Max Adler Returning to Glee's Season 6 — Should Klaine Fans Be Worried?

Looks like the Klaine Endgame Express might take a little detour on Season 6 of Glee.

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Max Adler, who recurred as Kurt’s closeted gay bully Dave Karofsky during the Fox musical’s first three seasons, has booked a major arc for at least four of the show’s 13 final episodes, according to The Hollywood Reporter — and he might be coveting his former crush’s fiancé Blaine (Darren Criss)!

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The popular (and polarizing) Karofsky — whose last appearance came in a brief fantasy sequence during Season 5’s “Opening Night” — originated as a generic, slushie-throwing jock whose torture of the New Directions ultimately stemmed from his own struggle with his sexual orientation and same-sex attraction to Chris Colfer’s Kurt.

Midway through Season 3, Karofsky attempted suicide after his crush on Kurt was revealed to his classmates — and it wound up being his former victim who helped him visualize a future with a great job as a sports agent, a loving husband, and an adorable child of his own.

Since exiting Glee, Adler has recurred on ABC Family’s Switched at Birth, while the characters of Kurt and Blaine have survived a cheating scandal, a long-distance relationship and other growing pains to enter Season 6 engaged, in love and envisioning a future together.

Glee is set to introduce at least five new characters — all of them McKinley sophomores — in its sixth and final season, TVLine reported exclusively earlier this month. Lea Michele’s Rachel will reportedly return to McKinley High to reboot New Directions, though Kurt and Blaine’s reasons for returning to Lima, OH remain less clear at this point.

Are you excited about Karofsky returning to Glee? Or is his return a terrible mistake? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. K says:

    No more new characters, no recurring characters, I just wanna see the main cast be focused on. So more Tina, Quinn, Santana, Rachel, Artie, Mercedes etc…. Unless Kurt finally leaves Blaine and gets with Dave, I’m not interested.

    • Shazay says:

      I loved Karofsky and wished they’d done more with him. I would totally be ok with him ending up with Kurt or Blaine!

      • Nikole says:

        How could you say that, it’s good that he’s coming back but Kurt and Blaine belong to each other, they are soulmates.

        • jim says:

          poor Kurt if that is true.

        • Shazay says:

          I don’t know if I believe they’re romantic soul mates. I think they’re best friends, and definitely soul mates, I just don’t think they’re that kind of soul mate. They’ve had this long journey together, they were one anothers first relationship. Its unrealistic to believe that they would stay together forever. With this time jump ahead of us, I’ll bet they’ve already come to terms with their relationship ending. Dave is older, and a changed person. I don’t think he should be damned to a life of loneliness just because of mistakes he made in high school. I always thought Blaine and Kurt were way too alike to be a couple forever. I’m sure they’ll always love each other, and they’re sure to be best friends. I’m excited to see the vets come back and be the adult mentors to the new incarnation of new directions. I hope it’s decent. How will they tie everything up in 13 episodes? I hope we mainly just get singing from the vets though.

          • Andrew Hass says:

            I also think when the new season picks up with the time jump that Kurt and Blaine will have broke up and maybe it was an amicable one too.In which they both decided that each of their lives were going in different directions and it was better to end their relationship then later when it could be more hurtful.Plus maybe they also left the door open for them to get back together down the line.As for Dave returning, it could be interesting to see what he’s been up to since we last saw him.Maybe the show wants to resolve all the loose ends and let all the characters have endings.Plus Dave wants Blaine that could make Kurt jealous a little and maybe it’s because he realizes he wants Dave.Maybe Blaine then helps Dave and Kurt get together.So it could be a full circle kind of thing.

          • Susan says:

            I totally disagree! Kurt and Blaine have so much chemistry. They are clearly endgame. I don’t don’t think a Dave and Blaine pairing would be right at all. Why would the writers think Blaine having a relationship with Kurt’s ex-bully would make any sense, even if Dave has changed. I agree Dave deserves someone, but why does he have to have Kurt or Blaine? The writers need to get more creative than that. I root for Klaine big time. No more breakups. We’ve had enough of that. They are so meant for each other.

