Pretty Little Liars First Look: 'Fatal' Summer Finale Claims Its First Victim

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While fans brace for Tuesday’s “fatal” Pretty Little Liars finale (ABC Family, 8/7c), Hanna and Caleb are bracing for something far more terrifying: stringing Christmas lights.

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TVLine has an exclusive first look at the summer finale, which serves as a precursor to the show’s Christmas special in December, and while Caleb appears to be in much brighter spirits this week — did sharing his Ravenswood journey with Hanna instantly cure his PTSD? — he’s not quite as peppy as Emily, who might be a little too obsessed with the holidays.

And about that headline: The “first victim” is Haleb’s string of lights. (What, it’s OK to have Christmas in August, but not April Fool’s? Come oooooon.)

Click PLAY on the preview above, then drop a comment below: Who do you think will actually die in the “fatal” finale?

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  1. Brandy says:

    The last episode pretty much made it look like Mona is toast. But I hope I’m wrong.

    • omar says:

      It is Mona, we are gonna meet her mother and house. And there are lot ofpics on instagram with the cast wearing black and there’s a photo of mona… so… its pretty obvious

      • Tharani says:

        Agree with Brandy. Mona was made toast. The way she spoke and all. Saying that Ali will be done with her and will be back for Aria, Emily, Spence and Hanna

  2. beethree33 says:

    “Read her boobs” lol.
    Well I don’t think it will be any of these 3 who die. Hannah’s too funny, Em’s too cute/sexy, and Caleb is too pretty ;)
    But seriously, it’s probably going to be Lucas, he’s not contributing anything to the storyline anymore.

    • Tharani says:

      I dont think its Lucas. Cus he’s not even a part of the story from ages. So how can he suddenly come up in one episode and die in it. Cannot work according to the PLL theory ;)

  3. rod says:

    I have a feeling Alison is the one dying, and after that the girls are gonna find out she was actually protecting them. I kinda wish it was Caleb, he adds nothing.

    • Joanne Maria says:

      I think Caleb adds a lot. Hanna and Caleb bring an awesome and realistic dimension to PLL.

      • Cas says:

        Agreed! Caleb and Hanna together are a very great couple. And I doubt Allison cares about anyone but herself.

        • Tharani says:

          OMG what the hell man rod. Seriously :O He adds a lot.. Cmon! Hanna will be nothing if not for caleb coming back. Caleb is the only guy Hanna has been serious with, saying all about A stuff and all. There’s no way for Caleb to die. No way. Unless otherwise the curse from Ravenswood is still on Caleb :(

  4. spindae2 says:

    My guess is Melissa. I assume “A” made her record that video message or “A” will go balistic on her for revealing so much.
    Other guess one of the parents.

  5. Tran says:

    Hope Aria, Hanna and even Caleb survive in the mid-season finale.

  6. Kelsey says:

    Hanna clearly looked the most upset, so I’m guessing Lucas or Mona…. I really hope it isn’t Mona though because I actually like her character! Also, for everyone saying Melissa, I don’t think it’s her because she’s not in the states anymore and therefore Rosewood PD wouldn’t be investigating.

    • mar says:

      That’s what I’ve been saying. Hannah is the one crying her eyes out..so it has to be someone closer to her. And since mona had that “odd” moment with Aria, it makes me think is her. The way she was a normal teen asking if Mike likes her..is like we can see Mona is still there and maybe when shes about to start helping the girls she gets killed off.. I don’t want to be her, but she is a really good character to taake out and start some more drama.

      • Izz says:

        That’s exactly what I was thinking, Hannah being the most upset on the bit in the commercial it makes me think it’s going to be Mona, that’s going to make me kinda sad though because she was becoming (or so it seemed) kindof nice.

      • Tharani says:

        The odd moment kinda did make me think its Mona whose going to die. But agree with Izz as well. She’s turning to be good. In ravenswood no one has a chance daymn! People don’t get a chance to change themselves. Either they die or someone pulls them up for something

  7. Shazay says:

    So, are we not getting a Halloween special since the show picks up in December?

  8. Sara says:

    Jebus. Thank you for clarifying the “first victim” thing. I nearly had a coronary thinking, “oh god two people are going to die nobody warned me about this!”

  9. Marquita says:

    I think Hanna and cabled going to died.

