Pretty Little Liars Recap: Sister Act

Pretty Little Liars Recap

Melissa Hastings pulled yet another disappearing act on Tuesday’s Pretty Little Liars, leaving behind a gift for Spencer that neither she nor the audience ever thought we’d receive: answers!

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According to her taped confession — which you know “A” is going to get his/her/its hands on — Melissa saw Spencer with a shovel the night Alison disappeared. She thought Spencer killed Ali, so she pushed her into a ditch and buried her. The catch? It wasn’t Alison; it was Bethany, and Melissa buried her alive!

(Guys, can we take a minute to appreciate that we actually received an answer to a mystery on this show? Never forget where you were when this episode aired. It shall live in infamy.)

Pretty Little Liars Recap‘HAUNTED’ | Tyler Blackburn told TVLine that Caleb would return to Rosewood a “changed” man, and this week, we finally got our first taste of his Ravenswood-related PTSD. Though he couldn’t bring himself to say the g-word to Toby out loud (ghosts!), he did admit to drinking because he’s “scared.” Hanna eventually got him to break down and tell her everything that happened in Ravenswood — the preacher, the demons, everything — and she seemed appropriately spooked. She also seemed very eager to see Ouija, which opens in theaters Oct. 24. #WatchOuija

MONARIA | Are Mona and Aria becoming… friends? After throwing a massive wrench in her date with Mike, Aria cornered her brother’s “girlfriend” in the bathroom, and they ended up having a surprising heart-t0-heart. But here’s my question: Could Mona be the girl Detective Tanner was referring to during her conversation with Byron? Though I’m assuming it’s Alison, this wouldn’t be the first time Mona sold out a “friend,” let’s be real.

Other observations from this week’s episode:

* Is anyone else curious about Paige’s mystery date? Are there any evil lesbians in Rosewood we have yet to identify?
* Has anyone Photoshopped Toby into a police uniform yet?
* I really enjoyed Emily and Ezra’s scenes together. I (friend)ship those two.
* Did anyone else not miss Alison this week? I’m thinking of pulling an Emily and severing ties to her, myself.

OK, your turn to talk: Were you surprised by Melissa’s confession? Who do you think is speaking to Detective Tanner? And who’s going to die in next week’s finale? Drop a comment with your thoughts and theories below.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. says:

    WOO HOO! Glad to not see Allison! Best part of this episode.

  2. Erica78 says:

    I thought Grinwald pulled Alison out of the grave alive the night Bethany was buried. How does that fit with this storyline?

    • webly3 says:

      Bethany was buried after Alison was pulled out.

      • Kait says:

        That’s what I didn’t get, they made it seem like Melissa walked up to her laying next to an already dug grave and just unceremoniously toppled her in, when it should have been just tilled ground a little sunken in from Ali being buried then pulled out

        • Me says:

          Know what I’m confused about? Wasn’t Spencer just walking away from her confrontation with Ali as she passed Bethany laying there unconscious? Did Spencer confront Ali just after she had been pulled out by Ms. Grunwald? I thought Ali had gone off with Ms Grunwald and stayed with Mona directly after this incident? Why was she hanging around the grave still? Did she likely see who attacked Bethany and could it possibly have been her?

  3. Cobra says:

    So question…whoever it is that appears to be getting arrested in the promo for the summer finale, does anyone recognize the bracelet being worn as belonging to a particular character? Is it something that’s been spotted before?

    • Ash says:

      It looks like a watch and Spencer is the only female on the show that wears one. I say female because the hands in those cuffs have polished nails. Also, Spencer isn’t shown in any promo for the next episode (the other 3 are shown throughout the preview). Yikes!!

      • Lil009 says:

        I think it is aria because if you look at the pictures she has a blue skirt on and a black bracket like the ones on the girl getting arested

  4. ericA78 says:

    I thought Grinwald pulled Allison from the grave the night Bethany was killed. How does that fit with this storyline?

    • Monica says:

      Well I think they are assuming it already happened and Alison was already pulled out of the grave… Hence an empty grave come eminently being there to roll Bethany into!

  5. Kelsey says:

    Ok so maybe I’m just missing something here, but I thought Ali was buried alive by her mom and Mrs. Grunswald pulled her out? Did they say this didn’t actually happen or are we assuming this occurred before Bethany was killed?

  6. royalty104 says:

    Did not miss ali at all this week! And I agree with the liars thinking it’ll be ali talking to tanner….mona did warn aria! Which version exactly will ali tell? Who knows……and I can’t wait to see who they write off this show….it wont be anyone too important but then again ppl really dont stay dead on this show so who knows

  7. alistaircrane says:

    Glad to see the supernatural elements of Ravenswood creeping into the main series.

