Rookie Blue Recap: Out With a Bang

Rookie Blue Marlo Pregnant

Warning: The following recap contains major spoilers from Thursday’s season finale of Rookie Blue. If you have yet to watch, avert your eyes. Everyone else, read on…

Rookie Blue‘s Season 5 finale didn’t spare any punches, wrapping with a boom, a bun in the oven and a big dilemma.

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With so many juicy twists and cliffhangers, let’s not waste any time getting down to business.

BABY BOOM | The angry neighbor (the always terrific Shawn Doyle, Big Love) from a few weeks ago returns to terrorize 15 Division, setting off bombs around the city as payback for his son’s death in an explosion. One such bomb goes off in the evidence room at the precinct as Andy is searching for something. Miraculously, she walks away unscathed, save for some ringing in her ears and some hurt ribs. But she sure did give Sam a scare. Will you accept his darn key to his home now, Andy? Because Chloe was right — if you don’t, you’re an idiot. And with Sam’s ex Marlo back at 15 as an Intelligence officer — and possibly carrying his baby! — now is the time to commit. (Does the timeline add up on Marlo’s pregnancy? How many months have passed since she and Sam broke up?)

Rookie Blue Marlo PregnantA NEW ROMANCE | Nick keeps running into the lady (Being Erica‘s Erin Karpluk) who paid for his toothbrushes. He tries to get her phone number after knocking her off her bike as a bemused Gail videotapes the awkward exchange. Eventually, Nick tracks down the mystery woman (aka Juliet) at her favorite café and tells her he can’t stop thinking about her. Cuteness ensues, followed by kissing, and I can’t stop grinning. Thank you, Rookie Blue, for combining two of my favorite things: Nick Collins and Being Erica. Unfortunately, the adorableness is cut off after Nick tells Julia that he’s a cop and she hightails it out of there. So what big secret do we think she’s hiding that she’s so afraid of the police? Did she kidnap her “son”? Is she on the lam? (Sorry, I’ve been watching a lot of Finding Carter on MTV.)

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Rookie Blue Marlo PregnantMOTHERLY INSTINCTS | Gail’s decided to start the adoption process with the girl whose mother died earlier this season. I love this storyline for Gail. After being stuck in a state of perpetual snark since her split with Holly, here’s a chance to see a different side of Gail. And bonus: Holly wants her back! But just after Gail tells her she’s ready to be a mother, Holly reveals that she accepted a job in San Francisco and she was going to ask Gail to move with her. Decisions, decisions!

KISS AND TELL | Dov breaks up with Chloe after he finds out that Wes kissed her and that she’s been lying to him. She shows up at the precinct in the pretty red dress she was going to wear to win him back. Dov is unmoved. He loves her, he admits to Marlo, but he doesn’t trust her.

AND EVERYONE ELSE… | Chris returns to work, and Sam hopes his vacation was “dry.” Chris may be back on vacay after failing to find a razor on the bomber, who ends up killing himself in the interrogation room. … Duncan almost gets himself blown up, of course. Nick ends up saving his life by insulating the bomb’s charge. Nick Collins is a superstar, and you can’t tell me otherwise.

Rookie Blue fans, what did you think of the finale’s baby cliffhanger? Will Dov, as Andy’s friend, spill the beans? What are you hoping happens with Gail and Holly? And was Fairytale Ruiner Guy totally hitting on Traci? Hit the comments with your thoughts and grade the episode via the poll below!


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  1. Katie says:

    Great finale! Sam and Andy are just adorable!! I loved the case! If Sam is the daddy…. I’ll lose it. He can only have kids with Andy!

    • Amanda says:

      100% agree
      Sam ❤️ Andy

    • Jill says:

      I so agree!

      • jbthomson2014 says:

        I also love the ending with Sam and Andy but HATED the cliffhanger! Just listening to Marlo’s voice in the final scene with Dov makes me feel sick to my stomach. I have to FF it on my PVR.
        I couldn’t trust her! Here’s hoping the ultrasound isn’t hers and someone else’s.

      • Lorraine colombi says:

        Thank you for letting me jump a little into what will be happening on Rookie Blue. I truly only watch it as I love Sam and Andy. Happy to hear, even with some hiccups they do in fact get married. Let the drama shift to someone else next season like Dove and Marla or whoever and maybe even let Andy get pregnant for toppers! Even series ends for whatever reason Andy and Sam have to be finally married. I am that person who reads the last chapter of a book first, can’t help it!!!!!

  2. Delaina says:

    Please, please,please let that baby be anyone’s else’s but Sam. There’s “ooohh” let’s throw a stickie wicket in their path” and then there is “oooh, let’s throw every shark from Shark Week at them”. For Pete’s sake, give the kids a week or 2 with no drama.

    • dude says:

      Jumping the shark doesn’t mean “bad plot twist.” It’s not great writing but it’s hardly derailed the entire series.

    • ec says:

      “Oh, and for the record, there was an episode of Happy Days where a guy *literally* jumped over a shark. And it was the best one!”

      • Delaina says:

        If I tried hard enough I could most likely find a true “jump the shark” episode.
        My comment about the sharks came from binge watching shark week & only taking a break for RB. I genuinely love this show but Marlo having Sam’s baby…I just don’t know.

      • Curly Girly says:

        Ummmmm….I think that is where the term “jumped the shark” originated. Just FYI.

    • Amanda says:

      I agree!!! Sam ❤️ Andy !!! Sam ❤️ Andy !!! Sam ❤️ Andy

  3. Leigh says:

    Gail and Holly….AND Sophie better be endgame.

  4. S says:

    I love Nick Collins and I think everything Erin Karpluk is adorable……but you cannot combine these things and hope to make up for such a lackluster season. You broke up my favorite couples, we lost witty Gail/Holly and Andy/Nick banter, and…..Duncan, who is the worst character since Ellis from SMASH. Hopefully Season 6 is more like these final two episodes and the writers come up with better storylines.