        • hedi says:

          Yes true but us it rumors or true

        • Kylie says:

          Yes indeed 😱

    • Marianna says:

      Exactly it is okay with out him unless kurt dose get with him

  2. Brandy says:

    Ugh. WHY. So many characters people actually care about, yet so few episodes. Can we just focus on the core people?

  3. Katy says:

    So more new characters and now Dave is recurring in a major arc but nothing for like others have said the “old” recurring veterans sigh not surprised.

  4. God, stop bringing him back I’ve had enough karofsky for 3 lifetimes. And the Blaine part is the most disgusting thing I’ve ever read in my life.

    • Leah says:

      Yeah, I agree. Blaine is the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen in my life.

      • ha! you’re funny i’m sure you knew this but i actually meant karofsky having a relationship with blaine was disgusting i mean i’m pretty sure a realtionship for karofsky just means to follow people around dressed up as a gorilla and that was pretty gross the first time so I really don’t need to see that twice.

        • crosshaven says:

          But with Blaine it means sexual assault and demeaning of someone. I’d rather have a relationship with Karofsky.

          • lol whenever people who defend karofsky, people like you, use the term ‘sexual assault’ talking about blaine I just start laughing, go rewatch what must be your favorite episode ‘Never been kissed’ and then come back a tell me about that lovely scene in the locker room how romantic that kiss was and how happy and not scared at all was Kurt after it. My favorite part is when after doing THAT he tell kurt he’s gonna kill him. SO MUCH LOVE,

          • Angela says:

            @Patrl: Yeah, I have to agree with you on this one. I’ve no opinion on Blaine one way or another, or the ships for this show in general. But I do find it odd that people who go on about how abusive he is to Kurt would then turn around and say Kurt should be with Karofsky. Sure, Karofsky was struggling with his own issues, and I’m all for redemption of formerly nasty characters…but that still doesn’t excuse any of his horrible treatment of Kurt when he was bullying him.

          • Joey says:

            Don’t forget if you take Blaine, you get complimentary cheating and victim blaming.

          • Susan says:

            Ok, I’m confused ya’ll. Blaine – sexual assault? What? When did Blaine ever sexually assault Kurt? Not sure what you all could possibly mean. Blaine has his weaknesses as we all do – Kurt does too (although many fans aren’t willing to accept that Kurt had some responsibility in what led to their break up in S4). But Blaine is a good guy and the Klaine relationship has come through strong. Dave on the other hand, bullied Kurt and threatened to kill him. Yes, redemption is good and I’m all for a transformation storyline. But do the writers really need to send Dave after Blaine? C’mon really? He already pined after Kurt so this has already been done. I wish the writers would get more creative.

          • MQ says:

            Blaine and Dave are fictional characters. Why blame them for unsavory storylines (the work of their creators for whatever their reasons) or by extension, blame the actors who portray them? Kudos to Darren Criss in particular, for maintaining his professionalism and public good will throughout the past several seasons that transformed his character from that of a strong, mature, confident and kind “out” gay teen to that of a weak, insecure, childish–the mess of a person Blaine has become.

        • Marco says:

          Well, to Blaine it means controlling his loved ones (Puppet Master), so I think I’d take the gorilla any day if I were Kurt. Plus, Dave hated Blaine; how can they end up together?

      • Joey says:

        *applause* Leah, your comment is beautiful.

  5. AnnieM says:

    I might watch just to see him. I quit watching midway through Season 4 because of all the new characters I couldn’t have been less interested in; after Cory Montieth died, I lost any remaining interest I had in the rest. But I always thought Karofsky had an interesting story. And with Kurt back in Lima, we’re sure to see him with his dad, which was always special. Luckily, all of my LGBT friends have had understanding parents, but I wish everyone like that could have a dad like Burt Hummel. :-)

  6. Sara says:

    Why pair him with Blaine?! It is like the writers are trying to anger every major fan faction with this. From what I have seen, a lot of Karofsky fans are not the biggest Blaine fans and to an extent visa versa. Klaine fans are going to be angry, Kurtofsky fans are going to be upset, I can’t really think of ANY fans who are going to be happy about this.

    I was so excited when I saw that Max Adler was returning in a big way, but this really dampers it. I abandoned the Glee bandwagon towards the beginning of the 4th season (still occasionally read recaps to see what’s been going on and watched the big Finn goodbye and 100 eps last season), and if they brought back Dave Karofsky in a decent way, I would have at least watched his episodes. But this really makes me want to keep on pretending that the show ended after season 3.

    • Steph says:

      Too bad you missed Glee NYC….the NYC crew had a great s5…especially Kurt (though he was still never allowed to succeed, he’s acknowledged as an up-and-comer at NYADA). Did you see the episode that Chris Colfer wrote? It was quite good – classic Glee. One of the best in the last couple of years. I almost quit watching in s4, but hung in until they actually got screen time in NYC. A lot of people followed your path, sadly.

      • Susan says:

        I agree that the NY episodes in the 2nd half of S5 were the best of the whole series. I loved them. Fewer characters allowed for more focused story telling. It felt like the show had really matured. Now they will leave NY and the best the show has ever been, to go back to Lima to resume the Glee club with characters we don’t know or care about. Backwards logic.

      • The Chris Colfer-penned episode was definitely a high point of this past season. Makes me wish the series had hired him full-time as a writer, as I know he could do a better job than many of those on staff. Of course I am also a dog person so I may be biased there.

        • Agreed! I really wish that they would have Chris Colfer write another episode, but probably not, with only 13 episodes available. They need to make sure there’s enough time to finish mutilating the rest of the series ;( Seriously, though, I expected to like Colfer’s episode because it was written by him (and I do like his series…his writing skills and technique have improved at an exponential rate, going from “charming” to “wow”). I didn’t expect to be utterly mesmerized by the episode, spending my time grinning, chuckling, humming…repeatedly (since I’ve watched it several times).

        • Joe&Bill says:

          Seriously? That was the most confusing story of the series. It just seemed all over the place and like some cut paste of abandoned storylines. And Peter Pan? Really? Could he have been any more flamingly narcissistic?

  7. Anne says:

    So Blaine might date the guy who threatened to KILL his fiance? Sounds about right. Is it possible for Blaine to look like more of a loser at this point?

    • crosshaven says:

      Yes, he’s the loser who gets everything other people work for.

      • jazzcolfer says:

        That’s exactly why he is a loser and a bad written character.

        • La keisha says:

          If you aInt got nothing nice to say dont say than dont say anything at all. Stop being rude to blaine like everything is he’s fault because its not. there shouldnt be no blame at all so just stay in y’all rude little bubble and hush so people who actually have good things to say can say it. I repspect both darren and chris and all the other actors so stop acting like its suppose to happen your way and just let the writers write thats what they are there for

  8. Emily says:

    Ok please stop. New characters were introduced in season 4, and that was ok because we were still at McKinley and it made sense even though nobody cared about these new characters. ND is dead and gone. We loved the people, not the club. Focus on new york!!! That’s where we care about things

    • Katy says:

      There not :( the finale season is set in Lima with Rachel coaching the ND its already been stated by the writers maybe even Ryan Murphy himself.

  9. Ian says:

    Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah, the Blaine part must be a joke. Has to be.

    It’s always been Dave and Kurt.

  10. IDK says:

    I just threw up in my mouth. And can Blaine be any more insane? Last season he was a freak who told his fiancé he wanted to go back to the time when his fiancé was getting bullied and was afraid for his life because he liked being the big man protector. Now he’s dating his (ex?) fiancé’s bully? Put this character in a mental institution, please.

  11. Angela says:

    I’ve no issue with him coming back in and of itself, as it would be interesting to see how he’s doing since everything that happened a couple seasons ago.
    But ohhhhhhh, wow, the possible storyline they have in mind for him this go-round? Hm. Yeah. *Pulls up a chair, opens a bag of popcorn*

  12. C says:

    Karofsky is so stale and done. I wish Max Adler would leave Glee alone

    • LOL says:

      Max Adler can’t get any other jobs. He’s pathetically retweeting everything that gets written about this gig now. I’m sure if you tweet him something nice, he’ll retweet that as well in an attempt to make himself look relevant.

      • C says:

        Now that is the truth. I feel slightly bad for the guy. His part in Switched at Birth was laughable at best and he doesn’t seem to be doing anything else.

        • RachelA says:

          You do realize he doesn’t write his parts, right? You know that actors don’t decide what their character do in movies and TV shows. That it is all scripted by somebody else. Even if his part on Switched at Birth was “laughable” what on earth does that have to do with him as a person?

      • Sara says:

        Can’t get any other jobs? He has worked on at least 3 movies the past year and his stint on Switched at Birth was pretty well received and long-lasting. The people who work with him clearly enjoy doing so. Also, he only retweeted 3 things. I don’t understand the hatred towards Max Adler, who is by all accounts, one of the nicest guys out there.

        • C says:

          Uh-huh. His movies sure are major works of art. Look at all of the rave reviews he has. His character on Switched at Birth was a mid-season plot device who gets a handful of lines. Max Adler is mediocre and so are the characters he plays. There is no need for him to return.

          • Zayne says:

            Are you a troll, very angry at everything, or just generally this mean to people who you don’t even know?

        • lol says:

          He’s retweeted every single article he’s mentioned in. He’s a pathetic attention whore, and I’m pretty his fat self is the ~source~ for this spoiler to begin with.

          • Kate says:

            I’m really curious as to what Max Adler could have possibly personally done to you guys that you would be so cruel about him on an anonymous online forum. Why do you feel the need to personally attack him for letting his fans know via retweets of articles on twitter that he is returning to a show that he has always said he loves? It is actually really disgusting how you are attacking him, especially when he is such a supporter of anti-bullying causes and organizations.

          • Joe&Bill says:

            And you by contrast must then be this picture perfect textbook description of male physique who stops in for manipediBrazilianwaxtanningsalonchriscolfertwinkwannabe right?

        • Steph says:

          Agreed! I like Max’ work and agree that he seems very nice. His work with Colfer on Glee was excellent! He and Colfer had amazing chemistry. In fact, he’s an terrific actor. I’m excited to see him back on Glee, but NOT in the rumored circumstances.

        • I hope he gets the chance to sing this season!

          • I also like Max Adler; he and Chris Colfer were amazing together during the various Karofsky arcs. And he is a good actor and seems to be a very nice person. Very pro-LGBTQ, as well. I see no problem with a performer RTing in order to promote; that’s part of their job and they all do it, in different ways. I’m sorry Max is taking heat for this; it’s only a story line in a TV show, after all.

            I’m very definitely a Kurt / Chris Colfer admirer and am annoyed at this arc, but my issue is with the logic (or lack of). David and Kurt had become friends and Kurt was the only one to go see Dave and actively seek to support him. Blaine, evidently disagreed, to the extent that Kurt (an atheist) went to the God Squad to discuss his desire to see Dave. So why would Dave become romantically involved with the person who emotionally hurt someone that Dave supposedly cared for (cheating) in a relationship that was pretty much bound to do it again? I was hoping to see Dave again and see that he was OK and happy (as Kurt had assured him he would be). I’m just UNhappy that it’ll have to be a Kurt’s expense (as most things usually seem to be).

  13. JR says:

    No thanks, to any more Karofsky!

  14. Tim says:

    Why? Literally, why? There’s only one person on some kink meme who had this in her sank off dreams. Did you mean to make her life have meaning or were you trying to make every other person who still cared about this who foe in terror because Blaine and the dude who tried to kill Kurt is actually the worst idea ever.

  15. Annie says:

    After careful consideration of this post and the comments above, I’ve come to the only conclusion I could possibly draw: Glee fans are …. odd.

    • Sara says:

      Haha don’t know who’s worse – Glee, Castle or NCIS? Hey we could have a competition here

      • Angela says:

        Oh, lord, that would be an interesting contest.

      • Luli says:

        Castle fans have been pretty hateful this past few months… So I say them… or maybe a tie?

      • Marco says:

        OUAT fans. There’s a weird bunch. Also the Supernatural fans.

