So You Think You Can Dance Top 8 Recap: No One Wants to Be Defeated

Mama-say mama-sah ma-ma-koo-sah.

That bit of Michael Jackson lyrical gobbledygook is a fitting intro to my recap of tonight’s So You Think You Can Dance Top 8 telecast — seeing how the end-of-episode results made absolutely no sense whatsoever.

Hold up now. Valerie and Jacque are two of Season 11’s final three women? The most adorable TV character since Teletubbies‘ Po got rejected by America? Jenna Dewan-Tatum loved errrrything — no “v,” no second “e,” no discretion whatsoever?

Color me crestfallen — with a side-order of anticipation that maybe next week, there’ll be a perfect storm of choreography, music, costuming and partnering that will finally allow Ricky Ubeda to be great (no chaser).

With that bit of probably misguided optimism, let me hand out my own awards for tonight’s SYTYCD festivities (centered around the music of the late Mr. Jackson himself):

Dance of the Night
Rudy and All-Star Allison (Jazz, Ray Leeper)
Oh Em Gee, Allison Holker is a remarkably evocative dancer. But as her desperate, crazy, sexy “Dirty Diana” teased and tempted family man Rudy, the cherubic contestant matched her intensity — both physically and facially — transforming himself into an altogether different kind of performer than we’ve seen this season. That last eye-popping lift-and-catch — combined with Rudy’s raging bull of a solo — had me convinced he’d make the finale, but expecting 100 percent justice in the world of reality-competition series is like holding one’s breath for a calorie-free Butterfinger. (Mmmm…Butterfinger.)

Runner-Up for Dance of the Night
Tanisha and All-Star Nick (Contemporary, Stacey Tookey)
It’s hard to balance brute strength with effortless elegance, but that’s what Tanisha achieved in this dreamlike tale of love lost. For the record, I didn’t buy Nigel’s complaint about Tanisha’s lack of “vulnerability” — seeing how the routine was about Nick’s rememberance of “the one that got away,” with Tanisha merely serving as the physically whispered memory of happier times. Girlfriend did exactly what her choreographer wanted — but maybe, in Nigel’s mind, that made her too much a threat to his favored Jessica?

Worst of the Night
Jacque and All-Star Twitch (Hip-Hop, Dave Scott)
I’m sorry, but I get down harder at wedding receptions. Twitch (as always) was scintillating, but Jacque fluttered and floated when she needed to drop and punch. No bueno!

Most Surprising(ly Solid)
Casey and All-Star Comfort (Hip-Hop, Pharside & Phoenix)
For most of the season, Casey’s seemed as hard-hitting as a Ziploc bag of feathers, but he got funky and dirty as a reluctant victim of Comfort’s killer spider — completely selling me on a routine whose “deadly kiss” theme has been done about 10 too many times on the show.

Biggest Gap Between Contestant and All-Star
Valerie and All-Star Ryan (Samba, Jean-Marc Généreux)
Ryan was scorching — even in that absurd sleeveless sheer shirt — but by comparison, Valerie came off slightly clumsy, particularly in spots where the duo had to make use of the full stage. Combined with her pedestrian solo, I really wish she’d been the one sent packing.

Worst Choreography
Ricky and All-Star Jaimie (Contemporary, Travis Wall) — Sorry, contrary to SYTYCD edict (and the judges’ knee-jerk praise), Travis Wall can make a misstep now and then, and the frantic movement of the dancers against the deliberate pace of “Smile” struck me as exceedingly odd. Plus, for a routine that promised Ricky’s bones would escape his skin, I didn’t see enough opportunities for true extension.

Routine I Need to Watch a Few More Times Before Probably Admitting It Was Awesome
Jessica and All-Star Will (Contemporary, Mandy Moore)
There were some absolutely fascinating poses throughout the number — starting right with that “wheelbarrow” that had Jessica balancing on one arm. And yes, that final embrace of “Earth” and “Harried Human” was touching. But I’m still not sure this one rose to the level of a three-judge Standing O.

Most Overpraised
Zack and All-Star Makenzie (Broadway, Spencer Liff)
Sure, the routine was pretty and sweeping and looked like it came straight from a Broadway stage, but I didn’t detect an ounce of chemistry between Zack and (my least fave All-Star) Makenzie. For a piece set to the kicky “The Way You Make Me Feel,” I wound up not feeling much of anything at all.

And now, for the results…

Bottom Two Guys

Bottom Two Girls

Tanisha (Nooooooo!!)
Rudy (Noooooooooo!!)

What did you think of the Top 8? Take our poll below to vote for your three favorite routines, then hit the comments with your thoughts on the performances and the heinous eliminations!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Luke says:

    Tanisha was the best dancer. Jessica is next. The general public has crummy taste.

  2. MC says:

    Rudy killed it tonight and Tanisha was awesome again. I guess it was time for them to go. They have to clear the way for the chosen ones, Ricky and Jessica. It was an all-around good show tonight, but it’s unfortunate when the voters get it wrong. I do think the top ten will put on a great show when they go on tour.

    • Lesley says:

      I agree tanisha was the best

    • Jake says:

      This show had always favored Jessica. When she sucked the first half of the top 20 she never was eliminated and now when it’s crucial, she gets her own style contemporary in 2 of the last three weeks and last week was partnered with fan favorite twitch. She also has been in the last 3 dances of the night since the show went for fan elimination.

      I love how Nigel always seems to “know” to give an “excuse” of why the dancers are eliminated. There is no suspense. I knew that tanisha was donee after Nigel all of a sudden saw some fault in her personality.

      • nancy says:

        Agreed. Something about Jessica isn’t likeable, though. My teenage daughters see it too…they say she’s a Mean Girl.

        • Mona Cattanach says:

          Interesting that teenage girls are picking up on that. I never really looked at it that way, but I can see their point. I was also kind of put off by a comment her dad made tonight on the top 6 show, when he was talking about Jessica having the it factor and how that drove the other parents crazy. Maybe the attitude of the daughter reflects the attitude of her parents.

  3. Silvia says:

    The worst SYTYCD results in a really, really long time. So sad to see these two wonderful dancers go, they deserved to make it to Top 4. Definitely got it wrong!

    • Julia says:

      Absolutely agree!! By far 2 of the best dancers I have seen on SYTYCD!! And most definitely Tanisha is 1 of the best female dancers I have seen on SYTYCD in her style since Anya!! She reminds me on Anya SO much!!! I don’t know WHAT America was watching last week!!! I am sad that I will no longer be watching SYTYCD after this week…first time in SYTYCD history that I will not be watching the entire season. I will watch the finale ONLY so that I can see my favorites come back but that’s it

      • ChrissieK says:

        Oh don’t be so silly! Enjoy the remaining 3 weeks…because maybe Fox won’t renew my favorite reality show.

    • David4 says:

      I honestly think they should have the 10 ten be done completely on votes, and not just on gender. If so the top 6 would have been 4 guys and two girls.

