Duking it out with their colleagues about which suitor is ultimately right for Joss. “We have ‘teams’ in the writers’ room,” says Mimoun. “What’s great about Harry is that he has never been perfect. He can be cruel, he’s ruled by ego, he’s not vanilla.” But lest you think Scott is all puppy dog, no bite, she adds that the penultimate installment finds Justin Hartley’s alter-ego feeling out Harry’s intentions — and subtly sending the following message about Joss: “That’s mine!”

ZACK ATTACK? | While Steinberg says that Jason Gerhardt’s motorcycle-riding hunk was brought in for a darker arc opposite Alyssa Milano’s Savi, the actresses’ pregnancy “limited what we wanted to do in a lot of ways.” Gerhardt, to his credit, “took that left turn with us, and was so willing to play,” she adds. However Savi’s story wraps up, though, Mimoun makes clear that “Zack is a part of the journey that leads Savi to her decision in the finale, but Zack is not the answer.”

Excited about Mistresses‘ final two Season 2 episodes? Any hopes or dreams for how the various storylines will wrap? Sound off in the comments below!

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  1. Ian says:

    Seeing as Justin’s returning to soap, I think it’s safe to say Scott’s out of the picture by the finale.
    I’m just sad they’re probably going there with Harry and Joss then. I adored their sibling relationship as much as I wanted Harry and Savi to get back together, but all that’s going to be ruined.
    And they’re going to ruin Scott’s character to make it happen. He’s been Joss’ soulmate up til now.

    • sarah j says:

      The show only has 13 episodes each summer and the show and soap both film in LA. For his few mins of screen time each episode he can 100% do both! Look at Allison Sweeny who did Days and The Biggest Loser for years and while I do not watch Days or Biggest Loser I know she had a lots of screen time on both!

      • Mackenzie says:

        The problem is the soap opera he is joining airs on a different network from Mistresses. Allison Sweeney could do double duty since NBC aired both her shows and allowed her to.

    • Kay says:

      this is a sick story line with Joss having sex with her brother in law, not romantic at all, feels like incest, ugk!

    • Ann says:

      totally agree!!!!!!

  2. Jay says:

    Scott is a perfect boyfriend, fiance and possible husband. However I don’t get the feeling that he is perfect for Joss. Harry on the other hand throughout the second season has been shown to complement her in almost every way. That is why that storyline has been very interesting – the writers have shown the growth in relationship unlike with Scott where is appears like Joss has settled for the perfect guy on paper. Just not for her. Team Harry.

    • Carm says:

      No. He was married to her sister for a very long time. So yuck and no. Her fiancé is great. And of course there would be no sister drama with her fiancé. There will be plenty if she ends up with Harry. No to Harry.

    • Joss and Scott ftw! says:

      I have to agree with Carm. It is gross that Joss n Harry be together. Yucks! I want Joss to have a happy life after all she been through. Scott and Joss is so good together! It he kinda funny if Joss accidently got pregnant or coping with being a wife seeing as she is the party type or girl. Someone relationship got to work. They can’t all be bunch of cheaters. That is so cliché

  3. Jess says:

    Don’t put her with Harry please. I see that as being the ultimate betrayal. If April takes Daniel back, I wouldn’t be happy. But I can see it happening. I was hoping Zack and Savi would hook up. I think it is good match up. Although I prefer Savi to focus on her career and take a break for relationships.

  4. Catherine says:

    Love, love, love Mistresses and I so hope for a season 3!! It is a shame that the pregnancy tied the writes hands a little so the dark arc they wanted to take with Zack got put on the back burner. It also explains why the Savi story lines have been kinda meh. However, Jason Gerhardt is great as Zack, so no matter how he plays Zack, it is killer. I like the angle that Scott is not as much of a puppy dog as we think. So that puppy has some bite in him! I would like to see that. I read that (here on tvline actually) Justin Hartley will portray Adam Newman on Y&R so I do wonder how that will play into the whole Harry-Joss-Scott triangle. April’s story seems to be interesting. It is amazing how sometimes the sweetest of people can end up in the most troubling of situations. I never would have thought April would have found herself in the situation she is currently facing. Karen, yes, April, never. Speaking of Karen, I cannot wait for tonight’s episode because I was wondering how her walk on the wild side would come back to bite her in the butt. Please, ABC, let there be a season 3 of Mistresses. We must ride with Karen on her journey to wherever, whatever. There is never a boring moment with Karen! Thanks for this article, for the interview, and for all things Mistresses!

    • sarah j says:

      I agree we need a season 3 of Mistresses! I have a feeling though with the low ratings it will be cancelled.
      If we do get a season 3, Justin can easily do this show and the soap!

  5. Iakovos says:

    Please let there be a Season 3! Milano’s pregnancy did, unfortunately, rob Savi of some needed sass in her storylines (and proved a distraction thought it was not Savi but the actress in the family way). We got to see lots of bags, pillows and jackets. Savi must always be chilly. It is a good summer series and there is much to root for. Come on, ABC, press the ‘go’ button!

