Castle's Derrick Storm Novels Being Developed Into New ABC Series

Castle Derrick Storm TV Series

That Nikki Heat movie may have gone straight to DVD, but the future looks rosier for another of novelist Richard Castle’s creations.

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With Castle creator Andrew W. Marlowe and executive producer Terri Edda Miller on board to serve as EPs, ABC is in the early stages of developing a new series based on Derrick Storm, the P.I.-turned-CIA freelancer that serves as the focus of Rick’s other bread-and-butter, our sister site Variety reports.

Gregory Poirier, the creator of ABC’s Ashley Judd drama Missing, would pen the pilot.

VIDEO Castle Season 7 First Look: Kate Searches for Rick in Fiery Teaser

In “real” life, Hyperion Books has published several Derrick Storm mysteries, including Storm Front, A Raging Storm and A Brewing Storm, all with author “Richard Castle”/Nathan Fillion pictured on the book jacket.

Castle proper opens its seventh season on Monday, Sept. 29.

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  1. Laura says:

    You have to be crazy to watch another tv series from Marlowe

    • tam says:

      Think what you will but try not to impose the label of *crazy* on everyone that watches Castle. Doesn’t make sense.
      There is a saying called “to each his own”

      • Maria says:

        I currently watch Castle and I’ll freely admit I must be crazy for doing so. Last season, in my opinion, was pretty terrible. The only reason I’m sticking around is because I’m a fan of both Nathan and Stana. (To all the people fighting downthread…it is possible to be a fan of BOTH actors..) And I’m thinking this is probably the last season anyway (Nathan looks so bored that I’d be stunned if he renewed his contract) so I might as well see how their story ends. But no way am I watching anything else created by AWM. Ever.

        • Regardless of how spin-off series often co-exist with the originals, and despite the fact that people like Shonda Rhimes have multiple shows on at once, it has always felt like Marlowe and Miller were priming the pump at ABC with a Castle replacement.
          Honestly, if Fillion re-ups for an eighth year that’ll be the shock of the season. He refuses to say anything positive in interviews that isn’t based on gratitude for being employed or kudos to the crew. Other than that, he complains about the hours, the claustrophobia, etc. During production, he jumps at any chance that lets walk the red carpet with the cool kids.
          And if shooting the season premiere conflicts with SDCC, the Closing Ceremonies of his annual Summer Geek God Tour, there’s a 1000% chance he’s not gonna be available for shooting. Truly, unless ABC could somehow transport thousands of adoring Firefly fans to set, it seems his current day job will never have the same appeal.
          Nice guys by all accounts. But his priorities aren’t with the job that pays his bills anymore. (And who knows? Maybe going to 15 cons a year rakes in the same cash?)
          It just seems crazy to me that they’d somehow still be on the air in 2016. I honestly think everyone deserves to be cut loose, so they can try something new. And I hope Marlowe and Miller get another series so the hard-working crew is guaranteed another year of work.

          • lkh says:

            1000% chance is a really HUGE chance-doesn’t sound promising. I don’t know how I would behave if I had a job I appreciated and it paid me enough to do the things I really enjoyed. Do you think what you believe is his ‘attitude’ has compromised his performance or the life of the show? Maybe he’s a bit more like the character Castle than we know, but I guess our only right-so to speak- to criticize him about this is if we do indeed feel he is compromising the show. It sounds like you might believe this.

            Regarding SDCC–please, it is in San Diego!

          • Just one thing says:

            Lkh, I think any time you have different people noting an actor’s apparent boredom and attempting to find the reason behind it, that means his performance has been effected. I don’t think the show has been compromised. But as Fillion slyly said to Ausiello about Castle going on for as long as Bones, there are other people to ask about longevity – like Capt. Foot-in-Mouth Boreanaz.
            Certainly, whatever transpired offscreen, due to fan behavior or otherwise, has affected his ability to pull off a certain level of romantic physicality with his co-star, which I think will only continue to annoy and confuse fans of the show’s main couple, unless that’s somehow been worked out.