      • JB says:

        I agree with not having 1 of each gender going home. I enjoyed the show so much more when @ top 10, 2 go home, no matter what. But until they decide to only have 1 winner again, we lose good dancers

    • Lesley says:

      I agree I think tanisha and Rudy deserve to be in the top 4. Can we do a ” are you sure about that America?” Show? It’s astonishing to see the injustice. I thought the show was authentic. The only thing it’s inspiring is disappointment, I’m afraid. The all stars should put their names in a hat, the contestants should put their names in a hat and let whatever happens happen. Bring Mia back if she can and keep the show legit. The last thing it needs is a cookie cutter formula to lose it gem like quality — rare and unapologizing to breaking down barriers.

    • My Alter Ego says:

      So sad to see these two wonderful dancers go, they deserved to make it to Top 4.

      Nonsense! I’ll agree that Tanisha should still be a part of the equation (and Valerie should have been gone weeks ago), but to claim that Rudy is a “wonderful dancer” is a major insult to many who have already left (Serge, Emilio & Teddy, all of whom are far superior dancers — and that doesn’t take much) to Rudy is utterly ridiculous. Rudy is 99.9% ham and .01% dancer. Tokyo may have made Rudy a better dancer, but Tokyo couldn’t perform a miracle.

  4. Drew says:

    I find Hollywood’s continued celebration of Michael Jackson to be a little disgusting. Here is a guy who many say molested them, but at the very least was a weirdo who admitted to enjoying sharing beds with little boys. That isn’t normal. I get that people liked his music… I don’t get why, but I understand that they do. Okay. Sure. So let’s move on. He is dead. Stop with the constant memorials and tributes. Celebrate someone else for a change.

    • Rebecca Parker says:

      It’s especially egregious because one of the alleged victims is a former member of the SYTYCD family, Wade Robson.

      • MA says:

        Yeah, that was truly bizarre. I don’t know what to make of it.

        • Gallavich Shipper says:

          Really hope Wade didn’t take it to mean that he was not believed. I love Michael Jackson’s music almost everyone else, but I think it was strange as well.

          • Drew says:

            He could be faking it, I don’t know. But it would be a mistake to assume that he is lying without hearing his side of things. Especially since he did apparently have some mental health issues around the time that his child was born, we don’t know what triggered that.

            It is incredibly awkward for the people he knew and worked with to be celebrating MJ so gushingly.

          • MA says:

            I doubt Wade is lying. That’s pretty rare. He might have false memories, though, or be remembering wrong, or whatever. He could also be absolutely 100% telling what happened. I really don’t know what to think of Michael Jackson personally, but it seems in very poor taste to do a show dedicated to him with child molestation allegations from one of your own stars hanging over the show. Really bad PR move, I think, though most people don’t seem to care so…what do I know. The show and Wade may also have had a falling out and so the showrunners don’t care either. I have no idea, but it’s weird.

      • whiskey says:

        This was so disappointing to me. Wade is a brilliant choreographer, who contributed much to the show’s early success. It seems so callous.

      • cjinsd says:

        I thought the same thing. I have been hoping that Wade would come back once in a while to give at least a group routine, but that hope was dashed tonight.

        I’m with you too Drew, I never got why either…

    • David4 says:

      I agree and disagree.

      I don’t think the show should do themes, it’s a dancing show and you make the choreographers pick only a certain type of music? Weird to me.

      That said Robbin Williams hung himself, does that mean we should never play his funny movies anymore?

      MJ was also found not guilty.

      • GTS says:

        Are you comparing a severely depressed and suicidal man to a pedophile? And watching a movie is different than dedicating and dictating a show and its performances to a man. Drew isn’t saying to stop listening to Michael Jackson’s music, he’s saying we should cool it with the memorials that tribute a pedophile.

        • Autumn says:

          There is no proof that he was a pedophile…In fact, he was found not guilty (as he should have been based on the evidence and facts of that particular case). And I think it’s weird that Robson is going after Michael Jackson years after his death when he spoke so glowingly about him in court. It seems to be all about money. Why would anyone want money from Jackson’s estate? Isn’t that mostly his children’s inheritance? So, I say keep on honoring what Michael Jackson was great at: music and dance. He revolutionized both. Of course the dancing world will continue to pay tribute to that. I, for one enjoyed the night.

          • Drew says:

            He admitted to sleeping in the same bed as little boys. That isn’t normal. I am not one of those people who thinks that any man who befriends a kid is a sicko, but when you start talking about sharing beds, something is not right.

      • Lesley says:

        I don’t believe the show should do themes either. It’s not that kind of show. The show I know and love is all about making your own path and taking in new experiences for your own improvement. It really catered to the betterment of the dancers as dancers and as people. I think that’s what I liked about the show most of all.

    • Karen says:

      Totally agree!! There was some great dancing tonight – and I am so sorry to see both Tanisha and Rudy go especially after their performances tonight, BUT I was really disturbed and distracted by the whole MJ tribute. Yes, he was talented–but also a disgusting peodphile. I’m perplexed that SYTYCD would promote him in light of Wade Robeson’s accusation.

      • Terry says:

        Innocent until proven guilty I guess. Although I can’t bring myself to ignore all the accusations and just enjoy the music as easily as some people are able to do.

    • Carla Krae says:

      It was to promote the new album release of MJ songs from the vault.

    • The Costume Department says:

      Amen to that! The guy may have been a great songwriter, but having to hear him quaver, “hic!” and “hoo!” through every freaking number was tortuous.

  5. Tiff says:

    I know I’m in the minority, but I didn’t much care for Rudy. I thought he did a decent job tonight, but I also honestly feel like Zack, Casey, and Ricky are better than him.

    That said, I’m pretty upset that Tanisha was voted off – she’s so obviously a better dancer than Valerie and Jacque, and I think she’s more versatile than Jessica, too. It’s really, really a shame. Sigh.

    • Kate says:


    • LADY_in_MD says:

      Couldn’t agree with you more! :-)

    • Mona Cattanach says:

      Totally agree about Rudy and was thrilled to see him go tonight. While I thought his routine tonight was better than some he’s done and he acted less annoying than in weeks past, it was too little, too late. Based on comments here the last couple of weeks, his “charms” such as they were-I frankly never got it- had long since started to fade. Couple that with his mediocre cha cha from last week and I think viewers got it right in sending him home.
      Tanisha is a whole other story. I truly was rooting for her to win it all. I think she is a more polished dancer than Valerie and much more versatile than Jacque or Jessica. I found Nigel’s comments a little odd tonight about her needing to show her weak side. I wondered if he meant when not dancing. Maybe it was his weird Nigel way of saying she wasn’t connecting with the viewers.
      I disagree, I found her likable and entertaining to watch and sensible and mature in her offstage behavior. Maybe that was the kiss of death for her. I think the younger viewers, which seem to be legion, often don’t know what to make of a dancer that comes across as anything other than a giddy teenybopper. I think that may be what happened with Serge too.

