CBS Will Repeat Madam Secretary on Premiere Night, To Offset NFL Delay

Madam Secretary Double Premiere

And so it begins….

CBS will air the Madam Secretary pilot twice on its premiere night, to hopefully offset the effect of a pre-scheduled NFL delay.

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With CBS’ primetime line-up set to start a half-hour late, due to an NFL on CBS double-header, Madam Secretary will first premiere at 8:30/7:30c (leading out of 60 Minutes‘ season opener). That same episode will then encore at 10:30/9:30c, following The Good Wife‘s Season 6 premiere (which is pushed back to 9:30).

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West Coast viewers, however, won’t be subject to the staggered schedule. Instead, the programs will roll out on the hour — 60 Minutes, Madam Secretary, The Good Wife, Madam Secretary encore — starting at 7 pm.

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  1. Tran says:

    That’s because I only live in the West Coast.

  2. bar says:

    It doesn’t matter, my DVR will still not get it right

  3. crog says:

    I wonder if these constant delays will kill CSI and cyber just like Miami. Hopefully not

    • Kevin in CT says:

      It sure helped kill Cold Case. You’d think the frakkin’ DVR’s would be able to correct for this nonsense!

      • John NYC says:

        They would if the stations updated their scheds in realtime and your DVR constantly checked the servers for those updates…

        Since they don’t I just add extra recording time for the usual suspects such as CBS on Sundays. For CBS in particular I’ll add an hour to the recording time and some times it’s been a close thing with the Mentalist even so.

  4. Steven says:

    CBS really needs to figure out something about these football games. Every season it’s just a constant headache.

  5. Judy says:

    I am disgusted by networks that air good shows on nights when they know they will be set back by other programming. CBS just needs to block an hour for catch up and move The Good Wife to another night. The DVR’s aren’t getting it right either. It is quite frustrating

    • Couldn’t agree more! CBS doesn’t care about what their viewers want. They only care about the dollars from football and golf and any other sport they can get their hands on.

      • Katherine215 says:

        Well…yes. It’s a business, and football makes them a ton of money. Does it make business sense to have a scheduled 30 minute football wrap-up show to absorb most of the runover like Fox does? Possibly.

    • John NYC says:

      I just add an hour of run over time to the season pass recording options for every CBS show I schedule. Unforgettable just recently got saved by that. No clue what caused the delay…

  6. Drew says:

    The theme song for this show should be called “I’m Hillary Clinton and I approve this message.”

    I hope it isn’t as blatantly about her as it looks at first glance.

  7. Geo says:

    When there are delays, why doesn’t CBS take the time out of 60 Minutes? 60 Minutes airs in ten minute or so story segments. Some of those story segments could be pushed back to later weeks if their time is pre-empted (some of 60 Minutes is tied to weekly events but a lot of stories aren’t so time-dependent and could easily be moved), and 60 Minutes could be shortened according to the needs of the night. This way, CBS would be able to much more easily keep Sunday’s dramas– which can’t be divided into segments or pushed back due to continuity issues– more on schedule.

  8. Diz says:

    & this is why I will not give a new show a shot on CBS Sun. nights.

    • MP says:

      I totally agree and feel the same way. I won’t be watching this show and I’m not sure I’ll be tuning in for The Good Wife either. Although I watch, I don’t love it like most others do. I always thought they should put a Dateline type of show on at 10 instead of a drama. Basically a throw away show, and I don’t mean that disrespectfully toward the news magazine shows. 60 Minutes is in the Top 10 ratings every week, so I don’t see it being cut for time, although that would solve a lot of problems.

  9. Chris says:

    Isn’t the season finales of both “Unforgettable” & “Reckless” supposed to be on 9/21, Matt?

  10. Gale says:

    So, what does this mean for the season finale of Unforgettable? They’ve already shortened the season with the pre-emption a couple of weeks ago and there’s no possibility of seeing all 13 episodes (unless they double them up like Extant) with the time remaining before the new television season starts. So, I’m guessing now the Unforgettable season will end on the 14th with only 11 of 13 episodes shown. I know it’s not the best show, but seriously they treat it like crap.

  11. ronmo says:

    This won’t help get the Billary Show back in the White House since I suppose the program will attempt to show how a useless figure actually accomplishes something worthwhile during her tenure,,,,,,

  12. Ted Langdell says:

    So when the heck IS the premiere? No dates listed in the story.

    Good journalism would have had the date(s) and the times… so we’d know when to watch or program DVRs to ensure capture.


    • Ted Langdell says:

      Happened by one of the two CBS affiliates I can get OTA in the Sacramento valley (CBS owned KOVR 13 Stockton/Sacramento or KHSL-TV, 12, Chico) last night and found NCIS: LA was on the screen, but the program info was for “Madam Secretary.”

  13. NP says:

    Why can’t they just skip 60 minutes when football runs over. I’m so sick of this football crap on Sundays!M

  14. VB says:

    Too bad. This show was one of the only two new ones that looked decent this season for CBS. But after watching “The Mentalist” on Sundays (and “the Good Wife”-before they killed Will off), I have no desire to get hooked on a show that will more than likely die soon. Maybe it’ll buck the odds and last, but I have great doubts about that. Sundays are a slow bleeding death to any show that gets put there.
    And, though I’m not into the franchise anymore, “CSI: Cyber” has the worst slot of anyone. I kinda feel bad for it. It doesn’t help that this is the fourth (?) installment of the franchise that, this many years later, is tired. I watched and enjoyed “CSI” when it first came out and it was fresh and new. It was great; kept me hooked for a few seasons. The only other one I’ve seen is “CSI: NY” (and that actually just recently-on Netflix), never watched it when it was on the air. I actually enjoyed it a lot. It had a great “family” element that NCIS used to have, great characters and character development (which isn’t that common in most procedurals I’ve found) and Melina and Gary had fantastic chemistry. Too bad they never did anything with that. Still, even as much as I enjoyed it (and I liked it better than the “mother ship”) I could feel the generic trappings of some of the cases, making it feel a bit worn (case-wise). So I’m wondering how this incarnation is going to escape that? Just with a twist of the crimes being “cyber?” Long story short, it needs all the help it can get to survive and launching it in the worst spot on the schedule (IMHO) is not going to help it.