  5. Angie says:

    Please let Price be pregnant and Dove is the father, Let Andy and Sam stay together they deserve it.

  6. Betsy says:

    I don’t think the baby can possibly be Sam’s – Sam got shot and recovered and is back at work. While I eventually realized that Dov was looking to Marlo for an explanation, I originally thought Chloe had left it for Dov!

    My take on the razor is that Duncan’s step daddy is a baddie, and killed the bomber himself. (Being part of the corrupt system the bomber was trying to expose)

    Duncan couldn’t be dumber, altho at least he realized it. I *may have yelled “blow him up!” At one point.

    No idea on Juliet. Perhaps lost a previous love to violence. Nick is the bomb, no pun intended.

    And I absolutely thought fairy tale killer was totally going to kiss Traci under the umbrella.

    • Tiffany says:

      hahaha I love your analysis .. I agree on all parts. MAYBE.. JUST MAYBE Price left it for Dove!?!? maybe we’re all mistaken!! I’d like that … For some reason …. I feel like Juliet could be the bombers ex wife……… but that’s stretching it considering she seems so young.. I also question why Marlo was so gun-ho on sending Andy to the evidence locker but I’m totally anti-Marlo .. so I feel like she’s evil on all ends.

    • relieved says:

      Yes! This explains why the look in Dove’s eyes was excitement, not the horror that was in mine! I wonder if he saw Price’s name on the sonogram.
      Also, I really love the idea of Traci and Bailey. He’s such a great character. Always saving the day.

      • Amanda says:

        Totally agree with all that!! Dov and Chloe (+baby) and Tracy and bomb dude !!
        Don’t want Marlo back! Love Sam ❤️ Andy

        • martins says:

          Thumps up….exacly what I want,tho I think d baby wil b sam’s but he’ll eventualy end up with andy after all d drama

          • jbthomson2014 says:

            Martin, could you elaborate your theory that Sam is the baby’s daddy? Wouldn’t Marlo be anxious to inform Sam of the news and yet she ignored phone calls from Sam about how she was doing when she was being investigated by SIU? Love Andy and Sam- no other couple on RB has such powerful love and trust!!
            Another triangle developing with Steve,Traci and ETF Bailey.Bring it on! It’ll be entertaining!

          • kpaakpa says:

            I don’t even want it to be my theory…I hate for them 2 kip it interesting, is for us SamAndy fans to rili wanna know wots happenin,so I tink they may either say its sams baby or kip us waitin 2 knw who d baby belongs 2

          • jbthomson2014 says:

            The writers can’t be that desperate to have dilemma of Marlo being pregnant by Sam. Surely they know that the fans would be able to figure out the time line of the pregnancy doesn’t add up! They can make things interesting for other characters and let Sam and Andy continue to learn more about themselves and live happily ever after including their wedding and playing with the kids on Sunday’s at the park!

          • kpaakpa says:

            Love that SamAndy happy for once idea

      • I didn’t quite see excitement in Dov’s eyes but I did see kinda…fear? in Marlo’s, which makes me think it’s hers. Then again, if she was afraid of it becoming known, why would she have left an ultrasound picture on a desk in the D’s office? Ugh.

        I totally hope the ultrasound is Chloe’s. Chloe and Dov are totally endgame.

        • jbthomson2014 says:

          I’m not convinced that it’s Chloe’s or Marlo’s sonogram. I didn’t see anyone’s name on the pic. at all. Maybe Ted Macdonald kept it from his past, of his son.Maybe it was in Ted’s evidence box.
          Chloe wouldn’t have been able to hide her excitement from Dov or anyone else for that matter.I believe Marlo was working from Tracey’s desk so…maybe Tracey is pregnant with Steve’s baby– another Peck, what a thought eh? Marlo did tell McNally that she had no intentions of returning to 15 but was assigned a job to do. She certainly doesn’t look pregnant but if she is, maybe one of the SIU analysts is the daddy, not Sam. The writers have to realize that avid fans aren’t gullible enough to accept this story line just to continue the triangular affect and drama with Sam and Andy. Let them be happy to continue to learn about each other and their strong love for each other!!

    • Amanda says:

      I think Duncan’s daddy is the one who placed bomb in evidence to get rid of “evidence” on hard drives that proves he is a bad dude. And I don’t think the timeline fits for Marlo to be pregnant with Sams baby. She isn’t even showing. I am hoping it is Chloe And Dov’s !!!!

      • jbthomson2014 says:

        My thought is that Marlo placed the bomb in the evidence room to get rid of Andy.How did she get her job back with all that she did with the Ford dilemma!-out of control with her mental illness and causing the shooting of Sam.She’s in on the police conspiracy with Santana and Jarvis is my theory.
        I agree with you about the timeline about being pregnant. Not showing after 4 months of being away???? Not possible

        • winfield says:

          I think Intelligence realized that Marlo is a brilliant analyst, capable of hyper-focus on a case, and took her gladly. It gets her off the streets, and takes away her gun, while taking full advantage of her instincts and talents. Don’t know why she sent Andy to evidence, unless she was just pulling rank on the woman who took the man she loves.
          And I’m on the Dov-Chloe pregnancy bandwagon. Cause that’s what it better be! Do NOT mess with Sam and Andy!