      • Em says:

        I agree 100% with what you just said. I liked Rudy in the beginning, but his cheesy smiles and faces (not to mention the obnoxious “WOOOOOing”) were getting really old. Sorry to all you extreme Rudy fans, but you can’t smile your way into the finale.

        • waterbug says:

          Agreed! I had begun to fast forward his critique because he is so absolutely annoying. Now I see he is still a baby when it comes to winning some and losing some. Too bad he was not as gracious and mature as Marquet when his time had come. Adios Rudy!

    • PGVolley says:

      You are not in the minority regarding Rudy. He seems to be a sweet guy, but technically, he was not as good as not only the remaining male dancers, but some who left before him. He was getting by on his smile. Last week’s winking was so far over-the-top, it was creepy. Tanisha should be the only shock elimination from tonight. While I agreed with Nigel that she needed to show more emotion tonight, she was technically the best female dancer. She was stunning to watch!

      I’m hoping Ricky and Zack are the remaining guys next week. Both are better than Casey. I don’t really care who leaves/remains for the ladies. Tanisha was my fav female.

    • cjinsd says:

      Agree with both thoughts. Rudy has creeped me out from the beginning. He may have done well tonight, but I never noticed him during the dance…I could only see Allison. Tanisha is fantastic dancer and should have stayed longer than Jacque & Valerie.

    • Daisy says:

      I have to say that I agree with you on the whole Rudy thing. I thought that Allison WAY outdanced him tonight and was actually surprised that Michael said that he matched Allison for facial expression, etc. I completely disagree. I watched the dance over and over again–because of ALLISON! She embodied the character so well, but I got nothing in response from Rudy. I wasn’t especially sorry to see him go.

      I’m not really a huge fan of Jessica. I think they are really pushing for her–harder than they should. She’s been incredibly lucky to have ‘drawn’ contemporary so many weeks in a row now because she’s not good in any other style. They keep telling her how much she’s grown–um really? Because she’s gotten her style a couple of weeks in a row it seems that she’s ‘improved’, but let’s not forget the flying carpet routine and the comments about her face (which were spot on in the beginning).

      I wasn’t a huge fan of Tanisha in the beginning, but she grew on me. She really is a great dancer.

      • Em says:

        I totally agree with you about Jessica. I still don’t see what the big fuss with her is about. I also don’t understand how she is in the top 6 right now when I wanted her gone weeks ago. The only good routine she had that wasn’t contemporary or jazz was with Twitch. But Nigel LOOOOVES her so I’m sure she’ll make the finale…

    • You do realize that Jessica, Jacque and Valerie are all hotter than Tanisha, don’t you? Don’t get me wrong, I think Tanisha has a very sexy quality, but the other three girls are all beautiful. That is how the voting goes…

      • Em says:

        Not everything is about looks, and I don’t think that’s why she went home. I think her fans just assumed that she would be safe and didn’t vote for her.

    • Lesley says:

      I kind of have to agree with you- Ricky zack and Casey are pretty amazing. Rudy’s got a gotta love me quality that no one can resist. But you are right, those 3 boys are deservingly there. The girls on the other hand, were not rightfully voted. Bring Tanisha back!!! Please

  6. I am absolutely horrified by these eliminations. Nigel’s endless push to crown Ricky the winner has gone too far.

    • Emily says:

      What about Nigel’ s obvious crush on Jessica. He’s named her the winner almost every episode!

    • Jenks says:

      Rudy got twice the screen time Ricky has got. Cat kept him up on stage after every number, mugging like a clown (Rudy, not Cat), for way too long. Rudy got gushing reviews for mediocre dances. Why do people insist on claiming that Nigel or whomever is pushing the best dancer just because he or she is the best dancer? If anything, they have saddled Ricky with some of the worst choreography of the season.

      • RealityCheck says:

        My sentiments exactly!!

      • Em says:

        Totally agree. Ricky is the only person I want to win. I think the second guys spot in the finale will be between Zack and Casey, and the girl going home will be Jacque. Although I would like to see Jessica go instead because I am still not a fan.

  7. Rachel says:

    Absolutely cannot believe that Valerie was safe after her terrible performance last week. Honestly, I have no idea how she got more votes than Tanisha. I expected Rudy to be in the bottom but was much more prepared for Casey to go home, especially after Rudy’s amazing performance this week.
    The judges have held Jessica’s hand all the way to the finale and it’s starting to annoy me. I was neutral about her performance but definitely don’t see how she deserved a standing ovation.
    Love Ricky & love Travis Wall but I was actually glad to see Travis’ choreography not blow away the judges for once. Lately it seems as though Travis could have dancers spin in circles while eating hot dogs and Mary would go crazy over it.
    Although it’s sad, I feel like Rudy’s more into his relationship with Jacque than she is. When he was eliminated I thought she would be crying but she barely even dropped a tear.
    I’ve really lost interest in this season over the past few weeks. Ricky is amazing and Zack continues to impress (and Tanisha was also great & Rudy had the best [or worst depending on your opinion] personality on the show) but the good/interesting dancers keep getting sent home. First Carly, then Emilio, now Rudy AND Tanisha.
    Really hate themed episodes btw. Just let the choreographers pick their own music and do a tribute in the group dance.
    Keone & Mari (or whatever their names are who did Casey’s routine) should never be allowed back on SYTYCD. I have not liked a single one of their routines. Ever. #TeamNappyTabs
    I still miss Carly :(

    • Leigh says:

      I agree with every single statement of yours. Except I like Jessica (as long as she stays away from her sexpot solos).

    • Deidra says:

      Couldn’t agree more, especially about Keone & Mari, Travis, and Carly. I too felt that Jacque didn’t seem sad enough about Rudy’s elimination.

      • Terry says:

        I noticed that too, Jacque had a huge smile on her face as she left the stage with Casey. She wasn’t the least bit sad her supposed man just got the boot, meanwhile Rudy is up there bawling away. I was fine with the eliminations, although I think Jacque or Valerie should have left before Tanisha. I didn’t actually mind Rudy last night but in past episodes his personality grated on my last nerve, it was just too over the top. I hope the last 2 standing are a guy and a girl, and I actually agree with the 2 TPTB are pushing… Ricky and Jessica FTW!

    • Cheekie1 says:

      I agree with everything and I think the relationship was more over exploited by cat deeley and Rudy. Looks like Jacque could give a rats a$$!

    • Jake says:

      The ones who did Casey’s routine was Pharside and Pheonix. Keoni and Mari were the ones who choreographedJacque and Zack’s hip hop :)

    • sarah j says:

      I too agree with all you said except I really like Jessica!
      In regards to Jacque I was thinking WHY is Jacque not sad that Rudy is gone and she did not even hug him! YIKES! I think that relationship is over!

