Fall TV Preview

Castle Season 7 First Look: Kate Searches for Rick in Fiery Teaser

“He’s not in the car!” Kate shrieks in the first official teaser for Castle‘s upcoming seventh season.

VIDEO Castle‘s Nathan Fillion Asks: ‘How Much Longer Can We Make People Wait for a Wedding?’ 

ABC on Thursday released the first footage from the drama’s Sept. 29 return, in which Kate walks through fire — well, almost — to be reunited with Rick, following his wedding-day car crash. The catch? As Kate discovers, the groom is M.I.A.!

And thus, Castle‘s first Season 7 mystery is born: “On the most important day of their lives, why would the love of her life… vanish?”

Hit PLAY on the preview above, then cast your vote and drop a comment below: What happens next?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Cameron says:

    I have no idea what’s going to happen next. Especially after the cluster of a mess that finale was. Been watching Castle sense s1;e1. Sad to say this is the first time I’m not excited about the premiere. And honestly? The season ahead. Sigh.

    • sigh says:

      I’m not excited either! It doesn’t even look like the same show anymore to me. Weird.

    • Kristine S. says:

      I’m with you.

    • Matthew Weber says:

      I’m excited for everyone who is not. I can’t wait.

        • S. says:

          He’s saying that the people whining about not being excited are more than made up for by his enthusiasm, and, might I add, mine.

          • Bill says:

            Not being excited about Season 7 because of the dreadful Season 6 finale is not “whining.” It is a perfectly reasonable and understandable reaction to a terrible episode and a hackneyed, cliched plot-twist. I don’t care if it was Pi or Pearlmutter who ran Castle off the road at this point.

          • lkh says:


          • tlstripe says:

            Mine too! I’ve watched Castle since the beginning, and this is a doozy of a cliffhanger. Sure, this love story has been told over and over and over again, but who cares?! I still love the show and cannot wait to see what happens next.

      • Castle Fan says:

        Yea…me too….I’ll just watch twice as much to make up for the ones not watching it.

    • Annie says:

      Exactly. Also? On NO planet is that a “shriek.” In fact, she sounds pretty darned calm to me. Just saying.

    • Krithika says:

      It truly pains me to say this, but I just have to agree with you.

    • suzyku says:

      Unfortunately I have to agree with you! Andrew Marlowe really screwed up with that ridiculous finale. It has turned from the “Castle” show to the beckett show and I’m really not happy about that at all. Her character is unlikable most of the time, arrogant, nasty, hard so if they broke them up and gave him a new, nicer person I don’t have a problem with that. It used to be more fun with Castle pretty much solving the mysteries and being the main focus instead of being her lap dog! I sincerely hope they get back on track this season.

      • Lena says:

        Well I love her character so … :-)

      • don211 says:

        i DID NOT LIKE HIS CONTINUOUS SMARTY PANTS SOLVING ALL THE CRIMES WITH MINIMUM INPUT FROM HER. I find her character to be much more believable than his.. By the way, I don’t see the need for his mother and daughter to be a part of the series at all. The two detectives are the best actors in the series.

        • Harvey says:

          Beckett character is believable, but Castle character made the show different than normal crime solving case with the character having a background. And if he doesn’t solve cases, then him coming to precinct would be for almost no reason, just to follow Beckett, I mean, he’s turning from a smart fun guy to a wife follower, seriously? Beckett would always have all the fights and drama mostly, solving cases should be quite much by Castle too. And mother and daughter are needed, how he was with his family was an important part of how Beckett fall in love with him, then a father is more important than a boyfriend, if they just take them out it will be completely wrong.

          • whowho says:

            I guess English isn’t your native language? ^^ this is so difficult to read and understand.

          • John Cena says:

            whowho, yeah, when others don’t agree with you, it is difficult to read and understand their point of view. :(

      • sue says:

        Oh come now – you just do not like her portrayal as it is of a strong women.