          • lkh says:

            Just one thing (aka JOT–?) Thank you so much for your response, I always respect and enjoy your reasoned perspective. I agree with you that many fans have indicated a change in Mr. Fillion’s performance–that it has indeed been affected by something or a combination of things and is reflected in what happens on the screen. My mind boggles at the task of presenting 23 episodes of the series in such a short period of time. Everyone must be exhausted and tense. But, I also believe that if one has taken a job, your duty/promise is to do that job. If people/fans perceive that this isn’t happening, it should certainly be addressed-by whom, I dunno. I know he enjoys real life (?) and has a real loyalty to Joss Whedon for whom he has done many ‘cameos’ such as Guardians…, Much Ado About Nothing and of course, Mr. Whedon was the writer/director, etc for Firefly. Maybe all this ‘outside’ work and the conventions and blah, blah, blah have compromised what he is doing for his ‘main’ job. And perhaps he will refocus if the story line changes in season 7.

            Having made a few excuses for him, I do need to say something that may seem a little catty and superficial. We (friends and I) have been doing a mini survey of folks’ response to him. Truthfully, and again not kind, physically he isn’t really attractive-yikes, I said it. The first season (part of) he was much thinner, had that 5 o’clock shadow and the twinkle in his eye. That went downhill starting, for sure, in season 2 until about season 4(when it bothered many of us) and certainly in season 5 and 6, where it became a difficult situation. Again, this is my small survey, and I read all the time that he is cute, adorable, handsome (ruggedly :[-no). These folks clearly have a different definition of what this means. To each their own. It’s not easy (for us) to have a leading man who has allowed this to happen. This is unkind, and may not need mentioning and may just be us. But some of my ‘participants’ in this survey have really quit watching for just this reason-and only this reason. There are certainly reasons that this happens to one, such as the extreme schedule, lack of chance to exercise, boredom, food availability, etc but if this is the leading man and part of the job is appearance, I guess it needs to be addressed. Oh, and by the way (btw-whatever), wardrobe people–folks wearing black and dark navy blue DOES NOT solve this problem. And those nasty high collar shirts and long, baggy jackets don’t do it either. You actually don’t look thinner. His lack of physical fitness may be affecting his performance just because of a lack of energy and exhaustion.

            People really don’t talk too much about this appearance issue in writing–but we do privately. Some of you find his performance lacking and comment on that and that has influenced your interest and loyalty to the show. Although, as I said, this is just my group, physical appearance has influenced us a lot. Haven’t noticed these types of changes in the rest of the cast–except Ms. Katic who seems to be getting prettier (a paraphrase from Marlowe).

            Hope this isn’t too upsetting to y’all–don’t mean it to be. If nothing else, I’m very honest and this has become a real issue for some of us. You probably can tell I’m a parent–I feel like saying, please eat right and exercise. I hesitate to post this just because I do believe he is a really nice guy.

          • Just one thing says:

            Thanks for your reply, Lkh. I definitely think it’s a combination of complex issues that are at play with the seeming awkwardness there. And no, fans don’t deserve to know “why,” but we absolutely have a right to make note of it. There’s no way for us to know whether or not the issues have been addressed (I suspect they have been addressed about as much as possible), but as long as the issues appear on-screen, people are going to keep complaining about it. It’s why I’ve continued to say here that fans should adjust their expectations accordingly.
            I’m not gonna touch on the superficial stuff too much, because I firmly believe that everyone is worth more than their weight. And it’s such a touchy subject. But I do think it’s a testament to the continued double-standard in TV/film. Male actors are given way more of a free pass in the industry – by fellow men and by women – than female actors. (But that’s part of a larger discussion outside of Castle.)
            Regardless of all that, Fillion’s stellar reputation precedes him, so it’s hard to see how that superficiality is or will be much of an issue for him.

          • lkh says:

            JOT–thank you again. Of course you are right and I readily admitted that some of my comments were very superficial. And, of course, in real life, one’s worth should not be linked to such attributes. However, in pretend life, especially if it is what one is selling, it does and it will matter. I am only in this on the pretend level. Mr. Fillion’s prospects and other personal issues are really none of my business. If they were, I might wonder about the convergence of a physical change and change in his level of performance–not as a critique of him as a person but just as a concern. I find myself on the wrong side of this discussion. What I meant to say is that the role he has been cast to play-the leading man- is, at least for me and some friends, not being met. That’s in pretend land. In real land, I’m not involved.