    • Hannahs a main Character I doubt she dies. I don’t think any of the main girls will die.. It will Probably be one of the boyfriends/girlfriend or exs.. maybe even mona. I will be upset if caleb gets killed off.. but with as many drinking problems and other problems calebs had since ravensword.. I think he might be one of them who die.. and maybe its no one close to the girls at all.. it could be a cop or someone they have talked to a couple times.

  10. Alison Leiden says:

    Com o final do episodio 11, eu acredito que quem vai morrer sera o Caleb, (como se fosse uma encerração do spin-off ravenswood atraves de um crossover em pll) e como começou a aparecer muitos vagalumes na varanda dele, igual a historia que ele contou a Hanna sobre Miranda, então eu acho que o Caleb irá morrer.

  11. london says:

    I think its spenser who dies in the show. Because she cannot handle her sister killing someone to protect her.

  12. jersey says:


  13. Kacey says:

    Can’t wait for the finale…….who will die??? I can’t wait any longer…..sigh…guess i’ll just wait… But the suspense is killing meh
    #Sometimes i forget that these showz aren’t real……wuv them tho :)

  14. Kameelah Mateen says:

    I hope it’s not one of the girls or their boyfriends,I might stop watching if Toby or Caleb die!!

  15. i have a feeling its going to be claeb😭😭 even though i dont want to think tgat something tells me caleb will die and it’ll be a tragic lost for everyone, especially hanna.

  16. Tharani says:

    Errrr I think its going to be Mona. Cus she has been crashing lately. And last week she told Aria that Ali is gonna bring her down and then she is going to come to Aria and the rest. But there has been talk saying it might be Caleb or Hanna. Daymn! Nooo wayyy .. I want them to be on the show. They are like the best couple in PLL. #TeamHaleb <3

  17. Lauryn says:

    I think Alison will die, she has so many people afriad of her, maybe they have found enough courage

  18. Lauryn says:

    There will be 2 more seasons I hear. How much more information is their. End the show already

  19. Catherine says:

    At first I thought Melissa would be the one, but now I am not so sure. I am guessing it will be a guy, but not one of the main guys that is paired with one of the main four, or it could be one of the parents. As long as it is not Mona because I heart Janel Parrish! :)

    • Tharani says:

      I don’t think its gonna be the parents. Cus in all the commercials they come up saying ” ONE LESS LIAR” and they always call Emily, Hanna,Aria, Spence and Ali liars. So I think it might as well be one of them. Ali go away :/

  20. Lisa kay says:

    Mona or Melissa..So can’t be one of the plls.. And is Allison A? This show is so confusing.. I think she is ttyin to win everyone back by making everyone feel for her.. I haven’t watch it completely tho.. So maybe I’m wrong !!

  21. HELLO says:

    Rule #1:
    Never believe anyone is dead until you see the whole body.
    Rule #2:
    Check pulse to make sure

  22. Joanne Maria says:

    Hope it’s Alison- but guess it’s Mona. Wonder if Aria is -A???

    • Tharani says:

      Seriously -_- Aria??
      I want ali to die. She’s such a bitch. She caused such a lot of problems for everyone. She is somehow connected to everyone in Rosewood. She’s lying whenever possible. Her name should include something like Alli Liar :/

  23. Tierra Brown says:

    It should be Caleb, we need the ppl

  24. Bruce P. says:

    Let me go way off the reservation and say Hannas Mom is the goner. Just trying to get outside the box guys.

  25. Effie says:

    Clearly the one who will die is someone close to Hanna since she’s the only one crying in the promo…So it’s either Mona or Lucas but I don’t think Mona will fall so easy so I believe Lucas is the one dying.

    • Tharani says:

      Lucas was not connected in the latest episodes so I guess not. If it does happen, it will kinda be lame

    • Hannah says:

      couldn’t it also be Caleb tho, I mean if its gonna be someone close to hanna? but I really hope that it isn’t…. Caleb it like my favorite character because he was always only trying to help.

  26. Rose says:

    Sorry to say this but i think it’s Toby :(

  27. Allyssa says:

    It’s Mona who dies.

  28. hayley says:

    I went on Marlene king.com and she said in mid 2015 new season of pull and 2016 new season

  29. Tina c says:

    Cannot believe they.killed off Mona omg I was actually shocked and wAnted her to kick @ as she.finally found the secret and Allison.comes in and what kills her really how the he’ll did.Mona not have a.chance