        • John Cena says:

          I like her character too, but much less than before. But it isn’t about a strong women, I mean, why do people take it as that! I for one, like her less because of that Eric episode in which she kissed Eric, and all that happened. Though, the main reason I think anyone would dislike her would be the way show makes it look. I mean, the way the show is presenting her as better in a relationship, when she is not, or that she keeps secrets from Castle, or some might dislike her that she has became the main focus, that the show makes Castle or other characters seem much less important, etc. Strong and everything, most ladies character nowadays is of a strong women. While there can’t be a strong male lead obviously, so her being a strong character is definitely not gonna be the reason if anybody is not gonna like her.

  2. Kourt says:

    I am so excited for the premiere. In a 20 second promo Stana slays. She will kill it in 7×01

  3. DarkDefender says:

    I expect none of the listed choices to work. I’m hoping for wholy new mythology and a flat out kidnapping that doesn’t involved his dad as rescuer.

    • zaza says:

      I think that’s what the show-runners have been implying, too, that the crash is meant to be the beginning of a new mythology. I’m all for that…keep things moving forward rather than going back to the same old villains. Though, I wouldn’t mind seeing Castle’s dad back again at some point.

  4. Kate says:

    I have no idea what happens next, but I can’t wait to find out!!!!

  5. CM says:

    I’ve really just don’t care. I’m not watching this show live anymore. I’m DVRing it and binge watching when it suits me.

    • BetiSA says:

      aaaaaannd again…

      • MKS says:

        So, we all have to be excited? So tired of this “you all have to be excited” mentality. We can’t say we’re not excited?

        • S. says:

          Well I don’t see how any fan worth their salt ISN’T excited. If you’re not excited to figure out what the new mythology is after 6 years of Beckett v. Bracken & Co, not excited to see Rick and Kate finally get married, and not excited to learn how Rick survived a fiery car crash, you do indeed need to check your adrenaline levels as regards this premiere. They appear to not be sufficiently high.There are people who insist on only showing a pulse for the show when Castle and Beckett make out and all we got last year was gripe upon gripe. Go read fanfic for that. Gripe about Pi and I get it, but re:Caskett, expression of love isn’t always physical, story sometimes doesn’t allow for a cuddlefest at the end of every episode, and tv weddings without drama are boring. We can go through it a million times, but the complaints about the finale can be argued down too.

          • lkh says:

            is that just professional fans or amateur fans, shouldn’t the former get some cash if they’re worth their salt. just checking, I could get more excited if money was involved.

          • Linda Payne says:

            Her softer side is with Castle. You must be too young to know that throughout life women have known when to show their strength and softer side to the man they love.

        • BetiSA says:

          WHEN DID I SAY THAT “you all have to be excited” ???? :O

        • Harvey says:

          ‘Not being excited’, even that should end after a time, but still, that is okay to a point. But saying not gonna watch it or anything is different, if you say you are not gonna watch it, or even if not excited actually, then why search and come to this site to see anything about it, just let it be.

  6. Boiler says:

    Really look forward to this season

  7. christina says:

    my body is ready for this. bring on 7×01!

  8. JC1 says:

    I guess I’d have to choose A or none of the above. (I didn’t think that was a shriek though.)

  9. Andrea says:

    Really looking forward to this season!!

  10. Not going to watch…the other show that premieres in the timeslot the week before looks good!!!!!

    • BetiSA says:

      yes, I am going to do the same, I will comment about how amazing the new season of Castle will be on the news of the others timeslot shows. I will start tomorrow.

    • BetiSA says:

      @miriam you are TOO REPETITIVE, see what you said some days ago…
      July 29, 2014 at 9:16 AM
      “Again I am glad I am going to focus my attention on another show !!”

    • S. says:

      Don’t let the door hit ya on the way out. Actually do. Maybe you’ll stop clicking on links to Castle related things only to tell us you’re leaving. No one cares. We don’t need you to keep telling us you’re going…no seriously….really going this time…I mean it! etc. As if Marlowe and the rest of the team are gonna do anything to make it up to you and win you back. Just watch your other show, whatever that is, and post on their threads. To do anything else is to mimic the bitter ex that insists on calling the person they broke up with and leaving nasty messages. Go be happy on another show’s thread, it’s okay to move on and please do. Let people who are fans enjoy their show in peace. It’s not like you were ever on the same page as they were anyway. You only claimed to be, but you were never watching the same version of Castle. If you don’t get what the show is now, you didn’t get what it was before.