    • Janaya says:

      I still miss Carly too and couldn’t agree more with you. She was so amazing at every style and her solo on the Top 14 episode was flawless, but Nigel just L.O.V.E.S. Jessica and can’t get over her pretty face so i guess on sytycd looks>talent. (And Carly was beautiful so…. I don’t know what Nigel sees)

    • Lesley says:

      I miss Carly too :( can’t believe left. It was outrageous

    • Mary Ann says:

      They never mentioned the Rudy/Jacque relationship last night, did they? Maybe it’s all over. I was so happy to see him go. I am tired of his rubbery face with the over the top expressions. He needs to calm down a little. And I guess I am the only one happy that Valerie didn’t get cut. I love her. I am not a dance expert, but I always enjoy her routines. She always looks like she is having a great time. Plus she reminds me of Maggie on The Walking Dead.

  8. Kathryn says:

    About time. I’ve always thought Rudy was overhyped by the judges.

  9. kevin says:

    Rudy and Tanisha gone? Maybe next week, I’ll watch Big Brother live.

  10. Sammi says:

    So You Think You Can Dance Movie Cast List!
    Zack= Everyone’s Best Friend
    Jessica= Popular Chick
    Rudy= 5 Year Old Child
    Tanisha= “Sexy” Face Girl #3
    Casey= Third Wheel
    Jacque= Ice Queen
    Valerie= Overly Happy Girl
    Ricky= Guy Who Complains About Getting a 98% on Tests
    Travis Wall= Homecoming King
    Jean Marc= Science Teacher
    Sonya Tayeh= Cat Lady
    Tyce Diorio= Dramatic Club Moderator
    NappyTabs= Cool Parents You Always Hope Invite You Over
    Nigel L= Bragging Father
    Mary M= Drunken Buisnesswoman

  11. Dani says:

    I’m kinda okay with Rudy going. To be honest, his overreactions and constant pimping by Nigel were a little off-putting. And Ricky is still the best contemporary dancer among the three. Tanisha however, why! I guess no one who likes ballroom watches this show anymore.

    • MC says:

      I wasn’t a fan of Rudy at all, but the jazz number with Allison tonight was one of the highlights of the season. I think he would have outlasted Casey if it wasn’t for all the constant mugging.

  12. Paul Thibault says:

    Rudy had to go at some point but I thought it would be Casey this week. I really thought Tanisha would win it all. Best dancer this year by far. America screwed this one up. At least they got it right last year.

    • Gallavich Shipper says:

      I think strategy is everything. Rudy has been a ham since day one, while Casey has quietly shown that precious commodity – development. Viewers like to see someone evolve, not play the fool week in week out.

  13. Deidra says:

    If Valerie & Casey don’t go home next week, I’m writing Nigel a nasty letter. #TeamZack

    • Paul Thibault says:

      It’s tough to say who should go home for the girls next week. I think any of them could have gone home over Tanisha. She was just soo good. I’m surprised Jessica and Jaque haven’t gone home already to be honest with you. I gather that you don’t like Valerie, but I think considering she’s a tapper, she’s done better than either of the other two girls. Maybe I’m biased because she’s the cutest out of all three, lol. I really do like her dancing though. For what it’s worth, I’m team Zack too!!

      • Hannah says:

        I agree 100%. I think Valerie is adorbs. She’s the only one who has had to dance consistently out of her style. Obviously I’m not alone in thinking this because people are voting for her.

        • Marisa says:

          She is actually only consistent in being mediocre outside of her style. She is actually mediocre in her own style as well. Never sharp, constantly looking at her feet, no control, not strong. So disappointed that she has lasted this long.

          • Winn says:

            I totally agree. Zack puts her to shame every time. Her solo this week was probably her best, but his was fantastic. When she isn’t even that great a tapper, the praise she gets for being “out of her style” falls even flatter. Still think she’s more versatile than Jessica, though.

          • My Alter Ego says:

            I, too, agree with you Marisa, It’s unfortunate that she’s lasted as long as she has. I think Alexis (tapper from last year) was far better than Valerie, and that’s not saying much.
            Valerie benefited from being paired with Ricky, which did not help Ricky in any way. (This pairing reminds me of Eliana and Cyrus, although, fortunately, Eliana did win the “women’s” title that year.) While Valerie impressed me in the hip hop routine, wherein one second, she needed to be as limp as a rag doll, and then a following second where she needed to be hitting precise, “non-limp” hip hop movements, that one dance doesn’t compensate for an overall, at best “meh” impression of her dance capabilities.

  14. Babybop says:

    Is it just me or did all the dances look the same tonight? Valerie’s samba was embarrassing – I can’t believe they praised her… and that Tanisha went home instead. I never though Rudy was that good, so I’m fine with him leaving.

  15. Lindsey says:

    I love Valerie, but I do think she is over staying her welcome. She’s actually my favorite, but I think the other girls are definitely better dancers than she is, just because of their training. I do not, however, think Valerie was “awful” last week as it has been said. I thought she was great, actually, and was hitting the choreography quite well. It’s just that the other girls are better. Very sad to see Tanisha go. I think ultimately it’s about how many family members and friends you’ve got back home voting for you. All of the ones that are left come from either huge families or huge studios that vote for them every week and then tell their friends and family to vote for said person too. That’s kind of how it’s always been. That said, I’d be happy with anyone winning, it’s not really about winning to the dancers anyway. They love the professional experience they get to further their dance careers.

  16. Shaun says:

    Valerie will win because she has a great personality and redeemed herself this week,samba rolls are very hard to do.

    • MAS says:

      That would be a completely ridiculous outcome. She hasn’t been great in a single dance, not even on a performance level like some other past winners. What I can remember from any of her dancers were the awkward moments which existed in every single one. I can’t even imagine what encores they are gong to ask her to do. Hopefully, not many or there will be a lot of fast forwarding happening.

  17. Julia says:

    So disappointed!! First time in 11 seasons I will not be watching until the very end…I am not sure what America watched last week or any week for that matter because Rudy and Tanisha have been 2 of the best dancers ALL season!! Jacque has lacked talent pretty much all season except for her 1 ballerina performance…except for his 1 performance last week, Zach has lacked…Valerie hasn’t been consistent either…I mean really?? Yes, Jessica and Ricky are good but come ON!! There is no way that Rudy and Tanisha should have gone home!! I don’t like the format this year where the judges don’t have a choice of who goes home once the top 10 started…I think they need to go back to the old format! So so disgusted and disappointed!! Well, I guess that now frees up my Wednesday for more Big Brother and Young and Hungry!

    • Shaun says:

      they only meddled in one season I think,and it was horrible.Top 10 needs to be left to the voters.It won’t kill Tanisha,she’s still on tour.

      • Julia says:

        Yeah, it’s just a bit ridiculous…there’s a couple dancers that have gotten extremely lucky in this competition…Emilio didn’t deserve to go home last week nor did Bridget…I think Jacque and Valerie have had extremely off weeks on numerous occasions…and they’ve somehow been voted in…I just don’t understand what America is watching here! I don’t agree with the remaining choices by America so I won’t be watching until the finale! Sucks, but least now I can watch Big Brother live lol

        • MC says:

          Love your comments about SYTYCD, but don’t know what you (or anyone) sees in the Big Brother show. It seems so cringeworthy to me.

      • Mona Cattanach says:

        True Shaun. I have watched every season and as far as I remember it has always been up to the voters after the top ten, except for last year which aggravated the crap out of me (sorry of that qualifies as frakkin’ cursing) I think last year it was a ploy to keep Jenna, who they kept trying to ram down viewers’ throats. I’m not happy Tanisha went home tonight, but at least it was based on viewer votes, however misguided. While I’m sure she is disappointed, she has to be happy with what she’s done this season. I bet my last cookie she will be a pro or member of the troupe on “Dancing With The Stars” before you can say mirror ball trophy!

        • Cynx says:

          I am a big Tanisha fan as well, but in order to be successful on DWTS, you need to be able to choreograph, and not everyone can do that successfully.

    • Aaron says:

      Love Zack since top 20, his tap performance with Valerie was amazing. 2nd week African Jazz routine surprised me, making him my favorite to win. His 3rd week’s Keone & Mari Hip-Hop number though the choreography was not memorable, the whole performance was genuine and kinda sweet, it also exudes lot of chemistry between him and Jacque. 4th week’s Sonya routine while lack of emotion (which i think suites the concept of the choreography), the dance was solid. Week 5 was his weakest, the paso was meh at best, there were miss connection, choreography was weak. Finally, last week the performance with Amy was breath-taking and full of emotions. He was also standing out in some of the group performance that wan’t pimping Riky out.

      The problem with Ricky for me is that he is probably too good, there seems to be no growth from him. His performance always leaves me feeling meh wanting something more impressive. He has yet(exclude this week, not yet watch) to get an emotional piece and show a deeper emotion that can make me connect. His facial expression for last week’s performance was over the top.

      • sandy says:

        I agree with everrryyythhing! Im sick of the show pimping Ricky and Jessica. I dint care for Zack in the beginning.. He’s my fav now..He better make it to the finale over dead-face Casey :/

  18. Rocker Rocker says:

    Sayonara Rudy the retard. He’s not in the same league as the remaining male dancers. His departure long over due. No more moron-faces. Yay!

    • Paul Thibault says:

      You do realize he actually has a mental handicap from his accident right? he has brain damage. way to call the kid a retard! People like you are the reason every other country hates america

    • Julia says:

      Wow!! I hope no one you know ever goes through what Rudy had to go through…especially yourself!! You should be ashamed of yourself for saying such a thing!! Rudy had to overcome a lot to be able to do what he does…and he doesn’t try to get pity from his accident to move ahead in his dancing…he moved ahead in his dancing because he has TALENT!!!! His face expressions is not his fault!!!! OMG I am shocked at your comments!! So rude!!

    • Tiffany says:

      Very rude! And Rudy didn’t have an accident. He was born with a birth defect called Congenital diaphragmatic Hernia. At birth his right lung wasn’t fully formed due to his diaphragm having a he I. It, causing the organs I his abdominal cavity to go into his chest. Hence the scar. He has done extremely well considering he technically only had one and a half lungs and one fully functioning diaphragm.

  19. Eric M says:

    I love how people are complaining about Nigel and his plan to make Ricky king and are blaming him for the results. Sure, the judges can sway America but we are the ones that vote. I’m not the biggest Nigel fan but clearly Rudy got the least votes… I’ll agree that his dance tonight was the best but t doesn’t matter, sadly this week doesn’t count. If we still had a Results show, he probably would have been kept after this week.

    And as far as Tanisha, she was never vuanerable like Nigel said. She wasn’t as personable as the other three. I think that has a lot to do with it. Probably the best dancer, but it doesn’t matter if people don’t like your personality. It’s not America’s Best Dancer, it’s America’s Favorite Dancer.

    • Carla Krae says:

      Well said. Tanesha isn’t a “camera girl”. She’s a fine dancer, but she’s not an actress. And that’s fine….she has the skills to get a lot of work. It just doesn’t make her a star, at least at her current age.

    • Luke says:

      Disagree. Tanisha had a lovely personality – She came off older and more sophisticated on camera than the rest – and I think the kids that do most of the voting don’t relate to that. But not her personality.

  20. danin says:

    Yes,what is up w/choreo holding back on Ricky?And to be honest I was mostly underwhelmed by most otheth


  21. Angelique says:

    I can’t believe Rudy went home! He was such a good dancer and brought so much personality! He was my main reason of watching the show, this season will not be the same without him

    • Ray says:

      Just to be straight, by personality, you mean Rudy’s never-ending parade of faces, whooping, and hamming it up for the cameras…right?

  22. Gallavich Shipper says:

    Rudy is gone? Can I have a Hell Yeah!!!!!!!! Woooh!

  23. CM says:

    I am going to go on a huge rant right now so just a warning. I have watched SYTYCD since the first seasons and I want it to be renewed for more seasons probably more than anyone else but after watching this season I see why FOX would choose to not renew the show. To put it simply, the top ten are not NEARLY as good as previous seasons. I am sorry, but Jessica is not on the same level as any of the top five girls last year (Amy, Mackenzie-who should have won in my opinion, Jasmine…). Tanisha was comparable technically but she had no emotion or connection when she danced, and Valerie and Jacque simply should not have even made it into the top twenty. As for the guys, Casey can’t do anything other than turns and does he even have a personality or emotions? As for Rudy, no matter how much emotion he puts into everything, his technique is simply is not there. Zack has been fairly impressive this season; however,I still think his routine last week and this week were overrated.Lastly, the one glimmer of hope for this season (Ricky of course) cannot get good choreography that shows off even one eighth of his skills. As for people who say that if your actually good you should be able to work with any choreography, that only works to a certain extent. His dance last week was fun and I did enjoy it, but Mandy Moore could have just done so much more with Ricky and Lauren. Not to mention, Nigel’s constant praise of Ricky (despite it being well deserved) is making him unlikable. Anyways, I hope people can look past the horrible choreography and excessive campaigning from the producers and see that Ricky is without a doubt the best dancer this season (and one of the best in SYTYCD history) Lastly, maybe FOX can see past this one season glitch and keep SYTYCD running.

    • Shaun says:

      I’m actually grateful that 2 Tappers and a Ballerina made it to the top 6.The US is usually so stuck on those Contemporary dancers it’s nice to see others have a shot at improving out of their genre.So there.

      • CM says:

        I don’t think my post had anything to do with only liking contemporary dancers. I would be perfectly content if there were no contemporary dancers in the top ten as long as the dancers were good. It’s simply that all dancers this season- even the contemporary ones- (with the exception of ricky, zack, and sometimes tanisha) are simply not up to par.

        • Shaun says:

          it’s not that different to when Melanie won,she’s basically female Ricky but had less competition.It happens that the well will run dry after so many seasons.I too was surprised Tanisha went home over Blondie and Jacque,no reason to pout over the remaining contestants though.