    Oh… Team Harry here. More dramatic implications for the sisters. And for a time, I’d like to see one couple work as Mack and Karen were on the legendary KNOTS LANDING.

  6. wrstlgirl says:

    Love Mistresses so I really hope there’s a season three. Not sure how I feel about Joss and Harry. While you can’t deny their chemistry it just seems weird to put them together. That will make for some very awkward holiday dinners, maybe that’s the point. April’s story is my second favorite. What will she do. Savi and Karen are both kinda meh for me. Neither seems to have much grown much since last season.

    • sarah j says:

      Karen finally realizing that she should no longer be a therapist was huge growth for her character.
      Savi and Dom deciding they are not meant to be shows growth as well! :)

      • wrstlgirl says:

        I guess at that point I was so bored I didn’t care. Savi and Dom were doomed very early on and Karen being a therapist is/was just laughable.

  7. sarah j says:

    I love this show but I will be very mad if Joss chooses Harry! Joss can not do that to her sister!
    On top of that I love Scott!
    Plus I think Savi will realize after a date with Zack that Harry is her soulmate!
    April will need Daniel to come to her and Lucy’s rescue and they will get back together!
    April will have a health scare and I guess will find religion based on that!

  8. T says:

    Joss and Harry are perfect. Scott is too boring for Joss

  9. JG says:

    Considering Mistresses on the bubble, I just hope all the storylines are wrapped up whichever way that is. I don’t need another huge cliffhanger that never gets resolution.

  10. fernando933 says:

    I’m guessing Savi will decide to be single but try being a mother on her own so season 3 will be about her trying to get Fertilize and try getting ready for motherhood on her own.

    Joss will pick Harry and season 3 will have to deal with them hiding it from Savi and then once everyone finds it then it will be about how they can work as a couple.

    Karen will told that she might have a STD and go get checked up but instead finds out she has cancer or some sort of sickness which will be her story for season 3 trying to fight it

    April honestly I don’t see where her story could go for season 3

  11. Carolyn says:

    Love, love, love Mistresses!!! I sure hope it is renewed for season 3! Love all the main characters and I love Joss with Scott! Harry is her brother-in-law and they work well as great friends, not lovers! Scott is awesome and seems to be the perfect complement to Joss! Hopefully he can do Y&R and Mistresses too!
    Can’t wait to see how Karen’s bar hopping past will come back to bite her! And I hope April and Daniel do get back together, but I hope April makes him sweat first!!! He doesn’t deserve to be forgiven right away!

  12. Ginger Russell says:

    Love the show

  13. Ginger Russell says:

    Love the show. This is my soap opera

  14. Cris says:

    I love this show but I hate the idea of Joss/Harry. It is wrong on so many levels. I don t care if it creates drama, it is unconfortable to see especially since it would mean taking Scott out of the picture. Also Harry is no prize, Savi may have cheated but he was no husband to her when she did that, and he was a jerk with the whole “meeting the parents” thing and tonight. Savi finding out ab their so called feeling should be drama enough without breaking the sisterly bond completely.

    • wrstlgirl says:

      He was /is being a jerk because he’s having uncomfortable feelings for Joss. Pretty normal reaction.

      • samuelpino says:

        The fact that Harry and Savi had a terrble fight the day before she cheated is no excuse or the problems they were having at the time. It’s true harry isn’t perfect and sometimes he can be a pain in the ass, but he is a good men and it’s not his fault savi cheated, also i don’t like what Joss said about Savi saying “things” about Harry is just like in Open House were she basically blame him for the divorce and she choosing Dom. They had a fight and also problems, but that doesn’t mean Harry is the bad guy

        • wrstlgirl says:

          I never said he was a “bad guy” I like Harry. I said he was being a jerk to Joss because he was having feelings for her and it’s making him uncomfortable.

      • Joss and Scott ftw! says:

        Harry is such a douche n a jerk. If u like someone you should tell them so not wait till they get engage n than act like a douche. It is unacceptable. Send Harry back to Australia! Joss and Scott is so cute together

  15. Dawn says:

    I think Joss needs to stay with Scott because deep down both Harry and Savi are still in love and are afraid to admit it. They need to rekindle that and try for a baby. Karen needs this scare to find her purpose. April wants to forgive Daniel but is afraid he’ll hurt her again.

  16. Elise says:

    Please make season 3!!!
    Love this show, look forward to it every week and I’m from Australia so it seems like a longer wait to watch it but every week as soon as I can I download it… Constantly dying to know what plot is in line next for these characters. Bring it back!

