Lifetime's Saved By the Bell Tell-All Teaser: Hot TV Event or Hot Mess?

Well, at least Bell Biv Devoe’s “Poison” is percolating in the background.

There, we said something nice about the first teaser trailer for Lifetime’s The Unauthorized Saved By the Bell Story — a pastiche of groan-inducing dialogue, clichéd “they only smiled when the cameras were on” plot lines and visual reminders of just how much the average telephone has shrunk over the last two decades.

The other big take-away: Apparently, Mario Lopez perspired profusely prior to transforming himself into a shiny, secretion-free host-bot. (A sweaty teenager?! Shocking!)

Press PLAY for the full teaser, then share your thoughts in the comments. Are you so excited for The Unauthorized Saved By the Bell Story, or does this break the dial on your Hot-Mess-o-Meter?