      • lkh says:

        I hate freedom of speech, don’t you?

        • RUCookie says:

          Its has nothing to do with freedom of speech and everything to do with annoying posts that have no real point. We get it, they don’t like the show anymore! Grow up!

          • This is such a childish way of thinking from some fans:
            1. “You must love the show as much as I do, in exactly the same way, or you should watch something else,” or…
            2. “If you continue watching the show you fail to love as much as I do, in the exact same way, you are not permitted to post your thoughts online.”
            Seriously, I have to ask: Have you never had extended interaction with people outside of your home before? Because there’s no other way to explain that mentality.

          • Tolo says:

            Exactly, Just one thing. Many of us are still considered ourselves fans, even when we don’t praise it all the time (or even voice our displeasures). Geesh.

        • Katherine215 says:

          I hate people who don’t know what “freedom of speech” actually refers to.

      • Robinson in Space says:

        Methinks you protest too much.

  11. lkh says:

    I think those were ‘good guys’ in the SUV–I’m not voting for any of the above–so there :[

  12. lkh says:

    ps I liked that dress–darn!

    • I liked both of her wedding dresses. :-) I particularly liked that this last one was her mother’s. After working that case for so long, it would have been a nice tribute to have a part of her mom’s life involved.

      I want a wedding!!! I am concerned with some of the things I have been reading regarding excessive turbulence in their relationship. Happily ever after can be wonderful, passionate, and exciting. After 20 years of marriage, my husband and I are enjoying each other more now than when we were newlyweds. I really hope they don’t expect us to wait another year for the big day to actually happen. I also hope for little Castle/Beckets making trouble.

  13. MKS says:

    Thanks. Still hasn’t peeked my interest. I will DVR and watch ncis la.

    • BetiSA says:

      Ncis LA is the most boring crime show on tv.

      • MKS says:

        Says you—but 2.4 demos and 14 million viewers a week disagree. Castle has gotten predictable and mildly entertaining. It’s stale and boring. I hardly laugh anymore. I’m loyal, but I’ll DVR and watch at my convenience.

      • suzyku says:

        I agree, Ncis L.A. is at best a mediocre show with mediocre acting and less than mediocre scripts! I DVR it and use it as filler for the times there is nothing on at all and I feel like mindless entertainment!

      • Missteff says:

        i have to agree with you, i also didn’t really care for “blacklist” either sorry. Castle might have lost it’s edge but it will (IMO) remain the best.

  14. Teri says:

    Extremely excited for Season 7. I love Castle so much and know good stories are coming. Hope everyone supports the Premiere.

  15. Fran says:

    Awesome. I just enjoy Castle for what it is so I’m looking forward to it.

  16. I can’T vote since I can’t watch the video. Apperently canada is far too much away to be able to watch this !!

  17. john z says:

    yeah, my reaction “Meh”. WAS a huge fan prior to the Season 6 long F-You to fans in the hot mess 623. Now not planning to buy DVDs or new Nikki Heat novel, cause I just dont care. Wish I didnt feel this way, but still POed.

  18. Anon says:

    So am I the only one who doesn’t think that this fake & that Castle is actually dead? That would be the most enjoyable option for me.

  19. M3rc Nate says:

    I think Nathan Fillion read the finale script, improvised, and drove the car off the road trying to end it all. Because of his ruggedly handsomeness he survived, got out of the car, quit, and is now going to use his Castle money to bring back Firefly. :D one can dream right? lol. Change the title of the show to what its been the past few seasons; “Beckett” and let the viewership plummet until it gets cancelled at the mid-season finale.

    For real though, i think it would be cooler if he was taken by a good guy and his crash setup, rather than him taken by a bad guy….the show doesnt have the long term balls to have him taken by a bad guy, tortured, and by episode 3 rescued, but for the next 8 episodes he is dealing with STRONG debilitating PTSD, which effects his relationship with everyone (especially his mom, daughter, and fiancee), then the struggle and fight to get help and help himself to becoming the Castle we know and love, culminating in the mid-season finale which is Castle’s wedding (that actually happens). Personally i’d like that story line most, but Castle writers/showrunners dont have the balls to play a story line that dark/deep for that long, there track record has proven that (we get a tense, dark, almost dies episode one week then the next a totally goofy stupid “Oh Castle!” episode). So if i cant get that, i’ll take being taken by good guys and having to protect his family/Kate by staying hidden for a while.