          • Just one thing says:

            I absolutely understand where you’re coming from, Lkh. I don’t think you’re at all on the wrong side of the discussion, and I’m certain you and your friends aren’t alone.
            Ultimately, this is a business, and everything you’re describing is a not-so-fun aspect of the business, but it’s still true. Overweight actors, both male and female, aren’t often cast to be “the hero” in blockbuster films like the ones Fillion supports. Overweight actors are still relegated to comic relief and second-fiddle support. It sucks, it’s not fair, but it’s still the truth. Unless you’re Jon Favreau, Adam Sandler or Vince Vaughan, it’s unlikely to happen. Ugly side of the biz, but – like I said – far uglier for women than men.
            It’s just a philosophical issue for me, because if an actor demonstrates a commitment to finding nuances in their character throughout the series run; does more than the bare minimum to promote their show; publicly acknowledges their co-star, instead of pretending like the mere utterance of her name is a swear word; and doesn’t continuously complain about the very job that has kept them relevant in pop culture for the last several years…. Well, I can overlook the superficial pretty easily.

          • lkh says:

            JOT–Enjoyed talking with you. It’s always good to get someone else’s considered perspective. Thanks.

    • William says:

      I agree. As far as I am concerned, Marlowe and his wife can go jump in a pile of manure.

    • S. says:

      You’d have to be crazy to come on a thread about a Marlowe show and think anybody cares to know that you checked out of a show you never really got in the first place. How sad that you can’t contribute something positive in the world instead of trolling.

  2. Jake says:

    I think it’s time to end Castle, let Nathan and Stana do something else seeing how the show the last couples of seasons has been an absolute mess since Caskett got together… I want Nathan to go do another show that he’ll love to do because lets face it Castle has turned into the Kate Beckett show. I’d be down for this new show, it’ll be fresh and new, and something I can get behind!!!

    • S says:

      Nathan does seem bored. He should do something like firefly or whatever it is he was doing. Castle is just a job to him, he has no passion for it. Personally I love the “Kate Beckett show”. I mean badass Stana is fantastic. And shes passionate about her work, and it shows. She gives it her all. Guess that’s why I love watching her.

      As for the new show, I would try watching it. Wonder who they’re options are for Derrick. I would suggest Henry Cavill, or Matt Bomer. Both have the look for the character. Or maybe some new actor, give them an opening, just like Castle did for Stana.

      I do think this news cements the notion that Castle is at its end. I presume S7 is the last, which is fine. They had a good run.

      • DL says:

        I think he seems bored because they’re not giving him fresh, interesting material. You could see him really come alive in the episodes with James Brolin. I’m excited for the upcoming season’s commitment to delving deeper into Castle himself now that the Bracken meta-plot has concluded. I too love badass Stana, but it’s time to start giving some really interesting storylines to Nathan as well. :-)

        • Patrick says:

          Take Nathan Fillion out of Castle and the numbers would be so horrific that it would be canceled by the 3rd commercial break. I mean that literally. ABC would get the immediate feedback mid show and yank it.

          I only watch for him.

          • Jay says:

            Same would happen if you take Stana out. BOTH actors are important. Why can’t people understand this?

          • S says:

            Patrick, maybe in the first season, but not anymore. The show is made by both, weather you want to admit it or not. Not sure why some Firefly fans are hell bent on saying the success is Nathan and Nathan alone. It isn’t. Its Nathan and Stana… and also all the other cast members. Seamus and Jon add flavor to the show. So give all some credit will ya. If the success of a show was just Nathan, guess what Firefly would have survived more than 13 eps. Theres a reason why Castle survived and Firefly didn’t. And that’s because Castle has a great collaboration. Good actors, good chemistry, good writing. Its not about ONE person or factor.

            I can respect that you only watch for him. But there are lots who also only watch for Katic. Nothing wrong with that. we all have our own favourites. But don’t make it all about Nathan.

          • S says:

            Also, sorry i forgot to add this. Who ever said anything about taking Nathan out? You cant take either one of the leads out. Without Nathan and Stana, the show would not exist. The show is about them, not one or the other..its them.

            All that was said was that given that he looks bored, and they’ve been at this for 7 years, maybe it could end. If either Nathan or Stana didn’t want to renew their contracts, the show will definitely end. They’ve both got to want to continue, and given how long its been they may not want to. That’s all that was said.

          • jen says:

            Patrick, dramatic much?!! Come on, you’re living in a delusional world if you think that. I’m a huge gigantic Firefly fan, and yes I followed Nathan to Castle, but even I can admit that Castle’s success isn’t due to Fillion alone. Its ok to praise the others you know, you wont loose your Number One Fillion Fan status:)

            Stana is phenomenal. Never heard of her before Castle, but I’ve grown to admire her work and especially her portrayal of Beckett. And the undoubtedly cray cray chemistry she has with Nathan. That chemistry is the success of the show, hands down. So the show is a big fat zero without it, ergo without Katic and Fillion.

            Frankly I do hope they grace our screens for much longer than 7 seasons. They are magic on screen and I wouldn’t mind watching that for a few more years.

          • MCO says:

            People came for Nathan Fillion, they stayed for the whole cast, storylines and the show itself.
            Fillion was the one that get it launched and successful for the first season, maybe the first two. I love Nathan, but not enough people are crazy enough to watch 7 season of a show just for one actor if they don’t like it overall

          • Brian says:

            Totally Agree MCO and Jen. People may have come for Nathan, but they certainly stayed for a whole lot of other things, including the lovely Stana Katic and the rest of the cast and writing skills. Like MCO says, no one is crazy enough to watch 7 years, and keep it at such high ratings just for one actor if they didn’t like everything else about the show. I would say maybe only 2 or 3 mil are initial firefly/Nathan fans, but now maybe not even that much. The remaining 8 or 9 mil folks who watch, watch for the entirety of the show, the cast and the storylines. They are Castle fans, not Firefly fans. Might I add, Jen is spot on in saying the show reached its peak and became a hit because of the chemistry of the leads. I am pretty old and have seen lots of crime / romance shows. My favourite back then was Remington Steele. Good chemistry is key for these types of shows, and they had that. But Fillion and Katic took that to a whole new level. They are captivating to watch. If not for that, it may not be where it is today. Marlowe got damn lucky with Nathan and Stana. Wish him the best in his next series and hopefully he can get 2 actors like Nathan and Stana. I’d watch then.

          • Lena says:

            I had never even heard of Nathan before Castle so it’s not the case of everyone. And I find really obvious that without him the show would end, just like it would endwgitm

          • Lena says:

            *just like it would end without Stana

      • But the show is called Castle. Not “Kate Beckett”. I watch it for Castle, not his sexy girlfriend.

      • S. says:

        Hello again ‘other S.’ We meet again. Maybe you can get someone else to decide to use the handle too and we can form a club (not seven of them though, cuz people might think the pop group S Club 7 got back together). ;) I disagree, Nathan doesn’t “seem bored.” He’s a talented actor. No way would he let that seep into his performance and no way would a director or Marlowe let a show like that go out where he was visibly phoning it in. You know he could end it if he wanted to, and since he hasn’t maybe people should let it be. I think it’s a function of what they needed the character to be doing. He needed to focus on Beckett (when he wasn’t also stressing about Alexis) so he was emotionally involved with her situation and sometimes a result of that is that the character’s drained on her behalf. He was at his wits end trying to keep her alive sometimes, but now it’ll be his turn so I imagine Beckett will be in the reverse position. Sounds like he’s gonna have a lot to do this year. Re: Cavill, I can’t remember what but I did hear he’s not a nice person to fans, or wasn’t when he started making it big at any rate. Buying into his own hype I think. If that’s true, I dunno that I’d want him involved, but he’s probably too busy with film anyway.

  3. That’s very meta. I love it. A TV show is being developed from a fictional book series written by a fictional character on a TV show. So awesome.

  4. Texcastle says:

    Sorry will never watch another Marlowe production. He has such disrespect for viewers/fans

  5. Leslie says:

    This would be amazing news if Marlowe & Co. hadn’t disappointed me so many times over the last couple of years.. I’m so done with Marlowe. The only way I would watch this show (or any of his future projects) is if Stana Katic stars in it. Which I hope she won’t because I really don’t want to be disappointed again. “Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.”

  6. Denise says:

    Think Il’ll pass. Andrew Marlowe can’t even handle the show he is doing now. The season 6 finale of Castle was a crap-Fest of a train wreck that totally mutilated the characters of Castle and Beckett. Why would I want the same with another name?

  7. MattArmando says:

    Personally, this sounds actually kinda cool. With the right cast, it’ll be fine. Ashley Judd was written very well in MISSING by Poirier.

  8. M3rc Nate says:

    Really scrapping the bottom of the barrel huh? Instead of creating (or buying) an amazing show thats original and creative (like Cable/paid cable is doing right now), network TV decides to make a show based on its average-to-poorly written hit shows fake books that the character “writers” in the show. Im gonna have to pass.

