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NCIS Season 12: DiNozzo to 'Partner' With Melrose Place Knockout

NCIS DiNozzo Love Interest

Onetime Melrose Place resident Stephanie Jacobsen has landed herself in the crosshairs a plum role on CBS’ NCIS, as DiNozzo’s new partner in… crimesvolving, at least.

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As first reported by Entertainment Weekly, Jacobsen is set for an October debut in the potentially recurring role of Leia Pendergrast, an FBI Special Agent who is partnered with Tony (played by Michael Weatherly) to investigate a terrorist threat. The character is described as “sexy and single… flirtatious and adventurous with a sense of humor.”

Hmm, who else matches such a description…? Ah, yes. Tony.

“It’s time for Tony to continue to grow a little bit,” NCIS boss Gary Glasberg told TVLine of his plans for a potential new love interest. “He went through a lot last year emotionally and tried to deal with Ziva’s departure as he could. And it’s time” for someone new. “We’ll be mature about it and handle it properly, and Michael’s excited about it.”

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Jacobsen’s previous TV credits also include Star-Crossed, Revenge and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

TV’s most watched drama uncorks Season 12 on Tuesday, Sept. 23 at 8/7c.

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  1. DidoTwite says:

    Girl with gun? check. Single and flirtatious? check. Exotic beauty? Check. Sounds just like Ziva.

    • Jerri says:

      Are you going to say every single and flirtatious and exotic woman on TV is just like ZIva? Hell no. Whilst we’re doing checks on this one — Is the new character Israeli? Nope. Had a half-brother she killed to save another agent? Nope. yadda yadda yadda. stop making this all about Ziva. The only thing they have in common is they’re both females, at this stage.

    • Maria says:

      Except, she’s also described as having a sense of humor. Ziva really didn’t have much of a sense of humor.

    • as524 says:

      Sounds nothing like ziva

    • Candy Fayray says:

      sex check
      horny check
      dumb male check

    • John S says:

      On these crime dramas, why does EVERY female cop or agent have to be a gorgeous babe? Just like the real world – NOT! How about someone more realistic like the tough looking heavy set ones you see on Cops?

    • Melinda says:

      YES !!!!!! Here we go… Why can’t they just bring Ziva back. She’s the only one for Tony. I don’t know why they are trying to replace Ziva. No one can fill those shoes!!!!!!!

      • rowdyred says:

        Because that decision is up to the actress. Think of her as a human being rather than a role. No matter how many times fans ask why can’t “they” bring her back, they can’t force her to come back.

        She now has at least two upcoming projects in the works, including one for CBS. They appear to have accepted the fact that unlike many of her castmates, she needs more diversity in her career and are happy to provide other roles for her. Some of her castmates have been there since Episode One, but she’s not one of them. Plus, she’s got relatives and roots thousands of miles away. That matters, too. You should probably stop expecting her to have no other goals but permanently playing Ziva.

      • rowdyred says:

        Because that decision is up to the actress. Think of her as a human being rather than a role. No matter how many times fans ask why can’t “they” bring her back, they can’t force her to come back.

        She now has at least two upcoming projects in the works, including one for CBS. They appear to have accepted the fact that unlike many of her castmates, she needs more diversity in her career and are happy to provide other roles for her. Some of her castmates have been there since Episode One, but she’s not one of them. Plus, she’s got relatives and roots thousands of miles away. That matters, too. You should probably stop expecting her to have no other goals but permanently playing Ziva.

        • vparrots says:

          when someone leaves the show they get killed off, Cote never got killed off, giving her the option of coming back, she herself said she may be back someday.

          • It’s still her decision. She chose to leave but since she was such an important character the show kept her alive so she could come back if she chooses. It is entirely up to Cote de Pablo if Ziva ever returns.

    • This is my “Favorite” NCIS show!!! I am so happy they added “Ziva” to this show because of her personality, and I love how she handles herself in the manner in which she was taught how to protect herself, as no one messes with her. I also love all the other characters, esp. Gibbs. He plays the real tough boss, yet he portrays compassion and complete dedication to his “family”. Plus, he Iis a very handsome man. Abby is wonderful, esp the way her mind works, and yet acts alittle “crazy”

  2. John NYC says:

    Good to see. The continued evolution of the characters is a huge part of the shows draw.

  3. Are you kidding us?! GG could not be any more original come on! She is a Ziva Wanna be! Bring Back Cote de Pablo as Ziva David!

    • Dmav says:

      Well that didn’t take long for you guys to bring up Ziva, but as she had no sense of humor nor was she flirtatious I think you are trolling for simularities. It is time to move on Ziva is gone.

      • sherry mckenna says:

        So is this show.