          • jbthomson2014 says:

            Marlo is a skilled cop but still don’t understand how she’s still working! Frank Best got fired for allowing the shooting, etc. in a secured building that she caused really.
            Dov/Chloe being parents is an interesting plot for season 6. They’re cute together but have a lot of issues to resolve with trust and honesty.
            Just saw some photos on ET Canada while filming the second half of season– Juliet is a cop herself and last name is Ward. Maybe she’s working out of 27 Division. Here’s hoping Nick and Juliet hook up and have a happy life together.
            The other photo I noted was Sam and Oliver talking in the station and Oliver wasn’t wearing a white shirt, wonder who is the staff sergeant now. It would be great to see Frank back and then Noelle would be back also. Sounds good to me.
            Hope they continue to have Oliver on screen cuz he’s great but prefers to be out on the streets instead of giving orders and dealing with the politics of the force.

    • jbthomson2014 says:

      If Marlo is pregnant with Sam’s baby,the time line is off, and she is irresponsible to Sam and herself, the unborn child for sure! she’s sly and evil, don’t like her being back. Never thought of Chloe and Dov being new parents, interesting thought tho.
      I suspect the inspector Jarvis as he was ordered by Santana to kill off Ted. They’re both corrupt.
      My thought on Juliet, she had a family member, maybe her father or fiancée got killed in the line of duty so doesn’t want to take a chance with Nick, her Romeo! they’re great together!
      Duncan may shed some light on his step daddy in Season 6 with regard to the Irish mob scenario and become a respected member of 15??? He was probably abused by his step dad.
      The RB triangle affect is once again brought in to play. Steve and ETF Bailey vying for Traci– her facial expression reflected to me that it’s a possibility!
      The scene with Sam and Andy was so touching, gentle and loving! McSwarek forever!

  7. Kiks says:

    So invested on this show!!! The chemistry between McNally and Swarek is fantastic. Great to have Erin Karpluk as well introduced ( I miss Being Erica!) ….really nice and enjoyable storytelling as a whole. Can’t believe it’s a whole year wait for the next season. Not fun at all!

  8. Gina says:

    Absolutely loved the finale. Sam and Andy are so cute. They are so in love. They are the most solid couple on the show. I loved how we saw their bond grow all season. Ben Bass was fantastic. The sheer terror in his eyes when he was searching for Andy was amazing.

    I’ll be disappointed if the writers takes things down that Marlo/Sam path. There’s no need for that. Sam and Andy deserve all the happiness with out Marlo or her kid butting in.

  9. Rockie says:

    I know I just watched the season finale, I am really looking forward to the next season. Can’t wait to see sam’ reaction to his ex’s pregnancy if it is his but 5 months have past so it could be anyone’s right. Any how I really do hope in the next season dov gives chloe a second chance. People make mistakes all can be forgivin but not forgotten we’re only human we do learn from mistakes.

  10. Julio says:

    No new eps until 2015? I’m not gonna make it that far.

  11. Amazing episode! I love Rookie Blue..and i’m loving the great development in Sam and Andy’s relationship. But a big HELL NO to that baby drama.

  12. Ljt says:

    I don’t think the bomber killed himself, I think he was murdered.

  13. Amanda says:

    I was really annoyed Andy dropped Nick like she did. I thought they were really good together and the Sam situation has always annoyed me. That being said I think he has really grown this season and now I am on board with them again. I think its been to long for Marlo to be preggers with Sams baby, I really hope they do not go down that path.
    Nick needs to meet someone. I think Juliet is somehow connected to the police maybe someones ex wife or daughter.
    I think the bomber was helped along by someone and it could have been step daddy. I hope Sam looks into this more and exposes any corruption. Maybe Duncan will prove himself a decent person and help with the investigation.

  14. TinLV says:

    Maybe Juliet’s ex was a cop and she just doesn’t want to go down that road again. I hope she gets over whatever the problem is because I really like her and Nick together.

    How in the world does Andy escape a bomb in the room without even an injury bad enough to go to the hospital and get checked out ? There were people hurt outside of the room, and she was barely scratched. Not very realistic. And who went flying thru the window ?

    Holly is the one who has to make a decision because Gail has already made up mind to adopt the little girl and I don’t think she’s going to abandon the idea.

    My guess is the ultrasound isn’t Marlo’s… that’s a red herring.

    Someone killed the bomber.. he didn’t commit suicide. Whoever did it also set the bomb to blow up the evidence on those hard drives; easy to blame the dead bomber for that one.

  15. Amy Street says:

    My thought: The bomber didn’t kill himself! The police chief (Duncan’s Step-Dad) did it!

  16. Anne says:

    Hooray for Saint Nick! He totally saved the day with that car bomb. My heart leapt when he told Andy to leave because he’d just be worried about her. Sigh.
    I have no idea about this baby drama other than the timeline doesn’t seem to match up. Probably not Sam’s.
    I can’t believe it took until the finale for this show to finally pick up!
    I’m glad to see Nick happy but I felt like things with this new girl were a bit rushed. Nick doesn’t seem like the type of guy to go around kissing girls he doesn’t know.
    I can’t believe the season is over!!

  17. Maria says:

    I’m totally sick of nick. I rolled my eyes the entire time at him. Andy’s happy. She doesn’t need you, nick. I’m just so over this character. They spent too much time on him this season. I don’t care about him and his new girl. He can’t stop thinking about her? LMFAO. I’m sure in hight school he was voted most likely to fall in love daily. Oh please, Nick, just stop.

    Sam and Andy were wonder, as always. They’ve come so far. Marlo’s reappearance was annoying, but I don’t think Sam knocked her up. It would be so dumb. Hope the writers aren’t that dumb.

    Dov and Chloe were heartbreaking. I hope Dov let’s her in again.

    I can’t wait to see Sam go after the dirty cops. The commissioner is the top dog.

  18. Jules says:

    I loved the finale !!
    Nick is a fantastic character. Love Andy and Sam together…he better not be the father of Marlo’s baby! Sad Dov and Chloe broke up. Tracey and the fairly tale man could be interesting although I really did like her with Steve. And Gail adopting Sophie is her best storyline…ever!

