Will Teen Wolf Sex = Death? Which of USA's Mikes Has It Worst? TV Femmes' Hottest Week Ever? And More Qs!

Outlander Claire Frank Oral Sex

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Masters of SexTrue Blood, Teen Wolf and Chasing Life!

1 | From The Killing Episode 3: Wouldn’t Linden have seen Skinner’s wife’s car outside the cabin, when she went to lob the cell phone into the lake?

2 | Between that scene in Outlander (above photo) and that scene in Masters of Sex, wasn’t it a great week to be a female TV character?

3 | Speaking of Masters of Sex, anyone else dreading the imminent (and tragic) conclusion to the Virginia-Lillian storyline? And can Hollywood please find a project — maybe a buddy comedy?! — that re-teams Lizzy Caplan and Julianne Nicholson?

4 | As much as we enjoyed Jessica’s schoolgirl-crush enthusiasm at seeing ex Hoyt again on True Blood, didn’t it ring a little false considering how they left things — with her treating him like a pesky fly that needed swatting? Also, could the show have provided any weaker pay-off to Tara’s season-long arc? We’ve all buried guns in our front yards at one point or another, so why the mystery?

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5 | How long must one mourn their ex-husband before moving on with their former lesbian lover? Witches of East End Dash Moustache(According to Witches of East End, about 18 hours — but we want to know what you think.) And after Dash’s last spell went so wrong, wouldn’t he know better than to dabble with magic, especially when it involves death? (P.S. Did they get his flashback mustache at a Halloween store?)

6 | Did Switched at Birth‘s Daphne ever mention that she didn’t apply to Northwestern? Also, isn’t it sad that she didn’t get to share senior prom with everyone else?

7 | Where does Major Crimes’ Sharon Beck rank among TV’s Most Despicable Mothers?

8 | How sweet was it that The Fosters‘ Lena knew to call the plumber after seeing Steph’s video message? Also, is there any way Anna’s return could actually end well?

9 | Now that Teen Wolf‘s Braeden and Derek have had sex, should we automatically put her on death-watch? (That’s usually how this works, right?) And considering most of the adults in his life know about him being a werewolf, why is Scott worried about his dad finding out?Under the Dome Sam in Zenith

10 | How was Under the Dome‘s Sam able to track Pauline down so quickly? Did he know he was bound for Zenith this whole time?

11 | What ever happened to Caleb’s supposed PTSD from Ravenswood? He’s seemed just fine ever since he came back to Pretty Little Liars. (And is anyone else concerned about his diet? If “A” doesn’t get him, a heart attack might.)

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12 | During the Chasing Life finale, were you fearfully waiting for Leo to appear in April’s dream, signaling that he had died? And his voicemail message is totally about changing his mind regarding the operation, right?

13 | Granted, Rizzoli & Isles perhaps didn’t want to get heavy again so soon after writing out Frost/the late Lee Thompson Young, but did the show underplay the loss of Jane’s baby too much? But props to TNT’s promo department for that “Rizzoli is gonna adopt Tasha!” fake-out.

14 | Didn’t Finding Carter‘s David trying to convince Elizabeth to call Lori feel like he was trying to “write” another chapter in his book? Also, why is Carter the only one who gives Grant any attention?Covert Affairs Rorschach Test

15 | Covert Affairs viewers: Dress, or Rorschach test?

16 | Who’s having a rougher summer: Suits‘ Mike or Graceland‘s Mike?

17 | Did RuPaul’s appearance on Mystery Girls make anyone wish for a show where RuPaul solves crimes?

18 | Could Legends have found a more blatant way to strip Ali Larter near-naked in the very first episode? (And did her ensuing lap dance give you flashbacks to Heroes webcam model Niki?) Also, does Tina Majorino’s hair deserve separate billing?

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19 | Now that The Quest has mentioned “dragon’s tears,” can we assume the One True Hero will be facing one in the finale?

20 | Had Defiance’s Nolan not noticed Kenya’s missing scars, was he bound to sense something was anatomically “different” if their romp played out? Is Tommy’s goatee selling you on the “kid” as a foe to Nolan? And regardless of Datak’s grumbling, shouldn’t he and Stahma have been much dirtier after digging so many holes?

Big Brother 16 Rachel Reilly Interview21 | Of all the Big Brother pros that could return for an interview with Julie, they had to pick Rachel?

22 | Rush could do worse than having the likes of Rachel Nichols for a stalker, areweright?

23 | Did anyone else think Rookie Blue‘s Nick was going to become the abandoned teens’ guardian?

24 | Why did the police on The Honorable Woman only pick up one item from which to get Kassim’s DNA?

25 | Pick your pre-season team: The View, The Talk, The Chew or The Real?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Deena says:

    11–Seriously? Caleb has been completely different since he’s been back.

  2. Kevin says:

    Thank you for the Rizzoli comment. It was so blasé how it was glossed over. Little to no emotion.

    And I am sure BB’s Rachel hangs out outside the house most the time anyway till they finally just feel forced to out her on so she will go away and not try to stretch her 15 minutes any longer .

  3. meah says:

    Suits-i’ve hated mike this entire season,but this past few eps am warming up to him again
    Graceland-i don’t like S2 mike,he’s douchy and kinda rude to the others in the house.Hate the fact that he cheated on that his DC girlfriend with paige,that girl sacrificed her career for him.and what does he do?cheat
    25.The Real is what I can’t wait to watch,those ladies are so much fun.plus am waiting for wendy williams to return,I miss hot topics

    • Bwhit says:

      Mike from Graceland didn’t cheat, Jessica said they were having fun and not committed in the very first ep this season. I am in the minority and think Mike is doing what he’s doing because he badly wants to take the cartel down for the good of everyone in the house. I have a feeling he will carry what happened to Lena for a long time.

  4. johnhelvete says:

    14/ Taylor and Grant are close but Taylor has to spend most of her nights cooking dinner for the entire family to pay that much attention to her brother.

    • Kvivik says:

      The boy has known most of his life that he’s a non-entity to his parents. Taylor is doing what she can to bridge “the parents” and Grant, but there is no hope of them actually bonding with him.

    • meatwad says:

      the way Grant was treated by his family during the party was all the proof we needed to see that he wasn’t lieing about being invisible. But at least one elephant noticed him

  5. Patrick Maloney says:

    2. There was also a similar scene in Witches of East End, but it stopped before it got too intimate.

  6. Winter says:

    2. Good for her on Outlander. I have a feeling it could be tough to find a guy to do that in 1743 Scotland

    14. Did it seem like David and Lori maybe had some thing before? Because that’s how it played to me.

    21. I hate her so much. And SHE is the one calling out the girls for clinging to the guys, Miss “no one gets between me and my man” with no irony? Didn’t she stay in the game by literally clinging on to a dummy of Brendan?

    25, The talk has Aisha Tyler so the Talk

    • Lauren says:

      Oh, David and Lori totally had an affair. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if that is part of the reason why Lori abducted Carter.

  7. chris says:

    25. The Real

  8. Ari says:

    #23, yes! I was ready for Nick to take those kids in. He’s seemed so anchorless this season.

    • L says:

      Ditto. Though I feel a lot of Rookie Blue has felt anchorless this season – Best and Noelle just disappearing into thin air, Chris’s addiction (WHERE did that come from? That horrible druggy girl was all it took?), Nick and Andy being dunzo without even being given a shot (I love Andy/Sam but in S4 I loved Nick/Andy), Gail and Holly also dunzo. A lot of the good S4 work was undone in S5 and that just kinda makes me sad.

      And the whole Duncan thing, ugh.

      I want to love this show as I did, but I don’t as much as I used to. :( I want Andy back working the streets, not cleaning Oliver’s office or wandering aimlessly around. Everyone seems disconnected to me this season…

  9. sarah j says:

    11)Well Caleb is drinking a lot and eating fried food! So he is trying to cope by eating and drinking his feelings! :)
    16)That is a tough call but I think Graceland’s Mike takes it especially after last nights episode!

  10. Mo says:

    Suits Mike started off the season a little too arrogant but now that he’s struggled personally & professionally, and now that he’s back “home”, he seems to be settling back in to his likeable self.

    Graceland Mike started off the season feeling arrogant & bored that he wasn’t getting all the high adrenaline cases he had gotten used to. Unfortunately he is still acting arrogant & generally crappy to everyone & seems to have lost that nice guy side of himself. He has caught some trouble, but he has brought it on himself so it’s hard to feel too sorry for him.

    • JBC says:

      I think Graceland Mike’s role has just gotten much more interesting per the last episode. He was different when he came back to Graceland and then he was made boss over the team which is always awkward, but after last episode he will be forever changed. There is no doubt that he loves Paige. Wonder how it will play out!! More and More cover ups are happening. Briggs last season and now Mike is covering something huge. The story is getting better as the season continues. Definitely darker. I am enjoying the storyline with Johnny too.

  11. DV says:

    As to #11 – why did Legends kill off one of it’s most promising characters in the very first episode?

  12. LADY_in_MD says:

    #5-I think that was very tacky I mean Victor died in the last episode and they opened this one with JoAnna doing a spell to say goodbye to him and then 20 mins later she is kissing Alex. I figured they were more than just friends from that flashback scene but the kiss was too much too soon
    I think the makeup department failed a little with that awful porn stache on Dash but the whole 70’s flashback was cute
    #7-Sharon Beck is a despicable character. I thought that final scene between the Sharons was EPIC Raydor was great in putting Sharon Beck in her place. The last line “i get to go home while you stay here” sooo good!

  13. I thought the same thing while watching The Killing.

  14. Brandy says:

    #5. Yeah that was fast especially after honestly sad she seemed at Victors death
    #11 Calebs been different,more broody & quiet/keeping to himself,drinking,eating unhealthy foods and quitting school.Thats some PTSD
    #12 no
    #13 yes
    #8 yes. no.Marianna s gonna be mad at Steph for not telling her sooner her mom wrote & wanted to them.Thats just to start.
    #6 no I don’t think she did.Yes it’s sad she didn’t get to go to prom, but she desrved to be grounded for skipping school,disrespecting Regina,doing coke,pushing Bay,vandalizing Riverside project & destroying that guy at the dorms stuff

  15. 9 Teen Wolf. Scott’s dad is an uptight jerk who works for the FBI and who walked on his family. Scott doesn’t trust him, although the show is trying to change that. So it probably means he’s the Benefactor now.

    4. True Blood. Hoyt appeared from nowhere and saved Jessica’s life. Its gratitude for that, not her old crush.

  16. ... says:

    3: The only reason I’m dreading it is because the Lillian/Virginia relationship is far and away the most interesting on the show right now and it’ll be a shame to have to say goodbye to that. I do, however, think that the show is more than capable of giving Lillian a heck of a send-off, so for that reason alone, I’m looking forward to it.
    5: Didn’t Alex kiss her vs. Joanna initiating anything (e.g. we haven’t see how Joanna will ultimately react, etc.)? Plus, Jo and Victor were separated for quite a long time and she was only just getting used to have him back in her life – it’s not like they were wrapped up in each other until the day he died. As far as Dash, I think his good intentions overrode his sense of reason – he knew that he had the capability to help someone like Sam and he didn’t want the boy to die without doing everything that he could.
    8: The only way Ana’s return could end well is if it gets Mariana less afraid of embracing her heritage. If she can help her daughter understand where she came from and what that means as far as her sense of identity, it’ll be an ultimately positive encounter, IMO.
    12: If Leo gets the surgery, I quit the show. You can’t be a show about cancer and be as afraid of death as Chasing Life has been – someone with some roots in the show has to die and keeping Leo alive for shipper reasons or because they like Scott Michael Foster would feel cheap and go against everything the character said during the first 10 episodes.
    14: Grant’s mom works a lot, his dad is extremely self-involved, and his sister has been busy assuming his mother’s role and discovering her own independence. He said himself that he was the replacement child and I think that his family treats him like one, especially since he’s mature for his age and Carter came back into their lives.

  17. Kim R says:

    7. Rusty’s mom on Major Crimes ranks in the top 5 for sure. Loved the scene when Sharon, in her calm rage, sliced a few off before walking out of the jail.
    13. Rizzoli losing her baby was treated almost like a non-event. I was faked out though by the non-fostering. :)
    16. The difference for me between the Mike’s on Graceland and Suits, and really the entire cast of characters, is that I don’t really care about anyone on Graceland but I like them all on Suits. I feel like they made too much of a leap with Mike on Graceland going from fresh out of the academy to boss of the house. I don’t believe it at all.
    25. I have no idea what The Real is (I will Google) but The Chew is my choice for an hour of my time.

  18. Bwhit says:

    16) Mike from Graceland wins hands down. Mike from Suits has Harvey Specter on his side, that’s always a win lol. I thought Graceland Mike was being a douche when the season started but now, I may be alone here, I still really like him and if anyone really looks at what he’s doing it’s all genuine. I would think he’s a douche if he took the barrels blowing up as a win and went back to DC like Jessica wanted. Yes Lena died but he tried everything to get her out and if he was a cold A-hole he wouldn’t be crying about it. He tried to call Paige and he should of told her but at the same time I think he knew it would break her if she knew the truth. I think by the end of season two it will all make sense and he will tell Paige.

    • JBC says:

      I am not sure if he can ever tell Paige about the girl. I am enjoying Graceland too. You are not alone. It has started to get much more interesting again.

  19. Wasting your time thinking about why things happen on Under The Dome – that crap has never made any kind of sense. Just quit watching it and let it die like it should.

  20. Katherine215 says:

    20. I don’t understand why they are creating all this stupid drama between Tommy and Nolan. Nolan is deliberately being a jerk to Tommy all season, and for no real reason. I’m much more interested in the relationships between Tommy/Irisa and Nolan/Irisa than Tommy and Nolan’s stupid measuring contest. I’d rather see them concerned about her than this manufactured drama.

  21. maayanelson says:

    i have a question, maybe it’s just me, but can girl meets world, who else think that they should focus less on the raily story lines and focus more on Cory and Topanga? It was so much fun watching them those past 2 weeks, makes me miss boy meets world so much, and yes, i get that i’m 32 and talking about a Disney Channel show…

  22. DavidSask says:

    Team The Real, however you know when it comes to guests they are below Wendy and at Bethenny levels ughh!

  23. Fran says:

    5- The whole Victor thing felt strange to me all around. I know no one was super close to him but it still felt like it was glossed over big time.

  24. MyExBFF says:

    T-Ru Crime? Sign me up!

  25. Maxsmom says:

    #7Major Crimes-I am not a fan of the Rusty storyline but I am a fan of both Ever Carradine (Beck) and Mary McDonnell (Raydor), the Sharon Showdown was easily the best scene in the entire Rusty Saga

    #13Rizzoli and Isles-I did not invest in the pregnancy and I am happy to see the story dropped, I had a baby at 40 and the age of the mom is an important factor that was ignored as was any physical sign that Jane was pregnant, every time it was mentioned I wondered why it was included, I like this show because it is as light as a feather, a baby is a weight it could not handle

    # 23RookieBlue-the Andy/Sam phenomenon strikes out another really good guy, I liked Andy with the Lt. in season 1 and Nick last season, I think AndySam is a dud, otherwise this show is the perfect summertime treat…

  26. arial2 says:

    13. I think it could be revisited later. Sometimes denial holds you together for a while. Then, later on, your mind blindsides you with the truth when you’re least expecting it. If they go this route, Angie Harmon will get a chance to really show acting chops.

    • JBC says:

      I also believe the pregnancy loss has just begun to be addressed in Rizzoli&Isles. Slowly they had each main character talk to her about it a little. I thought the conversation with Frankie her brother was very realistic.

  27. Rich says:

    Man, all these questions just underscore what a lousy summer it’s been for TV. Bring on the fall!

  28. Lena says:

    9. Braeden will die because she has sex with Derek. She will also die because she is black and Jeff doesn’t keep around black characters. Third, she will die because Sterek fangirls are pouting about a ship that will NEVER happen, so they are spewing their usual hate.

    • Skittles&Bits says:

      Sadly, you may be right on all counts. It bothers me so much b/c I felt like Braeden/Derek came out of nowhere b/c lo and behold Jeff has not a freaking unicorn clue what to do with Derek except to make him sleep with someone. This show frustrates me. Frustrates me. I really thought we were going to get a decent storyline with Derek rediscovering his past (and his mom) and his powers and perhaps even developing the ability to turn into a true wolf like his mom but no we get more whump on Derek. Can’t the poor man enjoy one story arc without having to hook up with someone?

  29. ilona says:

    oooooooh Major Crimes was mention yeeey! 7) I think she get same place as Victoria Grayson and Maya Pope :)