        • Casey Hammond says:

          Oh really? !7 million viewers, and the show’s toast? Wow, not very good with math are you? Delusional to the max, but, lousy math skills.

          • Christie says:

            While they still win their time slot (only because they were so far ahead of everyone else), their ratings were down significantly in season 11 over what they had been the previous several years. I predict if things don’t change drastically, those numbers will go down even more. Glassberg’s history of character creation on this show is not good so see no reason to believe this character will be any better.

          • Sammi Lee says:

            Wow, what other type of “predictions” do you have? Are you just throwing out guesses and/or attitude–or just plain old B.S.?

          • David4 says:

            In July it was revealed it was the number 1 drama in the world. Season 11 ratings are the show’s second best behind season 10. Go read a book.

      • Lexi says:

        Again with the Ziva lovefest really. SHE had tons of money thrown at her and SHE said NO. SHE never said I will stay for my FANS.. Basically, she dissed US. She owes HER fans an apology. SHE left the top show for what let us see hmmm a mini-series.. But it , , according to her provided growth. REALLY??!! Needed to vent.

        • RockyW says:

          Funny that people still think they were present at contract negotiations!
          The only one who owes fans an apology is Glasberg! He took over a No.1 show and his first char. creation Bishop led to massive viewer loss! Let’s wait and see how many viewers NCIS can lose with Bishop and this redundant romance …

          • Sammi Lee says:

            Massive viewer loss? I’d check your rhetoric at the door, it’s getting pretty repetitive–not to mention downright boring. Would you care for some goat cheese to go with your whine??

          • Pete says:

            You still haven’t explained the massive viewer loss in season 10 – nothing to do with Bishop, or de Pablo’s departure as neither where known of then.

            The only ones who owe an apology are the selfish, entitled fans who believe that they are all that matters and should be allowed to dictate their will to everybody else. They owe an apology to lots of people including the cast & crew and the fans who like the show and continue to watch it.

    • Lervia Love says:

      Cote de Pablo already has another gig. Time to get over Ziva David and build a new character. Ziva replaced Kate, who was great, and it’s now time to let Ziva go and give the new girl a chance.

  4. Annette says:

    Well, this sounds a lot like Ziva and she even looks exotic like Ziva. I feel bad for the actress though and wish her luck on NCIS.

    • Dmav says:

      Ziva wasn’t exotic at all. This girl looks nothing like her. I am not sure when this will sink in but your Ziva is gone.

      • BlueBelle says:

        LOL yes Ziva was referred to several times as exotic, including by Jackson Gibbs.

        • Srsly says:

          Am I the only one who finds it incredibly offensive that anyone without blonde hair and blue eyes is immediately referred to as “exotic”? She is a human being, not a cat. Stephanie is a beautiful woman and a talented actress. Her genotype and phenotype are immaterial. The only difference that matters is that Stephanie wants to work on NCIS. Any other comparisons made before we even meet the character are the same toxic tripe the fandom has had inflicted upon it for at least the past 13 months.

        • as524 says:

          in context with the character & his history, exotic worked as a description.

          ziva was anything but exotic though

        • CG59 says:

          Ziva looked pretty exotic in that blue dress singing ‘Temptation’!

      • I don’t think she looks like Ziva at all. If having dark hair means you look like Ziva, then 85% of the human population looks like Ziva.

  5. Feel sorry for the actress…she has big shoes to fill but we already know who Tony belongs wiith. She sounds a bit like Ziva but I doubt she will be as loved and acepted. Because no one can replace Ziva, for the fans or Tony!

  6. Eo says:

    Jacobsen was very awesome in Battlestar Galactica:Razor. She is a pretty good actress. Hopefully people give her a chance.

    • BlueBelle says:

      The character is probably fine. Maybe Glasberg learned something from the Bishop debacle. I’m just not interested in seeing Tony with a second rate Ziva.

      • Darlene says:

        Maybe we should wait and see what the actress brings to the role before we start calling the character second rate. How can you judge that which you’ve not even seen?

        • BlueBelle says:

          I really don’t have an issue with the actress, she’s good. I just don’t want her to be a love interest.

          • Dmav says:

            Well than that is that. Let’s inform the writers that Tony is never to have a love interest… Even though technically Ziva was never his love interest.

          • BlueBelle says:

            Technically, Mulder never dated Scully, but they are one of the greatest TV couples of all time.

          • DL says:

            To be fair, Mulder and Scully actually, you know, had a baby together.

        • Margarete says:

          Easy to judge! It’s not the actress who is the problem! It’s the showrunner! Gary Glasberg cannot create one decent character!
          All his character creations have been awful! And with Bishop and “Princess” Leia NCIS is about to become a real joke!