  19. Gerald says:

    Still hate the Andy Sam relationship. Why does she like him again? And I hate that the writers make her a insecure mess when Marlo shows up. Andy is one of the best characters on TV she just is all wrong when she is with Sam.
    My only other issue with this episode was Andy surviving the bomb blast unscathed was a little far fetched, but what bothered me is that she said she was fine. GET HER TO A HOSPITAL!!! She was in a bomb blast!!!
    Loved everything else about the episode.
    I also think Chris is not at fault. The Commish gave the guy the razor.
    I am really looking forward to the second half of this season next summer.

  20. Angus says:

    I saw this 3 weeks ago. Must be a U.S. showing.

  21. Ari says:

    I hate the baby cliffhanger. I hate it so much.

    Sam and Andy just need to deal with their personal crises and accept being happy together.

    I’m actually really excited about Gail’s adoption decision. I think she’d make a great mom and watching her tackle motherhood should be a hoot.

    Nick Collins is a superstar and that should totally be the title of his spinoff series that they need to make.

  22. marcie says:

    The commissioner does seem like an excellent suspect and he proved he wasn’t above violence when he slammed McDonald. Not an explosive expert but I thought the bomb didn’t really hurt anyone because it was only a diversion so Ted McD could “commit suicide”. Ted looked surprised when it went off so I don’t think he set it. I did think the actor did a good job although he obviously had issues, I did sympathize with him regarding the loss of his son and miscarriage of justice.

    As for questions concerning Marlo, I am more curious about how she got a promotion after the crimes, injuries, and destruction she largely caused last year. Other officers were suspended or demoted for a lot less. Intelligence is an elite unit and going there is considered a reward. It just doesn’t make a lot of sense unless baby daddy is high up in the department and called in some favors..

    • Amanda says:

      Totally agree with a of that. In addition she is on major medication for her “mental” condition which would possibly be dangerous for baby plus she isn’t showing at all plus it just doesn’t add up that it could be SAMs. Not only that but I don’t see how she could keep her job after they found out she is bipolar or not mentally stable. I think the commissioner gave macdonald the razor blade when he slammed his head on the table ?

  23. Alison says:

    LOVE Sam and Andy. She’s worried about getting past the honeymoon phase and doesn’t want things to be boring; that’s why she said no to Sam’s key, but I think Andy needs something to push her forward to be more committed to Sam. They’re both still growing and the growth never stops; you stop growing, you die. The Marlo sonogram thing definitely has more to it than we’re seeing right now. I did enjoy seeing Rachael’s face again! Love the hints at corruption stuff…that will make for an interesting storyline in the back 11 episodes. I hope that Dov will be able to forgive Chloe and Chloe is honest with Dov…I thought that was their thing anyways. Gail wanting to adopt Sophie is great because we see how happy Gail is to be doing the process and giving Sophie unconditional love. I’m over Holly because she’s too flighty and doesn’t seem serious enough about Gail. But if Holly grows up, maybe I can back Gail being with her. Nick is not a saint…I don’t know why anyone would even want a character to be perfect…talk about the fairytale fantasy! However, I do like Nick a lot better this season and am curious about the Juliet thing. Duncan is not a good cop, but I feel bad for him with nearly getting blown up and it seems like his stepdad, the commissioner, pushes him around. Traci and Bailey were pretty flirty..though I still like her and Steve. I just want Traci to be happy. She deserves that. This finale sets up for the back 11 episode storylines very well!

  24. Aleana says:

    Love it all I’m saying Gail Holly and Sophie better be endgame Gail is my favorite character

  25. Sarah Wade says:

    I loved these two episodes I watched them twice!
    I really love the Andy/Sam relationship. I have been a fan of theirs all along and if you start from Season 1 you can see it develop into something beautiful. I could definitely tell when they were apart how miserable Sam and Andy both were. One of my favorite scenes is when he tells Andy that Marlo is not her.
    I hope the baby is not Marlo’s and after reading some of the comments below I am starting to wonder if that was her ultrasound or not.
    I really like Bailey and I do think he was telling Traci he was interested in her. I think she would be a fool to not go after him but then I liked her with Steve too.
    I also think that Ted didn’t commit suicide. I think he was either murdered or was given the razor blade and given the idea probably by the commish. I too noticed that he had a surprise look on his face when the bomb went off as if he didn’t know it was there so that makes me think either he was trying to act surprised or genuinely didn’t set it to go off.

  26. tinah Denis says:

    This episode was awesome…. and I hope that Chloe is the one that’s pregnant not Marlow

  27. Jessica says:

    I thought it was Julie’s nephew not son. Maybe she has issues with the police. But I’m pretty sure she said nephew not son.

  28. Rose says:

    I love nick and Andy together! Their chemistry was awesome so been disappointed in this season! Hope they get back together next season

  29. Lorraine says:

    Love Sam and andi, please leave them alone and focus on another couple on the show for drama…let them finally be happy and enjoy love, please!

  30. Jason says:

    Yeah Duncan’s step dad totally did everything. Placed the bomb so that the evidence against him would be blown up if anyone tried to access it, and used the distraction to kill the bomber. I thought it was pretty obvious, and surprised they didn’t go ahead and wrap it up in the finale. But I guess they’ll use the story next season as Sam leads the investigation to uncover the corruption. Also gotta wonder how this will affect Oliver’s role as staff sergeant. They fired Frank for letting someone infiltrate the precinct, why wouldn’t they do the same to Oliver? Can’t wait for next season.

  31. Dante says:

    I too feel that Duncan’s stepdad killed the guy and made it look like a suicide.

  32. Amanda says:

    Great finale !!! I absolutely love Sam and Andy!!! Please keep them together! Their love is my fav thing about the show! Love Oliver too

  33. Anthony says:

    I so glad I got into this show! It’s full of cliffhangers and great storylines! Totally suapenseful. Love it!

  34. Sunflower says:

    This was an awesome season finale – but I don’t get the time frame between Marlo leaving and now back again with oh no maybe pregnant (?) – I don’t understand Traci and her attitude with Steve – she’s the one that messed up and he could have had her job if he didn’t step in for her – what kind of detective is she really not thinking that her telling her ex that there was going to be a raid – oh please Tracie I thought better of you. Please start season 6 early I can’t wait

  35. Lauren says:

    I loved the finale! But I swear to god if Marlo’s baby is Sam’s I will lose it on ABC!!!!

  36. bre says:

    Of course they had to throw in the baby cliffhanger with Marlo after Andy asked Sam if Marlo being back was going to ‘ruin their honeymoon phase’. Ugh!

  37. @JoPorat says:

    Honestly, if Rookie Blue keeps up with this roller coaster ride with Sam and Andy with yet another bump in the road the show will not be worth watching and the synopsis getting old. Just let them be happy for one season and then some; so great to watch on screen. The show needs to explore other characters deeper, start peeling off the onion. I’d love to see a pregnant Chloe as Dov will be besides himself. Chris needs to either get his stuff together or…. I hope there is love in the air for Nick he truly is such a lovable character and needs some true love himself. As for Gail, let her negativity turn to positive; her girlfriend is cute and I completely like the avenue of her wanting to adopt as it demonstrates what we don’t see of the hard ass Gail from the outside.

  38. Sb2130 says:

    QI Don’t care for Andy she is to confuse when it comes to men. She doesn’t know what she wants.. I hope it works out for Duncan- or else he will always feel like he has to prove himself.

    • Sb2130 says:

      Some of the Duncan failure were Andy’s fault she was covering her own mistakes- which she makes plenty of them.

      • jbthomson2014 says:

        Andy did make mistakes, being too easy on Duncan and leaving out his numerous screw ups cuz she wanted to give a chance. Others who made mistakes were Sam, Oliver and Duncan. Sam suggested to Andy to train the new rookie, Oliver agreed to let Andy to take on the training task that he knew she wasn’t ready for..
        Duncan has no skills to be a cop but….. his reaction to the slaying of Ted the interview room to me was he has inside info about this step father’s involvement with the police coverup. He has no respect for him as I suspect he forced him to be a cop like him and he abused him both physically and emotionally.
        Duncan eventually will disclose his info to McNally onlyThe detectives, Sam and Tracy will uncover the truth about Santana and Jarvis. Oh, Marlo might even be in it too! Oliver has suspicious feelings also about them as well.
        Duncan will then be accepted into the 15th division cop circle.

  39. dt says:

    although marlo’s baby will be sams, i do not want to see them break up with andy. he can take responsibility for the baby but still be with andy.. its been too many break ups for them and they have matured a lot since their first time together… it will be very soap- opera and lose my interest if another hurdle comes in the way and break them up. its about time they overcome it together

    • jbthomson2014 says:

      IF Marlo is indeed pregnant,,it is SO wrong on many levels! The time line of the writers of the show is off big time. It makes no sense to me that she would ignore the phone messages left by Sam while she was being investigated by SIU because of her irresponsible actions with Kevin Ford and causing Sam to be shot! She was also irresponsible by not using protection! I would expect that she would be keen on telling Sam her “exciting news”. In everlasting episode, she told Andy that she was back at 15 Division to do a job as an analyst and had no intentions of returning to 15. If that was true, why would she lie again.
      The mystery woman Juliet only has been introduced by her 1st name and is definitely paranoid of cops, maybe she’s Ted McDonalds ex. Maybe Ted kept the sonogram photo in his boxes and boxes of personal papers. Maybe the writers are testing Dov about keeping Marlo’s secret from Andy since they’re close friends and he can’t forgive Chloe since she lied to him for months.
      I do not like the character of Marlo and can’t imagine that the writers would create such havoc to disappoint so many loyal fans of the McSwarek fan club.
      I’m hoping that what Tassie Cameron has said so many times in the past that Andy and Sam’s happy ending will come to be!

  40. jbthomson2014 says:

    Does anyone understand the background music in the finale “say something, I’m giving up on you ” Sam is comforting Andy in the bedroom and then the shocking scene with Marlo encouraging Dov to forgive Chloe cuz she plans on forgiving Sam?? I just don’t get it.

  41. martins says:

    @Team Do not mess with Sam and Andy

  42. Jill says:

    Why make Marlo pregnant, this is turning from drama to a soapie, such a spoil!!!!!

    • jbthomson2014 says:

      I totally agree with you. There are enough soapie’s in day time hours, not needed to the evening drama schedule!

  43. joana says:

    Foi uma falha grande a Mato aparece grávida sem sinal de uma barriga depois de quase 6 meses da separação dela com Sam. Não é possível ela tá grávida do Sam, desde que se separaram o Sam saiu do hospital, se tornou amigo de novo da Andy e só depois começou a namora-lá, nesse tempo ela precisou se recuperar de sua crise de bipolaridade, volta a ativa com cargo superior e o Chris entrar e sair das drogas… Pra ser do Sam É um bebê mostro então é anão que nem a barriga cresce.

  44. joana says:

    Se Marlo estiver realmente grávida de Sam, pra mim a série perdeu completamente o sentido ou melhor se perdeu em uma linha de tempo. Os criadores da série já erraram feio, quando com todos os erros da Marlo, ela volta por cima, com cargo superior, onde fica a investigação de seus crimes? Outros personagens por muito menos perderam seus cargos. E seu tratamento de bipolar, não afeta essa suposta gravidez? A gravidez e totalmente sem sentido já que ela devia ter cinco ou seis meses e a barriga não cresceu.