  8. Kyle says:

    Having seen the promo for the finale already, I’m loving the Liars’ or Liar suspicion that Ali might be A. Finally, someone seems to think that. And as for the arrested person, maybe its Spencer, since she’s not seen a lot. The person I’m wondering is going to die is either Mona or i don’t know who else.

    • Kyle says:

      Having seen the promo for the finale already, I’m loving the Liars’ or Liar suspicion that Ali might be A. Finally, someone seems to think that. And as for the arrested person, maybe its Spencer, since she’s not seen a lot in the promo. The person I’m wondering is going to die is either Mona or i don’t know who else.

    • Cassandra Simmons says:

      I think it will be Melissa!

  9. I think there’s a strong chance Mona dies next week.

  10. Leila J says:

    Also glad to not see Allison tonight. Did not miss her one bit; though, I am sure she will rear her evil little head sooner rather than later. If she turns out to be “A” it will not surprise me in the least. The girl is a menace, terror and atrocity. I was surprised by Melissa’s confession and I believe that she might be the one that will be the fAtality next week. I also enjoyed the interaction with Emily and Ezra. I do wonder who that chick was with Paige. She sure moved on from Emily pretty quickly, but who can blame her. Emily did choose Allison over her so she had the green light to move on and date someone else. Lindsey Shaw is great as Paige and for a long time I did not think I could ever see her as no one else but Moze from Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide. I can honestly say, I don’t see her as that character anymore. I regret not watching Ravenswood because I have no clue what Caleb was talking about tonight. All I know is that it ties in with that Ouija movie that was sneak peeked during the episode. I think it will be Allison that talks to the police. Then again it could just be some random chick from an episode long ago who thinks she saw someone with somebody do something somewhere. All I do know is that this show is one big long tease and I for whatever reason keep coming back for more. Hey, I can’t kick my love of junk food either, so clearly I don’t go for wholesome and nourishing! I am greatly anticipating next week’s episode! Thanks for the awesome recap!

  11. Lauren Gould says:

    I think Melissa dies in the finale. The way she ended the video recording with the ‘I Love You Spencer’, the whole goodbye is a huge foreshadowing of the murder to come

  12. sli says:

    Alison is awesome and her being A would be way too obvious and a cop-out in my opinion. Hopefully there’s more than meets the eye.

  13. Eliza says:

    Not the worst but please no more episodes w/o Alison. She’s the best part of PLL.

  14. Seriously does nobody check for damn pulses in that town??? Emilys slip was awesome I cant decide between Aria or Spencer that will be arrested Ali is straight up evil needs to be locked up somewhere preferably better than Radley, b*tch is freaking crazy it seems, my head feels like its about to explode

  15. Kelly says:

    What I want to know is how everyone is saying Melissa killed Bethany but my question is Melissa pushed her in the open grave when she seemed “dead” and her head was already bleeding so who hit Bethany in the head?melissa?

    • Erin2 says:

      No, Spencer hit Bethany in the head thinking it was Ali!!!

      • That’s what they want us to think but that shovel seems to have no blood on it and god knows how far away Spence was when Melissa saw her walking away all zombie-like. still my main thing why in the hell would nobody check for a damn pulse!!! Going to have to change the Welcome to Rosewood sign to say home of the stupid craziest people on damn earth

        • Me says:

          Spencer’s dad seemed to think, or know, that the weapon that attacked Bethany was that lacrosse stick. The shovel must only have been used to dig up the grave.

          Ali must have been nearby or present when Bethany was attacked. Spencer passed Bethany’s unconscious body as she left the confrontation with Ali.

          A lot of people do NOT think straight in such moments. Melissa didn’t think to check whether there was a pulse; she acted hastily.

          It seems odd to me that two people were buried alive that night. Perhaps Ali lied and was not buried at all – used part of Bethany’s story and incorporated it into her own.

  16. Jen5894 says:

    Did anyone see Toby in a police uniform in the Canadian promo? He’s been in the police academy for like, what, a week or two? The academy takes 20 weeks and then you actually have to apply to local precincts. It amazes me that the writers can be so stupid sometimes.

  17. Taylor says:

    I think Mona dies in the finale. Troian (Spencer) had a slip up during her interview with Larry King about Mona. She said Mona was a “previous character” and quickly corrected it to “um, a character on the show”. I don’t think it’s Melissa that dies because she has pics on her Instagram of her in the Christmas episode. Hope this helps!

  18. A says:

    The guy who looks like Dave from Happy Endings will die.

  19. Hely says:

    Does’t anybody have something to say about Emily’s ”A” slip up? I thought that was really suspicious…

    • Cate53 says:

      I can’t figure out what that slip up meant. We know they all suspect Ali of being a so why make a big deal of it? Are they trying to imply Emily know more than she is revealing? In many ways Emily is the most open book of all of them.