    Its moves like this that are the answer to the networks asking “Why are all of the awards going to shows on Cable and Paid Cable and the internet? (Netflix)”

    2013 Emmy’s: “Broadcast network programming won only seven out of 26 key acting, directing, and overall series non-technical categories, with four of those seven coming in comedy categories and the other three coming from one comedic variety program and two reality-type programs” Source: Forbes article titled: how-cables-emmy-wins-signal-the-future-of-television-programming

  9. Kida says:

    I’m ecstatic when I hear anything positive about Castle because I’m crossing my fingers and toes it makes it thru Season 8. So a spinoff of sorts sounds very encouraging as to the state of the show. What’s bizarre to me is this is the way ABC shows it, instead of actually supporting Castle itself, with proper promos and advertising.

    • S says:

      Actually I think the spin off sounds discouraging for Castle, kinda indicates that Castle is ending at Season 7. You know, end one, start another. Looks like that’s what Marlowe is doing. Besides Nathan and Stanas contract ends in season 7, doubt they would want to renew. But this is just my opinion, could be wrong.

    • ABC is happy to milk Castle for all of it’s syndie cash and ancillary merchandise revenue, while seeming to keep their production budget at a minimum and their slice of the promo pie low. All while continuing to shovel money, assets and second/third chances at more expensive newbie shows that’ll be lucky to score syndication on Syfy and Lifetime this season. (And I enjoy those shows, btw).
      You know partially why CBS is so successful? It’s not because their content is so groundbreaking. It’s because they make the necessary investments for viewers to know when EVERY SINGLE show airs on their schedule. There’s a clear brand cohesiveness that audiences simply can’t escape. You cannot watch anything on CBS either live or on-demand without seeing ads for shows old, new and in between.
      ABC could really learn something from that tactic. Among other things.

  10. tam says:

    Ughh so much negativity here. Don’t get why people bother to open up a page just to leave a negative comment.

    This show could be cool. Very meta.
    IF it means Castle will end soon, I hope they announce it soon too.
    And yes I still watch and love that show despite its mistakes. Call me crazy or whatever. Or better yet let people enjoy the tv they want and switch if you dnt like sth. A thing called a remote control exists for that very reason. Makes life a lot easier and enjoyable.

  11. JC1 says:

    I like the idea, especially if it’s a little bit lighter and fun like Castle has been.

  12. Elise says:

    I was a huge fan of Castle and Marlow until this last season. I truly think that Marlowe has a tremendous disrespect for the fans. I loved the show in it’s early season and loved the chemistry between Fillion and Katic. Now Fillion is obviously bored and Stana is doing the best she can with the material she’s given. I want this to be the last season so the show can end with some grace. Personally I am really uninterested in what Mr. Hacklowe and his wife, Passive Aggressive Terri are doing from now on.

  13. lame says:

    From what has been written, I’d day season 7 is an attempt to correct the impression that “Castle” has become “Beckett”. I’ve thought Nathan Fillion was being short change, he is a gifted actor whose subtle expression were always right on. Hopefully this new mythology is good enough to keep the fan base returning. 10 pm Mondays are gonna be a battlefield, we’ll have to see who is still standing when May arrives.

    • lame says:

      can someone please get Richard Castle a better wardrobe. He’s in really good shape for a guy his size, but you wouldn’t know it by that person or persons who select his clothes.

      • Gey says:

        Hey, is this the same “lame” that use to post on the page? :)
        I miss posting there but they changed the one doing the reviews and it’s not quite the same.

    • jen says:

      I don’t think he was short changed at all. His character was never meant to be the dramatic serious haunted one. He was meant to be the opposite of Beckett, which he has executed perfectly. I’ve been fearing that they are gonna make him a male Beckett now, and I really do not want to watch that. What makes them unique is their differences.

      • lame says:

        Beckett’s back story has been completely explored, I think Marlowe wants to do the same for Castle. What happened in his passed to create the ” master of the macabre” There must have been some disturbing events that he saw or was involved in that gave rise to his fascination in murder and mayhem.

  14. Interesting concept.

  15. lilu says:

    Ooohhh, nice!!! Love the books so far!!! This could be great!

  16. lilu says:

    Dear TVLine,

    You have the worst Castle Fans….