  45. Vanessa says:

    People are forgetting that that is Nash’s office full time so I’m thinking maybe it’s a little Peck on the way,can’t have Sam and Andy not wind up together because of Marlo that would destroy me….I mean the whole plot 😉

    • jbthomson2014 says:

      Wow, I never thought of a possible Tracy/Steve’s baby to be! That would be wonderful as I do like them as a couple. However, it appears that the creative writers are continuing their” triangle theme” with Tracy/Steve and ETF Bailey.She appeared to have a sparkle in her eye when Bailey said that she should go for something “real”!-not fairytales. He’s not wearing a wedding band anymore so it appears he’s available!
      I totally agree with you about interfering with Sam and Andy’s relationship, I will just fall apart if that’s what the plan is! NO more triangles with Nick/Andy/Sam or Sam/Andy/Marlo–enough is enough already
      If Marlo is caring Sam’s baby, why would she ignore Sam’s voicemail messages and say what she said to Andy about having no plans to come back to 15 and just do a job as an analyst. If she lied through her teeth, how could anyone trust her motives and actions? Marlo doesn’t have a huge fan base, she’s a B.

  46. cornellia M says:

    Why arent the full episodes of rookue blue on hulu plus wow its addictive and I just started watching it. Not wven the old episodes are on hulu plus. Why is that? If andy &sam break up there is no reason for me to watch it anymore they what made me like the show the dispense of them getting togather

    • jbthomson2014 says:

      Don’t give up on the show. I continue to have the confidence that the writers will have the endgame of Sam and McNally happy ending that Tassie Cameron stated awhile back. Both of them have worked too hard to know each other and themselves maturing and growing up together. It’s taken 4 1/2 years for them to admit out loud, in the same episode their love for each other. Their love for each other on screen is so powerful and believable!!

  47. Jovanna McVay says:

    Now I cant wait for season six and so on.

  48. Jovanna McVay says:

    now I can’t wait for season six and so on.

    • jbthomson2014 says:

      Neither can I wait for season 6 but no idea when that is? Any clues online or elsewhere?

      • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

        Seasons 1 and 2 premiered in June; Seasons 3, 4 and 5 started in May. So….

        • jbthomson2014 says:

          So May or June in Canada but will ABC run interference and delay the airing to later in the year?? I sure hope not. I just got season 3 as an Xmas gift so getting my RB fix by binge watching!!

  49. Sofie Norlin says:

    Sam and Andy must stay together 💖 love them so much together.
    And sorry to say, but I REALLY HATE Marlo Cruz and i want her to disappear from Rookie Blue and leave Andy and Sam alone, they belong together 💖

    • jbthomson2014 says:

      I agree with you TOTALLY about Andy and Sam forever and let them be happy with no further trauma and drama! As far as Marlo Cruz, she makes me ill when I see her on screen! Marlo is a real D.U.D. which =a DECEITFUL,UNETHICAL and DISHONEST B..CH. She lied big time to Andy about having no intentions of returning to 15 and then mix in a comment about Sam and Andy’s relationship being good-( they were never BFF’s ) while she was talking about the MacDonald case. I viewed that as UNPROFESSIONAL and UNETHICAL!!

    • Jacquie says:

      I agree I never likes Marlo and never will she is not the type of person to be on the show and I really don’t think she is pregnant , Sam said she has only been back on the job for a couple of months and if she were pregnant she would be showing by now and she’s not , I think someone else is pregnant not her . I love Andy and Sam together I hope they stay together through the show and start future plans such as marriage , kids and park on Sundays , team McSwarek all the way leave them be alone and just stay together .

      • jbthomson2014 says:

        Jacquie , just heard an interview from Missy and Gregory- here goes the evil dilemmas that the writers have done to the RB have devastated their fans!
        Marlo is apparently 4 months pregnant and much to do to determine who’s the daddy.!!
        Dov is now single so no Dov/Chloe couple.
        This comment needs to be said.” Samandy” should NOT have covered up Marlo’s manic phase in season 4 episode Deception. she doesn’t deserve to be employed as an analyser and should not destroy Sam and Andy’s relationship that they’ve worked so hard to know each other and love forever.
        I’m frustrated and angry right now!!

        • Liz says:

          I am also angry and frustrated after reading your comment about the interview. I can’t understand why the writers would do something horrible like this to their fans. Now I don’t know if I want to watch season 6, I have every episode and I have watched everyone of them. My entire family and I have a host of friends and their families that watch this show, now I am truly upset with the writers!!!

          • jbthomson2014 says:

            Liz, don’t give up on the show!! The writers have to right their wrong when it comes to Sam/Andy’s relationship. I have to believe that Tassie’s comment way back when was Sam and Andy is endgame and it has to be dammit!! Missy’s comment was very “vague” in my view and it was very short so she was probably afraid to say too much in case she says too much!
            Great that you watch the show with your family and friends.
            I have said this in previous sessions but… I have just rewatched S5Ep11, the 3 of them having coffee in Ted’s driveway that she had no intensions of returning to 15 but takes orders and goes where she’s told to go! She’s such a liar if that statement is true .What were her plans, have Sam’s baby and not tell him he’s a father??? How irresponsible is she to not let him know that she went off her pills cuz she loves him!!?? Too deceitful and a selfish thing to bring a baby in to this world and the father having any foreknowledge of her warped ideas. She’s such a B.
            I’m going to continue to believe in their dream wedding and see the beautiful couple that they are!
            Keep watching, have faith and envision them in the park with their kids. Any thoughts where he would propose and honeymoon destination? Here’s hoping for another season past 6. Need fan base to watch or maybe a cancellation which we don’t want eh??