    • Moshai says:

      You’d think after twelve years Firefly fans would realize their jokes are terribly unfunny and that they sound like whining children more than anything. Why is this show brought up every time there is discussion about Castle? Seriously, we get it. Nathan Fillion (aka god) is slumming it on this terrible show called Castle.

      • Yeah, slumming it all the way to the bank.
        I get the nostalgia, but the desperate clinging to Firefly – by everyone who does so – does grate.
        No, Castle isn’t a cult classic. But it’s viewed by millions of people worldwide, and deserves to stand outside the shadow of a series from over a decade ago.

        • sigh says:

          I sooo get tired of the Firefly references, especially because I’ve tried to watch a couple episodes and I don’t get the appeal. But I have thought of a series finale for Castle that will make NF fans happy — Castle/Mal wakes up (a la Bob Newhart) on the ship or whatever and realizes “Castle” was only a dream. Yes? No?

        • I totally agree. If Firefly was soooo good it would have lasted more then 12 episode and the big screen movie would not have flopped. I think what grates the most is Nathan Fillion clinging to Firefly like some old man clings to his youth – which kind of fits now that you think about it. Hey Nathan, why don;t you enjoy what you have – a show that is going into its seventh season and is still doing well on ABC. Because, spoiler alert, Firefly isn’t coming back.

          • Harvey says:

            Denise, it’s wrong for him to like Firefly more than Castle? Firefly was giving him more scope as an actor than Castle is, and even otherwise, it’s up to him to decide which one he likes better and wants to talk about more.

    • MKS says:

      They’ve already DONE the PTSD angle. I’ll be uspet if they give it more credibility to Castle than they did to Beckett.

  20. Lupe says:

    None of the above. Can’t wait for season 7!!!

  21. James D says:

    I think I was the only one who enjoyed the finale despite it’s soap operay final moments, looking forward to finally exploring Castle’s past should be a fun ride. I have trouble believing it’s 3XK he would of just killed Castle right? it seems like faking a car crash is something Castle Sr. would do. Andy i love your stuff but I’m not entirely sure Beckett was shreiking their :)

    • JC1 says:

      You weren’t the only one – I enjoyed it too. And I think it’s someone new – not 3XK or Castle’s dad or Bracken.

  22. Maria says:

    Opening sentence of this article reads…”He’s not in the car!” Kate shrieks… Shrieks? That’s not a shriek. It’s a flat-voiced statement, barely above normal talking volume. And I still hated the finale and I just don’t care who ran Rick off the road. All I care about is the two of them having a normal relationship. When the writers get back to that, maybe Castle will get back to the wonderful show it used to be.

  23. lkh says:

    This is just wild (sorta) speculation but when that black SUV was rapidly coming up behind Castle, although it looked menacing, it really wasn’t driving aggressively. It never banged into Castle’s car and I had the feeling that when it pulled along side, someone was going to lower the window. I’m just guessing but maybe it’s the FBI gang that was about when Beckett’s apartment blew up. Castle has made fun of those black SUVs the FBI use once too often… just a thought.

  24. Bree says:

    I wish I could say I’m excited but I am not. I started losing my interest in the show since mid season 5 due to the lack of Castle/Beckett dynamic and bs story-lines. S6 was all wedding talk and it tired me to no end, especially after not having one! I have never cared for their wedding, to be honest. but after s6 I sure hope the word “wedding” or anything related to it is not mentioned. This show was like a treasure to me and now…now I just want it to be over so I no longer have to watch it. I’m in love with Beckett (Stana Katic) and now I unfortunately can’t stop watching it because of my loyalty to them. Under other circumstances I would have been incredibly excited with a promo like this but after 6×23 and its disgusting storyline? hell no. There are so many story-lines that have been complete sh*t but with 6×23 I had enough. The only thing i look forward to see next season is Stana, Nathan and Susan. I love them as actors but sadly none of them are popular enough to be in different shows/movies so Castle gives me a weekly fix of them.

