Vampire Diaries Season 6 Teaser: Damon Begs Elena to 'Move On'

One does not simply “move on” after losing a Salvatore — but that’s exactly what Elena will be expected to do when The Vampire Diaries returns for its sixth season.

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The CW on Thursday aired its first teaser for the Oct. 2 premiere, which finds both brothers urging the broken-hearted doppelganger to pick herself back up and get on with her life.

“Damon’s gone,” Stefan tells her. “You need to say goodbye, too.” But judging by the fact that Elena is still smelling Damon’s clothes and nomming on innocents, it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen anytime soon. (And is that Luke that Elena is thrusting up against a wall?)

The teaser ends with (a ghostly) Damon and Elena, back at the scene of the Season 5 finale, as he echoes his brother’s sentiments: “Move on.”

But will she? Should she? Hit PLAY on the teaser above, then drop a comment below with your hopes for Season 6.

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