    • Jenks says:

      AMEN. Your rant just captured everything I’ve been thinking about this season. Except for Ricky, who cannot catch a choreography break on this show, the dancers are nowhere near the level we have seen in past seasons. And it’s not just the dancers — except for Sonya Tayegh, who rarely disappoints, the choreography this season has been exceedingly mediocre. And that includes Travis Wall. He has busted out one or two good routines, but last night was way off his game.

    • Janaya says:

      Completely agree about Ricky. LOVED his solo tonight but have really started to root against him. If Nigel and everyone else knows that he’s going to win why don’t we just end the competition right now. Seriously, last week when Nigel sarcastically pretended to act like Ricky might not be safe for a week when Cat was reading the result pissed me off. Stop force feeding America who want to win. Love Ricky, hate him on the show.
      Flat out hate Jessica still also. She’s just annoying and the judges want her in the Finale, even though she doesn’t deserve to be there. Carly was the only girl comparable to last season’s (reminded me of Hailey especially) and somehow she’s gone because the producers gave her a sad Travis Wall routine the week she was in the bottom.
      So done with this season.

      • Jenks says:

        Everything you just said about Ricky is about Nigel. Why on earth would you penalize Ricky (or any of the dancers) just because of Nigel’s comments? That is so incredibly unfair to the dancer.

  24. Isabel says:

    Funny I mostly agree with your musings post show but not this week. Much as I like aspects of Casey’s dancing this weeks routine with Comfort did not work for me at all. Casey just has not pulled off HH this season IMO. I on the other hand felt Jacque (even though Twitch is clearly better) did well and to me it felt more like a HH routine. She sat well in that pocket that Mary loves to refer to. My opinion of course. My favourite routine was the Earth routine with Will, his hair and Jessica. Rudy did well with Allison but it was her performance that made that routine my second favourite of the night. Not to dismiss his skills but I cannot let go of his technical issues when watching him dance and his mugging has never appealed to me. Too much. Sorry. I loved Zack’s solo. He really captured my attention and worked the stage even with the slip. I did not enjoy that Broadway routine much (even though he has surprised me other weeks). The moves did not look good on him and his shoulders were often hunched and for me it was the second worst routine this night. I thought Ricky was better in rehearsal myself and agree he did not extend as well as he can in the routine. I giggled when a Jaimie lifted him that one time as that looked better than his lifts of her. Both are beautiful dancers but the magic did not happen for them in that routine, nice as it was in parts. I think Nick Lazzarini is a wonderful dancer (would have loved to see him dance that Broadway routine) and as usual Tanisha was solid. My favourite routine of hers is the Good Kisser HH number. Hopefully they will reprise that on the tour. Sad to see her leave but that is the nature of this show. She’s been the most consistent girl but obviously she did not connect enough with voters. I thought the crew tonight were great.

  25. Lana says:

    Tanisha was by far the best dancer left and sorry but Ricky is great but I like Zach, Rudy and Valerie better. Yes, I went that far, I think Valerie has been great and don’t understand why everyone doesn’t think she is good. Of course I don’t understand the ousting of Tanisha at all!! I too saw how Jacque just blew by Rudy when it was very obvious he was upset. With the way she was acting earlier this season, I expected her to all over him trying to comfort instead of skipping off the stage. lol

  26. giselle says:

    I think Tanisha is one of the best dancers this season and hate that she was eliminated. I like Rudy’s dancing but get tired of his over-the-top facial expressions and actions. I can’t tell if it’s put on or that’s the way he is all the time, but it’s tiresome. Also over the top is Nigel’s constant praise of Jessica and the standing O of all 3 judges which makes me want to ignore her. Why do judges do that to contestants? My choice for the winner is a good dancer who puts all the theatrics into the routine and then leaves it with the routine. Tanisha handled her elimination like the professional she is. This season my opinion of Nigel has changed. I thought he acted like a professional when the show first began, but now he’s just another rah, rah judge who tries to force his opinion on the viewers/voters. I wanted Tanisha to win, or Ricky, but now I’m beginning to see theatrics with him when he’s not dancing and is being critiqued.

  27. eman says:

    Just sick to my stomach that Tanisha is going home. She was the best female dancer, the best, strong, versatile and really each week she had a good to great performance unlike Jessica, Jacque and especially Valerie. Really Valerie still on the show after her complete lack of character and connection last week and her clumsy dancing this week. Tanisha is so strong and by far the most versatile girl dance this year. This is a travesty, but I guess when it comes to who is popular over who is more talented it can get bad. I am just so unhappy about Tanisha being out, argh. It really is going to make it hard to watch the rest of the show, as I really don’t have anyone else that I really love.

    This season has been somewhat disappointing compared to the last couple of seasons for sure. You have really seen these last two weeks where the all stars are really out dancing the top ten. Allison absolutely owned that dance with Rudy and while I thought Rudy was solid I could not take my eyes off of Allison. Valerie looked like a girl being taught how to dance ballroom with Ryan this week and just looked horrible with the amazing Ade last week.

    Just feeling awful right now, shoot, and heck and man I would really like to say the things I said right after the announcement, lol, but those words were pretty nasty, lol.

  28. Blank Slate says:

    Is it me? I know who the producers’ favorites are — don’t we all?– but I have not been moved/stunned/jaw-dropping awed by any dance or dancers this season. There are nice moments but none that scream Must See Again and Share and Dream About as in other years. A pedestrian group. I’m glad this season flew by. It’s been a disappointment.

  29. Leslie says:

    I don’t understand the hate Jessica is getting. She’s an amazing dancer and truly deserves to have made it this far and I wouldn’t be surprised if she makes it to the Top Four. That being said, I will admit that her first three routines on the show (excluding her very first one with Ricky) were lacking, I think that was largely due to her partners. She lost her partner every week, which effectively brought the whole routine down and also meant that she had a new partner every week while the others stayed the same. The moment she was paired with someone who could reach her level, she excelled (her contemporary with Casey). Since then, she has been amazing! Her hip-hop with Twitch is one of my favourite routines this season and her routine tonight was my favourite.
    I don’t think Tanisha deserved to go home (it should have been Valerie, her performance last week was not on the same level as everyone else’s). However, I certainly think that Jessica deserves to be in the Top Six and I wouldn’t be upset if she won this!

    • Emily says:

      But Jessica hasn’t been pushed out of her comfort zone like the others have. Every week it’s some form of contemporary or jazz. The one or two times she wasn’t doing that she was in the bottom.

      • Mona Cattanach says:

        I agree that Jessica has been very “lucky” in her choice of styles. I don’t really have anything against her and if the experts say she has amazing technique, I’m willing to concede that. What I don’t see is any spark or anything special that sets her apart from countless other blonde jazz or contemporary dancers with amazing technique.

  30. mel says:

    I really think Rudy was very good

  31. Emily says:

    Never has it been more obvious that this show is now rigged! How does Jessica keep getting contemporary pieces?????