  17. Michelle says:

    Joss & Harry can’t get together it is her sister’s ex husband & he is like a brother to her. Keep it in your pants & move on this would ruin a lot of people’s lives. I hate it worse story line ever! If joss doesn’t want to b with the perfect scott, last time a woman, man, woman, man, boss, married men. She is a wreck & now that slut will mess up the show. I hate that story line!

  18. Jasmine says:

    Joss and Harry can not by no means end up together! Has everyone forgotten that shes Savi’s sister and that the man has watched her grow up! Its bad enough that there is an obvious attraction but to ruin their sister bond would be insane. Scott is perfect but I think there will be a little more to him than what everyone thinks! I do love their relationship, Scott is Joss’s Mr. Unexpected!! Their feeling are too wrong. I think that April and Daniel will get back together and that Paul will possibly this time be killed! All things have consequences and Karen’s promiscuous behavior had to, hopefully this ties into her finding her true calling! I’m curious to know what Savi’s clarity is! I truly cant wait for next week! This show definitely needs a season 3!

    • SK says:

      Agree with you here. I would definitely hate Joss with Harry. Scott is perfect for her and she’s truly happy. Why ruin it for her? Harry never even thought that he liked Joss until it was mentioned to him that they were spending too much time together. Plus, it is not in Joss’ character to do that to Savi. She loves her sister too much.

  19. Leah says:

    My favorite summer show, hands down! Bring this sudsy gem back for number 3!

  20. pen says:

    Really liking this show. Missed the first season. Team Harry!!

  21. Tom Moana says:

    If Josh wants to be with Harry; by all means go for it. It would certainly make a big impact to the ratings next season. Savi,s re-action and their friends would be well worth watching out for.

  22. Nissa says:

    When the show started there was tension between Harry and Savi because they were trying to get pregnant then she cheated but the relationship between Savi and Joss did build and was sisterly so that’s why I hope Joss and Harry don’t get together but I would have liked to see Harry and Savi back together but after he kisses Joss I guess not and I hope Joss don’t choose him

  23. nicole says:

    I dont like the sick and perverted storyline of Harry & Joss. I love her and she has really grown in this season and I would be sick knowing that she would do that to someone who is family. You just dont do that!

    • kitty27 says:

      I totally agree. Its completely disgusting to see that it might be headed that way. I really hope does not. Its just gross. I dont want april to forgive daniel at all. What he did was wrong and idk how any woman can forgive what he did. I hope season 3 will give karen some common sense. She is just an idiot to me and its painful to watch her. As much as scott is a good guy to joss, i just dont see them getting married. Their relationship happened just too fast and he is a great guy but i dont see their marriage happening. I really hope Savi and Harry will get back together. Please bring April a new love interest. I hope theres a season 3 for this show. I absolutely love it.

  24. Diana says:

    No no no no to Joss and Harry. I really hope she goes through with the wedding to Scott. It’d be nice to see at least one of the 4 in a stable relationship, can still make plenty of drama there. Kinda ehhhh about most of Savi’s stuff this season.
    And, as a practicing catholic, there were a lot of things about that church scene with Karen that bugged me (like presumably a person going to mass stopping in the middle of the “Our Father” to have a long conversation with her, we can be plenty welcoming but it could have waited a minute for the sign of peace. And even if she grew up catholic Karen wouldn’t know all the words, like she said, because a lot of responses changed a few years back, but if she stopped going she probably didn’t know that so ok.).

  25. Sunflower says:

    I hope that Joss isn’t going to pick Harry – because that will be the end of my ever viewing the show again (if renewed for season 3). I think April has to grow up – she’s appears mentally younger than her daughter. And Karen she’s part of the medical profession – unsafe sex??????? please. The only one that has a reason to be confused this season was Savi and hopefully she is getting it together.

    • wrstlgirl says:

      I think Savi might decide she really loves Harry and wants him back but Harry has already fallen for Joss, soapy goodness. I don’t really see why all the hate for Harry and Joss getting together. It happens more than you think. Lots of people have married one brother or sister only to get divorced and eventually end up with the other sibling. And I agree w/you regarding Karen. She’s the one character I have a hard time with. Maybe now with this health scare she might become interesting because up until now she’s just be a complete failure, at least to me.

  26. Barb says:

    One of my new favorite shows, really hope it is renewed!

  27. angie says:


  28. aj says:

    I am so Team Harry! 😃 I love this show and I did like there friendship relationship but I like them better in a romantic relationship. Plus Scott seemed like he didn’t really know joss he kept having to go to Harry for good gifts and questions about her.
    love Harry and Joss! I really want them to end up together at least by the very last ep.

  29. jesenia says:

    I hated the ending joss and Harry should not hook up. It’s just makes me not want to watch anymore. Savi and joss has a great relationship to just ruin it with this new love affair it’s just horrible.

  30. Donna Bryant says:

    Sick story line w/joss & harry! Part of what made show is the closeness & loyalty between the women. I am hoping this storyline w/joss & harry end & let hime wakeup from that nitemare!