      • Jerri says:

        Ziva is a second-rate Ziva

  7. Cheryl Gress says:

    Are you kidding us?! Do we look DUMB Gary Glasberg and Mark Harmon?! She is a Pale comparison to ZIVA David portrayed by Cote de Pablo in case you numb skulls forgot!

    • Darlene says:

      Actually, I don’t think it’s very smart to make judgments about a character you haven’t even seen portrayed. You have no idea if she is a pale comparison to Ziva or anyone else for that matter.

      • BlueBelle says:

        I like the actress a lot, and she sounds like a good character. That doesnt’ mean I want her to be Tony’s girlfriend.

    • Pete says:

      No, I don’t suppose you do look dumb, but you sure sound it with the continued insults on people who are just trying to do their jobs and who are pleasing millions of people around the world.

      • Sammi Lee says:

        Not to mention the regular fans who just like the show for the show’s sake and are highly irritated with the constant harping that follow every damn NCIS story.

  8. BlueBelle says:

    Sounds like Ziva Lite.

  9. Chris says:

    I can’t wait to see where this “partnership” will go.
    Season 12 is gonna be great!!

    • I agree! I’m looking forward to S12. The people I see complaining are the ones I *always* see complaining. And they’re complaining that they don’t like an actress playing a character we haven’t even “met” on the show yet. But then they did the same complaining about Bishop, so I’m not really surprised.

  10. Marianne Gibson says:

    Sounds like they are trying to make a new Ziva. Don’t want a wanna be. Give me the real thing CBS. Also. ..where did you get the name Special Agent Pendergast? From writers Preston and Child? I’ve been reading about him since he was created in Relic. Nothing original here.

  11. Scribe says:

    All these people complaining about Ziva. I like the character to but the actress does not wish to play the role anymore, what are they supposed to do? Put a card board cut out at her desk and and keep going business as usual? Jeez.

    Anyway, I like the actress and the ethnicity is nice too.

  12. Claire says:

    I watched all ten seasons of JAG and stayed on with NCIS — until Ziva left.
    I’ve never cared before when actors/actresses left tv shows, it was TV, they come and go, but I really loved what Cote brought to the show. She is a true gem.
    I loved NCIS as a whole and could never imagine leaving, but that’s what happened. Silly? Perhaps, but … my life, my time.
    I thought I would eventually go back — I recorded ALL of last season and just recently deleted ALL of last season TOTALLY UNWATCHED. No desire. Funny how that happens. Just pfffftt, nothing.

    • Claire says:

      I should add that TV found another true gem in Emily Bett Rickards on Arrow. That’s where I’ve moved my viewing on Wednesday. S.H.E.I.L.D. now has me on Tuesday. ;)

    • James McGee says:

      Know what you mean. I’m the same way with Sons of Anarchy. Watched it faithfully until last season. Then kaput. Just didn’t feel like watching anymore. Only one I’ve stayed with is Walking Dead. Can’t get enough of it!!

  13. Darlene says:

    I’m excited about this! Time for Tony to enjoy his life! Looking forward to what Stephanie brings to the role.

  14. NCIS/Best show ever! Love Tony, Gibbs, and McGee, Abbey, Ducky, Palmer, and the director.

  15. Charles marshall says:

    Ncis I am not pleased with the new love interest for Tony Dino zoo we think that ziva david should not repeat not b bro Ken up buy a old flame Tony as nd ziva are fire each other he hadn’t gotten over her will never get over her we cote de pablo fans will not except this new story line of the twitter gg thank you for reading my interest charles f ax n of c I Te de pablo ax nd fru ednd

    • Dmav says:

      Personally I think at this point no one cares what you Ziva fans think, you don’t run the show, you don’t write for it and you sure in the hell can’t dictate who Tony should or shouldn’t date. Especially as Tony and Ziva never dated, you made it up or read it on fan fiction but they were never a couple.

      • BlueBelle says:

        Ziva haters don’t run the show either. Michael Weatherly himself told the French press last fall that Tony and Ziva had a significant relationship.

        • Chris says:

          They did have a relationship. They were work partners and friends. That’s a pretty significant relationship.
          “Relationship” is not just romantic.

          • BlueBelle says:

            Michael Weatherly is pretty convinced it was romantic, based on all of his interviews since Cote left, plus his DVD commentary for season 11.

      • RockyW says:

        Funny that YOU think YOU run the show!

      • John NYC says:

        Except for the toxic waste that get’s dumped in every mention of the show, any update and the countdown to the first negative whine begins. Makes comment sections rather boring to read. IMHO. The gods know what the various actors social media feeds look like (if any are courageous enough to still have them).

  16. TMN says:

    What if ziva has moved on from tony? Or better idea lets drag the actress back in a show she no long wants to be on just to make you happy.
    Anyway loved season 11 and can’t wait for 12.
    Thanks for keeping us updated.

    • TMN says:

      Been a fan of the show from season 1 and still love the show.

      • Dee says:

        I’ve watched from the beginning as well.

        Have always liked the show. People come and go but the same core 5 people have always been on (Gibbs, DiNozzo, Abbey, McGee and Ducky).

        Looking forward to this new character. She is very pretty.

      • Me too :) Have watched since season one. I was sad when Sasha Alexander left & they wrote Kate out of the show, but I understood and respected her decision to leave. And I gave the new character (Ziva) a chance and continued watching the show, though ultimately I never really grew to like Ziva. Characters come and go and some I like and some I don’t, but I have always loved the original cast from Season 1 and I continue to watch because I enjoy the show and they have a great cast and the writing is smart and the stories are interesting. I’m not surprised this show was #1 in ratings for all of Season 11 and continues to be popular, because it has an amazingly talented ensemble cast and people watch it for many different reasons and because they have their own favorite characters.

    • Lindsey says:

      I’ve watched the show for a long time. I understand if Ziva wanted to leave the show. I just didn’t care for the new agent, she didn’t seem to fit in or have much personality. I watched the show off and on last season, but if I missed it, I didn’t much care. My new favorite is NCIS LA. Love Deeks and Kensie. The new addition to NCIS sounds promising and I will watch and give it a chance. I think their storylines need a definite upgrade.

      • Pete says:

        Of course people fall out of love with shows, especially if there is a change that they don’t enjoy. However if you believe that this new character is a replacement for Bishop you will be disappointed. Bishop stays and this new character mentioned is a – possibly recurring – guest character, like Fornell, and not a new member of the team.

  17. JC1 says:

    I know her from The Sarah Connor Chronicles. I liked her on that, so I hope this works out. I like the idea of a new love interest for Tony. The only person I ever really shipped him with was Jeanne, and obviously that didn’t end well, so I’m looking forward to seeing how this works out.

  18. Joni says:

    I’m excited for Tony that he’s [possibly] entering into a new romantic relationship – the last time he had one was with EJ and before that was with Jeanne way back in Season 4.
    And on a personal note; as a short person (5’2) I love that Stephanie isn’t tall.

    Regarding Ziva: maybe word comes in one of the 1st three episodes that she’s gotten married – to Adam or someone else. She wanted to change her life and marrying and perhaps becoming a mother would be something that would show that.

  19. JBC says:

    She was good in Revenge. We will have to give her a chance. Cote de Pablo is not returning so it is time to move on, as wonderful as she was in the role of Ziva David, it was her choice to move on.. fans can watch her in the DoveKeeper mini series. As far as NCIS goes they need someone new with energy for a new addition, and from what I seen of Stephanie, I think she fills the bill.

    • Andrea says:

      I’ve been trying to remember who she played on Revenge. Then it hit me. I think she was Aiden’s ex and Takeda’s daughter. If that’s the right character, I’m excited about the actress. I liked her on Revenge.

  20. Fran says:

    Sounds good. Tony needs to move on and I like the actress. I feel bad for her though since I’m sure she’ll get a ton of hate.

    • lsperling says:

      She’ll only get a ton of hate if they make her as bland as Bishop.

      • Pete says:

        She’s already getting a ton of hate.
        What they do with the character has no bearing on it, witness what has happened with Bishop who some hated from the moment de Pablo’s departure was announced and long before the character was named or an actor cast.

        • lsperling says:

          She’s gotten a lot of hate because they think she’s Ziva’s replacement. Ziva is gone – she’s not coming back, so it’s time to add a new character or two and give the show some oomph. The Bishop character stinks. Maybe this new gal will bring something interesting to the show because it surely needs a good kick in the butt.

  21. Sarah says:

    Great news can’t wait.
    Ziva has been gone for over a year now cote has moved on why can’t some others, they making it look like cote is nothing without NCIS.

    • BlueBelle says:

      Gibbs has been single for how many years? how about Abby? why the rush to pair off Tony?

      • as524 says:

        Gibbs has his one true love….it will always be Shannon & only Shannon for him.
        Abby is just a special snowflake.
        Tony – the character has been the romantic lead since DPB first planned a Tony/Kate pairing. Unless/until the show comes out and says that Jeanne is Tony’s ‘OTL’, he’s still fair game.

  22. pamela says:

    i liked her previous work, i think she is a good choice.

  23. Viviana says:

    I can’t believe how easy can get to screw up an excellent show. Zica David is an iconuc character of NCIS, you can’t just replace her with a joje as an agent or a very bad copy of her. ziva David became what we’ve been whitnessed through the years because of the talented Cote de Pablo as hard as it could sound for Mr. Glasberg and Co. She made that character powerful, easy to watch and admire, not only in America but around the world. There’s a reason thousands of viewers are not watching the show anymore but are willing to get back to it if Cote de Pablo gets back as Ziva David, for good as regular. There’s a reason why Cote’s fans keep asking for her through sicial networks, email and even regular mail.

  24. AliciaRox says:

    Iconic couples happen once a decade. There has never been an example of one of them “moving on”, because iconic couples are permanent, and they need to stay that way.

    • Dee says:

      Merriam-Webster: Couple

      a : two persons married, engaged, or otherwise romantically paired


      : two people who are married or who have a romantic or sexual relationship

      : two people or things that are together

      When, in all the seasons that Ziva was on the show did THIS ever apply??

      When, in between the condescension, the open dislike and hostility that she felt for Tony did this romance or sex happen???

      They only worked together. That’s it.

      • AliciaRox says:

        Someone mentioned Mulder and Scully. Guess what, they never “dated” either.

        • ninamags says:

          Mulder and Scully were a VERY different “couple”. They were together constantly. Traveling together, working together, eating meals together, in life-and-death situations together. They were going to form a bond.

          After all that, they were still Mulder AND Scully, two separate, individual people. They were not defined by some ridiculous mash-up of their names (thank god).

          • VB says:

            Meh. I’m not really an NCIS fan, per se. I used to like it. But never hung out on the boards or posted or anything. The few times (literally few) I read spoilers for it and read the comments below, there were people bickering about, well, the same thing they are now. I was a part of a fandom like that and it was not fun. So I thought I would enjoy the show more without getting caught up in all of the drama. I did like Ziva;she was a great character. I’m not a Cote De Pablo fan; nor do I hate her. She did a nice job with Ziva, but I don’t think I’ll watch anything else she’s in just because she’s in it. I also wish her well in her career and have nothing against NCIS now. I don’t wish anything bad on the show. I don’t blame anyone for her decision and I’m not angry or bitter.
            All that said, the reason I’m posting here is the Mulder/Scully comparison. I don’t know anything about this new girl. And I won’t (since I don’t watch the show anymore), but I feel bad that Tony may be romantically interested in her. Tony and Ziva were a great couple, with great natural chemistry. And that’s not very common. You can write and act chemistry (go through the motions) but real chemistry that transcends the role is rare. They had a piece of that. Mulder and Scully had it, so did Stella and Mac on “CSI: NY.” And, the best I’ve ever seen were Benson and Stabler. They had epic chemistry. I hate to see that wasted. But many times, it is. Actually, of all the ones mentioned above, only M/S actually went with what felt organic to the characters. And that’s sad for a TV buff like myself. I used to think it was because of the old “Moonlighting” curse, but now I wonder if that was it at all. I typically am not a shipper. But when the chemistry is that good for a couple, even if its (in most cases) unintentional, they should use it. It can only enhance the show and make it more realistic. Oh yeah, and Cuddy and House. I almost forgot them. They had a great chemistry. Really though, the best was Benson and Stabler.
            Kinda rambled there. Sorry. Just caught up on “CSI: NY” on Netflix recently and saw that chemistry and found out that they never did anything with it and it made me start thinking about the rare cases I’ve seen chemistry that good and natural, and why it’s almost never realized. And this discussion reminded me of it. People who don’t like Tiva-that’s okay. No skin off my nose. ;)
            Well, I guess that’s it. I hope they do well together, if they feel they must do this. And I know I don’t watch the show anymore but I always thought that there was a chance they could bring Ziva back for the series finale and reunite the two. I planned on being there for that if they did. Guess it won’t happen now and that’s alright. It’s their show and their characters and, as someone has said on here already: my opinion really doesn’t matter since I don’t watch anymore. No hard feelings. Peace. :)

    • Jenna says:

      Please tell this to the CSI writers. They broke up Sara and Grissom, ruined a 10 year story arc after MARRYING them. They would like Sara to move on, but it won’t work. The show is in decline, and the once very loyal and very avid fan base is gone. No one cares anymore. Fans matter; especially fans who help to keep these long running shows on the air for so long.

      • as524 says:

        CSI was ruined after the writers went ahead and paired Gil & Sara

        • lsperling says:

          I agree and it was further ruined when they brought Sara back. She’s one of the most annoying characters on the show. That sing-song manner of speech is irritating as hell.

          • JC1 says:

            Huh. I thought I was the only one that thought that about Sara/Jorja Fox. I haven’t watched CSI for a long time, but back when I did the way she talked always drove me crazy.

          • lsperling says:

            No, there are at least two of us. :) I didn’t like her from the beginning and I’m not crazy about the one who replaced Marg Helnberger either. No matter how grave the situation, she always has that stupid grin on her face.

          • JC1 says:

            I haven’t seen her. I quit watching before Marg left.

          • lsperling says:

            You arent’ msising much. I do like Ted Danson in the show, though. Didn’t think I would after Gil Grissom’s character, but it’s a good fit.

    • Andrea says:

      In terms of iconic couples on NCIS, I think of one—Gibbs and Shannon. Iconic does not necessarily mean high-profile. It sets a standard by which all other things that come after it are measured. Also, Gibbs and Shannon were a consensus couple by the show. There was absolutely no interpretation as to whether they were or weren’t.

  25. AliciaRox says:

    Serious question here. Please name ONE time in screen history (tv or movies) where one member of an iconic screen couple successfully moved on.

    • as524 says:

      you’d have to stick to the actual definition of a couple first…

      Tony & ziva, Mulder & Scully – not couples.

      But hey – since you want a couple where part of them have moved on – here’s one for you: McGee & Abby

  26. TheDuke says:

    Iconic couples also rarely happen on shows with 12+ year lifespans. They also usually have one or more actual romantic scenes that are not part of tactical operations. The most romantic thing that ever happened between Tony and Ziva happened when they were undercover in season 3. Anything else is in your heads.

  27. Eric says:

    Another Aussie in a high profile show! Love it!

  28. Pete says:

    “In the crosshairs” is the perfect description for the poor actress in this role – as can be seen from the closed-minded, selfish comments already here. The haters are out in force again long before we have the slightest idea what the character will be like.

    I look forward to Tony or any of the characters, having lives and mostly off-screen relationships portrayed, so I really hope that the show doesn’t mistake this wailing for the return of Ziva and Tiva for an indication that most viewers want to see romance as a big part of the show – rather than the detective work and the realistic relationships between the main characters that we once had.

    A return to portraying the special (no, not romantic) relationship Tony & Gibbs would be nice.

  29. Nikunj Dixit says:

    I honestly haven’t seen a crazier group of fans than Ziva/Tiva fanatics. Note I say fanatics, not fans. Normal fans of Ziva/Tiva love the character and the relationship without automatically rejecting anything new. I mean Cote is gone for god sake. Whether it was due to a contract dispute or because of her own accord doesn’t change that fact. No true NCIS fan would truly want to bring Tony’s life to a standstill because of some character that is gone from the show. I don’t know if this relationship or partnership will be good or not but I don’t get how people are automatically dismissive without the character even airing on tv yet. For me, personally, the funniest thing is when people brand Tiva as a “relationship” where sometimes they seem to barely be able to tolerate each other. They were never a romantic relationship. At best I could call it a close friendship with some romantic undertones. I hope they write a good love interest since Tony hasn’t had a good one since Jeanne.

    • as524 says:

      Where’s the like button….your post was perfect!

      & agree – Tony hasn’t had any type of good love interest since Jeanne

    • mimi says:

      Standing Ovation for You!!! Very well-said!!!

    • @Nikunj says:

      Oh, I have. There’s nothing wrong with shipping or being passionate about a ship. And most Tiva fans by and large aren’t so bad, nor are the ones who don’t care for the pairing, or for shipping at all in the show. That said, a select few on here from all sides mentioned treat each other unconscionably. No one side is completely good or right from what I’ve seen reading comments here the times I have, both sides have some good points, some bad, both sides have been petty, stubborn, spiteful, cruel, dogmatic and arrogant without fail, every single NCIS post. And each side ignores the bad they do and insults the other side, ready to jump on anyone who they dissent with.

      I’ve noticed this happens with shows with really big fandoms (or really young, passionate ones). All shows have a bit of it. But the most vitriolic ones I’ve seen, the fandoms who I have observed-much like this one, had that in common. Perhaps it’s a law of percentages: You have a larger group of fans and from that group, sides who are passionate about their personal likes and dislikes; then you take the particularly stubborn, prideful, argumentative ones from that group they start off debating, the insults begin to fly and before you know it, every single post for the series has a bunch of the same group of (20-30) people insulting each other and never backing down the entire series’ run. Never once have I seen it benefit anyone-cast, crew or fans. It just sours the whole experience for everyone involved. ‘Glee,’ ‘Supernatural,’ ‘House, M.D.’ are just a few quick examples. And, as bad as it seems (both sides of) the fans on here are, they’re about the same as the ones I’ve seen many times before.

    • Karen Pineda says:

      LOVE your response. My hat is off to you!!

      • lsperling says:

        Thanks. After a watching a character as dynamic as Ziva for several seasons, introducing a character as emotionless as Bishop was, in my opinion, big mistake. I understand Cote de Pablo is not coming back. Many shows move on successfully after a beloved character leaves, but Bishop is just not the character that fits in with the group dynamic.

        • Sammi Lee says:

          Except, Bishop was the target before she even got started, when her character was announced it started. The first year for any character is difficult–but, after only ONE episode, the snark and hatred increased immediately from a certain group and hasn’t quit. I commented on another board about this and was told by a card carrying member of that group, (who frequents this board DAILY), that Ziva had been picked on for 8 years–now it was their turn to trash and “annihilate” the Bishop character. I was stunned by such a statement, however, since seeing that comment, I have never been so disgusted in my life by the remarks that certain group has made about the character and the actress playing her. She wasn’t ever given a chance. Characters can grow in any show, however, all this hatred shown has put me firmly in Bishop’s corner and also, now, since it’s starting on this new actress I’m rooting for her as well. It’s hard to fit into any group dynamic when you have zealots determined to undermine and destroy the character.

  30. cuius says:

    Somebody having second thoughts on the success of the introduction of Ellie Bishop (Emily Wickersham)?

    • Pete says:

      This article has nothing to do with Bishop.
      Or Ziva for that matter, but you’d never guess that.

      • hud says:

        Show had a good run. Pull the plug. Enough with “we got a body”get it done now” etc.Same show every week.Talk tough,chew toothpicks, scowl. Tony needs Jenny Craig,to join up, not some mysterious wannabe…….

        • Casey Hammond says:

          Oh, well, HUD has spoken–terminate the show immediately! End it, end it, END IT!!!!!!! Oh wait a second–just who the Hell is Hud and why on earth would any reasonable viewer of NCIS who has watched it from the beginning, listen to him/her? Exactly, get down off your high horse little one, no one is listening to you anyway.

          • hud says:

            Casey Hammond:Take your medication as directed.You are listening to me.And you know what is said about opinions…

          • hud says:

            Casey Hammond:PS insults are the last resort of a weak mind.Food for thought while you watch NCIS.

          • Casey Hammond says:

            Dud, oh wait, Hud, Thank you, I will totally enjoy watching NCIS, happy in the knowledge you won’t be watching. Know what else is the “last resort of a weak mind”? Stupidity–and stupidity is better kept a secret than displayed–something you already failed at…….

          • lsperling says:

            I agree with your comments about Ziva being the one who wanted out and it’s up to her whether or not to come back, but as far as being annoyed by those with differing opinions, if you were truly that annoyed, I’d think you would stop coming to this thread. Everyone is entitled to express their opinion – even those that are annoying to some.

    • RockyW says:

      Bishop can’t ruin the show alone so Glasberg adds another character to help her finish the job!
      If she’s a good actress she’ll leave after a few episodes before playing a Glasberg character ruins her career!

  31. Gabi says:

    The character sounds like a Ziva wannabe. Instead of bringing in a Ziva wannabe they should just bring in the real Ziva as a guest star and restart that relationship.

    • Erin says:

      I can’t wait to see Tony in a real romantic relationship. I just hope that tptb have the cajones to write and develop over time a well thought out arc. I like that she’s an FBI agent. The actress is quite beautiful and except for the dark hair and eyes looks nothing like she who is gone. Let’s just hope the new love interest doesn’t behave like her too. I would love to see a relationship in which Tony is treated with respect, tenderness, and admiration instead of the toxic tiva which was all about Ziva being dominant, superior, nasty, self centered, immature and smug.

      • mimi says:

        You’re so right. I really hope Tony’s love story with Leia is an intense, respectful, mature, romantic, light but serious BTS relationship. As GG said something completely different from the relationship Tony had with Ziva.
        BTW, Tony and Ziva never dated. Never had a dinner together unless they were working in the bullpen. They had only fake kisses, except in PPF and it was a kissing goodbye and after it Tony looked happy, relieved and at peace. If he had been in love, he’d have been desperate LOL

  32. scout says:


  33. Margarete says:

    Gary Glasberg lost his mind: He could have taken this one to do Bishop’s job but not as Tony’s partner in life!
    I watched 8 years for a TIVA happy ending!
    This is the worst showrunner in TV history!
    No bad blood between him and Cote de Pablo so what is this romance thing all about?
    If he wants to erase Ziva and TIVA completely he should take my advice: end NCIS after season 12 as long as viewers still remember that NCIS once WAS a great show before it ends as the worst fiasco in TV history!

  34. CBWBDK1 says:

    She should have been the new agent! Bishop is ruining this show!

  35. RockyW says:

    Ziva was a great character!
    Glasberg could have concentrated on team Gibbs after Ziva left but he didn’t! He came up with Bishop who bores viewers to tears!
    Now he ruins TIVA by bringing a useless love interest to the show! And her name already implies that viewers will see nothing but stupid movie quotes because Glasberg thinks that’s chemistry!
    NCIS was a No.1 show but with these ideas of the organic showrunner it’s no longer a crime drama but a sad attempt to prove that show is still great without Ziva and TIVA!