    And 2 tappers in the top 6? Nigel try and make it a little less obvious next time.

    Seriously has Jessica ever had to dance outside of her genre?

  32. Philip says:

    I ended up missing the program tonight as my signal wasn’t coming through for that specific channel. I see that Allison Holker was an all star tonight. I was just curious to know if there was any mention of her hiring on DWTS. during the program. I know that Nigel always likes to comment that some of the best dancers from SYTYCD do end up on DWTS.

    I wonder if Nigel and Len are good friends :)

  33. Lauren Kirsch says:

    I love this show but sometimes the hypocrisy of the fans piss me off. Valerie is a tapper. Not a ballroom dancer or a jazz dancer and she constantly has been out if her style and she gives it 100% every time. If a hip hop dancer doesn’t have the level of technique that the contemporary dancers does then people say it’s ok because they have charisma and crowd appeal but it’s not ok if it’s a tapper. The choreo in the routine with Ade was not at all good for her and then a freaking Samba!!! She and Jaque were the only ones that were way outside their wheelhouse because they want Jessica to be the final girl . I really didn’t care for Tanisha. Not sure why, just don’t like her . Jaque is an Ice Queen and Jessica is a carbon copy of every other contemporary dancer girl on the show. Valerie is as cute as a monkey playing with a puppy and she is unique and that is what is carrying her right now and I think that is ok. I will vote for Ricky in the finale but I love her and will vote to keep her in, in the meantime .

    • Mona Cattanach says:

      I love watching Valerie, she may not the best dancer remaining, but she’s darn good and so much fun to watch, Great point that if she were a hip hip dancer everyone would be loving her in spite of any missteps she might make. Why is it okay that Fik Shun got thru on a great personality and loving to dance and it’s not OK for Valerie to be succeeding on a similar basis. Or is it just that it’s okay for the boys not to be technically sound, ahem Rudy, but not the girls?

      • The Costume Department says:

        Agree! I couldn’t even see Ricky in their hip hop together. We’ve said she seemed tentative in her ballroom, but that was the first time we’d seen her show how hard she was working, if that makes sense.

  34. MK204 says:

    I’m probably done watching the show. All the ballroom dancers are gone and now Rudy who was one of my favorites. Show is a snoozefest anyway. Bye Bye Bye SYTYCD

  35. brad says:

    this has been one of my least favorite seasons of the show, with a crop of contestants who have been hard to get behind. i am not a fan of producer-pimped contestants, and rickey, jessica, and recently zach all fall into that category: rickey is always the star of every group routine and never gets constructive criticism; two weeks in a row now, jessica and zach have been the last female and male contestant performing; and jessica has been given contemporary 3 out of 4 weeks in a row (there are enough dance styles in the world that the show should really limit a certain style to no more than 2 per season)! besides the producer pimping of those three contestants, i’ve heard from a friend who works on the show that zach is “an @$$hole,” i think casey has no personality, and i loved valerie as a contestant but she has overstayed her welcome. so the only one i want to root for is jacque, although i don’t see her winning (so by default, i guess i hope for a rickey win). also, the routines have been mostly unmemorable this season, the best being re-hashes of emotional performances from the past, with the originals always better. and ballroom doesn’t seem to work well on this show, as emily, malene, nick, rudy, tanisha, and teddy have all been eliminated by votes from a ballroom routine, and carly, marquet, and serge “dancing for their life” in a ballroom number only to be eliminated by the judges as well.

    • Janaya says:

      I don’t know what “friend on the show” told you Zack is an “a-hole” but he’s obviously not. Literally every week in the video before his routine, his choreograpers no matter what style they’re doing have nothing to say but positive feedback. His all-star partners Amy and Makenzie also loved working with him, so maybe you got Rudy confused with Zack but there’s no way Zack’s an “a$$hole”

      • brad says:

        believe me, i was surprised by this as well, especially with zack’s positive edit. but according to my friend, i was told a couple of stories that position zack in a bad light. of course, it’s always possible that this is only the view-point from that person and others don’t see it. if that’s the case, then i would want zack to win.

  36. outhere45 says:

    People need to vote. Are you sure the envelope didn’t read that Rudy and Tanisha were SAFE! Something is obviously wrong with those results. I would want a save from judges like other shows and eliminate 4 next week. I honestly expected to see both if them in the top 3 along with Ricky.

  37. juliebug04 says:

    While I was totally stunned that Tanisha was sent home, I wasn’t all that shocked about Rudy. Quite frankly though, his performance last night was stellar (I think Allison forced him to step it up, and boy did he deliver!), so if he had to leave, THAT is how to leave–after putting his best work out there for folks to remember.

    When I was reading your recap though…..I just don’t get and really disagree with you about most of it. I didn’t agree about Travis’ choreography (I thought it was amazing and ridiculously difficult), I definitely didn’t agree with your opinion about Makenzie (I thought she was brilliant in her season and again last night-she was always underrated in her season, IMHO, just like Jaimie, Allison, Comfort, etc.).

    I did agree with your choice of the dance of the night because that was absolutely amazing–Ray created a masterpiece and both Allison and Rudy delivered, big time. I’ve watched that one three times and I find something new and fantastic every time.

    I also agree that sweet Valerie was totally overpraised. She LOOKED great and she really is adorable. I loved the samba dress. But, through probably 75% of that piece, she looked completely out of her comfort zone, while Ryan was great. I even hit rewind and watched it again on my DVR–I really had a hard time watching her at all. Most ballroom pieces show the woman off, but I had a difficult time focusing on her even in her stunning and shimmery blue. The costume dept outdid themselves on that one. ;) I’m wondering if she will be in the bottom next week since she was so highly praised this week…

    Loved the routine with Jessica and Will, although I think the judges overpraised on that one too. I think their love for Will overshadowed the actual choreography. I definitely share in that love though–he really is brilliant. I’m thrilled that both he and Ade will be there next week. I honestly CANNOT wait to see Ricky with Anya–she is a smoldering dancer, so I’m curious how he will tackle a fiery Latin ballroom–I’m sure that’s what they’ll have her do! Also can’t wait for Zack and Fikshun–that should be fun. :) Now, if they could just get Mark Kannemura back from Lady Gaga for a week or so…. ;)

    • Shaun says:

      I think this is Valeries first ballroom dance this season,and it came at a horrible time during top 8.Samba is not a friendly first dance.

      • juliebug04 says:

        She’s performed a Viennese waltz by Lacey Schwimmer with Ricky, and I thought she did fairly well in that one–neither one was perfect, but it was pretty good. I think that one appealed to her personality more than the samba. She is cute and friendly, but doesn’t seem the sexy and flirty type.

  38. waterbug says:

    Tanisha was the best female dancer, so it does not matter who wins as far as females are concerned. It’s about how well they can “pose”. or keep from falling really.

  39. Hollywood abets pedophiles, so I am not surprised one bit at this move. It was likely a message sent to other previous child stars to keep quiet.

