Sneak Peek: The Last Ship Gets a Rude Awakening in Season Finale

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Finding the cure for the virus at the heart of TNT’s The Last Ship was a season-long ordeal in and of itself. But as seen in this exclusive clip from the Season 1 finale, disseminating the vaccine to the masses portends to be an unexpected challenge as well.

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‎In Sunday’s finale (airing at 9/8c), the Nathan James sets course for Fort Detrick — more specifically, a lab where Rachel can mass-produce the cure. But as Chandler gets eyes on their destination, he and the others can’t believe what they see.

Also in this extended preview: Chandler’s father endeavors to get their family to the mysterious “Olympia,” only to bump into a man in black and The Man in Black (aka Lost‘s Titus Welliver). Though the elder Chandler proves his grit, the prognosis for his ailing kin does not look good.

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Make no mistake, this clip is but the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the season-ending twists, all paving way for the already commissioned Season 2.

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