      • Me says:

        Perhaps Emily is still with Ali? I mean they slept together…and suddenly there isn’t anymore talk of what happened. Sleeping together often causes a devoted bond, particularly if there are feelings of love present (which with Emily was certainly there).

        You’re right, she did look like she really spilled the beans for a second. You never know. She could still be working with Ali.

  20. lauri5567 says:

    I’m assuming that it wasn’t Spencer that hit Bethany, so who did?
    I actually liked Byron for the first time when he pointed out to Det. Tanner that she shouldn’t be talking to the minors by themselves.
    How long is it before there’s a crisis where Toby knows something about the girs that’s illegal so he should report it?

  21. Katey says:

    Did anyone else notice a girl standing beside the camera when it changed to the scene of Melissa actually recording the video? Was that meant to be Spencer or what? And how was Bethany on the ground when Melissa shoved her into the ground? I thought spencer hit Ali not Beth? And I thought Ali was buried alive not Bethany? How come Ali said ms grunwald pulled her out if Bethany was the one in the grave? If Ali and spencer fought and then spencer went after her with a shovel, how did Bethany suddenly end up in alis place? Ah I’m so confused

    • Erin2 says:

      People not paying attention is the problem!!! First we still don’t know who hit Ali in the with the rock… then Mrs. D buried Ali, the Ms. Grunwald pulled Ali form the grave! Then Spencer i’m assuming hit Bethany with the shovel thinking it was Ali and that is when Melissa pushed Bethany into the open grave which Ali was already pulled from!

      • Me says:

        The problem is that this all just sounds so convoluted. And I know that Ms. Grunwald admitted to pulling Ali out of the grave, but how the hell did she just wind up there? She’s a random woman living all the way out in Ravenswood. Also, isn’t it strange that *two* girls were buried alive that night? Is it possible that Ali incorporated part of Bethany’s story into her own and only one was buried alive?

      • Kell says:

        The authopsy said that Bethany (who they thought was Allison) was hit with something made of wood if I remember correctly, so it couldn’t have been Spencer with the shovel.

        • Me says:

          Perhaps it was Melissa thinking Bethany was Ali. She might have attacked the girl, hidden in the bushes as Spencer passed and then returned to bury the girl.

  22. Amanda says:

    I’m going out there and I think that Ali being buried alive was a lie. What if Ali was NEVER buried and made the whole Grimwuald story up. My theory is that Ali knew Bethanny, conned her into switching clothes, then whacked her over the head with the shovel. So when Melissa came up, she did the dirty work Ali planned to do all along. I don’t think Ali was ever in that grave and with her mother gone, who can back up that whole story? I’m back to the twin theory….

    • pll says:

      but Mrs. Grunwald said she pulled Ally out of the grave?

    • Me says:

      I think it’s very possible that Ali lied about what happened that night. I think it’s possible that only one girl was buried alive that night and that Ali simply incorporated part of Bethany’s story into her own.

      What I don’t agree with is the clothing switch. Remember now that Cece Drake was also dressed in the same attire. I think they all began the incident wearing the same thing. Perhaps they did this so as to trick the person who was stalking Alison.

  23. pll says:

    What do you think Emily’s ”A” slip up meant? I thought that was really suspicious!!!

  24. Danny says:

    Caleb dies in finale guys. I know.

  25. Caitlin says:

    Can the writers stop with Paily, please? Do we really need to see them “try” again? Give Emily a new love interest.

    • Cate53 says:

      Nooo! I love Paige and was happy to see some Paily progress In this episode!

    • Me says:

      Agree! I’ve hated Paige from the start. She has to be the most annoying character I’ve seen on any television show as of late. Initially it was the hair, the bulging eyes, the scratchy voice, the drowning, the whining, neediness and obnoxious protectiveness…

      I think Emily should move on from Paige and should not worry about a love life for a while.

  26. Sam says:

    What did Aria say to Mona in the theatre?

  27. Rosetta says:

    Hanna gets arrested in the finale! The colour of the nail polish on the hand of the cuffed hand is black. Earlier in the promo while Hanna is crying u can see she’s got black fingernails. Also Mona tells aria and Emily that she thinks a is Alison. Same dress pattern when she’s walking towards alison. Any other observations?

  28. Georgina Nicholson says:

    Ok can someine tell me, didnt alison go and see ian after her argument with spencer the ni ght she went missing? If so then melissa would have already witnessed the argument and buried bethany before ali headed home and (suposedly was hit and buried by her mum).

    Everyone is saying mrs grunwald pulled ali out before bethany was buried. However given the order of events that night bethany would already be buried??

  29. vincenza8907 says:

    I think Alison being alive was a great mind blowing twist for an episode, but now I just wish she was still dead….