    All there is in the comments of a Castle post is whining and complaining. I wonder why somebidy still watches a show he is hating o_O

    Love, Lilu

  17. arial2 says:

    But we know he dies in the last novel. Not much suspense to look forward to.

  18. AfraidofZombies says:

    Love Castle, though I feel as though the Derek Storm novels aren’t all that great (the Castle novels are fine, and I like finding the little bits from the show). Maybe, if they cast the show right, it might work out. Castle does have a large, and very devoted (if snarky) fanbase. I imagine I will give it a shot. I am excited for the upcoming season of Castle though, and the new mytharc.

  19. Lena says:

    I think some people are overreacting. I was really disappointed too by Castle’s season 6 which let’s be honest wasn’t good compared to the others. But it’s not a reason to disrespect like this the writers (or the actors for some). Why don’t we wait to see if Season 7 ? And even if it’s not good, stop being dramatic, it’s just a TV show, at least we’ve had several great seasons and personally, I’m thankful to have discovered two great actors like Stana Katic and Nathan Fillion.

  20. DarkDefender says:

    Derek Storm is a (meta) fictional character. I think an 8-10 episode run during the winter break or a summer run might have promise.
    What I want to know is how long are we going to have to wait to get Nathan to play the next Docto Who. Time we had a Canadian at the helm of the TARDIS… I think Cristin Millotti (the mother) should play his companion… Well her or Summer Glau.

    • Mark says:

      Agree on the 8-10 ep for this spin off.

      Disagree 100% on Fillion as Dr.Who. OR the ladies. All 3 actors are just not right in terms of talent and looks. They do not fit the role.

      No American or Canadian, just no. They don’t have that British flair to get it done with wit and class. All the doctors have been British and it should stay that way. It is a British show after all. The 12th doctor, Peter Capaldi is terrific.

      Love Fillion, but absolutely no for this.

    • John NYC says:

      The added intensity the short seasons bring could work. I’ve come to prefer a lot of those summer/midwinter shows and their lack of obvious “filler” episodes is a big part of that.

  21. joe says:

    It may work but then again Marlowe has been taking a number of wrong turns the past year, most recently that very very odd finale. So its hard to tell if this would be any good.

    I’ve enjoyed Castle and I’m hoping this new gig doesn’t mean the end of that. Ms.KATIC and Mr.FILLION make my Monday nights. The wife and I adore them.

  22. mike says:

    Are those books better than Heat Wave? cause that was frickin awful. Couldn’t get passed the first chapter

    • Maria says:

      I read a couple chapters of one and it wasn’t bad. The writing style was a little more advanced and less “choppy” than the Nikki Heat books.

  23. SmlPotatoes says:

    Anyone remember the Lone Gunmen spinoff of The X-Files? No? Exactly. I think Marlowe and Miller are very talented, and I am a fan of Castle, but this new series is doomed from the start.

  24. This is just ridiculous and annoying. What next? A Nikki Heat series with Katic and Fillion as the leads?

  25. Guess I’m blocked from posting, Matt?

  26. prish says:

    Didn’t he kill off Derrick Storm? They would need a coming back like with Sherlock Holmes, down the line. I’m not about to see anything where they are going to kill off the lead. I’m glad I didn’t waste any time with Heartland. People might wait to invest in the show, until the reruns or dvd releases, waiting to see if he gets killed off, up the road.

  27. greysfan says:

    I don’t mind the idea of this. The premise doesn’t sound half bad. You never know how it will turn out until you try.

    Oh and for crying out loud. For all of those saying END CASTLE NOW will be the same people saying they shouldn’t have cancelled it in the future. Enjoy a show while it lasts because you never know when it will finish. So many good shows don’t even make it past season 1. Its like Grey’s. All the so called “fans” that say end it will whine and whine once its over. If you don’t want to watch it anymore then don’t and let the real fans of the show enjoy it for what it is. I still enjoy this show and wouldn’t know what i would do if it wasn’t airing anymore. Sure there has been some crazy plots but this is the tv industry.

  28. I think it’s great Love the program

  29. lkh says:

    Seems to me, and I could be misremembering, that Marlowe was developing a Philip Marlowe series (announced around February?). Anyway, we kinda knew they were freeing up time to do this. I don’t know if the Derrick Storm character fits into this. I haven’t read those books, so can’t comment on the characters or stories. I have read the Nikki Heat stories and they pretty much take story lines and events from Castle. I doubt that either Ms. Katic or Mr. Fillion would be used in this new series.

    I have heard both of the actors interviewed, less of Ms. Katic more from Mr. Fillion (especially interesting on KPCS). We have to remember that acting is a tough way to make a living–I’ve heard both say that they’re happy to be working actors. And for both, they have had some very ‘dry’ times. And Mr. Fillion has said, with some honesty, that Firefly was his dream job–that’s ok isn’t it? I first saw his work in Waitress, btw, and that was a very well received Indie. Ms. Katic was a less ‘seasoned’ actor, but she has grown amazingly and clearly works very hard. Her facial expressions are amazing.

    I know we’re all attached to the characters/stories in Castle, some of us with great emotion, but again that’s the way these folks make a living. I’m a teacher, I so hope people don’t snipe at me about how I do my job they way we do them.

    I disagree somewhat with the comments regarding the future of TV. I think the usual format–the ‘big’ channels are on the edge, cable has kinda taken over but the future really lies with online streaming and podcasts where folks can be freer in what they create and present. Netflix, Amazon, Hulu plus, etc, have all developed series, some of which are very successful, very well received and honored.

    Guess what I’m saying is this is their livelihood whether we are emotionally involved or not-isn’t that on us? I agree some of the episodes this last season were disappointing, but some were really enjoyable too and actually quite good.

    Venting over. Now back to being a fan: I agree about Mr. Fillion’s wardrobe–whassup there?

  30. AmbleAlong says:

    I tried one of the Derrick Storm books, but it was Terrible (deserved the capital “T”, too).

    I liked the idea of expanding the Castle series into the world of books, but it just didn’t pay off and the book was weak. SO glad I only checked it out and had not purchased it.

    Methinks Mr. Marlowe needs to marry Rick and Kate off this year then “Let It Go” as they say… The show is not getting better with age and there is too little Ryan, Esposito, and Lanie for them to even hang around the precinct anymore…

  31. Ed says:

    Rick Castle uses his life to inspire his novels, in the Niki Heat books is character is James Rook (another chest piece). I’m hoping that Rick used his experience with the CIA to create Der-Rick Storm. So it might be a Nathan Fillion role after this season.

  32. Jim says:

    You realize that this means more seasons of Castle. The premise of a spin-off is to have a running show to lever the new show. ABC would not have gone into development of a spin-off without locking in additional seasons of Castle.

    • Missteff says:

      that’s what i was thinking, i was about to post that…..anyway you’re right and it might not even get off the ground, who knows…..i will think about it though. it could be interesting, i like shows that have books that i can also read from. (i guess i’m old fashion that way-i still read!) but the thing to that is, sometimes books are better then the tv……and it’s only in production not a done deal yet……i know some that had spin-offs and they never came about, so only time with tell with that too.

      i feel in love with castle cause it was different than all the other shows out there and cause i couldn’t tell what was going to happen next. in season 6 yes it was kinda cheesy ending but i have never been disappointed in a premier so i will see after that. i wasn’t expecting a wedding so i didn’t get to disappointed but hated what they did to both Castle and Beckett on what was suppose to be the best day of their lives….

  33. aworkerinthefields says:

    Just an idea for the Derrick Storm front. Castle could open and close the stories, with his lovely bride at his side, in their mansion, wherever it may be. But turn things over to Espo, Ryan, Laniey, and if she wants it Gates and your new characters. You are still keeping the original group together, somewhat, working together, and Castle, the writer, is the “narrator”, with Kate still the beautiful Cop, and eye candy on Castle’s arm. That is if Espo, Ryan, Laniey, and Gates would be up for the challenge! If not, then bring in new actors, unknowns, or maybe a couple of known, but mostly unknowns, to give a young actor a good start in the business.

  34. Frankly, I love Castle and despite the problems, I hope it has a Long running time on it, I love all the Richard Castle books and I love the Show I have all the Seasons and will continue as well as my 10 Friends who do as well, Sometimes we make a Party out of it on Monday nights WE LOVE CASTLE…………….. AND IF WE ARE “CRAZY” WELL THEN COME AND JOIN THE GANG!

  35. denver says:

    this is one of the few remaining entertainment shows on tv,, all these reality trash shows aren’t even worth the time to change channels,

  36. Melody brown says:

    i would like to see how Storm is portrayed on TV to see if he is as I imagined him as I have read the novels!