        • Guest(real name won't be revealed until i say so) says:

          @Marco while we’re at shows on the CW, let’s add the Beauty and the Beast fans to join the fun.

      • Guest(real name won't be revealed until i say so) says:

        @Sara I say NCIS is the worst of the three shows you mention. But in my opinion there happens to be a fourth show and that’s The CW’s Beauty and the Beast and their “Beasties” but more on them in a future article on this site. One more thing, Castle fans? What bad things have they said?

        • Kate says:

          what about adding vampire diaries fans, and Arrow Fans and oh True Bloodfans that had an anti Bill/Sookie community that one i guess topped a lot… one thing is not liking a couple another is making an anti community for that couple….
          But to be fair i have yet to meet a fandom that doesnt have some odd and weird people and the bigger the fandom is the more odd ones …

  16. Larc says:

    Glee writers won’t really need logical reasons to bring anybody back. No excuse will be too lame for them. Now watch as returning former students without college degrees occupy positions normally held by faculty at the high school. Good way to lose accreditation in the real world.

    • Anne says:

      I think Glee stopped making sense when they suddenly allowed the girls to play in a championship football game back in season two. Or maybe that one just sticks out because it was the last time I actually laughed at Glee although it was for all the wrong reasons. And don’t even get me started on their approach to college applications…

      • RachelA says:

        FYI, girls in the US are completely allowed to play high school football, even on a ‘boys team’ because of a law called Title IX. That’s a far more realistic story-line than many others they’ve done.

  17. Travis says:

    I love that the writers aren’t even trying anymore. With each new interview or article I honestly can’t tell who cares less about this show- the cast, the writers, or FOX. Maybe the fans going by the ratings.

  18. RachelA says:

    This is honestly the one thing that might tempt me to be a viewer again. I stopped watching in season 4 because the show had just gotten too bonkers and was being way too responsive to the crazy parts of the fandom (*coughKlainerscough*) The Dave Karofsky arc was my favorite story-line Glee ever did and I was so pissed off about them benching the character after season 3. Unrepentant Kurtofsky shipper here. Which is also why, as much as I want to see him again, I really hope the thing about him being with Blaine is some kind of red herring. Even for Glee, that really doesn’t make any sense at all, and I can’t imagine any scenario in which a real relationship between them would be at all interesting or believable. So I’m waiting until more concrete info is disclosed about what exactly his arc is going to be before I concede to watching again. I want Karofsky back, but if they murder his character by making him date Blaine, I’m kinda like, that defeats the point.

    • Susan says:

      Odd comment you made – “season 4…..too responsive to the crazy parts of the fandom (Klainers)….” Oh yeah, the writers really gave Klainers what they wanted in S4. They broke up Klaine and kept them broken up for the entire rest of the season while they wasted time with filler episodes that showed little of Klaine. Yeah, the writers really bowed to Klainers. Are you serious?
      And btw, Klainers are keeping this show alive. W/o Klainers, its fanbase and ratings would be much much smaller.

  19. moncheriss says:

    Klaine is Kurt and Blaine… No Karofsky…. Oh please Klaine is an endgame… Nothing can touch them or what they have!

  20. Fernanda says:

    Perhaps when the season begins, Klaine would split and they are in other relationships. I will enjoy if Kurt is Karofsky’s boyfriend. Stop make Blaine the male lead, Rachel is the leading lady of the show and Klaine is her hag. I claim for a good love interest for Rachel, my candidates are broadway golds like Aaron Tveit, Skylar Astin or John Gallagher Jr (I want this so bad!!) or the amazing tv actor Jim Parrack from True Blood. He reminds me Finn, I don’t know why

  21. Haylee weaver says:

    No this bull rap are u serious why would blaine even want to be with him this better not happen they just keep ruining ever thing between klaine and this better not end up hurting kurt because I just started liking blaine again so he better not screw up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Jared says:

    The premise of Glee’s final season is laugable. Rachels gonna reboot New Directions?!?..umm ok.