    • Darlene says:

      Ruins Tiva by bringing in a love interest? Really? Seems to me the end of Tiva is the result of Cote leaving the show. The “iva” in Tiva left. Her character rejected Tony in PPF. It’s just Tony now. Both Tony and Ziva dated throughout the time there was this supposed Tiva thing. Now you don’t want either one seeing anyone else? And, yes, the show is still great. Better than ever! Yay, Season 12!

    • ninamags says:

      Pretty sure that NCIS is still a No. 1 show.

  36. as524 says:

    Given the insanity of far to many in the fanbase, I’d say your original description of ‘in the crosshairs’ was amazingly accurate….

    Beyond that, can’t wait to see this character come to life. and hoping this relationship is built on mutual respect, fun & attraction….

  37. Mel says:

    Thanks for the info. Looking forward to this ep, but also a bit apprehensive. I hope this woman clicks with Tony and “gets” the person he is under all the humor and deflection. It would be great to see Tony happy for once.

  38. Cheryl Gress says:

    OMG another recycled character..she will remind Tony of Ziva eventually he will get tired of the copy and want the real deal Ziva.

  39. BelmontTurf says:

    I guess they can keep trying to replace Cote as Ziva but the mold broke and she cannot be replaced. Tony will get tired or having second best or better yet she really is a spy for North Korea.

  40. Ireland1912 says:

    This character is the same as Ziva for for the most part….does the writers and producers think we won’t see that? This is a wanna be Ziva….Tony will get tired of the consolation prize.

    • warrick says:

      Or he will see what he has been missing for so long. A person who does not always put him down or degrade his ideas or shame him. He will be happier regardless.

  41. warrick says:

    Finally, we will get to see a really good actress cause havoc in Tony’s life. Can’t wait. By the way, Cote does not want to come back, she wants an onscreen career now, making the really big bucks. Let her be.

  42. Pat says:

    I am looking forward to seeing Tony work with her. I am not sure about any romance between them, but it should be interesting to see how they will get along.

  43. Znachki says:

    Matt Webb Mitovich – Laughed so hard at your “edit”. Truer words were never typed!

  44. L. Burke says:

    I wonder if they’re setting her up to be Tobias’ long suffering second? Since she’s supposed to be FBI. It would be very amusing to see Gibb’s and Tobias’s seconds develop a ‘working relationship’. LOL! Just for their bosses’ reaction alone.

    I’m looking forward to see what they can do with this new character.

    • auntiemm says:

      Agreed. Just please don’t lose Fornell. His relationship with Gibbs is priceless.

      • L. Burke says:

        They wouldn’t dare. Fornell is one of my favorite characters. I think he’s one of the best well-developed, funny, side characters any show has ever added. One reason when I saw ‘FBI’ I wondered if they’d tie her to him and we might be seeing more of Fornell this year. We’ve never met Fornell’s 2nd in command. I think I like the fact that they’re making her a different agency and have a law enforcement back-ground like Tony. That alone is a nice change.

    • Karen Pineda says:

      That WOULD be worth it. LMAO

    • Darlene says:

      Oh, I really like that idea! Very funny! And I’m with you…looking forward to the debut of the new character and hoping she and Tony will do several joint ops together in season 12!

  45. Lucie Harris says:


  46. DaveR says:

    I guess “knockout” is a relative term. sounds like watered down Ziva.

  47. Barrytee says:

    ziva is gone and it was long overdue, couldn’t act and no sense of humor.

  48. txshells2003 says:

    I won’t one way or the other until I see what they’re going to do, but I thought they said that Tony’s new love was going to be completely different from what things were like with Ziva. To me, from what little I’m seeing here, this character sounds like a cross between Ziva and EJ. I would’ve liked to have seen his love interest come from outside. I would have liked to have seen her be something average and everyday. Something that when Tony’s away from work he can be away from work for a change. She’s an FBI agent. Eventually, they’re going to talk “Shop”. While, yes, there should be some common ground, but does it have to be their careers? Can’t they bond over their favorite cookie and milk combo?

    But I will be watching. I wasn’t thrilled with Bishop until I watched it and I came to like her. Anyway, willing to give it a chance. Let’s see what happens.

  49. I don’t like her. I want Ziva back

  50. Josette says:

    I see the begining of the end for this show

    • Sammi Lee says:

      Can you see Lotto numbers too?

    • scubabillaz says:

      yes the number 1 rated show on tv and major cash machine for CBS needs to end because nut bar Ziva fans says so

    • hud says:

      Josette: Agreed. When Sasha Alexander left complaints were about Ziva, now she can do no wrong. I liked her character also, no matter how good a show is, it can’t be good forever. Casey Hammond got your “ears” on? Take your meds…