  40. ChrissieK says:

    It was highway robbery that Tanisha was sent packing and all these complaints show it to be true…but I have to wonder…did any of you Tanisha fans vote for her? Lets take a survey!

  41. esandbeck says:

    I cannot figure out why Valerie has not been eliminated yet. She’s a good tapper, but she is completely unimpressive in all other styles, and the choreographers have been tippytoeing around her deficits. If she ends up winning, I think someone needs to figure out how her friends or family figured out how to rig the vote.

  42. Janaya says:

    Only Hip-Hop choreographers that should be allowed on SYTYCD are Christopher Scott, Tabitha & Napolean, and Dave Scott. Everyone else’s routines suck.

  43. ChrissieK says:

    It’s like on Idol…keep the sexes even and I’d rather just they carry with the best of the singers and dancers. Don’t understand why they don’t get that. It’ll be male vs female in the end and I’d rather it be Ricky (the Ordained One) and Zach (my delightful favorite) going for the top prize.

  44. sarah j says:

    Personally my favorites are Valeria, Jessica and Ricky.
    However saying that I was absolutely shocked that Rudy and Tanisha were both in the bottom for the first time and were sent home! Sorry but Jacque and Casey really should be gone. I hope they the ones sent home next week.
    I know it is all coincidence but the way it has work the 4 sent home since the top 10 were partners:Emilio and Bridget and now Rudy and Casey. Just something I realized.
    I know there are different styles of hip hop, but I really did not see much hip hop in Casey’s dance!
    I was hoping they would use my favorite Michael Jackson song: The Way You Make Me Feel, and they did! I love that song and it is from one of my all time favorite dance movies: Centre Stage.
    I really like Jenna Dewan Tatum, she had lots of great things to say and I was mad when Nigel interrupted her when she was talking about Rudy. One observation I did make and I am sure it means nothing BUT she was not wearing her wedding ring, she has some other ring on that finger. I really hope the rumors are not true about her and Channing!

  45. sarah says:

    I disagree about what was said about Valerie in the recap, she did a fantastic job!
    Also Casey’s dance was not solid!
    I think Jessica and on of the best dances of the night! She got one of the only 2 standing ovations from he judges. I do agree that Rudy’s dance was he best and he got the other standing ovation.
    I liked Ricky’s dance.
    Tanisha’s was really good.
    I do not think that Zack is as good as the judges are saying he is. Same with Jacque, she is the weakest female left!

    • Joey says:

      Valerie sucks. She’s annoying and doesn’t ever do spectacular in any style. You can’t honestly tell me that if she wasn’t paried with Ricky she would’ve made it this far (or even past the first couple weeks).

      Ricky and Zack (and Emilio FTW)

      • Shaun says:

        She hasn’t been in the bottom 3,even during the top 10.Obviously she’s not the dunce most of you make her out to be.I’ll also echo the fact that Tappers NEVER have their own styles.

  46. stephanie says:

    Rudy eliminated…really. best guy on the show and tanisha…what? I don’t believe the popular vote took them off I believe Nigel had something to do with it. That is wrong!

  47. kate'shomesick says:

    Jessica is brilliant. I get why you wouldn’t want to like her. She’s perfect… Good for her (I say)!!! She’s technically GREAT, everything you’d want in a dancer she has in spades plus she is gorgeous (tiny bit of over-acting is gonna fade). I actually thought her hiphop a couple of weeks ago was completely under-praised. Valerie isn’t technically perfect and that plus her sunny personality is what makes her likeable so that people vote for her. Tanisha’s a great dancer but she is not very charismatic off-stage that’s probably what hurt her the most. Jaque is a good dancer but I’m not too impressed. Her pointe work isn’t the best and she really has problems with letting go for other styles like hiphop. She’s beautiful though and non-threatening so maybe that’s what does the job for her. Ricky is just very, very talented and obviously has had wonderful training…I think there still is space to mature interpretation-wise but he’ll be just fine anyways. Rudy’s a character, he is polarizing…he is a solid dancer, expressive but lacking in the flexibility department (which I think shouldn’t even matter that much….everyone’s body is built differently and I’d like to think that I can be a great dancer without being able to wrap my legs around my neck). I hate comparissons but he reminds my of Jess LeProtto who’s now on Broadway in the cast of Newsies….so I think that definitely could be the way to go for Rudy and also for Casey who’s a great turner and jumper but sometimes struggles with authenticity (might also be the age and that he’s a little shy). Zack is wonderful. So vulnerable artistically. He has the small disadvantage (for a tv show) that he’s not a hyper as some of the “entertainment dancers” are but I hope he’ll do well next week.

  48. Beckfat says:

    I have enjoyed this season, but it struck me last night that this final group of dancers, as a whole, seems a little underwhelming (my favorite is Zack, but I think Rudy is excellent and that Jessica and Casey have very respectable skills). As a group, they seem quite young, both in terms of actual age and also maturity/life experience. There have been young winners before, but there are usually some dancers in the mix for the finale who project more maturity (e.g., Eliana and Chehon, Jasmine and Aaron). These more mature dancers often have more interesting interviews and personal reflections, a more artistic/intellectual engagement with the dances (rather than simple physical mastery), and also often do better solos. That said, I still love the show and will watch it to the end (it would be great to have a bigger episode order next time!).

  49. I.R.E. says:

    I remember watching this show five years ago and that was also during the time Michael Jackson died and I was wondering if this Michael Jackson’s death situation would be brought up in this reality show.

    Then Cat mentioned seriously that Nigel wasn’t happy about something and order everybody to turn to him. In my mind was about that Michael’s death. Then first of all, Nigel was saddened about Farrah Fawcett’s death. What’s the unrelated connection about Farrah Fawcett’s death to this show? That I did not understand. Farrah was a good friend of Nigel and she wanted to be a guest judge of this show. But since she died, Nigel is going to hard time looking for the replacement judge for Farrah.

    Then what I’m glad that Nigel brought up was that he was saddened by the death of Michael Jackson, which is more important. The reason is that Michael is global dancer and offer help on most FOX network. Nigel was the good fan of Michael Jackson until he found out about Michael’s death on the last minute.

    Nigel ordered everyone in a saddened away about making donations of two deceased celebrities.

    About last night, they brought back the solos, which should increase good criticism and ratings.

    Jacque was alright, but not yet great. But Jacque did well than Valerie, IMO. But since Valerie had a worst performance last week, Valerie should have been in the bottom 2 girl situation rather than Jacque. Although both Jacque and Valerie were saved on the last minute for next Wednesday.

    Then I approached about Rudy’s first time to be in the bottom and what made it worse when Rudy and Tanisha got eliminated badly and Rudy was in tears.

    Jessica is the most hottest blonde girl this season and she’s also saved.

    Casey and Zack had the most bottom situations right now and they both are also saved.

    Valerie and Rickey are the only two contestants safe and never in the bottom so far.

  50. Terry says:

    Can I vote for Allison??? I’m bummed that she’s not going to be on next week’s show. Booooo!