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Vampire Diaries Season 6: Elena's 'Drug Problem' Revealed in New Teaser

Prepare yourselves for a very special season of The Vampire Diaries.

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Fresh off the first Season 6 teaser — which finds Stefan and Damon both begging Elena to “move on” — a new extended version has hit the web, offering up new details about Elena’s impending spiral.

“Do you know Elena has some sort of witchy drug problem that allows her to hallucinate Damon?” Caroline asks Stefan.

I guess that explains how she’s able to “see” Damon in the teaser — but does that mean Luke will become her “dealer”?

It also looks like Jer-Bear is trying to find the solution to his broken heart at the bottom of a bottle. (Paging Alaric: It’s time to intervene!)

TVD fans, what are your hopes for Season 6? Watch the trailer above, then drop a comment with your thoughts below.