  25. lame says:

    The season finale should have been the seminal episode of the series. The joining of the Duo, the turning of the page from the Beckett mythology to that of Castle, it should have been the best episode ever. In it’s stead we go a story so hackney in it’s writing and poorly constructed as though there was a rush to reach the 23rd episode required.
    What should have been a thank you to the devoted fan base that faithfullly followed for six years seemed like a betrayal of their trust, and for what, a cheaply written attempt at suspense. The season premier should be an FBI laden story, a prime opportunity to have had agent Jordan Shaw assist in the location of Castle, but my faith in AWM has wanned. We’ll most likely see the gang at the 12th find Rick on their own. It probably will have been more believable to have approach the NYC Hall of Records for the name of Castle’s abductors and his location, after all the NYCHR as abilities of discovery that far exceed those of the NYPD, FBI and Homeland Security.

  26. Glad I’m not the only one who had a minor quibble with the verb usage in that first sentence. Lol
    Anyway, I care less about who took Castle or why, and more about how the whole ordeal will affect Castle, Beckett and the others. I have very low expectations that the new mythology will feel organic or make sense, but if they can touch on the emotional drama, I’ll try not to overanalyze it.
    But yeah, some more info would’ve been nice. Pretty sure that, of all the ABC shows, Castle starts production early enough to have more footage than that…

    • MKS says:

      grammar police. ;)

      • No, just different definition of a word like “shriek,” which suggests hysteria. Putting my feminist cap on for a moment to assume that a different verb would’ve likely been used had it been a male character instead.

    • S. says:

      We’re talking about a show that went a few years before really having a breakdown conversation about why Rick was still hanging around long after he should’ve stopped following Beckett on cases just for his books. We saw things like Santa falling from a helicopter. I’d say believability went out the window long ago. Doesn’t mean it can’t be fun. As far as showing more footage, why would they? They’re trying to keep a certain air of mystery. Showing that Castle’s not in the fiery car isn’t really that big a spoiler. It was the season finale of Castle, not the series finale.

      • “Showing that Castle’s not in the fiery car isn’t really that big a spoiler. It was the season finale of Castle, not the series finale.”
        Exactly my point. There was nothing truly illuminating in that promo, except we now know that Beckett &. Co will immediately have hope for Castle’s survival. (I had hoped for a fake body to really throw them off, but oh well…)
        And suspension of disbelief doesn’t mean they can’t do wacky things. EVERYTHING on TV does wacky to some extent.
        The showrunners have just created obstacles over the last few seasons that feel half-developed and quasi-executed, as if they’re merely plot devices that’ll simply move the Castle chess pieces over the board, but don’t have any real, calculated impact on the characters.

      • Allie says:

        You are the clear voice in my head. ;-)

  27. LoloCurray says:

    “He’s not in the car!” Kate says actually quite calmly.

    Not what I’d call shrieks…

  28. Rick Katze says:

    While I voted for 3XK, none of the choices seemed really likely. I strongly hope they are not going to repeat Peter’s situation in Season 4 of Fringe. It went on way too long.

    The cynic in me asks if Nathen is doing a movie or other commitment and needed some free time to complete it. We know the other usual reason, pregnancy, is not a choice here.

  29. mine says:

    ilol this show is turning more and more into a soap opera,i think the best option to choose is none of the above but i guess it might be A

  30. Bill says:

    Not looking forward to Season 7 because of that pile of garbage that was the Season 6 finale. Marlowe must have spent a total of about 3 hours on that script. The last few minutes of that episode felt like it was lifted from an old episode of Dynasty.

  31. Shelley says:

    I’m really looking forward to finding out what happened and what this “new mythology” that Andrew Marlowe mentioned is all about. I picked “A,” but it’s not going to be a Bracken tie. I think it will have something to do with Rick’s past, but since it’s going to be something new, it won’t involve his dad, either. Maybe Castle got a little too involved with the mob when he was doing research for a book? I will be a devoted Castle fan–and Nathan Fillion fan in particular–

  32. Craig says:

    This all new potential mythology I will believe it when I see it. AM and DA have already stated that after the first 2 episodes they move on to revisit later. That’s not a new mythology. That’s creating an arc solely to move on when you run out of ideas. e.g the DC arc. All that did was move the relationship forward by creating better communication and them being engaged. Nothing more nothing less. They will probably revisit Rick’s past again in sweeps or towards the end of the season so this new mythology may only show in less than 6 episodes out of a 23 episode season. Sorry AM but you waited too long to start with Ricks past now.