  23. joncuriel says:

    Really? This has to be a joke, I mean… In 13 episodes they are giving him, a recurring character, an arc that consists of at least 4 episodes? To shake things up with Klaine? C’mon we all know how this is gonna work out, no matter what happens at the end Klaine will end up together, the writers are that predictable.
    This makes me so upset though, why the focus on him when his storyline was soo over instead of giving the core characters, ever overlooked Tina included, a chance? This is the reason why I am done with this show

  24. Ian says:

    My thing is, is that it’s ruining years of development, back from when the show’s writing was actually good Kurt and Dave have been on a massive, meaningful journey together, and Chris and Max have done inspiring work together and have the most awesome chemistry. This makes absolutely no sense.
    What is so hard about giving Blaine his own new love interest?

  25. Marianna says:

    I love kliane and dave coming back should not happen it so perfect with out him they do no need him back they should focus on the originals not the new people so dave aka max should not comeback it is fine with out him

    • RachelA says:

      Newsflash, Dave was a part of the show before Blaine was. He was introduced in season 1. Can’t get more original than that.

  26. Dani says:

    Why bring more angst to the Kurt/Blaine arc? Can’t these writers come up with something original? I’m tired of the up and down storylines surrounding these two characters. Dig deep, writer people, dig deep!

  27. Riollano says:

    Ok yes i want to at least know what happend to karofsky but to break up blaine and kurt again is just wrong i mean they are engaged lets make those two have a happily ever after pair karofsky up with someone else but dont go messing up the whole story im starting to not like season 6 first making only 13 episodes then santana not being a main character and now breaking up kurt and blaine im really starting to not even watch the last season :/ i look up to blaine and kurt and theyre relationship they have chemistry despite how different they are

  28. Steph says:

    I think Max Adler is an excellent performer; he and Chris Colfer had amazing chemistry during their various arcs. They went from bully/target to budding friend/mentor and I hoped very much to see Kurt & Dave’s friendship mentioned, so that we could see Dave being happy. THIS development, though, is horrible. So Kurt’s former bully and wannabe romantic interest (s3) is rumored to be entangled with Kurt’s fiance, who has already cheated once. So, in this scenario, Kurt will ONCE MORE be horribly hurt by two people who CLAIM to love him. Great way to work, Glee. Great way to show misfits that life gets better. Kurt, who has almost NEVER been allowed to succeed and always loses out to Blaine, will once more (possibly) lose out to his former bully (who he forgave and helped) and his former boyfriend/fiance (who he forgave and said “yes” to)…. Way to go, Glee.

    And Rachel is changing dreams faster than a Pony Express rider changes mounts-! Leaving broken commitments and unfinished jobs behind in her wake.

    And adding new characters?? It’s bad enough to only have 13 episodes and need to cover a time jump and newbies’ dreams, along with our veterans’ Though if they’re doing this all to recreate New Directions, I guess there need to be new kids looking for a dream. But these 5 kids are misfits? a jock (gay or otherwise), 2 cheerleaders…

  29. Kate says:

    I just hope that Kurt ends up happy with somebody. Preferably blaine, but as long as he’s happy and with somebody, because I think kurt is a really nice boyfriend to Blaine.

  30. albtrex says:

    YES!!!!! Always loved Karofsky!!!

  31. sammie says:

    Karofsky definitely needs to hook-up with Blaine take off for W. Hollywood and leave Kurt to pursue his Broadway career as Hedwig, The Soprano Angry Inch.

  32. Nikole says:

    It is a horrible idea, I’m okay with him returning but I don’t want them to spilt up klaine, with out klaine there is no Glee Finchel got ended when Cory Died RIP and I don’t want another couple to be ruined. Klaine is Glee don’t mess it up they’ve already gone through so much. Give Karofsky a happy ending but don’t destroy Klaine. Season 4 with Klaine was enough to live through

  33. Mary says:

    I love Karofsky (he is a very interesting character) and I’m very happy he returns Glee. And if this means Klaine break up and Kurt leaves Blaine for better I am totally fine with this.