        • Lorraine says:

          I have decided that is Sam is the father of Marlas baby in done with Rookie Blue…I have never missed an episode and really love the show but I will stop watching it if this is where the story line is going and I am sure many other fans feel the same. Concentrate on another couple or character on the show, leave Sam and Andi just being happy..they are wonderful as a couple in the show…I loved watching their love story, in fact that’s why I got interested in the show..I hated when they were not together and if they didn’t finally connect last season I was not watching anymore. The writers have to realize it’s time to do another storyline maybe them living happily ever after would be nice.

          • jbthomson2014 says:

            I hear you for sure! Tassie C. has said in the past,” poor Marlo is hated by so many fans”! Poor Marlo my tooch !She is so dishonest and not the right 1 for Sam. I have to keep positive and hope the writers right their wrong with their promo photo to lure the fans back for season 6. They have to have enough insight that the fan base will decline big time and won’t have a chance in hell to carry on in to 2016! I’m not planning on watching either if Sam is forced to marry Marlo cuz he’s got to do the right thing. That thought makes me sick!

        • Liz says:

          Thanks, for your reply and I am watching RB now trying to figure out the timeline for the pregnancy. I also read that there will possibly be a season 7 and the writer left a opening in season 6 for a possible continuation. I just want to see Sam and Andy happy because they have been through so much and they are finally happy. I do love the show and I am hoping that it starts soon but it probably won’t be on ABC until sometime in June. I will be watching and recording every episode. I checked the the IMD and only 4 episodes have titles for season 6. I really hoe Dov and Chloe get back together.

          • jbthomson2014 says:

            Hey, I too am watching season 4 again, a painful one to me to say the least, to figure out when Marlo planned/ ?got pregnant with Sam’s baby.S4 E7,Fri.the 13th, Sam and Marlo met in the lounge at the station and Sam made a comment about their “usual” conversation which never telling ea. other how their day went– not a great way to be. S4 E8, For better for worse,Sam and Marlo in her bedroom packing to go on vac. to Florida and missing Frank and Noelle’s wedding, maybe she decided while she was there, she decided she would go off her BCP’s and bipolar meds so she could give in and feel the love she has for Sam. In S4 E11, Deception, she admitted to Andy in the cruiser on her wait to her psychiatrist that she went off her pills cuz she fell in love!! S4 E13, Sam and Andy told Luke that Marlo was back on her meds.Would those meds include her BCP’s, I doubt it. When Sam was shot, she backed off when Andy went to help him! Why, I just don’t know??
            Now in Season 5 E10, she reappears as an analyst which I will never understand. She buttons her sweater and NO baby bump visible when she gets out of her sports car-give me a break plz.S5 E11, in the driveway of Ted’s, she brings Sam a coffee, and then tells Andy of having no intention of returning to15 but was doing what she was, following orders.
            So, here are a few questions–she felt so guilty that she caused Sam to be shot that she never visited him in hospital, ignored his voicemail messages? Never had a conversation about wanting to be a mother!
            Marlo is a devious and dishonest person and doesn’t deserve to have her job and a BIG NO to having Sam’s baby.
            Sam and Andy are so happy so let them be!
            Season 6 should start in May, at least in Canada where I live. Can’t wait.

          • jbthomson2014 says:

            Liz, sorry but I had to expand my thoughts on when Marlo’s possible decision about getting pregnant.S4 E7 Fri. the 13th, after Sam shared his past life with his abusive father and Marlo said she wanted to get to know him, Sam noticed that she wanted to tell him something, maybe she was going to tell him her plans to have his baby??? I’m not convinced she would though, she’s not an open and honest person at all.
            Do you have any idea why the music chosen in the last scene of Sam and Andy in bed,S5 E 11, “say something, I’m giving up on you”? I just can’t get my head around it. Hope to hear from you soon!

        • Liz says:

          Hi Jbthomson, I am thinking that the music was for Marlo because the showed her after the bedroom scene. I am going to watch the episodes that you mentioned to try to figure out the timeline again. Maybe she had an artificial insemen action? Because she is so deceitful with her anything is possible. I believe she put the bomb in the evidence room to try to get rid of Andy. I am in the US so it will probably be June before I see it.

          • jbthomson2014 says:

            Liz, sorry for not signing out last time with my 1st name, it’s Barb. Your idea about artificial insemination is plausible but being the devious B she is, she may have got her job back so she slept with a big wig in the force and….. she’s pregnant.
            Let me know your findings/thoughts on the timeline, it still makes no sense what the writers are doing for drama,it’s not fair on so many levels!
            I’m glad to hear that Marlo won’t be in too many episodes next season, I really do detest her!!
            Excuse my ignorance but…. what did you mean by the term “going under” and contacted Ben Bass about the length of time we have to endure to find out who’s the daddy? Maybe she’ll loose the baby?
            I’ll contact you when I see/hear about the start date for Season 6.I expect it will be mid May at the earliest…way too long for so many fans.Barb

        • Liz says:

          Hi again, will you let me know when it starts in Canada? I did see the interview with Missy and Gregory and I am going to listen to it again. I also went under talking with Ben Bass and it appears that it is going to be a while before we know who the father is. I Know that Marlo is not in every episode and I also read something that said Marlo will be in the hospital, I am going to try to find it.

          • jbthomson2014 says:

            Hi Liz, once again, I need to add another comment or 2. I totally agree with you about Marlo planting the bomb in the evidence under the orders of PC Santana and Inspector Jarvis. I suspect that Jarvis is the one who slashed Ted’s wrists. He took a bee line down the hall to the interrogation room after Sam went looking for Andy on the 2nd floor.
            I’m thankful that Marlo was dumb enough not to close the zip lock bags with the hard drives forcing Andy to bend over to pick up avoiding the brunt of the bomb blast. I can still see her hateful look when Andy agreed to get the hard drives for Sam. Hopefully the sign in sheet on Tim’s clip board remained intact.
            Liz, just wondering part of the world do you live? I live in western Canada, not too far from Vancouver where Ben, Missy and Gregory grew up!