  33. Flick says:

    Can’t wait!!! It’s gonna be cray cray awesome!!

  34. carbono says:

    I didn’t care for the finale either but only cuz of the cliche’s & plot holes. I can’t wait to see what happens next.

  35. DK says:

    I am not Andrew Marlowe, so I have no clue what’s coming next. But I’m fairly certain it has nothing to do with Jackson Hunt, even though that’s what most people keep voting for. Why? Andrew Marlowe made it pretty clear in a post-finale interview that while it would be neat for James Brolin to come back, they don’t actually have any concrete plans.

    • Problem is, viewers shouldn’t really have to read interviews to see explanations for where the show is going. Since they’re going in an all-new direction, I hope they had some clues in the finale or Easter eggs that fans can identify later. Otherwise, it just sounds like they’re making it up between seasons as they go.

  36. Jess says:

    I, for one, am excited. I can’t wait for the season premiere. I want to know what happened to Castle. September 29th can’t come fast enough.

  37. PennyWise says:

    I think the S6 finale was not real. They said it as not a dream. I think it may be a Chapter out of Castle’s next book. This is how they may introduce new mythology on why Castle became a murder mystery writer.

  38. Patsy says:

    As I’ve said all along, Jackson Hunt is in the picture

  39. samantha says:

    ugh! she ruined that beautiful wedding dress for some silly plot twist.

  40. BetiSA says:

    I have to admit that Castle haters (they are 3 or 4) are very well organized, they go to every site of this world to attack the show, saying the same words week after week. At least you should be more creative. If I don’t like a show I am not going to every website spreading my disagreement about the show.. week after week. I find it VERY suspicious.

  41. Angel says:

    Well, the show runners/writers have previously stated on numerous occasions that the crash will introduce a new mythology. It will not be about Bracken, 3XK, or Castle’s father. The new mythology will center on Castle and we will learn more about his past. Surprisingly, it just may be a season that actually centers on Castle as opposed to Beckett. It should be a nice change.

  42. Brigid says:

    Very Excited for the new season. Love Castle!!!

  43. Tolo says:

    Guys, it’s Pi taking his revenge for Alexis dumping him.

  44. or

    G) Castle is driving but notices something wrong (breaks, steering, high beeping [bomb]), knows full well he’s a target, and jumps out of the car. Hurt? yup. Alive? Definitely.

  45. Luis says:

    Extremely excited for the season premiere, but I will be pissed if they try to sub in a Castle look-a-like.

  46. Sammie says:

    I’m excited for the season opening. Maybe it will start with Lanie and Espo taking the wedding instead of Rick and Kate. They have been pretty lovy dovy since it’s almost death episode. But what will they do with the ‘no Rick’ at the wedding part? That’s a quandry. No it doesn’t look like the rest – this is for me more exciting. And it’s a turn in the writing. It’s time. I think they will get married – just not for the season opener.

  47. Macsa says:

    I miss the older episdodes with Castle’s poker games and calls to other famous people. He was great because he was rich, handsome, and had some awesome friends. Being with Kate has really taken the wind of out his sails. Bring back some of the fun things he used to do. Laser tag, poker games, being able to indulge his little boy fantasies. That’s the Castle I loved and miss.

  48. Phyllis Nethken says:

    I don’t care for any of these options. If they are going a new route then do it. The hiatus has been much too long for loyal fans. I did not like the S6 finale either but the powers that be deserve a chance to redeem themselves.

  49. Robert Kee says:

    Bob say’s: I would like to see Castle’s Dad back and start a whole new twist to the show. Whatever it brings I will still watch. Just like the cast, and in today’s TV series shows to many good one’s dropped and replaced with trash that is dropped the next year.

  50. Bill Vest says:

    I will stop watching this show if Castle is not back & with Kate. I have the whole show from 1 to 6 so far.