  34. jazzcolfer says:

    I just want Kurt to be rid of blaine, I’m really happy about that rumor. I really hope it’s true. But, unfortunately, I’m sure they’ll tease the klainer to have Kurt go back with blaine even if blaine would’ve left dated his former bullies. They have kurt forgive blaien everything: cheating, unreasonable jealousy, slut shaming in front of his friend, having his crush living with them(opps kurt doesn’t know about sam), threatenign starchild, trying to ruin kurt’s diet out of jealousy, etc. I ship kurt/hapiness and the first step is a blaine free kurt.

  35. Marco says:

    I hope the episodes he stars in are the final four and the show has a Kurtofsky ending. But one thing should be made mandatory; he has to get at least one song, because the dude can sing.

  36. Karyl says:

    I loved his character bring him back Yay. I think another gay aspect especially male will be good for the show

  37. John says:

    Karofsky was ok why not have him …

  38. AngieD says:

    Since Karofsky’s last episode, I’ve been saying that I wouldn’t mind seeing a friendship/romance develop between Kurt and Dave. If Dave fulfills his vision of being in sports management, it is possible that he would encounter either Kurt or Blaine in NYC at a celebrity event of some sort or at a club.

    I feel that Kurt and Blaine are eternal friends more than eternal lovers.

    I would prefer Kurt with Karofsky over Blaine because we could see the inklings of a friendship during their last scenes while Blaine and Dave have had very little actual interaction. It would be easier to believe IMHO a K/D relationship vs B/D.

  39. KYLE says:

    who says Klaine in returning to Lima ?

  40. med deering says:


  41. med deering says:

    I love it and I love this show I will be sad to see it end but I hope it ends in a happy way

  42. KC says:

    To answer the question: “it’s a terrible mistake”

  43. Octavia Anjea says:

    “Hmm… What do I think about the pairing of Blaine and Karofsky?” IMHO, I don’t see them as a match. Both of them have “issues” that they have to deal with. The ONLY thing that they might have in common is SPORTS!

    Karofsky still needs to come to terms with being gay/coming out. He haven’t experience a relationship with anyone yet, and as far as Blaine is concern, He has insecurities (Which has caused him to cheat on Kurt in the first place!) But then, let’s not forget Kurt, who “cheated” as well (“Dance With Somebody Episode”) which caused the beginning of Blaine’s insecurities.

    As in all relationships, I do believe they can make it as a couple, even get married. If not, Hopefully, they will be the BEST of friends… But if there WAS a new potential partner/love interest for Kurt: Elliot “Starchild” Gilbert! Best Pick!

    Would love to see the former “glee” members (Mercedes, Sam, Artie, Puck, etc.) and the “recent” glee (Marley, Wade “Unique” Jake, etc.) return and their journey follow-ups.

    Last, but not, least… “A HAPPY ENDING!!”

    Not a confusing one, like “How I Met Your Mother!”

    Something that will be memorable… A FINAL FAREWELL FIT FOR GLEE!

    Something that will make me say: “Wow, Great ENDING!!”

    just my thoughts..

  44. Amberlee says:

    Chris Colfer has said in interviews he’s not sure he wants a fairy tale ending for Kurt and Blaine. As much as I do and would love to have their wedding be one of the final episodes….I really like the idea of Karofsky coming back. He had one of the more interesting story lines, I was always waiting for Kurt to just yell out that Dave kissed him during one of those Parent/Principal meetings they had before he left for private school. And Dave’s suicide attempt and coming to terms with his sexuality made for some intense episodes. Guess I’m saying too much bloat in an already short final season could ruin things but I just can’t say no to more of Dave’s story

  45. Ally says:

    Oh my god! I can’t believe some people really want to break up Kurt and Blaine! Klaine has been the best couple in the show , rather than the “Chandler incident” and the “Eli thing” and maybe some ups and downs nothing more has happened rather than the other couples that have had like a million different mixtures, cheating and drama.Their the less provocative of them all. They are meant to be soul mates ! Have you ever noticed the way they look at each other in the background scenes? The way they talk to each other ? The love and passion? Clearly some people don’t notice that but I do. I would be devastated to see two people that are so passionate about each other break up. So I hope to see a Klaine wedding, im not even a smich worried about Karofsky breaking them up because it won’t happen.Oh and another thing for those who think that Kurt and Karofsky are soul mates your wrong. When you love someone you’d do anything to protect them (by Finn) and clearly Karofsky doesn’t love him enough since he used to bully him all the time and yes his changed but still.

    • Em says:

      oh my gosh! i love your comment! i feel the exact same way! They have gone through so much and done so much for eachother! They cant just throw it all way!

    • Susan says:

      I so agree. Where are the people here coming up with this anti-Klaine rhetoric? Klaine is the best part of the show. The best chemistry (far moreso than any other ship on the show, including Finchel). Yes, I say that because I’m a Klainer, but I’m a Klainer because its true that their relationship is so endearing. I love them and I so hope the writers don’t mess anything up.

    • I don’t know what you mean by chemistry. Kurt is too good for Blaine he deserves better than a lying, cheating, sabotaging, demeaning, attention seeking, immature, insecure hobbit slathered in too much hair gel and on top of that has awful fashion sense and a midocre singing voice. that for some reason people think is awesome so he end’s up with more solo’s than Kurt, who was there first and has a crazy range and even out sang Rachel who everyone said is the supposed star. and did i mention he’s talented in more than one thing. how about the internship at vouge which know-one seemed to care about and it’s one of the biggist magazine’s in the world.
      Long story short Kurt can do soooooooo much better than one trick pony Blaine.
      I hope they break up and Kurt gets someone worthy of his greatness and not someone that tells him he should blend in while he takes the spotlight.

  46. Jill says:

    More new characters? I was already fed up with Ryder Marley, Jake, Unique, and Kitty. You could tell no one cared about them, and the way their storyline was wrapped up was absolute crap. Even though no one cares about them at least attempt to wrap them up.
    I’m pretty glad Dave is coming back, but not under those circumstances. Please writers will you just give Klaine a freaking happy ending for once?!
    I’d really wish for the storyline to center around the original characters- now only Kurt, Blaine, and Rachel are staying it seems, but all the characters I loved- Brittana (which is the second cutest couple ever), Quinn, Puck, Mike and Tina, Artie…
    I just feel like the writers are really going off topic. I’m not happy with them right now. And I wasn’t happy with the amount of times Diana Agron appeared in the fourth and fifth season.
    The only reason I watched glee after season 3 is because I’m a die hard Klaine fan, the music is still amazing, and I’d watch literally anything, even if it sucked.
    The thing about me is I have no problem criticising and hating on and spazzing and loving a show at the same time. I’m pretty sure if I was a normal person I’d stop, but it was pretty good. I still wished it stopped at S3 though.

  47. Hannah says:

    I think Kurt and blaine are soul mates and should be together! After all the have been through together they should be together forever!

  48. V.M.B. says:

    Although I am one for drama I don’t think someone like Kurt would-or should for that matter-end up with someone like Karofsky.I believe that if they are going to bring him as a character they should make it like the Sebastian situation meaning that the feelings are not going to be reciprocated.I don’t think it is in Kurt’s caracter to form a relationship with Karofsky or generally with someone who forced himself onto him and basically made his life a living hell-and I’m freaking quoting here-so why would anybody no matter how sorry the other person is why would anybody return to that?Especially Kurt.I believe a relationship like that is very out of caracter for the out-and-proud Kurt Hummel(though I’m not the one writing the show and don’t exactly know how the caracter is on the minds of the creators of the show)so who knows what will happen?

  49. antiyano says:

    Remember how they never revealed whom Blaine cheated with even though it was a scene of him talking to the unseen person he cheated with? That leads me to think they meant to bring that out at some point and I always suspected it was Karofsky. The way Kurt has been treating Blaine like crap since they got back together and Blaine has gone from cool to whiny and needy after they broke up at that time, leads me to think they are not meant to be together as a couple. I would certainly welcome a Kurtofsky match up with a now more confident Kurt and a reformed Karofsky.

  50. Em says:

    no no no! Kurt and Blaine must get married! theyre soulmates and how could they just throw everything away like that?! they have been through so much! just take a moment and think about everything they did for eachother