          • jbthomson2014 says:

            Hi Liz, as promised, I checked Google and season 6 episode 1 “open Windows” will air on Thurs. June 25th. I’m assuming it will air on both Global(Canada) and ABC TV. Hurray and finally! Barb T.

        • Liz says:

          Hi Barb, I live in Lynwood IL suburb close to Chicago. I Watched season 4 episodes 6,7and 8 Marlo was off her meds in episode 7 when she was talking to her physic. So she could have gotten pregnant anytime after that, that is why it is hard to figure out the timeline. Look under, hey, it’s Ben Bass from Rookie Blue talking with you guys, he implied that it’s going to take a while to find out who the father is, someone asked if they should get a long term prescription for Valium or sample pack, he said maybe horse- tranquilizers and therapy. So it seems that we will be waiting for a while to find out about the daddy. Noelle will be in some episodes in season 6. Tonight I am going to watch some more episodes, will keep you informed.

          • jbthomson2014 says:

            Wow, I had no idea where you lived but had a feeling it was somewhere in the US! I plan to watch S4E7 and Marlo’s visit with her psych. doc and I’ll send you my theory.
            I’m hoping the # of episodes needed to inform us who’s the daddy isn’t any longer than S5E1–E6. Sam said he didn’t want to waste time and didn’t want to be sad anymore- E1. Then E6, in the truck where they told each other that they love each other. That time frame was long enough already!!
            I’m continuing to keep the faith of the wedding day and real honeymoon for Sam and Andy.

        • Liz says:

          The song “Say Something means, Juliette bails on Nick after discovering he’s a cop; Sam kisses Andy’s hurts; Marlo advises Dov to give Chloe a second chance.

          • jbthomson2014 says:

            Your explanation about the music makes some sense to me now but feel a little suspicious of the writers and their future plans with Nick and Juliette ,Sam and Andy, Dov and Chloe as couples.
            Way back when ,several months ago, I saw clips of Season 6 on ET Canada, Juliette is a cop herself, her last name is WARD, and Oliver is no longer wearing a white shirt.
            May 17th, 2014 was season 5’s airing date in Canada on Global TV so here’s hoping that mid May is the time this year!!

        • Liz says:

          Hi Barb, I was on Rookie Blue Facebook and it shows that Global TV start date is May 19, 2015. So you will see season 6 before me. I think you will see 6 episodes before I see one, guess it has to do with the basketball playoffs.

          • jbthomson2014 says:

            Hi Liz, thanks for responding so quickly again! OMG, your news has made my year so far! I’ve marked it on my calendar already.
            I have never ventured in Facebook so… sure glad you have the guts to do it!
            I would like your opinion on something about the show and it’s about Sam and Andy. Let me know if it’s alright to ask. Thanks in advance. Barb T.

        • Liz says:

          Hi Barb, sure you can ask my opinion, and I was on Facebook again and your date is May 21, 2015. I Also same a couple of season 6 previews. I am still frustrated but I talked to a lot of my friends and family,they are also upset but we will continue to watch the show. You will be on episode 5.17 when we get episode 5.12.

          • Barb T. says:

            Hi, I’m very curious about what the content of the previews you saw of season 6 and what network you were tuned in to??? ABC ???? I’m so anxious that the dream wedding won’t occur. I’ll be SO upset and disappointed with the writers,etc. of RB.

            I’ve watched seasons 1,2, and 3 lately and I can’t figure out when Sam calls Andy Andy or Mcnally. I thought he called her Andy in intimate settings but not true.He calls her Mcnally often in so many work related situations but also in recent bedroom scenes. I don’t know if I would want to be called by my last name and what name would he call her when they are married??What are your thoughts/opinion?
            I can understand that you and your family and friends are upset about such a later air date than in Canada. I don’t know why but it must have to do with the US/Canada network contracts.

        • Liz says:

          Hi Barb, there are 2 places that you can see the sneak peek. Go to Rookie Blue Facebook, Under Rookie Blue news dated 4/13 and click on global and it shows the sneak peek or you can search under season 6, click on Canadian Premier Date plus sneak peek. I will have to look at my recordings but Sam calls her Mcnally but in the sneak peek video he calls her my darling. So he will probably keep calling her my darling. The ABC date is later because of the NBA playoffs. I know that some of the games are on ABC. I love this picture but I am really upset about the Marlo pregnancy hope I can watch it without getting a headache. I will also record every episode. Will get back to you after I watch some of the episodes.

          • Barb T. says:

            Hi Liz, thanks so much for your instructions to see the sneak peak. I tried both places and was successful because of you. Excellent step-by-step instructions!!
            I’m elated that they’re finally on a vacation together getting some R & R, even though it appears they’re at Oliver and Celery’s cabin.
            Their on screen romance is SO convincing to fans, it seems so real and so hot.They’re so good together, it can’t be destroyed by Marlo’s possible pregnancy!! I’m still going to keep the faith that Sam and Andy’s dream wedding will occur,maybe 1/2 or 2/3 of the way through season 6.
            Looking forward to hear from you sometime this summer!

  50. kristian says:

    That can’t well I don’t want that to be Sam’s baby , him and Andy just opened up after being together for some years they belong together .

    • jbthomson2014 says:

      The writers are mean and evil by leaving such a cliffhanger suggesting Marlo is pregnant and Sam is the daddy.The sonogram photo has no name and date noted I saw was 2003, sooo, maybe it’s a sonogram of Leo, Tracey’s son who’s about 10 now.