  15. I was going to watch MADAM SECRETARY…until I learned its timeslot. So sick of CBS ruining Sunday night viewing with the damn football delays. Gave up on everything in their Sunday night lineup. My time is too precious to be sitting around waiting for shows to start. They did it a few weeks ago with some stupid golf game running until 9:00 PM. Done with CBS. Let the sports fans have it.

  16. FrankM says:

    CBS should be firing up their broadcast sub-channel.

    Main channel – business as usual.
    Sub-channel – syndicated programming, local news reruns, or paid advertisements replace all live events. Programming that is usually subject to delay AIRS ON TIME!

  17. j.roberts says:

    Just say no

  18. TJ says:

    I had it set to record an hour after and it still didn’t work. Television networks have to do something to show the actual show that is on vs. what is scheduled in order for people to get to record the shows they want. It makes a person completely hate football. No reason the networks have to go over that much!!! They need to replay it a third time sometime this week!!!!

  19. slyfrog50 says:

    I too wanted to watch this but I was running late. I turned the TV on at approx. 10 pm to watch it on the DVR and although the “info” said it was “Madam Secretary”, it was still “60 Minutes”, by the time I realized just how long it would be until the show actually started (also trying to eat dinner at the same time), it was too late to change the recording to extend as the show was over. I couldn’t find the pilot anywhere online to watch the rest of what I missed. Now I realize this may be a common occurrence each week. It’s fine to suggest we extend our recording for hours, but when there are more shows on that are scheduled to record on another channel, that doesn’t work, unless there are less than two recording at the same time. I remember it happened quite often with “The Mentalist”, don’t want to go there again. Also, I found out from reading here that CBS was supposed to replay it after the first showing, but then did not. CBS needs to do something about this or they will lose too many people not willing or able to wait it out. Too bad because I thing the show was pretty interesting from the half of the show I watched.

  20. Foxy says:

    They never did air the second show.

  21. Sidney says:

    That doesn’t help those of us on the east coast that set the DVR and were out.

  22. Sidney says:

    CBS should replay this in the middle of the night like NBC does. Maybe run it for 2 hours for episode 2….replaying the original first. The entire series is no good without the first episode.

  23. Janice Camp says:

    I waited for the second showing, and it didn’t come on, so I missed it! Is it going to show again? Would really like to see it!

  24. Rosa says:

    I’m freaking mad. I didn’t know that it would air again later. Went to watch what I thought I recorded and it was 60 minutes!!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  25. Kitzen says:

    We did not get the Pilot of Madam Secretary here in Southern Oregon on Sept. 21, 2014. Channel 10 had all the info correct but what they played for viewer was a very old NCIS show. What a disapointment!!! Now it appears the pilot will not be rebroadcast on TV.

  26. clete rodocker says:

    I live in Tacoma, Wa. area and dish did not show this program

  27. Wanda says:

    Ball Games….I wish they would run them @ mid-night or anytime in the A.M.. Its the same every Sunday. Thursday night is a terrible night for TV. Please Please move Madam Secretary and the Good Wife and then you can have your Sunday’s for your precious Games!

  28. Tickedoffviewer says:

    And so it ends. I did not watch madame secretary in the beginning. Did actually watch one program when it was on time but sadly it will have to go the way of The Good Wife on my DVR deleted!! Maybe cbs could shoot me an email when they move the programs or figure out how to manage and estimate a realistic time frame for football. I don’t want to watch it and resent being bullied by a sport that is sadly full of bullies. There is a reason The Walking Dead has such a following. They can be counted on to start a program on time when football is king on other networks

  29. Linda says:

    Madam Secretary is one of worse shows on tv. Completely unrealistic, characters are cartoon characters and the drama just doesn’t end. This last show when she told her daughter she tortured people, an Iraqi blackmailing her, walking out of meetings to hug her daughter and two guys with pot in the capital??????? Are you kidding!!!! This show needs to just stop. unfortunately nothing else is on before you get to watch a good show The Good Wife.n

  30. Gay Lowden says:

    I love that show Madam Secretary. I really loved it and thought it was some of the best TV going since all the others are so repeat the plot. I have not watched TV Series in a while but because Tea Leoni and Tyner Daley son I thought I would try it! It was great! Now you put the mentalist on instead in the time slot. Very disappointed. You hardly gave it a chance. It only aired 10x. It was great!

  31. Joyce says:

    I have loved this show since the beginning just as things get even better where is it. Was season one finished. It had so many delays in scheduling of the NFL. I hope that we will have more of it.

  32. Everyone loves what you guys tend to be up too.
    This type of clever work and coverage! Keep up the amazing works guys
    I’ve included you guys to blogroll.

  33. Colleen Barkham says:

    Footbal has ruined the Sunday night CBS! The best programs they have are pushed back for football! Really??

  34. Norm Rosenkrantz says:

    This sucks. U r adding to the confusion n chaos with your programming of Madame Secretary

  35. DONNA says: