The Walking Dead Video: The Carol-Tyreese Horror You Didn't See!

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Just when the shocks were wearing off, the countdown to the Aug. 26 release of The Walking Dead: The Complete Fourth Season on DVD, Blu-ray and Limited Edition Blu-Ray (with “Tree Walker” packaging!) brings a new jolt: a deleted scene in which we glimpse still more of the horrors that befell Carol and Tyreese during their doomed stint as surrogate parents to Lizzie and Mika.

VIDEO The Walking Dead Trio Preview the “Most Intense Six Minutes Ever”

I’d warn you that it’s icksome, but since we both know you’ll be ordering the five-disc set with its plentiful extras, we also know that you’ve already stopped reading this and are watching the scene above. Enjoy!

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  1. E says:

    It adds to how disturbed Lizzie really was. Can’t wait for the new season

  2. amy says:

    I can’t view it. Would someone please recap the video?

    • RUCookie says:

      They are walking on a train track, Tyresse sees what is ahead and asks to play a game. They close their eyes and think of happy stuff they would like to see – a Dairy Queen, a pool, a football stadium… but Lizzy opens her eyes and spoils it. She sees a baby carriage. Her sister realizes what that means while Lizzy happily bounds towards it, to bring it back.

  3. Lena says:

    Thank you Andy for this! I’m a huge TWD fan and I hardly ever see news about this show on this site, so this is really nice. Can’t wait for the new season! Hope you give us recaps.

  4. I wonder why that scene didn’t make it to the official show on AMC? When this episode was brand new, it was once of those episodes where the whole country at the same time had their mouths gaping open like “Messed Up!” Remarkable writing!!!!!!

    • meresger says:

      That the episode was so remarkable and even the cut footage is great shows that TWD really is a well-written show. I’m not sure there were any scenes that could have been cut or edited to fit it in.

  5. i’m not getting it. Whats disturbing ?. I dont get what’s on the tree or what the baby carriage means !:/

    • me too! i don’t get what’s disturbing …

    • YesIndeed says:

      Tyresse sees the empty baby carrier, which of course means there’s a dead & eaten baby. In an attempt to keep the kids from seeing it as well, he attempts the close your eyes game. Lizzie however, is perfectly fine with the whole dead and eaten baby thing, interested in getting the carrier more than anything else. It shows that become even more dead inside (no pun intended) than they originally thought. It’s a psychological disturbance, more than a bloody disturbance.

  6. brit says:

    In the comic book series Judith dies, but by her mother being shot and falling on top of her crushing her. I’m honestly surprised that she has made it this far, it will be interesting to see how it plays out in the next season.

  7. Lor says:

    The scene is not a vision, but it’s not really disturbing either. The scene reiterates Mika’s humanity and Lizzie’s lack of humanity. Mika comments there’s a baby carriage and realizes that a baby was with the dead woman. Tyreese confirms this. You can see the horror on Mika’s face when she understands what likely happened to the child. Lizzie on hand doesn’t show compassion or horror at the scene. Instead she wants to get closer to the scene to retrieve the baby carriage. Everyone else stops with a sense of sadness, except Lizzie.

    • Sure, it’s morbid, but “horror”? Nah, just cements the two girls’ fate, which readers of the comic pretty much knew was coming already…

      • Diego V says:

        actually i have read all the comics so far and the two girls aren’t even in the comics… there is about a 2 page scene where there is two brothers and one of the brothers kills the other and carl sees what needs to happen and kills the boy in his sleep. The seen was pretty un-important to the story in the comics but i like how they played it out with the two girls in the show.

  8. Chria says:

    Its disturbing because Lizzy doesn’t even get the fact or care that another baby died in order for them to be able to have that baby carrier.

  9. Shane says:

    why cant we view it!!! boooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  10. mackd33 says:

    All I saw was a mop leaning against a tree with trash and clothes strewn about. Didn’t even see a baby carrier. U ppl got great imagination. Must be the Barney kids all grown up.

  11. Cathy LaCrosse says:


  12. Jax&Juice's Girl says:

    This video SUCK! Try to play it but keeps buffering, freezing up! Anyhow most DEF. getting a copy of season 4 and can’t wait for OCT.12th SEASON 5!!!!!

  13. paul.racke@yahoo.com says:

    This Site really BITES because all i get is the video freezing to buffer. What a pathetic link this is for video.

  14. summer says:

    Is Judith still alive at the end if season four??? Please recap her last scene.

  15. namoy says:

    this is ridiculous. that young kid trying to be so sexy. bad act in apocalypt situation. where the creators look at